Bovine Flatulence -- Zero Shibai blog Kau Inoa cartoons (Overthrow victim, Kau Manua, Cow Inoa) cause OHA chair Haunani Apoliona to have a cow.

In January 2008 the blog named "Zero Shibai" published several cartoons poking fun at OHA's Kau Inoa racial registry program and the Akaka bill which that program serves. The cartoons are copied below, along with a protest from OHA chair Haunani Apoliona and some responses to her protest. For information about the Kau Inoa program, along with transcripts and analysis of several real Kau Inoa commercials paid for by OHA, see

Here are the "Zero Shibai" cartoons, followed by Haunani Apoliona's protest and some responses to it.

The three cartoons above were published in the blog
in January 2008 in the order shown, ending with the "cow" cartoon on January 18.

On January 21 the online newspaper Hawaii Reporter republished the cow cartoon, thus giving it far wider circulation, in a story titled "Cow Inoa: Local Bovines Join In Sovereignty Push. Cartoon of the Week"


On January 24 Haunani Apoliona, chair of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, published the following hostile response in Hawaii Reporter.
Hawaii Reporter, January 24, 2008

OHA Has a 'Cow' Over Political Cartoon
[* Headline provided by editor Malia Zimmerman]

By Haunani Apoliona

Editor's note: Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chair Haunani Apoliona is responding to the political cartoon above. For the record, Hawaii Reporter and Grassroot Institute of Hawaii have no legal ties and are not "partners." In addition, the Grassroot Institute is a non-profit organization and has taken no position on the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, known as the Akaka Bill, except to educate the public about it. Since its inception 6 years ago, Hawaii Reporter has had a policy of printing all editorials received, as long as they are clear and not libelous.

Hawaii Reporter is showing its true colors by highlighting the highly offensive cartoon titled “Cow Inoa.”

While pretending to be a news site with selected placements of respectable columns and letters, Hawaii Reporter leaves a long trail of smears against all things that don't fit its partner, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii. One of the key missions of the Grassroot Institute is to kill the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, which seeks to protect programs for Native Hawaiians.

This cartoon is an openly racial slur, a display of a “small mind.”

Where is the humor in comparing Native Hawaiians to cows? Is “Hawaii Reporter” saying that Native Hawaiians should be “good cows” and sit back and “graze” while watching opponents of Hawaiians dismantle programs that benefit the bottom-line of the state of Hawaii by providing assistance to Native Hawaiians?

Does Hawaii Reporter make this same kind of comparison using any other ethnic group? We highly doubt it.

But then again, Native Hawaiians are an easy target -- groups that are disenfranchised are usually easy pickings for those who would rather we just stay still while others trample over us.

This cartoon is merely a racist piece of propaganda. OHA and all those raised in Hawaii don’t find it funny at all. The cartoon should be pulled and the secret author publicly identified.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs will continue to fight to better the conditions of Native Hawaiians.

Haunani Apoliona is Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.


Following are some responses to Apoliona's guest editorial and to the cartoon itself.

Hawaii Reporter, January 24, 2008

You Need to Get Over Yourself
Open Letter to Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chair Haunani Apoliona

By Eric Seabury

Ms. Haunani Apoliona,

I just read your article in the Hawaii Reporter ("OHA Has a 'Cow' Over Political Cartoon") and your "supposed" feelings of being insulted by the "highly offensive" cartoon.

You need to get over yourself. The cartoon was not an attack against Hawaiian-Americans and you damn well know it! It was an attack on OHA's dangerous attempts to divide the people of Hawaii with "blood quantum" and the Akaka bill, and having people believe that it is government's responsibility to take care of the Hawaiian-American's every need.

In your article, you claimed that Hawaiian-Americans are disenfranchised and being trampled over ... By whom? By the United States of America? By the state of Hawaii? By our four county governments? By businesses? By those who don't hold ethnic-Hawaiian blood?

If you want to talk about being disenfranchised, we can talk about how our public servants from the Democratic Party of Hawaii keep misrepresenting us in office by kowtowing to the unions and the special interest groups in order to pad their own wallets with our money; we can talk about how we are disenfranchised with the corruption and ineptness of our three levels of government, which only looks for ways to take more of what we earn and tells us how to live or own lives with what we can and cannot do; we can also talk about being disenfranchised with our redundant public education system which, at $2.3 billion a year, continually fails to educate our children and is rated as the worst in the Nation. This disenfranchisement is not only reserved for Hawaiian-Americans but for all Americans who live and struggle in our Hawaii.

Who's offending who? You treat us like we're stupid with your hateful and misguided misinformation. You need to grow up!

In our Nation, EVERYBODY, regardless of where you came from, regardless of the color of your skin, the ethnicity you have or the religious beliefs you hold, has the opportunity to do anything he wants. He has the ability to educate himself and have the profession he wants, he has the ability to marry the person he wants to spend his life with and raise their children in the manner they see fit, they have the ability to live wherever they want and educate their children in the school of their choice and they also have the ability to worship God in the manner that is appropriate for them. In our American society, we have the ability to realize any dream we wish to acquire.

...Except through government, that is.

You claimed that "The Office of Hawaiian Affairs will continue to fight to better the conditions of Native Hawaiians." Really? How? Through more government programs? With another layer of government bureaucracy and dependency? Get real!

If you really want to better the conditions of Hawaiian-Americans, you can start by urging the state Legislature to stop overtaxing us and allow us to keep more of what we earn so we can use our money to ensure our financial freedom, to give our children a quality education and a quality of life in a decent home.

You can also urge the state Legislature to unburden us by deregulating our businesses so we can use our profits and reinvest it in order to help our economy grow and prosper.

And then you can urge the state Legislature to get on the DOE's case and start using the 2 billion dollars wisely and actually educate our children so they can attain a higher education and be able to instill pride in themselves with a good-paying job and not something menial only relegated to the tourist industry and government.

