Prophecy Part 1

Written By Daniel Salmon

(Little Horn Ruler) PROPHECY”

As described in YAHSHUA MESSIAH’S Revelation
And by the Prophet Daniel


“Pharaoh Eagle-Serpent Son-of-the-Sun Number Eight”
(Revelation 17:10-11)

Prophecy Given in the United States 1992-1996
and in Old City Jerusalem, Israel 1996-2000
In The Name of Yahovah (YHVH) and Yahshua Messiah

Attention: All Members in Beth Yahovah (YHVH) and Yahshua Messiah

From: Yahovah's Ruach ha Kodesh (His Spirit of Truth) in Witnesses for Yahshua in Yahovah's Place of Peace with His Name Forever. “For out of Zion shall go forth the Law and the Word of Yahovah from Jerusalem.” (Isayah 2:3)

Shalom in the Name of Yahshua Messiah: before His return with His angels to gather His scattered elect in the world, it is written: “Let no man deceive you by any means, for that day shall not come, except there comes first a falling away (from truth; Salvation that is in Yahovah and Yahshua) and (second) that man of sin be revealed, the son of destruction.” Apostle Shaul makes it clear: the false-Messiah (Satan’s last deified son), must be revealed before Yahshua’s return! (II Thes 2:3)

The “falling away” and revealing of Satan’s last son have already happened! He is imitating Yahshua Messiah in his role as “Jesus”! How is this possible? Gentile ancient history behind that “other name” reveals that today’s “imitation man” can rightfully use it as his: thus, many (unknowingly) worship him today! His formal introduction to the world’s Bavarian Masons was September 8-9, 1993. (known to elite Masons 3/31/1948). His coming out party was done live on CBS TV as millions witnessed, but they understood not. Now, worshippers of Yahovah and Yahshua written in The Book Of Life (Rev. 13:8) shall also know the Mason’s darkest secret(s) behind that name Jesus Christ, their 666 ‘cornerstone’.

How? Yahshua promised us: “Therefore, fear them not: for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed (uncovered); and hid that shall not be known. What I tell you in ‘darkness’, that you speak in the light” (Matthew 10:26-27) You are thinking, why were we not made aware of these events when they happened? Ask our Yahovah that, as He has chosen this way and this time to reveal more of His ancient mysteries, and the hidden evil behind the world’s Masons. For those calling on Yahovah through Yahshua, promises have been made, but not to the rest of the world. As his sheep, you shall not be deceived by “them” any longer. You shall now overcome, and you shall know His Voice.

Yahshua promised we will not be (taken) caught unawares by our enemy. Thus, questions are answered concerning the "Abomination of Desolation", who the goats are, and who is this last "Little Horn" ruler with that name Jesus. Despite what Christians say, this Jesus must destroy many Jews before Yahshua's actual return! He is also known as the (666) "Image of the Beast" that now fulfills Yah’s mystery and one of His riddles in prophecy “he is of the seven, and he is the eighth" (Rev. 17:11).
(These are eight distinct kings, or actual Little Horn world rulers, that span all of history since Cain)
He is the Last World Caesar-Kaiser, or God (Tsar) now given power for 42 months. (Rev. 13:5) Yahovah reveals His ancient riddle: “The beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” (Rev. 17:8-11)

A long list of false prophets, Mason ministers, and many in two thousand years (especially the past five centuries) have constructed a wide path of lies; deceptions leading to the pit: especially what is believed through snares of World Christianity, World’s Masons, the Roman-German World Catholic Church, and their many affiliated eastern religions, clubs, associations, and civic/social organizations today.

