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There has been a big controversy about Myspace and how it is a bad influence on teenagers. In spite of all of this non-sense and commotion from those overly paid, think-they-know-it-all school board officials, I have found different ways you can access Myspace in school. I will share one with you. In doing so, you will have to understand that you need to know a fair amount about computers. I suggest Googleing information or asking one who is knowledgeable in the areas of computers and internet/networking. This method will also allow to access any web site you want from school. So say bye-bye to blocked web sites in school! :)

****Configuring a school computer to access a blocked web site is against school policy. This is known as the alteration of proxy communication. Altering proxy communication is disallowed by your county school system. You are liable for your actions. If apprehended you may be suspended and may possibly be expelled from school. Continue at your own risk.****



Click Here


See instructions as follows:

1. Download the fire fox browser. You cannot install the browser directly. You have to copy the unpackaged files, which is basically copying the Mozilla Firefox folder. This includes all of the commands to runs the program.


The easiest way to get firefox on your account at school is by first downloading it on to your computer at home, copying the Firefox folder located in your programs folder, and then burning it to a disk. (Floppies won’t work)*
You can do this by clicking start, my computer, local C drive, Program Files folder, and then click and select Mozilla Firefox folder. If you have windows XP hold down Ctrl & C. Open the blank cd folder located in the My Computer Folder. Paste the browser folder inside the window. Remember there are other ways to burn files to cd. Once you have gotten the files burned just copy and paste the files from the cd to your student account.

2. Open the firefox folder located the firefox icon. Click once to highlight and select the icon. This will open the icon title for editing. Change the title to winword.

*note - do not remove the icon from the folder*

3. Double click on the icon to open the firefox browser.

4. Once the browser is opened locate and click the Tools option on the task bar at the top of the browser window.

5. In the tools menu located and click the Options option. A window should open containing five options. General, Privacy, Web Features, Downloads, and Advanced.

6. Click on the General option.

Click here to see example.

7. Locate and click on the Connection Settings option. A window should open.

8. There should be four radio buttons options. The window title should say "Configure Proxies to Access the Internet." Click on the Manual Proxy Configuration option. The listed boxes should open up for edition.

9. Select the Use the Same Proxy to Access the Internet option. Only one box should remain open, "Http Proxy:".

10. Type in the first box.

Click here to see example.

11. In the second box titled Port type the number 80.

12. Once you have done this click the ok options until you return to the main Options window.

13. At the main Options window locate and click the General option (you should already have this window up).

14. Locate the home page setting at the top of the window. In the box type in ( see note)

*note - This sets as the home page. If doesn't generate the k-proxy web site try using another site such as,, or by typeing the url in the address bar. Google works fine at the moment*

15. Click ok until you return to the main browser window.

16. Click the house on the taskbar at the top. A webpage should appear titled K-Proxy.

Click here to see example.

17. In the box next to the Surf option type in your desired website destination (

18. Click the surf option. The page should load From here you will be able to login and use all of the functions. You can also check email else where on the net.



If you have followed the steps you should now be able to visit If an message appears that says "This document contains no data" ignore that. It will appear several times. Just continue to click okay. It is just a proxy error that I am working to fix. Some sites that you visit through k-proxy may show up with coding, for example This does not mean that you can’t use the website. Please ignore this occurrence. Also because of the current settings you will not be able to use firefox for regular site visitation through the browser unless you go to the connections settings option and change it to automatic.


Contgratulations you can access any website you want and check your email. Now how cool is that?!

Presented by the concerned students of