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San Angelo YRE Volksmarch

Carol, Ed and I went out to West Texas to do this YRE because there were no regular events this weekend. This YRE is along the Concho River and bring my count to 12 rivers walked for the RiverWalk America special AVA event progrom.

Go right on the path along the river. You quickly come to this dead end if you go left.

First view of the Concho River.

Historical Marker.

Ed and Carol on the trail.

Another view of the river.

First bridge crossing.

Concho River again.

James M. Rogers Gazebo Garden.

Ducks playing in the sprinkler.

Another view of the river.

Old train trestle.

Couple large birds.

Terrace Gardens.

You climb these stairs.

Small dam in the river.

First of several fountains.

Pearl of the Concho Mermaid.

Waterfront restaurant.

Another fountain.

San Angelo Visitor's Center.

Cast iron sheep.

Turnaround point is 3 mi marker under a street overpass.

View of the river.

View of the river.

Landscaping at Visitor's Center.

Sculpture at Visitor's Center.

Carol and Ed on the pedestrian bridge.

You have a choice of taking the upper or lower path.

I took the lower. Carol and Ed took the upper.

Back at the Gazebo Garden.

We saw lots of squirrels.

I think these live in the ground.

Thanks to the Midland Walkabouts for hosting this event.

List of Rivers walked.

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