They have completed their work with Satan in deceiving the whole world. (Rev. 12:9) Yes, that included us, but as Yahshua instructed, we had to first remove the large ‘splinter of wood’ from our own eyes and repent, before we could see; instruct others about these great deceptions. Yahshua strongly warned: “If it were possible, ‘they’ shall deceive the very elect.” (Matthew 24:24) Most deceived become upset, and have endless excuses for rejecting the truths in this prophecy. But, Yahovah and Yahshua prepare “those that are His elect” to receive these truths. Those not His sheep, will obviously remain deceived. (This also includes several groups who claim to be Israel or Jewish with Yahshua’s Name, when they are not)

Workers of Satan have made it impossible for those seeking truth on their own (without Yahovah and Yahshua), to discern between that which is good (of Yah) and that which is evil (of Satan). That is a bold statement, but this too is written in Yah’s plan. If they do not have Yahovah and Yahshua, and have not been called by Yahovah, and refuse to repent and accept Yahovah and Yahshua, then “the truth is not in them”. They receive condemnation, the “fleshly” things, and the rewards of this world. To choose this cursed world (as Cain), they become the enemies of Yahovah and Yahshua! (Genesis 3:17, 4:11-12)

They receive not the heavenly things of Yahovah, as written. But, if you are one of Yah and Yahshua’s seeking truth, then His Ruach ha Kodesh helps us in giving His gift of understanding the good and the evil, and truth to overcome the evil. Yahovah promised us that “we shall be helped with a little help” (Daniel 11:34) to overcome these times. Yahovah reveals (1) the Beast, (2) the Image of the Beast, (3) the name to overcome, (4) the Mark of his name, (5) the 666 Number of his name, and (6) the identity of the “Babylon-Egyptian” (daughter) Whore all Jews must flee today! (Rev. 13:16-18, and 17:5)

This prophecy is direct from Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah and also covers the following:

- The Only One Name of Salvation ever in Scripture, and declared by Yahovah’s prophets.
(This truth has been intentionally hidden/distorted/replaced/ignored for almost 2000 years)

- Ancient history behind the “other” name Jesus (Iesus, Esus) “how” it was used, and by “who”.
(Why all Jews should understand the incredible differences between Yahshua and this Iesus)

- Ancient covenants of Ur, Babylon-Assyria, Persia, Egypt and Aryan Hittites still with us today.
(Covenants that Yahovah/Torah warned never to enter: but few have ever seen or understood)

- Connection of Masons behind today’s Bavarian World Order and the 666 false Messiah.
(Bavarian-German Aryan movement covering the world is anti-Jewish; against Yahovah)

- Canaanite History of today’s Christian Christmas Tree, and ancient “pine cone” decorations.
(Answers why this pagan custom is still an abomination to Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah)

- The evil behind the United States Constitution vs. Yahovah’s Commandments/Doctrine.
(Why Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah were never mentioned by the 50 founding Masons)

- “Uncle Sam” and McDonald’s “Golden Arch” ancient history and what they represent.
(Connecting many U.S. things with ancient Ur, Babylon, Assyria, Canaanites, and Egypt)

- 6,000 year history and location of the Great Babylonian Whore of Revelation today.
(Leaves no doubts: connects her role that brought forth the last Bavarian World Ruler)

- Location of today’s real World Temple of Zeus (Jupiter) its connection to Masons and 666
(Jews/Christians refuse to accept what is behind the secret/stealth plan to eliminate Jews!)

- What you must now overcome (as written in Revelation) to make it into Yahovah’s Kingdom.
(666 Mark of the Beast and its Image is the Eagle: now covers most things in the world)

- Yah’s World Judgment Sign in Scripture and Prophecy: pronounced January 8, 1992.
(Since done, 33,000 Catastrophic world disasters have been delivered: 9,000 in the U.S.)

- Unraveling “Dark Sentences” used today by the Mason’s False Messiah and his workers.
(666 Cornerstone and dark codes used by the Masons today, that fulfills Yah’s prophecy)

- What is behind the Oslo I, Oslo II, and Wye Israel “Peace Agreements” with the U.S.
(Beast, and image of the beast Little Horn Ruler prophecy of death and destruction)

- World Order Trade Covenants: NAFTA, APEC, and GATT and 666 Barcode by law.
(Most peaceful/successful world takeover ever for today’s world order dictator without war)

- Imminent sudden purge of United States, especially against Jews, and the truth behind it.
(Jacob’s Troubles today: fulfillment of Little Horn prophecies in Daniel, and Revelation)

- Yah’s Judgement is here: what He has done, what He is doing, and imminent to come.
(Many things not reported in controlled World Order News today in U.S. and world)

Yah’s answers to Scripture mysteries and prophecy do not agree with “Christian theories”, or endless “false doctrine”, or a “pre-tribulation rapture”, but are based on truth, His Living Word, and in His Name. In days of old, Yahovah usually upset His “chosen people” called by His Name, by sending His prophets that carried the burden of His Living Word. They told Yah’s sheep what they were doing to anger Him, what happens if they did not repent, and what they must do to obey His Commandments.