You need to promote self-reliance, encourage personal responsibility and strengthen the family unit so that people can turn to each other, to their families, to their neighbors and to God when times become difficult. The answer to curing the "disenfranchisement" of the Hawaiian-American and every other American is to allow him to take personal responsibility in providing for his family. Give him the means to hold his head up high by being less dependent on government and more dependent on his better judgment and faith in himself.

The only benefits that you and OHA seemed to be more concerned about are the continuous, fat paychecks and perks that you and your board of trustees are going to get for years to come. Enjoying the retirement benefits and the power over people's lives with the control of land while the average Hawaiian-American with less "influence" and "prestige" will have to tough it out on the Department of Hawaiian Homelands waiting list and continue to live under the heel of your oppression and misinformation.

The only person who is doing the offending is you, Ms. Apoliona. Against our senses and our better judgement. You should open your eyes and see who you're really benefiting with your words and actions.

Eric J. Seabury is a resident of Kaneohe.

for January 24 published this response to Haunani Apoliona's letter:

to Haunani Apoliona and her taxpayer-funded PR spokes-hack for their glaringly desperate attempt to get publicity by acting udder-ly horrified at our "Cow Inoa" political cartoon

Don’t have a cow, Haunani. The only thing offensive is your refusal to stop thinking of Hawaiians, and to stop promoting an image of them, as pitiful losers who are unable to succeed in life without receiving a regular and exclusive supply of handouts, freebies, subsidies, preferences, entitlements, immunities, special treatment, privilege, pity and lowered expectations. Seriously, Haunani, there comes a time when the many wonderful success stories of Hawaiians, both well-known and mostly unknown, reveal the inaccuracy of the stereotype you keep trying to perpetuate in your rush for a new bloated government just for you and fellow Hawaiian “leaders” to run.

It’s a real shame that this constant theme of loserdom persists in local media coverage of native Hawaiians; in addition to being tragically promoted by you and others who pursue your selfish interests while claiming to represent the supposedly huddled masses of native Hawaiians who are purportedly unable to exercise control over their lives or keep from getting 'trampled' on. On a daily basis, we are being fed a diet of fabricated, exaggerated, oversimplified, and totally inaccurate images of your allegedly downtrodden race of Hawaiian people as all being poor, angry, self-loathing, homeless, beach-dwelling, drunk driving, chain smoking, welfare-addicted, special program needing, uneducated, grossly overweight diabetics who can’t seem to stay off drugs or out of prison . . . all because the unelected descendants of Queen Liliuokalani aren’t still running things from Iolani Palace.

Give us a break!!! Please, won’t somebody stop the shibai train before it reaches its destination?

Everyone knows this stereotype -- which is being milked, kept alive and reinforced by people like you, Haunani, who are looking for the power, riches and glory which would come from a brand new government for Hawaiians only -- is hogwash. Native Hawaiians are anything BUT helpless or permanently disadvantaged. They’re doing just as well and just as mediocrely and just as poorly as everyone else. Non-Hawaiians of all races can point to their own poor and disadvantaged. In Hawaii, there are rich and middle class and poor Filipinos, Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, just as there are Hawaiians of all financial strata. Just to be clear, Haunani, not all Hawaiians are poor, and not all haoles are rich. Are we clear? Did I mention the explosive growth in people who are chop suey. They’re just as mixed financially as they are racially.

So stop selling racism and stop selling victimization and dependency. You should be promoting self-sufficiency, Haunani, not more old school welfare mentality. Just as things are now in the modern age, folks back in the “pre-overthrow” days had to work hard to be successful. Liliuokalani wasn’t handing out freebies. Likewise, you and the new alii wannabees of Hawaii should stop giving Hawaiian people (who are mostly only part-Hawaiian) the impression that they are incapable, incompetent and hopeless.

Finally, Haunani, if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. If you don’t like Hawaiian leaders like yourself being made fun of for being the only people in Hawaii trying to get their own ethnic government, then stop being racially exclusive, divisive and intolerant of other races. That’s why Filipinos and Chinese people and white folk and the rest aren’t being made fun of for trying to get their own government just for themselves – cause they’re not doing it. The sacred cow of your perception as Hawaiians being total losers needs to be slaughtered. And you, Haunani, should be the one killing the stereotype, rather than feeding it to excess each and every day.

P.S. For the record, anyone can read the cartoon and see that people of all races are being depicted as cows, for humorous effect . . . not just Hawaiians. So take your victimization pity party and your lies and your shibai and shove it.

Hawaii Reporter, January 24, 2008

I Will No Longer Fix Haole's Cars Because of Hawaii Reporter 'Cow Inoa' Cartoon

By William Opunui

How dare the Hawaii Reporter make fun of Kau Inoa,is nothing sacred to Haoles!!? And Kau Inoa has nothing to do with Haoles,so why poke fun of Kau Inoa! I mean do We make fun of KKK in print or voice!

Or do We cause problems for the Elks Club,no We don't,when told not enter as a Hawaiian,We just left in peace!

Do You even know what Kau Inoa is for,its purpose,to have Our Own Nation,it has no affect on Haoles!

And what You've done is cause problems between Haoles and Hawaiians again! Well it won't matter,now because of what You did,I intend to sign up more Hawaiians to join Kau Inoa, I have so much applications and bumper stickers,I'm going full steam on doing this! I was taking a laid back approach,but that's over and done!

And as for those Haoles who wanted Me to fix Their cars down at My shop,tomorrow I will tell Them to take those cars elsewhere or home!

I will no longer fix any haole cars at My Shop! And I will tell Them who and why,I'm sure They will like the Hawaii Reporter so much more!

