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Old Tunnel WMA

Historic Marker explaining
how the tunnel came to be.

Walkers standing near
the rail with the
hill county backdrop.

View of the start/finish area.

Checkpoint #3 Volunteers.

We were told that "The Bat Tunnel" was down below the start and it was an extra 1K of credit if we went down to see it.  Knowing that after walking a 10K I would be unwilling to go down a steep hill and climbing back up, we did the tunnel first.  The above checkpoint was at a level spot about half way to the bottom of the hill.

Steps from the checkpoint area
to the bottom of the hill.

This was as close as you
can get to the tunnel entrance.

Carol and Ed

Nice bridge over a gully.

View of the Trail


Carol starting up the steps,
Ed about to pass the tunnel.

The hill back up to the start.

Carol heading out on the 10K portion.

Well house.

Checkpoint #1 volunteers.

Scenery along the way.

Climbing a pretty steep hill.

View from the top of walkers
coming along behind us.

More walkers..

Baby goats

Ranch house where goats
trimmed the lawn.

Very nice redbud tree.

Checkpoint #2 Volunteers

Nice southwestern style gate entrance.

Passed this group with pets near the finish.

One of several Llama

Thanks to the Kerrville Trailblazers for hosting this very enjoyable event.

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