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Q: Do you take suggestions?

A: Absolutely! I'm always looking for the next figure, and love hearing suggestions. I actually rely on them sometimes.

Q: Do you do Commission work?

A: At this time, I am not doing commission work because of my busy schedule.

Q: How long does it take to complete a figure?

A: On average, it takes about 10-12 hours per figure from start to finish.

Q: What paints do you use?

A: I use a veriety of paints, including Folk art, Citidel, Testers, etc...

Q: What sculpting Material do you use?

A: I use Apoxie Sculpt, which is a 2 part apoxie that when cured, dries to rock hard consistency.

Q: How durable are your figures?

A: My figures are durable enough for positioning and display. They are not designed for "Play", but can be handled like you would a model.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is determined by the size and weight of the figure. Shipping insurance and delivery confirmation is included in the shipping price.