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Huntsville State Park Volksmarch

Volunteers working Start Table.

Ed at Nature Center.

Nice gravel path to start.

Tree roots.

Brandy, Carol and Ed.

Marshy spots were crossed on wooden paths.

View of the marsh.

Exposed tree roots in trail.

A small pond.

View of the trail.

Carol on bridge.

Looking up at the tree tops.

A short stretch on a dirt road.

Our first view of Lake Raven.

Ed admiring the view.

A walker resting at Checkpoint #1.

A high bridge.

The overflow dam.

View of the lake from the top of the dam.

Carol and Brandy on top of the dam.

The path across the dam.

Nice rock work at end of bridge.

Volunteer at Checkpoint #2

Kodak moment as we consulted the map.
Picture by Carol

Huge pile of pine cones.

Daralyn and Ken Schubert at finish table.

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