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Welcome to the Automotive Digest Virtual Magazine. It used to be an extension of the list that once existed on the main page. Now it stands alone as it's very own website. Think of this as a online car magazine, where almost anything can be found. New cars, old cars, race cars, future cars that may or may not see production, and even motorcycles. Hopefully something for every fuel powered desire. You can see the picture along with the occasional commentary.

There will be a new layout as well. I'm trying to make it easier to find everything you need. Hopefully with a new site I can have more pictures. I will strive to also provide larger pictures.

The motorcycle route is almost complete. You can ride by if you like to see what I've done so far.

You can also now get to the Motorsports Page. The first page is going to be redone from the ground floor, but the second page just fine. The links should all be working.

Construction is pretty much complete and pictures are going to start changing. Drive by here often to see the latest. Just remember, some changes will be on the other pages and not the main. Thanks for stopping by.


Car of Choice

1904 Ford Model B Touring

Henry Ford's early attempt in the new automotive market. Sadly these models are far and few as the early efforts were not as successful as the Model T.

Ford is planning a one-two punch starting later this year. Starting with the re-introduction of the Fiest to the American market. Followed a model year later with this, the all new Focus.

With the success of the new Ford Transit Connect, Nissan will now enter the same market. Trying for it's own piece of the pie with the upcoming NV2500.

Now that Chrysler is part of Fiat, the beloved PT Cruiser get another year of production. The only version left of a great line is the Classic.

After much fanfare and secrets, Fiesta returns to American shores. Gone is the VW Rabbit rendition, replaced by this hot little number. Ford is already taking orders, so get in line for yours.

The worst kept secret in the automotive industry, the 2010 Ford Taurus re-resign. Although we only got a glimpse, driving one is an altogether different experience. This like no other Taurus on the road, and it the best to wear the famous name.

Cadillac expands the CTS line to a Sport Wagon and coming soon, a coupe. BMW will be hard pressed to keep up after these hit the road.

Mini debuts it's Beachcomber concept, and Buick reveals the the return of the Regal nameplate.

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