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Base: Bullseye figure
Armor, Face, cloth: Apoxie Sculpt
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This is my favorite figure that I have done to date and She is the most commented on figure as well. I have Submitted her as an Entry to the Custom of the Year for 2005.
I did this figure before I knew that Ronin was a female so I didn't try to make the head smaller. I will do so in the future on my next Ronin figure. I am happy that I used the Bullseye figure though because he has a nice slender build. Her armor was a bit tricky, particularly her Shoulder armor. This was the first figure that I used Apoxie Sculpt and it turned out to be a blessing. I sculpted the shoulder pads on the shoulder and when they dried I peeled them off. Next, I couldn't figure out how I was going to connect them until I put together my "Sentinal" figure. His shouldpads were attached with rubber, and It gave me the idea to use a piece of Rubber and attach one end to the Shoulderpad and the other to the shoulder, to give it that movement it needed. The tunic was pretty easy to sculpt and the folds came out pretty nice, but when it came time to sculpt the skirt I just couldn't figure out how to do so without it wrapping around the legs too tightly. I came up with a plan to fill in the gaps between the legs with Super Sculpy in the shape I wanted the skirt to look like, and sculpted over that. After it was dry I took out the Super Sculpy and what was left is the shape of the Skirt in the pictures. It's not as good as I would have liked and I will definately try a different technique on my 2nd Attempt.
The paint Job was pretty straight forward except for the armor which I gave a pearlized look to them. It took a lot of shading but I liked the way it turned out.

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Ronin is the Mysterious member of the New Avengers who was revealed to be Echo, aka Maya Lopez, a superheroine and a supporting character of Daredevil. She debuted in Daredevil (v2) #9(December, 1999), and was created by David Mack and Joe Quesada. She is a Latina Native American and one of the very few deaf comic characters. When she dons her "Echo" guise, she is easily recognizable by a white hand stain which covers most of her face.
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