They warned of Yah’s severe curses and death penalties if they did not obey His Voice. Penalties for worshipping the “Beast and its Image” are already written in Revelation. This is not a scare tactic, but a harsh reality of Yahovah’s Judgment. Yah’s prophets also warned of future events, and sometimes gave timetables, as with His prophets Jeremyah and Daniel concerning our Jerusalem and Yahshua Messiah.

This message is no different, and there is no other way to present it, except to give you His Living Word and pray you receive it. It should alert you of Yahovah now at work, and explain what is behind Satan’s greatest deceptions. We cannot stress enough that billions now totally deceived will not ever receive Yahovah’s truth that is in this prophecy. Why? Its just as it was in Noah’s day before destruction.

Satan’s Last Son Of Destruction: “The Number Eight Last World King”
(Revelation 17:10-11)

The New Republic Magazine 12/6/1993 Coin of an Ancient “Baal of Tyre”
(Last “Little Horn” Ruler) (A “Little Horn” Ruler)

“The dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.”
(Revelation 13:2)
(Yah reveals the dragon’s 666 ‘seat’ of world power and authority today)

“Power was given him to ‘exercise authority’ for forty two months”
(Revelation 13:5)
(Yah reveals how ‘power and authority’ was actually given to Satan’s last son)

“Power was given him to make war with Yah’s called out ones, and overcome them:”
(Revelation 13:7)
(Yah’s believers remain here on earth to the end: there is no pre-tribulation rapture)

“Power was given him ‘over all kindreds’, and tongues, and nations.”
(Revelation 13:7)
(Yah reveals how this was accomplished, and done ‘peaceably’ worldwide)

Millions have “speculated” about Rev. 13:16-17 and Daniel’s Little Horn prophecy for 2000 years. Television programs are sprinkled with scholarly opinions, Rabbi, Christian, Moslem-Arabic, and Doctors of Theology opinions, New Age dogma, scientists, and many others. They have come up with their own logical, scientific, and “worldly explanations” behind ancient history of specific verses of Yahovah’s prophecy and Scripture and why a “doomsday panic occurs at certain times”--- especially when certain catastrophic events occur. False predictions of “the end of the world” have persisted for 2000 years: thus, Satan and his many workers have successfully created layers of doubt and confusion for today.

They have come up with theories, self-interpretations, and an almost unending list of books specifically on Yah’s prophecy: some second in sales to “Christian Bibles”. Most have attempted to solve Yahovah’s mysteries (hidden Scripture truths) of His prophecy, and tried to reveal the positive identity of Satan’s last deified ruling son (as if Yah’s prophecy was their own personal and challenging puzzle) but as written:

"Knowing this first, that ‘NO PROPHECY’ of the SCRIPTURE is of ANY ‘PRIVATE’ INTERPRETATION." and "… SPOKEN (revealed openly) ONLY BY THOSE MOVED BY YAHOVAH'S (YHVH) SPIRIT (Ruach ha Kodesh)." (II Peter 1:19-21)

Therefore, Yah is explicit: No prophecy of Scripture is open to any man's own private interpretation whatsoever, or to be spoken by them. Not in ancient days when Yah sent His prophets to speak to His Chosen people in His Name and called out by His Name (as Moshe). Not in the (Apostle's) days when Yahshua sent those to speak His Living Word and to present His ‘Good’ News. And, not today, when Yah still separates out His Prophets or Witnesses to speak His Living Word in Only His Name.