I can't imagine why Haoles just love to slam the Hawaiian race so much,why the heck did You all come here for, why not go back to the mainland!

And I know use to help contain Cattle for a couple of Friends who will no doubt take offense more to that ad,than informative !

So in the end, I can only imagine how many people will stop reading the Hawaii Reporter, because of that!

Aloha,William Opunui

Hawaii Reporter, January 25, 2008

Akaka Bill Warning: OHA's Attack on Free Speech
Special from Hawaii Free Press

By Andrew Walden

Does free speech exist in Hawaii? A department of the state of Hawaii is demanding the retraction of a political cartoon published Jan. 18 on the Web site and reprinted Jan. 21 on
The demands come in response to images and text ridiculing the Office of Hawaiian Affairs' Kau Inoa campaign as “Cow Inoa.” Haunani Apoliona, writing in her capacity as “Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Office of Hawaiian Affairs” (OHA) in a Jan. 24 statement demands: “The cartoon should be pulled and the secret author publicly identified.”

Apparently Apoliona -- and OHA -- believe the government has the right to dictate what appears in the local media. The saving grace is her inability to enforce this demand. But OHA is working day and night to gain that power by winning enactment of the Akaka Bill.

Apoliona’s response to the cartoon indicates she is speaking in her capacity as OHA Chair, not as a private citizen. In addition to signing the letter with her government title, and sending it to Hawaii Reporter from her OHA email address, Apoliona’s statements indicating she is speaking as a representative of her department include:

“OHA and all those raised in Hawaii don’t find it funny at all.” “The Office of Hawaiian Affairs will continue to fight to better the conditions of Native Hawaiians.”

In addition, a KGMB reporter and videographer seeking comment on the cartoon controversy Jan. 24 received a response not from Apoliona but from Crystal Kua, Director of Communications for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Disturbingly, Kua also indicates that OHA believes it can determine what is and is not a “legitimate” news organization. KGMB reports:

The co-founder of the online newspaper Hawaii Reporter says the cartoon was sent in from another Web site, and in keeping with the newspaper's policy, it published the piece.

"That's been our policy since day 1 when we opened 6 years ago, as long as it's clear and not libelous. That's our policy. We wanna let people express their views and get a debate going in the community," said Malia Zimmerman, co-founder of Hawaii Reporter.

"If she just decides to throw everything out there without any kind sensitivity then she's not a legitimate news organization," responded Kua.

OHA’s attitude should be a sharp warning to Native Hawaiians. Indian reservations are -- by law -- often places where constitutional rights do not apply. OHA is already showing just what kind of dictatorial powers it would like to exercise over Native Hawaiians on a post-Akaka-Bill Hawaiian Indian reservation.

In a 2001 series aptly titled “Broken Trust: Civil Rights in Indian Country”, a reporter for Minnesota Public Radio observes: “Press freedom is a constitutional guarantee for most American journalists. But many who work on Indian reservations do not enjoy the same freedom, because the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not apply to them. Their protection comes from the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, which guarantees free speech. But it leaves the enforcement to tribal governments that own most reservation media outlets.”

Apoliona complains: “This cartoon is an openly racial slur, a display of a ‘small mind.’” She adds: “This cartoon is merely a racist piece of propaganda.” Speaking to KGMB Crystal Kua complains, “It doesn't even have anything to do with Kau Inoa. There's no political connection to that whatsoever. They just think it's funny to go ahead and poke fun at Hawaiians." Which is it: “poke fun” or a “racial slur”?

There are dozens of local comedians who “poke fun at Hawaiians.” Shall they be subject to OHA censorship? Will they be banned from performing at resorts located on OHA leases along Hilo’s Banyan drive? The OHA Trustees give every indication they will be just so petty. In 2005 the late OHA Trustee Linda DeLa Cruz ordered removal of a roadside memorial to a Hilo hit-and-run victim because it was “not Hawaiian style.”

Readers can decide for themselves what they think of the cartoon. One comment sent to Zero Shibai editors calls the cartoon “insensitive and more than extremely racial.” One Hawaii Reporter reader pledges to protest racism by refusing service to haole customers at his auto repair business. Others express support for the cartoon and blame OHA for fostering the racial hatreds Apoliona purports to decry.

“Political Correctness” is an ideological weapon of censorship used by OHA. As Malia Zimmerman, editor of Hawaii Reporter, explains to KGMB, “Everybody is really afraid to speak up and investigate or look into the Office of Hawaiian Affairs because they're afraid they'll be labeled a racist."

Racism, real or imagined, is just an excuse for OHA. Apoliona gets right to the nub of the real issue complaining: “While pretending to be a news site with selected placements of respectable columns and letters, Hawaii Reporter leaves a long trail of smears against all things that don't fit its partner, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii. One of the key missions of the Grassroot Institute is to kill the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, which seeks to protect programs for Native Hawaiians.”

Apparently “one of the key missions” of the state of Hawaii, Office of Hawaiian Affairs is to suppress any and all Hawaii-based opposition to the Akaka Bill and any news outlet willing to publish anti-Akaka Bill opinions. This is a problem inherent in having a government department given the mission of advocating changes in law. Government is supposed to defend freedom, not restrict free speech in furtherance of a political agenda.

Apoliona’s attitude is expressed when she would normally be expected to be on her best behavior -- before assumption of any new “sovereign” powers. This is a sign that a post-Akaka-Bill “Trustee” government would seek to impose dictatorial controls over those Hawaiians unfortunate enough to become its subjects. This may seem far-fetched to some, but they would do well to take a look at Hawaii’s future by informing themselves of the reality in Indian Country.

OHA’s attack on free speech should be alarming to all Hawaii residents, native Hawaiians most of all.

