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Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA)

And other informed people

I got your name from the NORML Lawyer list. 

My name is Kay Lee. I'm a silver haired 63 year old great-grandmother, activist and prop 215 patient [].

Last night, 12.5.05, I was arrested at my daughter's home and charged with "THC Possession by the Eau Claire Wisconsin police department. I have never been arrested before.

I actually live in Atlanta Georgia. I came to Eau Claire this summer to visit my daughter but suffered a heart attack in August and had emergency open heart surgery at Luther Middlefort Hospital.  I'm still in Wisconsin only because of the heart attack and surgery: Doctors are still adjusting my meds. 

My daughter had an episode with her dog and a neighbor the other day and I thought it was animal control who came to the house 4 or 5 times during the week, but it actually turned out to be police.  

The fourth officer to come by stated that he smelled marijuana (it was coming from my room as that's the only place I use it).

He asked who the pot belonged to, and, to keep my daughter's family out of it, I quickly stated that it was mine, that I am a Prop 215 arthritis and depression patient who just had open heart surgery.  I had my Prop 215 paperwork, heart meds and scar to prove it. 

When he asked, I gave him my pot to keep him from bringing dogs to find it. He was gentle, apologized, said he understood medical use but that Wisconsin has no medical provision.  He did arrest and cuff me but didn't read me my rights.

At the station the cop who put my info in the computer, and the one who fingerprinted me and took my mug shots were also gentle.  In case number 06-28866, they charged me with "THC possession -  - 961.41(3G)(E)", warned me not to leave town, and sent me home.  I go to court on Jan. 2nd.

The main thing I'm worried about is my daughter and her family because the offense took place in my room at her home.  She has an eight year old son.  I'm not sure what to do when child services come as the cop said they would. They didn't show up today.  

I have a lock on my door so grandson can't come in, but I don't know if that will be enough to give the family plausible deniability or to protect him. I'm not sure what else I can do to protect them.

At home I care for medical patients in exchange for room, board and an internet connection. I have no money for legal representation, so will probably just take what they give me up to a point.  Punishment for this crime here I believe is 6 months in jail and a fine. 

I have no income as I nurse or housekeep for marijuana patients in exchange for room, board and an internet connection.  In my case, I don't have inclination to pay a fine nor money to pay probation fees.

Probation is out of the question anyway because I need to be free to go home when doctors are done with me, travel to make my speeches or accompany my current patient to his events, and to be in WI with my daughter when she needs me, so will probably have to do the six or so months in jail and just get it over with.

However, I am an activist.  I did my second "Journey for Justice" here in Wisconsin and do want to mount a medical defense, and if anyone is interested in using me as a challenger to the laws in WI, I'm strong and determined and unafraid. 

I've been told there is an obscure provision of the WI Control Substance Law, an exemption pursuant to having an order from any licensed doctor (which I have from California). Perhaps someone will use this elderly sick woman as a challenger??? I'm willing.

Thank you so much for any suggestions or interest.
Kay Lee
2536 Harrison Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703
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