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Meridian State Park

We had the choice two routes. We did the "yellow" route. It was very nice.

Carol waiting for the start to open.

Volunteers getting start set up.

Walkers after us signing in.

Carol out on the trail.

View of the trail.

Looking back at where we crossed.

Another view of the trail.

Sunflower growing in the middle of the trail.

Lava Rock.

Volunteer at Checkpoint #1.

Carol ahead going downhill.

We arrived at the edge of the lake.

Rocky trail..

Overhang were the bee hives used to be.

Pretty flowers at waters edge..

Buzzard's roost.

Another creek crossing.

More buzzards.

Bridge was a little crooked.

Buzzard feathers under another roosting tree.

Volunteers at Checkpoint #2.

Walkers on the way out on the Orange trail.

Another shot of the trail.

Start point is directly across from us on other side of lake.

Bee Creek.

Walkers at the walk start.

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