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Andrew Walden is the publisher and editor of Hawaii Free Press, a Big Island-based newspaper. He can be reached via email at


** Note from website editor Ken Conklin: Hawaii Reporter published a large number of letters to editor which it received in connection with the "coa inoa" cartoon and the essay by Eric Seabury. Those letters are copied in the bottom half of this webpage. In the essay here, Mr. Seabury sets forth his broad viewpoint and responds to some of those letters.
Hawaii Reporter, January 28, 2008

Our Hawaii

By Eric Seabury

In my open letter to Office of Hawaiian Affairs Chair Haunani Apoliona, I wrote about her “low blow” tactic of using the race card in order to have a cartoon, which made fun of OHA policy, to be removed from the Hawaii Reporter Web site. [See "You Need to Get Over Yourself"] I also made a reference to native Hawaiians as “Hawaiian-Americans” and I received comments from certain people that my characterization was “hateful,” “racist” and “Eurocentric-Arrogance.” From my understanding and to the many Patriots who have served and are serving in our Armed Forces and have ethnic-Hawaiian blood, they refer to themselves as “Hawaiian-Americans.” An individual of, primarily, ethnic-Hawaiian blood and was born in our United States of America.

Also, I was accussed of being “hostile,” “bitter” and “jealous” in my letter to Ms. Apoliona. Was I hostile … Yes, I was. Was I bitter? Of what? That an organization such as OHA uses American tax dollars to fund their organization who’s ultimate goal is to create a separate, independent Hawaiian nation? Or that they, along with our state government and our four “public servants” on Capitol Hill, keep trying to push the unconstitutional Akaka bill through with erroneous information and without hearing the concerns from the people of Hawaii on how this will affect our future? Or that this organization really isn’t interested in helping Hawaiian-Americans make a better life for themselves, but that it’s really about job security for the OHA Chair and her employees and having the power and influence to dictate who gets what piece of land and for what purpose?

For the record, I am in no way jealous of those of Hawaiian ancestry, in any way, shape or form. I believe Kamehameha Schools should be for “Hawaiians only,” I believe that Hawaiian-Americans should receive the land that is guaranteed to them and that the Department of Hawaiian Homelands has been dragging its feet in giving it to them. My concerns are that OHA is endangering our way of life in Hawaii by separating family, friends and neighbors with “blood quantum.” Instead of dividing people, we should be united in making Hawaii a better place to live for all of us, not just for a select group. OHA's use of federal funds and placating to certain special interests will not solve the problems we face as a state.

From one person, I was told: "Unless you have koko (Hawaiian Blood), you are a haole; which means you are 'foreign' to these islands and based on the 'lawful' definition of your country's Constitution, you simply don't belong here. For you to say anymore regarding the islands and Hawaiians is Mahaoe. I welcome you to take your government (OHA as well) and yourself back to America."

I may not have "koko" but I was born and raised in Hawaii. I have roots and I have history in these islands. My family emigrated to Hawaii in 1855 from Portugal and was naturalized as a Hawaiian citizen in 1860. My great-great-great grandfather, Josè Silveira, was a friend of the royal family and was responsible for bringing the first Portuguese women to settle and marry in Hawaii. His wife was known as the "Saint of Honolulu." Why? I don't remember but I have an aunt who can provide that information. My ancestor even named his second son after Queen Liliuokalani's husband, John Dominis.

My great-great grandmother worked at Iolani Palace and served King David Kalakaua.

My other great-great-great grandfather was Mañuel Nuñez, the inventor of the ukulele and who taught the King and other subjects how to play it. The word "haole" does mean "foreigner," but I'm no foreigner. I may not have ethnic-Hawaiian blood but I do belong in Hawaii. My ancestors didn't go through Ellis Island.

For anyone to say that anyone else, who doesn't have Hawaiian blood, doesn't belong here displays the epitome of arrogance. Who has the right to tell me I don't have the right to be in Hawaii? Who has the right to tell my 16-year-old blonde-haired, blue-eyed nephew, who was also born and raised in Hawaii, that he doesn't have the right to be here or express his own opinions but my half-Hawaiian, 7-year-old niece does?

Regardless of who was born where and who has what type of ethnic blood, whether your ancestors emigrated to Hawaii in 1855, or your ancestors where the first Polynesian settlers from Tahiti long before pre-European contact or whether you just arrived here from the mainland two weeks ago, everyone has the right to be in Hawaii, especially if you’re willing to make a good life for yourself, provide for your family, be active in your community and respect the land you’re living on, nobody needs to get permission from any other group or any other individual. Everyone is Welcome!

Instead of demonizing our Nation and using it as the excuse for our problems, we should be joining together to find real solutions to those problems that plague our state. That plague is our current state government at the state Legislature. The real reason our children cannot get a quality education in our public schools is because of our state government; the real reason we cannot "make ends meet" and have to work from paycheck to paycheck with two jobs is because of our state government; the real reason people are living on beaches and public parks with no relief in sight is because of our state government; the reason Hawaiian-Americans cannot own land and make a prosperous life for themselves and be able to own their own business is because of our state government; and the reason so many of our brothers and sisters are leaving the islands for a better life on the mainland is because of our state government.

Misrepresentation from our public servants with corruption, pandering to special interest groups, overtaxation and overregulation over our lives and businesses is what keeps the Hawaiian man and woman down. Our state and county governments are to blame. They are the reason for the disenfranchisement of all people in Hawaii. So what are we going to do about it?!

Do we keep ourselves informed of what goes on at the state Legislature when they propose bills and pass laws in our name? Do we keep them accountable everytime they misuse our tax dollars to keep their union and special interest buddies rich? Do we keep our county government officials in line every time they overstep their constitutional duties and betray our trust? Are we involved? Are you involved?

