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Alzheimer's is a terribly sad disease. People who have lived long and productive lives are reduced to a child-like existence with no freedom, no respect, and no memory of a better time. If it ever happens to me, I pray those around me, whom I've Loved so long and worked so hard to educate, will roll me up a joint and let me enjoy the moment.

I'm not sure I've ever dealt with a real case of Alzheimer's. Although doctors claimed my mother had it, I didn't see the deterioration associated with the disease, just signs of severe depression and the results of being alone and limited to the house by her other medical problems.  She frequently repeated herself but that could have been due to being so alone most of the time.  My dad claimed she had withdrawn into the world of soap opera television, but that was most likely a result of being so limited in physical movement that she was confined to the couch in front of the tv and once again, being alone.  He was embarrassed of her and told all her friends she didn't want people to see her that way.  That wasn't true, but as a result, she occupied herself the only way she could.

I really wish my dad hadn't been such a believer in the drug war... One of his jobs in the military was to hunt down drug users and kick them out of the service... If I wasn't positive he'd turn her and I both over to the law, I would have liked to have gotten her stoned just to see her smile for awhile. 

Old age can be very depressing if left alone so much or if loved ones become embarrassed.  It doesn't have to be dementia or senility or Alzheimer's that affects the mind. And even if it is, try to treat those old folks kindly.  Give them your company, help them find things to smile about. They've given a lot to the world and deserve your respect.  Kay Lee

Alzheimer's Disease:

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    Eleven Alzheimer's patients were treated for 12 weeks on an alternating schedule of dronabinol and placebo (six weeks of each treatment). The dronabinol treatment resulted in substantial weight gains and declines in disturbed behavior. No serious side effects were observed. One patient had a seizure and was removed from the study, but the seizure was not necessarily caused by dronabinol. Recurrent seizures without any precipitating events occur in 20% of patients who have advanced dementia of Alzheimer's type. Nevertheless, these results are encouraging enough to recommend further clinical research with cannabinoids.

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    The active ingredient in marijuana may stall decline from Alzheimer's disease, research suggests. The research, by Madrid's Complutense University and the Cajal Institute, is published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

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    A cannabis-based drug could help people with Alzheimer's disease by giving them the "munchies", researchers say. The researchers are from the Meridian Institute for Aging in New Jersey.

    GUARDIAN UNLIMITED: Cannabis may help prevent Alzheimer's memory loss
    Scientists at one of Spain's leading research centres claimed yesterday to have found evidence that cannabis helps prevent the memory loss experienced by people suffering from Alzheimer's. Researchers were a team led by María de Ceballos at the Cajal Institute in Madrid.

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