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Bigfoot, Tx - Frio County

We had the choice of doing a 5K, 10K or 14K. Those doing the 5K drove to the cemetery to start their walk. Those doing the 10K walked out to the cemetery and headed back to town. Those doing the 14K (like we did) combined the two routes. It was a very nice walk. Thanks to the Selma Pathfinders for helping me get another county.

Our parking lot volunteer.

Start registration table.

Planter outside school.

Marker for Bigfoot Wallace in school yard.


Huge cactus plant.

Pretty wildflowers.

Blooming cactus.

Cactus fencerow.

Ed and Carol on the road.

Another type of cactus..

Ed and walkers ahead on the road.

Checkpoint #1 at cemetery..

Ranch sign at the end of a "dead end" road.

Those doing the 10K turned back here..

We walked through a horse pasture.

Ed and Carol on trail between cactus.

Another shot of the trail.

Blooming tree.

Close up of the tree.

Walkers from San Antonio stopped to look at the African cattle in the pasture.

Another color of cactus blossom.

Tractor gone to rust.

Whole field of cactus and dead trees.

Stock pond.

Ed showed us a pretty rock.

Lantana mixed in with cactus..

Checkpoint volunteers.

No houses in site..

Friendly horses.

Sign on a driveway entrance..

Tree in the middle of the road.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church.

Bigfoot Museum in a replica of Bigfoot Wallace's cabin.

Selma Pathfinders.

Finish Table.

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