So as far as, as one person had asked me, "what does my country's Constitution and Bill of Rights have to do with me and the Hawaiian-American?" is concerned … unless you were not born in these United States of America, it has everything to do with you, whether one agrees with it or not, whether one likes it or not. Turning your back and pretending you're not a U.S. citizen and not being involved in what our government is doing to us will not change anything, it will not solve our problems. Not being involved in what our government is doing to us today, in real life, will only continue to keep the Hawaiian man and woman oppressed.

Finally, the same person claimed, "Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono. The 'Hawaiian' people, not the haole's, are the life of the land. Mistreat and injure them and you are not perpetuating the land in righteousness, you destroy the 'land' we all now live on."

The “life” of the land is anyone who participates in working hard, maintaining the land, making a good life for their family, participating in their community and honors their culture and God, the Creator. It is ignorance, arrogance, narrow-mindedness, indifference and hate that will destroy the Land, and you don't have to be just a "haole" or an ethnic-Hawaiian to have any of those bad qualities. We are all human beings with a common purpose of taking care of our loved ones and taking care of our Hawaii. That desire is not reserved to just one ethnicity.

Eric J. Seabury is a resident of Kaneohe.

Hawaii Reporter, January 29, 2008

Racist Ontology of 'Cow Inoa'

By Tony Castanha

I am not a fan of the state Office of Hawaiian Affairs, but your recent "Cow Inoa" cartoon message and subsequent commentary go way beyond some sort of "settlement" or sovereignty roll. Since it's your policy to print all editorials submitted, whether inflammatory, racist, bigoted, culturally insensitive and inept, or just plain vicious, you should have no issue printing mine, clearly word for word.

Despite your open editorial policy, you ought to realize you are ethically responsible for the message and meaning portrayed because you ultimately have a choice as to what appears in print. But you and "your" cartoonist apparently fail to see what is behind this type of flippantly gross humor. It's just a benign joke to you, and if you can't take a joke, then "get out of the kitchen." Truly marvelous.

Well, what you are portraying in this cartoon is neither new nor surprising. It reveals a deep seated racial prejudice that goes back to the Greeks. In this case, it's called cultural or institutional racism in using the power of the media to demean a specific group of people. It's just a little more subtle today, "politically correct" you'd probably say, akin to a Trent Lott resurrecting the confederacy but naive in doing so because it is so imbedded in the psyche that you are completely blinded in the process.

When you depict an individual or group as animals, despite "your" cartoonist's feeble attempt in lumping "all races" as cows to justify the assault, you dehumanize them viewing them as less than human. You really don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand this. Indigenous peoples have often been portrayed this way for centuries.

When Columbus sailed the ocean blue he brought along with him the mentality of Herodotus and certain papal decrees that designated non-Christians as "barbarous," i.e., "uncivilized" or subhuman, and therefore expendable. This mindset marked the dawn of the modern era, civilization as we still know it today. The black man under your phony constitution was designated "three fifths" a person, and Katrina, Jena, and his filling the prisons now are just aberrations as you'd likely see it. You play your victimization game on a people who are in fact at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder and lick your chops in doing so.

Using the notion of racial purity in defining or imagining a people ("there are only a handful of purebred native cows left") cuts right to the heart of Darwinian descent in terms of species extinction. Shielded by the possibility or idea of indigenous CULTURAL adaptation and survival, the biological factor and argument have been main ways to justify the "extinction" of native groups. So let's be honest here -- this would really seem to do you fancy.

Tony Castanha, a resident of Honolulu, can be reached at

Hawaii Reporter, January 30, 2008

We All Came from Somewhere Else - Get Over It

By Sid Davis

It would seem that the thin-skinned have arisen once more to charge white racism. Tony Castanha's epistle concerning the "Cow Inoa" cartoon recently published by your newspaper is a case in point, and spearheads the tempest brewing on your fair island group over your newspaper's action in doing so. [See "Racist Ontology of 'Cow Inoa'"]

I am of Welsh/English/German/Dutch descent (as near as I can determine), but consider myself first and foremost a United States citizen. I make no apologies for that, nor do I consider beneath me any who are of another origin, whether black, asian, Pacific islander, Hispanic, aboriginal, bovine, or canine. (I do draw the line at porcine). What sets us apart is not our skin color, it is our attitudes. I rather like cows, myself.

The use of animals to depict an analogy is not a new one. George Orwell's "Animal Farm" is a perfect case in point, where various barnyard animals were used to depict various classes of people in a struggle to produce a classless society. It was not by accident, I am sure, that Mr. Orwell chose to use pigs as the new leaders in what was to have been a classless society. That was certainly insulting to the communist leaders it was intended to portray, although entirely applicable, under the circumstances.

Although Mr. Castanha, in his recent letter, makes mention of this, more needs to be made of the point: All of the various groups involved in the recent controversies concerning Hawaii, and Hawaiian immigrant groups, are depicted as cows. Full-bred, half-bred, quarter-bred, or completely non-native (certainly sounds like cows to me), all the various subgroups of racial purity and impurity are cows.

Surely, if I as a White Anglo Saxon Protestant male in my mid-'50s can see past that artifice to the real issue, then perhaps Mr. Castanha could make some effort as a member of the local university to do the same. If he wants to charge racism, he needs to examine the policies being suggested by his own culture.

The point being made is this: there are few if any pure racial boundaries any more, and the more we learn about migration patterns, the more evidence there is to suggest that no racial group can claim any prior claim to one place over all other late-comers. Pacific islander history abounds with conflict between encroaching tribes, just as does Native American history, English history, continental European history, Middle Eastern history, African history, subcontinental Indian history, and Chinese history. We all came from somewhere else. Get over it.

The challenge is to deal with the here and now, fairly and honestly, without such a thin skin. You cannot engage in open and honest discussion if you insist on painting the opposing side with such emotionally laden labels as racist, honkey, whitey, nigger, raghead, hun, spic, wop, gook or jap. Such terms only demonize. Nor can open and honest discussion exist if First Amendment rights are to be cast out the window at the first sign of hurt feelings. A mature adult learns to look beyond the surface to the core questions.