(Obad-i-Yah, Yerem-i-Yah, (El-i-Yah, Hedik-i-Yah, Isa-Yah, Hose-Yah and others referring to Yah) We declare this truth up front as did Apostle Peter, because we do not deliver Yahovah’s message using the Germanican and Teutonic word “God” (Gott) which does not exist in Hebrew, nor does it mean, or translate, or refer to Yahovah (YHVH) of Israel. “Gad” is in Scripture, but also a reference to the eastern evil deity of fortune and luck in Isayah. We also do not speak using “Lord”(LORD: the same as “Baal” in translations). Yahovah’s “Living Word” is truth from the past, current today, and for the future.

If you believe on Yah’s Name, and that His Word is all truth, then self-proclaimed prophets, thousands of ministers, and others of “God” and “Lord” delivering messages in names other than Yahovah (YHVH) can be ignored as written. Why? To “separate out” Yah’s truth from lies. How do we know? They are speaking to us (Jews) and the world in “other” names, and serving/ worshiping them, and are already cursed! Read: Torah (Deut. 8:19-20 and 11:27-28, 13:6-7-8, 18:19-20, and 29:18)

We now give prophecy only in the Name of Yahovah to His called out sheep given to our King of Kings, Yahshua Messiah, and through His Spirit (Ruach ha Kodesh). This prophecy from Yah is still only for believers. (I Corin. 14:22) Read that again: this means that Yah’s prophecy is not understood by non-believers, which number in the billions! Apostle Shaul (Paul) taught Yah’s sheep the meat that they understood that which is ‘good’ (Yahovah’s ways), from that which is ‘evil’ (Satan’s ways), and this last generation prophecy and warning also leaves no doubt in the differences between them today.

Let us begin by explaining what is a “Little Horn” (Daniel 8:9). Daniel did not explain in vivid detail what a “Little Horn” ruler was for a simple reason: almost everyone in his day knew about appointed Ur-Babylonian, Assyrian, and Canaanite-Hittite “Little Horn Rulers” who wore the Chaldean/Phoenician ‘purple’ (Color of Royalty). Just as there are many men that are classified anti- (against) Messiah, there were also many past “Little Horns Rulers.” (Jacob/Israel did not rule surrounding nations of Israel).

Few examine research and Archeology findings in the time of Daniel and Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, and Canaanites (Aryan Hittites). These “Little Horn” rulers were, and still are, real people. There is no great “mystery” of who and what these non-Jewish ancient kings looked like in their day, as thousands of bas-reliefs, statues, paintings, seals, and coins reveal them. Christian writers have come up with incredible

definitions and Scriptural distortions of what these “Little Horn Rulers” were, and still are in history, and try to fit them into ‘their version’ of Yah’s prophecy. (Compare Yah’s truth now presented to their lies)

One lie today is that the Pope is the last “Little Horn” Ruler. Do not misunderstand: today’s Pope and other Popes before him were all evil men, and anti-(against) Yahshua Messiah. Popes are false prophets (High Priests) working for Little Horn Rulers! Ancient Little Horn rulers, as Nebochadnazir, had High Priests over the Temple of their Supreme God (not Yahovah’s Temple). Some were thus called Sooth-sayers (Daniel 5:7) the “prophets” that served their God. Daniel was respected above all of them for his accurate dream interpretations direct from our Yahovah of Israel. All of these Sooth-sayers (prophets) of King Bel-shaz-zar’s Supreme ‘God’ of Babylon fell short of the real truth, as they still do today.

Hittite Little Horns also had High Priests for their God (not Yah). Their priests were not “Little Horn” rulers. You will now learn the difference between “Little Horns” and their High Priests, and know who is the last mystery “Little Horn” ruler today. His false prophet (High Priest) is today’s Pope! (Rev. 19:20)
Satan's deceptions have deceived the world (Rev. 12:9). Thus, we are now in the final stages of Yah’s countdown! These deceptions have simple answers, if given understanding by Yah. Truths have been in front of us, but the world and those who love it were blinded not to see Yah’s “mystery” of the Beast, its Image, its Mark (Seal), its name, and number of its name. (This includes the world’s Christians today) They refuse to repent, and seldom listen to Yah’s truth. They are included in the fulfillment of the first part of (II Thess. 2:3). The great “falling away” from Yahovah’s truth has already happened.

