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Hot Springs National Park

Impressive Building.

Entrance to Hot Springs Reservation

Open hot springs.

Ed and Carol on the Grand Promenade.

Hill is dotted with these drainage canals.

Carol and Ed taking a break.

Hot Springs Mountain Tower.

Ed ahead of me on the trail to Gulpha Gorge.

Carol on the trail.

Stone wall marks highway turnout above trail.

Shelter built for horseback riders in the 1900s.

Autumn colors.

Ed and I at Goat Rock overlook..

There were lots of these purple berry bushes.

Arlington Trail junction is tricky.
This first split isn't mentioned in directions.
Keep to your left. Right branch is a dead end.

Arkansas University.

Nice home being fixed up on Whittington Ave.

Switchback climbing to West Mountain summit.

Church in valley below..

Man made rock wall along trail.

Another rock wall. Built by CCC in 30s???.

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