Racism is much more a part of exclusionary policies based upon race than is an innocuous cartoon. Restricting portions of your island group to ethnically pure individuals is reminiscent of policies of Nazi Germany or the policies of Saudi Arabia than those of these United States. The locals' reaction is akin (varying only in degree) to the rabid reactions of Muslims who don't like the Danish portrayals of Mohammed, and kill, burn, riot and rape. Over a cartoon!

I would ask Mr. Castanha, and those who support his point of view, to examine themselves with a bit more depth. What is to be the ultimate outcome of the policies being suggested by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs?

Sid Davis is a resident of Florida.

MICHELLE MALKIN BLOG, January 31, 2008

The state of Hawaii moves to censor a cartoon

By Michelle Malkin

Hawaii’s forbidden cartoon
** The cartoon is shown

Identity politics runs amok in Hawaii: This is un-freaking-believable. Andrew Walden reports:

Does free speech exist in Hawaii?
A government department of the State of Hawaii is demanding the retraction of a political cartoon published Jan. 18 on the satirical web site
and reprinted Jan. 21 on
The demands come in response to images and text ridiculing the Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ Kau Inoa campaign as “Cow Inoa.” Kau Inoa, Hawaiian for “place your name” is building a roll of Hawaiians to participate in a Hawaiian tribal government. Haunani Apoliona, writing in her capacity as “Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Office of Hawaiian Affairs” (OHA) in a Jan. 24 statement demands: “The cartoon should be pulled and the secret author publicly identified.” OHA’s backers are calling and emailing businesses demanding they pull their ads from HawaiiReporter.

If you have followed the Native Hawaiian grievance-mongering movement, you won’t be surprised.

I’ve covered Hawaii’s secessionists here, here, here, here, here, and here.

You should know this: Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Barack Obama (D-IL) and John McCain (R-AZ) all support this movement and the activists now using their power in Hawaii’s state government to squash their critics using satirical cartoons to fight back.

** Note from Ken Conklin: Ms. malkin is incorrect about John McCain. He voted in favor of a cloture motion to being the bill to the floor for a vote, because he was fulfilling an agreement made the previous year with Democrat senators to stop blocking each others' bills. But he published a statement strongly opposing the Akaka bill and saying he would vote against the bill if it actually came to a vote (which it did not).

Hawaii Reporter, February 1, 2008

People's Republic of Hawaii?

By Darci Evans

As a fairly patriotic individual, it makes me sick to see people burning flags. But as a freedom-loving American, I also recognize that flag-burning is a right given to people because of the United States of America's freedom of speech rights.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs seeks to create its own government via the Akaka Bill.

However, the call by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs chair Haunani Apoliana to censor a political cartoon called "Cow Inoa," a play on OHA's Kau Inoa campaign, is giving a hint at what this new Hawaiian government will look like ... one where freedom of speech is squelched and intimidation tactics rule.

We have been called the People's Republic of Hawaii before ... now, OHA's helping us to further live up to that moniker.

Darci Evans is a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii.


** The following are letters to editor published in Hawaii Reporter in a less prominent place than the major essays above.
Hawaii Reporter, January 24, 2008

'Cow Inoa' Cartoon is 'Racist'

By Foster Ampong

Allowing publication of the "Cow Inoa" Cartoon is not only a poor and irresponsible, it is inconsiderate to the Hawaiian People (to say the least) and blatantly racist.

Free Speech, which I whole heartedly support is not the issue here, it is your organization's lack of decency and good judgment that is despicable and in great proportion harmful to our community. Publishing this cartoon puts at risk the welfare and safety of the public.

With all due respect, I demand you/your organization Publicly Apologize to the People of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Community for promoting/perpetuating Racism in the guise of Free Press.

Foster Ampong is a resident of Maui and can be reached at

Hawaii Reporter, January 24, 2008

Cartoon Should Be Pulled, Apology Issued

By Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua

Earlier this week, the Hawaii Reporter posted a racist cartoon called, "Cow Inoa," which likens Native Hawaiians to cows. This satirical cartoon is not humorous; it is blatantly racist. This hearkens back to an era when people of color, including African Americans, Native Hawaiians, Native Americans, and Asians, among others, were routinely represented in popular media as animals, inhuman, or caricatures.

The "Cow Inoa" cartoon is an affront to Kanaka Maoli, the Hawaiian People, and to all people who support justice for Native Hawaiians. It mocks over a century of Hawaiian struggle against oppression, racism, and both physical and psychological violence.

In even further distaste, the cartoon was published within days of the anniversary of the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, as well as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and the holiday celebrating his efforts against racism, poverty and imperialism.

I ask that you make an immediate and public apology to the people of Hawaii.

Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Indigenous Politics at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Political Science Department in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Hawaii Reporter, January 24, 2008

Standing Up to the Land of the Offended

By James Andreu

Thank you for standing up to the land of the offended ( Haunani Apoliona, "OHA Has a 'Cow' Over Political Cartoon" Jan. 23).

Humor is what makes life worth living. OHA needs to get a grip.

James Andreu is a resident of Makawao, Hawaii

Hawaii Reporter, January 24, 2008

Cow Inoa Cartoon Will Make Hawaii Reporter Go Into Bankruptcy

By William Opunui

I own a police scanner and I'm a newstringer, but when hell freezes over is when I will call in a newstip!

I own video cameras and digital cameras,but no photo will ever appear in the Hawaii Reporter! I will never help any paper that makes fun of Kau Inoa, Hawaiian Nation, or Hawaiians!

And to do so, in Hawaii, could also cause Your suscribitions to fall, and maybe send Hawaii Reporter into bankruptcy, not a wise decision in the end!