(Wears ‘Little Horn” on cap and controls lion) (“They had teeth as the teeth of lions”. Rev. 9:8)

Front Cover “Griffin” is from an ancient “Little Horn” idol (Deut. 29:17) of a deified Eagle Son Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. All Pharaoh’s were worshipped as “Little Horn Rulers” and deified as one with their “Phoenix-Eagle-Falcon God”. They continued in the image of Nimrod-Osiris, who was a real “Little Horn” ruler. Moshe and Aaron stood in front of Rhameses II and his High Priests (of their Egyptian Eagle God). Rhameses II was a Little Horn ruler, and a God in the image of Osiris-Iesus!

Refreshing yourself in Scripture on Egypt will help understand events and massive plagues today. If you refuse to learn from the truths in our history, you are missing the depth and richness of Yahovah’s Word.
We are condensing 6,000 years of Scriptural truths that you may understand the last “Little Horn” ruler in Daniel. Billions have never understood, and have also refused to accept Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah (as one) with the same Name, and stand condemned. (John 3:18) Stop and think what is written in Scripture again and again of all those who go up against Yahovah: we are not condemning anyone!

Yahovah and Yahshua’s “Living Word” has already condemned them. Why? They refuse the truth. They worship nothing, or the different named "Gods and Goddesses” and deified “Little Horns” of the world. They do this knowingly or unknowingly. Yah’s curses and death sentences are the same for all: then or today. Those that stand condemned even reject that basic truth. In Torah, read (Deuteronomy) of Yahovah’s incredible curses and His condemnation for worshipping any of these Gentile “Gods”.

The Pharaoh’s Crown shows the Eagle God (Abomination of Egypt Exodus 8:26) and the Serpent (Satan, the “Big Horn”) as one. The first step in understanding what all Little Horn rulers are (then and today) is that the “Big Horn” over his worldly kingdom is Satan (Lucifer). Pharaohs and other “Little Horns” were actually deified as Satan’s Eagle-Serpent-Sons-of-the-Sun. His body image was that of a lion, his head and heart was of a man, and he had the wings of a Great Eagle. (Daniel 7:4)

3,500 B.C. “Eagle-Lion man” of Ur-Mesopotamia (right) is “over the lions and goats,” which symbols still represent people. This was an image used by “Little Horn” rulers. Hittite-Canaanite conqueror and world ruler (left) is also portrayed as a “Griffin” (an Eagle-Lion Beast), the same as the Pharaoh “Little Horn” on the front cover. He also has braided long hair as a woman, and done in a pony tail. He has white male characteristics, and has “teeth as the teeth of lions”. (Rev. 9:8) He has a “Little Horn” and an Ashtaroth “ball” (egg symbol) on his cap, indicating he is an elite ruler of Canaanites (Hittites) in Satan’s worldly kingdom. (The “K-9” Canaanite dogs are still not Yahovah’s chosen people today).

Yahshua, through Apostle John, gave numerous “keys” as to who His true enemies were then and today. Despite what ministers say, Yahovah and Yahshua have fierce enemies in the billions. Many know these truths. Yah’s enemies have identity markers: their DNA proves they are related, and their elite still rule over them: yes, even over Yahshua’s sheep in the revealed Big Horn’s world today. Pharaoh’s ruled over Jacob/Israel (Yahudim/Jews) for hundreds of years. Nebochadnazir of Babylon ruled over Yah’s sheep. What Jew cannot remember Romans and their (God) Augustus Caesar ruling over Jerusalem?

Characteristics of “goats” have remained consistent in “religion”(s) and worship of the “same gods and goddesses” over five thousand years. (Reviewing history and religion of ancient Ur and Mesopotamia shows clearly their people were represented as goats and lions) Today’s 4,000 different world religions and their splintered denominations, are interlinked together with ancient Ur: especially the “Churches and Assemblies of God” attended by the world’s faith based “Christians” and “German Catholics”.

