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10 Oct 1999 - 15 Aug 2000

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Another scare in our face

Sadly most of the Muslim countries belong to what is called the third world. all of those countries sharing the vicious triangle which has three angles, poverty, ignorance and sickness which lead to backward and misery.

Today very few countries of the Muslim world have on account of their oil wealth, comparatively better resources to develop their countries.

The Arab-Israel war brought more political awareness among the Arab masses. The recent mass killing and humiliations of the Muslim people in Bosnia is going to create outrage and certain problems and new areas of tension, and it will reflect back direct to the Arab nations who heard just few years ago all the talk about United Nations, new world order, human rights all that talk from the politicians all over the free and unfree world, their words still echoing in our ears until now, and the dust of the Desert Storm still covering Arab nations. which bound to leave permanent scar in our face.

Al-Nomann Khiri

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The United States formally charged Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden, for the deadly twin attacks on American embassies in East Africa.  click here

George Tenet  
CIA chief threatened to resign  
if Clinton released Israeli spy

A Theory of Fundamentalism by   
Stephen C. Pelletiere Strategic Studies  
Institute, U.S. Army War College 

Target Libya    
David Guyatt

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The Blame Game, The Empire State  
Building Shooting    
by Frank E. Cogan 

Depleted Uranium   
In The Gulf   
by Hugh Livingstone. 

Clinton a Leader   
by Andy Straw 

Arab Terrorism Causes and Cure   
by Robert W. McGee. 

Who Will Drive The Stake Through    
The God Of War? by Bryan Adrian 

The Franklin   
Coverup By   
John W. DeCamp 

The Full Story of The Attack on   
The USS Liberty   
by The Israelis In 1967 

Strike - Part One   
Part Two   
by Bryan Adrian 

Gun Control's   
Nazi Connection! 

The Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Bill   
by James R. Elwood 

The Constitution of the United States   
The Full Text 

"Clinton A Leader"   
Brian Dunaway 

The Oklahoma City Bombing   
by David Hoffman 

Vince Foster:   
The Tip of the Iceberg   
by Wayne G. Walker, Ph.D., J.D.

The Fire This Time   
by Ramsey Clark. 

Greed and Leadership's State of Mind  
by Minister Louis Farrakhan 

Media Mania   
by William Bradley 





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