And with so many in high offices being Hawaiian, Hawaii Reporter will no doubt have more enemies in high places, than friends in high places!

Aloha, William Opunui (

Hawaii Reporter, January 25, 2008

Where's the Beef

By Makaha Makalino

Where's the beef? For that matter, where's the milk, the pineapples, the sugarcane, the nawiliwili trees, the prisoners, na keiki, the homeless, the shelters, OHA, HawaiiReporter, human beings? What's the name of that shelter in Kakaako? You know, the one that OHA is closing?

MooHoooo, OHA for even responding to a "cowtoon"! MooHooo, HawaiiReporter for your "cowelty to animals"! We all know OHA stands for Only Haunani Apoliona and her friends. Who does HawaiiReporter stand for? Only Malia Zimmerman? What the heck is a Hawaiian-American?, but anyway, Malia, picking on OHA is one thing that if you reported "straight-up" I would haved backed you up, but all you did is get neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend.

My bad for thinking that OHA represented me, my 'ohana, my ancestors. My bad for thinking that haole (how-lay), pake (pa-kay), kepani (kep-a-knee), filipino (philip-ee-know), popolo (pough-pough-low) were (are) my friends and neighbors...

Mahalo & Aloha,

Makaha Makalino can be reached at

Hawaii Reporter, January 25, 2008

Race Can't Enter Into Whether or Not a Business Services Customers

By Kawika V.

This is written in response to: "I Will No Longer Fix Haole's Cars Because of Hawaii Reporter 'Cow Inoa' Cartoon" by William Opunui, on 1/24/2008.

First of all, I just want to remind all Americans (and Mr. Opunui) that since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (and subsequent Hawaii legislation), it is illegal to deny service to an individual because of his/her race (Mr. Opunui uses the term "haoles").

Mr. Opunui has responded to an offensive cartoon by promising targeted acts of racism against white people (the colloquial meaning of the term 'haole'). Mr. Opunui's threats are morally bankrupt, offensive, and as a society we ought to shame Mr. Opunui. While we may not find the caustic and sarcastic "Cow Inoa" cartoon tasteful or honorable, that is the price we pay for living in a free society.

'Cow Inoa' can be written, and Ms. Apoliona's response can be written, and Mr. Opunui's response can be written, and mine as well. What matters is the means by which we attempt to cause change in our society, and I stand for the proposition that avowed racism of the sort promised by Mr. Opunui is horrendous.

As a kama'aina and student of the 'Olelo Hawai'i, I shall certainly never bring my ka'a to Mr. Opunui for service. THAT is my right, and wonderfully legal.


Kawika V. is a resident of Hawaii.

Hawaii Reporter, January 25, 2008

Sometimes Political Cartoons Aren't Funny

By Trisha Kehaulani Watson

Sometimes political cartoons just aren’t funny. For the maxim of free speech has never been without the restraints of ethics or civility. You cannot yell “fire” in a crowed theatre. You cannot burn a cross on a front lawn. Fundamental rights don’t give people the right to offend.

The “Cow Inoa” cartoon reveals that racism thrives in our community. Such a realization is both sad and painful. We would hope that as people march in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life we, as a society, would have come farther than this.

I am still completely baffled as to why Hawaiians remain the targets of such hatred. For I firmly believe that such overt hatred has no place in a peaceful and just society. And peace and justice are all Hawaiians have ever sought. The conflict that exists between Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians is not of our making. The efforts on OHA’s part to settle the thirty year dispute over ceded land revenues proves as much.

I may not love everything OHA does, but in the face of such a violent and vicious affront, I will be the first to defend them. For despite our disputes and differences, we are all Hawaiians. We have suffered the same historical traumas. We struggle to pull ourselves up from the mire of disenfranchisement and displacement.

We are not a herd, but a nation - A nation of beautiful and brilliant wronged people who are entitled to justice. We are entitled determine our own future. We are entitled to live and celebrate our culture. We are entitled to the land we have stewarded for thousands of years.

Only the smallest minds resort to such hateful racism, for hate is the weapon of the weak. And I am in strange ways amused by these efforts, for they clearly indicate that despite the disagreements among us in our community, the Hawaiian nation is growing stronger. For what could possibly provoke such an extreme and vicious attack but fear?

So publish your racist cartoons; it only galvanizes us.

Show us your true and hateful colors; the only makes us more steadfast in our quest f

or justice. Keep attacking us; we have persevered in spite of your attacks for over 200 years.

I am thankful for growing distance you have put between us, Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians. This cartoon reminds me that you teach your children hate while we teach ours of aloha and lokahi. You abuse a rhetoric of freedom while we fight for ours.

You think you mock us. Conversely, you only strengthen our argument for reparation and completely (and utterly – pun intended) embarrass yourself.

Trisha Kehaulani Watson, JD, PhD (ABD), is the Executive Director of Kakoo Oiwi, A Native Hawaiian Non-Profit Organization, PO Box 62092, Honolulu, Hawaii 96839, and

Hawaii Reporter, January 25, 2008

Get Educated About Hawaiian Issues

By Foster Ampong

Mr. Seabury's response to Ms. Apoliona's letter though baseless on most accounts, does point out some obvious political descrpencies in government; descrepencies that both democrates and republicans are responsible and are yet to be held accountable for.

Cutting through all the prapaganda that has spewed out from the likes of Mr. Seabury and OHA, is the fact that neither one speaks with any credibility.

Mr. Seabury, please "define' what a Hawaiian-American" is; and while you're at it, what does your country's Constitution and Bill Of Rights have anyhting to do with a so-called "Hawaiian-American" or for that matter, me?

