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Lake Bardwell Volksmarch

Walk Starts here.

Volunteers ready for St. Patrick's Day.

Ed and Carol starting out.

It was a little cool at start.

Starting to pick up mud.

Went from muddy to wet.

Nice view of Waxahatchie Creek.

Trying to lose some of the mud.

This section was better.

Back to muddy.
Back to wet.

It's warming up.

Saw this group having a discussion.

We were headed in, these
walkers were headed out.

Those are horse tracks in the mud.

East Texas Trekker shirt.

Stopped to chat with Rose and Gene.

Helen was decked out for St. Patrick's day too.
Discussion on which way to go.


Looking back.

Sandy section was drier.

Another discussion on which way to go.

Grassy section.

View of the trail ahead.

Carol at the finish.

Lake Bardwell.

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