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Big Spring State Park

Carol and I went out to far west Texas to do two YREs. These YREs were in new counties for us. This one is Howard County. It brings my count of Texas Counties Walked to 121. Big Spring State Park is a small park, but still a good place to walk.

Windmills in the distance.

Walking down to Nature Trail.

Ruins of a small one room building.

Short nature trail section.

Overlook of Big Springs

Looking down on Hospital

Rock wall built by the CCC
shows where the road is.

Park Headquarters on top of hill.
It is where walk starts.

Historical marker tells about the
Comanche activity in the area.

Plane and Helicopter.

Vietnam War Memorial.

Flowers trying to grow in the rock.

Cactus and Cedar line the roadway..

An observatory?

Rock wall shows where we are going to climb to..

Recent rains brought out wildflowers.

Historical Home In Big Spring.
Seen on the way out of town.

Thanks to the Midland Walkabouts for hosting this very enjoyable event.

Map of Counties Walked

City of Andrews

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