Yah reveals them that we understand why His Judgment is already declared upon His enemies of the world. Who are His enemies? If they are Yah and Yahshua’s enemies, they are also your enemies. Yahshua said to “pray for your enemies”, so you do have enemies. He did not say to attend their places of worship and pray to their Gods, nor tell you to socialize with them. Yah (in Torah) and His prophets, Yahshua, and Apostle Shaul, are consistent in telling us to be separated out from all of them.

You should at least know who your enemies are today. Paul (Shaul) warned 2,000 years ago: “For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse (corrupt) things, to draw away disciples after them”. (Acts 20:29-30) These are world’s Masons and Christian “Wolfpack” Ministers today.
(As Lucifer led one third of angels away from Yah, his wolves in sheep’s clothing lead away from Yah)
Yah’s enemy has twisted truth in their society (world). They have taught in their schools, universities, churches, and businesses a lie: “that we must all live in peace, treat everyone with respect, as we are all the same, and must be friendly working together”. With this “trust everyone” lie and off guard, “shields down” approach, your enemies are still beside you, and free to “attack you at will”, and to do more evil “behind the scenes” (wolves are protected by their own laws) with nobody suspecting them!


They are traced back in ancient history to the “first” violent world Dynasty of Cain and his seed, to the “first” Dynasty of ancient Ur-Mesopotamia, the “first” Dynasty of Babylon (Chaldean) and Nineveh, “first” Dynasty of the violent and warlike Assyrians, “first” Dynasty of Persians, the “first” Dynasty of the violent Hittites (Canaanites), “first” Dynasty of conquering Egypt, through the “first” Dynasties of violent but civilized Greeks and conquering Romans, the “first” warlike Dynasty of England, the “first” violent Dynasties of Germany and Europe, and now to the “last” violent Dynasty of the United States. What? These are real people and dynasties, and real enemies (dogs-wolves) of Yahshua Messiah!

A few historical examples: the Babylonians (Chaldeans) took Israel captive, and violently went through Jerusalem with destruction and death. Assyrians were also known as the violent attacking enemies of Israel. Roman Empire under their Eagle God (abomination of desolation) violently destroyed Jerusalem and Yahovah’s Temple in 70 A.D., precisely as our Yahshua Messiah said it would happen. Understand: These “enemies” that surrounded Jerusalem were not the tribes of Jacob/Israel, then or today!

Yah used them to slaughter many of us (twelve tribes of Israel) for our disobedience and sin! Because they carried Yah’s sword, does not make them Israel, or Yahovah’s chosen. Can you imagine Chaldeans, Assyrians, Egyptians, Canaanites, Greeks, Romans, and Germans killing off the majority of Israel and Judah, and declaring to the world they are Israel and Yahudim/Jews? This has already happened!


Stop and think about what happened ‘before’ the flood and in Noah’s time. Cain’s seed multiplied in great numbers upon the face of the earth as written. Many are named and “listed separately”. Seth’s seed also greatly multiplied upon the face of the earth, and are also named and “listed separately”. Yah’s Word in Genesis first indicates the need of separation from Cain’s seed by Seth’s seed, but we know this did not happen. ‘Seeds’ of Yahovah mixed with ‘Seeds’ of Cain-Satan! (Genesis 6:1-2)

Cain proved to be a murderer with a violent temper and a liar. Great numbers of the seeds of Cain and numbers of corrupted seeds of Seth were destroyed, except for Noah and his family. Why did Yah make the incredible decision to end all of this flesh? And, how do we know Cain’s seed and Seth’s seed both caused corruption, deception, and also even great violence in the earth? It is clearly written:

“The earth also was ‘corrupt’ before Yahovah, and the earth ‘was filled with violence’. And Yahovah looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt (deceived); and for ‘all flesh’ had corrupted His (Yah’s) way(s) upon the earth. And Yahovah said unto Noah: the ‘end of all flesh’ is come before Me; and for the earth is filled with violence through them.” * (Genesis 6:11-13).