From the tone of your letter, I sense hostility and in some parts a sharp spike of bitterness and jealousy towards Ethnic Hawaiians; reminding me of the ugly, hateful and horrific acts of racist crimes against African-Americans committed by the White populace of your country in the 1950's and 1960's.

Mr. Seabury. Let's put your bias and spin of the facts aside and acknowledge a few things;

1) That it is such a gross perversion of justice to be pontificating to the Hawaiian People the tenets of a foreign goverments constitution, while your government still refuses to remedy crimes against the Hawaiian People.,

2) That Eurocentric-Arrognace, which it seems you are so full of is the essence of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants that invaded, raped and pillaged the Americas, the Hawaiian Islands and presently the world at large.,

3) Unless you have koko (Hawaiian Blood), you are a haole; which means you are "foreign" to these islands and based on the "lawful" definition of your country's Constitution, you simply don't belong here. For you to say anymore regarding the islands and Hawaiians is Maha`oe. I welcome you to take your government (OHA as well) and yourself back to America.

Caveat: Mr. Seabury and all who read this, DO NOT misunderstand and/or misinterpet my articulation of the above three (3) points I make. I welcome and aloha all human beings no matter who, or what ethnicity or culture they come from.

The expression of my honesty is the result of years of observation and experience with People thrughout the world; and yes, I have met many good and wonderful haoles. And I shall continue to aloha them all. A large part of my passion is deeply and sincerely rooted fundamental civil/social pinciples. You may know it by another is called "ALOHA"

Educate yourself Mr. Seabury. And when (if) you do, then you must decide, like most Hawaiians (i.e. OHA, etc.) at some point in their lives, To remain ignorant of the truth, To choose a life of apathy, Keep denying the truth and remain a culpable pervert of justice and genocide against innocent human beings.

Ua ma ke ea o ka aina i ka pono. The "Hawaiian" people, not the haole's are the life of the land. Mistreat and Injury them, and you are not perpetuating the land in righousness, you destroy the "land" we all now live on.

Foster Ampong is a resident of Maui and can be reached at

Hawaii Reporter, January 25, 2008

Cartoon Was Racist But Kau Inoa Deserves It

By R. Kawehi Kanui

The Kau-kau Inoa term was made up on Molokai, by our own people... which means to eat your name, not place your name as the Kau Inoa meaning describes. Whoever caught wind of it flashed a picture of a cow's nose and wrote the caption, which was more irritating because it seemed very ignorant and racist.

However, it was going to happen and it did. Let me say that Kau Inoa deserved it.

As a Hawaiian national, I am not a Hawaiian American...there is no such thing...OHA and Kau-Inoa are smoke and mirrors to make Hawaiians believe that Hawai'i is a part of the U.S., when that is a lie. If you are Hawaiian, you are Hawaiian...that's it. There is no such thing as a Hawaiian American.

Those who signed up for Kau-Kau Inoa either receives grants from and indebted to OHA or the federal government or you work for OHA...has helped us to identify those not to support; such as those who hold commercials supporting Kau-Kau Inoa. I tell my family not to support their programs, buy their records or support their concerts etc. If they teach, I tell all my family not to go to their classes and they don't...most of them. Some are still ignorant of the facts.

While we (Hawaiian nationals 250,000 of us in Hawaii) are not Americans we reserve the right to say that THIS IS NOT AMERICA and, not everyone has the right to live where ever they want in Hawaii because there are laws (Hawaiian laws) that protect certain Hawaiian rights, for Hawaiians only. This is a fact.

We don't support OHA's settlement, because there are no ceded lands. The State of Hawaii and Lingle do not have clear title to lands in Hawaii...and cannot sell, swap or exchange any lands because the "state" has no money...every cent they get comes either from the feds or off the backs of the Hawaiians' lands, from the purported, "ceded lands" revenues, which is really funds from lands that truthfully belongs to the Hawaiian Kingdom Crown and Government...not OHA, not the state and definitely, not the military.

Therefore, by our calculations and understanding of Hawaiian law, it is by the gross of the profits, rent and percentage of other profits should be going to the Hawaiian Kingdom and the Hawaiian nationals. Hawaiian Americans don't qualify, since they give up their rights when signing up for Kau Inoa.

As far as we are concerned all of these issues are one in the same that leads to what is the main problem in Hawaii...the illegal U.S. military occupation that acts like the Godfather over us and our lands...calling us more like, we are being held hostages in our own homelands, without permission and against our will. It's time Hawaiians wake up and take hold of their rights, lands and children from being exploited further by outsiders, mercenaries and military occupation.

We also don't believe in blood quantum and we certainly would be open to reversing that outrageous law when the kingdom is restored...that may have an affect on the way the present situation needs to be changed in Hawaii today with OHA, Kau-kau inoa and Kamehameha schools.

It may be better to attract honey than bees in the days and months ahead. We challenge the Hawaii Reporter to a debate on the Hawaiian issues to better understand one another as we build towards living and working together in Hawaii based on laws. It's time to stop the false cracks and ignorant cartoons...we are open to a debate or another round table discussion representing our view...and you with your view. You have my email to respond. Until then take care and God Bless.

Me Kealoha Pumehana

R. Kawehi Kanui is a descendant of Hawaiian ancestors who can be reached at


Send comments or questions to:

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Malia Craver Kau Inoa TV/radio commercials late 2007 -- Hawaiian and English transcripts and commentary. Also a Dennis Kamakahi commercial. Ms. Craver uses her prestige and Hawaiian language to ask ethnic Hawaiians to sign up on a racial separatist registry despite her previous speech to the United Nations urging love, forgiveness, and inter-racial unity. In English she scolds Caucasians for coming to Hawaii in the 1800s and not helping ethnic Hawaiians (false), inferring that Hawaiians were not capable of managing their own affairs; even while she supports a program whose purpose is supposedly to foster self-reliance and self-determination.


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