327th G.I.R. Uniform Requirements
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Glider Infantry Regiment
Uniform Requirements



M42 Uniform Requirements

This is what is needed for the basic 327th G.I.R. Normandy impression.

Basic Combat Impression

  • Coat, Field, M1941, should have 101st ABN patch on left shoulder.
  • Trousers, Wool Serge, EM, M1937 or HBT
  • Shirt, Wool Serge, EM or HBT
  • Shoes, Service, Reverse Upper
  • Leggings, M1938
  • Belt, enlistedmen's
  • Garrison Cap, Wool or tan cotton with parachute patch and blue piping
  • Undershirt, tank top or crew neck, Pea Green, or white
  • Helmet, M1 with white Club decals
  • Belt, cartridge or pistol, M1923 or earlier model, arranged with proper pouches for weapon carried
  • Haversack, M1928 or M1936 Combat Suspenders and Mussette bag
  • Entrenching tool, M1910 T-Handle, M1943 folding, or M1910 pick mattock
    (E tool Required for possible fire-fighting in dry season)
  • Pouch, carlisle bandage, M1942
  • Canteen, cup and cover, M1942
  • First Aid Packet, parachutist's
  • Bayonet, M1942 (required with M1 garand)
  • Trench Knife M3, with M6 or M8 sheath (required with M1 Carbine)

Note: All web gear must be khaki or light OD colored for the 42 uniform, dark OD is permitted for the 43 impression.

The most important items to purchase to start off is your Uniform, Boots, and Weapon. Currently we are only doing combat impressions, no dress uniform is required. Most items can be found from the vendors listed below.


M43 Uniform Requirements

These items replace their early style counterparts for a late war impression.

Basic Combat Impression

  • Jacket, M1943 (48 Star flag sewn on or flag brassard)
  • Trousers, M1943
  • America Flag brassard (if 48 star flag is not sewn on)
  • Sweater, wool knit, 5 button or red cross variants
  • Jeep Cap, OD knit
  • Scarf, OD
  • Overcoat, enlisted men's, wool
  • Boots, combat, M1943 (double buckle)
  • Knife sheath, M8A


Additional items that help fill out the impression.

Uniform Accessories
(Not Required)

  • Suspender Pads, Wool (for M36 suspenders)
  • Gloves, Tan or brown leather
  • Helmet Net, wide or standard
  • Dog Tags, notched, slim chain
  • Cricket, Brass signal device
  • Basic Field Manual FM 21-100
  • D-Day Rubberized Assault Gas Mask Bag
  • Bandolier, Garand
  • Grenades, MK-11A1, M18
  • Brassard, 48 star flag (for 43 uniform)
  • In the Field

    Many of our events will require period tentage and camping equipment as no barracks will be available.


    Here is the basic list of items you will need for period camping.

    • Sleeping Bag, any type from 1942-1945
    • 2 Shelter Halves (Dog Tent), with 10 wood pegs, 2 poles (folding or 3 pieces each), 2 guide ropes
    • OD Wool Blanket
    • Mess Kit
    • GI Duffle Bag
    • Flashlight

    Additonal Impressions

    Specialty Impressions

    Demo Team:

    • Helmet, M1
    • Satchel Charge Bag
    • GP Bag
    • Hawkins Mine
    • Rigger made or extra D-Day Assault Gas Mask Bag


    • Helmet, M1 w/correct helmet markings
    • 2 Medic Satchel Bags
    • Extra Medic Bag
    • Medic Y-yoke harness
    • Belt, Cartridge or Pistol, M1923 or earlier model
    • Canteens, cup and cover, M1942 x2
    • Entrenching tool, M1910 T-Handle, M1943 folding, or M1910 pick mattock

      Weapons Requirements

      The basic impression is that of the Rifleman carrying the MI Garand. Unless you are on a crew served weapon or a member of a specialty team you are a Rifleman, only officers and NCOs carried the Thompson, M1 carbine or Grease gun. We try to limit the the Springfield to one member per squad. Specialty team impressions include: Demo Team, Bazooka Team, Heavy Weapons, Radio Operations, and Sniper.


      • M1 Garand Rifle with leather sling (OD sling ok with 43 uniform) *
      • M1 Carbine
      • M1903 Springfield Rifle with scope
      • M1927, M1 Thompson
      • M3 Grease Gun

      Required Rifles for Impression:

      Rifleman: M1 Garand
      Demo Team: M1 Garand, M1 or M1A1 folding stock Carbine, Thompson, M3 Grease Gun
      Bazooka Team: M1 Garand, M1 or M1A1 folding stock Carbine, M1 Thompson, M3 Grease Gun
      Heavy Weapons: M1919 .30 caliberMachine Gun, BAR
      Radio Operations: M1 Garand, M1 or M1A1 folding stock Carbine
      Sniper: M1903 Springfield Rifle with socpe

      Note: The .45 pistol was carried by officers and NCOs. All weapons must be tapped and or have blank adaptors attached. Carbines must have the early rear L flip site, and early type 1 or 2 front band, no bayonet lug front bands allowed.
      All class III weapons must have paperwork. At no time at any event is any live ammo allowed.