Yahshua said it would be as it was in the days of Noah: this does not mean ‘after’ the flood, it means the way things were ‘before’ the flood. Yahshua then warned: at the end, “sudden destruction” shall come upon all of them. “Them” includes billions that are again deceived, corrupt, or now causing violence!
(Anyone who has studied Scripture and prophecy with understanding, knows that billions are now condemned)

* Them includes Cain and his seed before and after the flood; up to today. Cain and his seed in his loins were given rule of the world as ‘first born son’ (over Abel and his seed) KJ Genesis 4:7. Them includes a corrupt (deceived) sea of “mixed and violent seed” before the flood. Corrupt today shall receive the same punishment: death!

Who are these who have once again corrupted Yah’s ways, corrupted His Name YHVH, corrupted His Word, and His truth upon all the earth? Who has once again “filled the earth with violence”? Yahovah’s prophets describe them, and Yahshua Messiah and the Apostles also describe them:

“They had ‘HAIR AS THE HAIR OF WOMEN’; and ‘THEIR TEETH’ WERE AS THE TEETH OF LIONS.” (Rev. 9:8) These characteristics will be shown in this prophecy, that you may see they are true. Despite the enemy saying these descriptions mean nothing, or refer to something else for 5,000 years, they are real. The “Lion” is not an exclusive “identity marker” of just Jacob/Israel or Jews.

And, by no means did today’s multi-millions of ‘long haired men’ make ‘vows’ to Yahovah. You shall learn why so many men have “long hair” and even write Rock and Roll songs about it.

Today, millions of vulgar and deceived ‘rebel’ men ‘raising Cain’, cool looking older men in business and religions, Rock and Roll Christian entertainers, their fans, many Hollywood “stars” in movies and television, fanatic sports stars and fans of all descriptions, have hair as the hair of women! Do not be deceived with an incredible lie promoted that these multi-millions of “long haired men” across Europe, Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Australia, U.S., Mexico and Canada, are men of the ‘ten lost tribes’ of Jacob/Israel and Yahudim/Jews. Listen to what Apostle Shaul said to the “Greek-German” (Gentile) men with their (Zeus) long hair:

“Does not even nature teach you that, if a man has long hair, it is a shame (dishonor, disgrace) to him?” (I Cor. 11:14) Shaul knew Israelites did not wear their hair long, and neither did Yahshua! The deceived make millions of images (idols and icons) of their Greek “Jesus” (Iesus) with long hair, and they are correct in that ancient image. It is of Zeus and many Little Horn rulers who were called “Iesus”.

“The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and ‘made to stand upon its feet as a man’, and a man’s heart (mind) was given it.” (Daniel 7:4) Daniel was describing a “beast” that was like a lion (with teeth as the teeth of lions), and also having Great Eagle’s wings (of this man’s God). This was not a “seed” or a beast of Jacob/Israel, or Yahudim (real Jews), or of Israel’s King David. This was a “beast” enemy of Yahovah.
Since Daniel described this as one of the “terrible beasts” (Griffin) in prophecy, do you find it strange that millions in Europe, England, and U.S. have this “beast” image in “family” crests and “names”? Do you also find it strange, Hollywood and TV stars and sports stars also have the name “Griffin”? These identified beasts, as the “Griffin” in Yahovah’s prophecy given to Daniel, and the “four beasts” at His Throne (Rev. 4:6-8), help Messianic and Gentile believers understand these ancient mysteries.

Examine the “Griffin” Pharaoh cover idol: he has many “identity markers”. From Ashtaroth woman’s fertilized egg (represented by a golden egg) comes forth “Eight Eagle Son World Rulers”. There have been thousands of Kings, but only Eight Kings (Rev. 17:10-11) receive ‘all’ of Satan’s worldly kingdom and all power over all kindreds, all tongues, and world nations. These eight kings are also known as the ‘major’ Little Horns. “Dot in the Sun” * shown on the Pharaoh’s crown beside the Eagle and Serpent, was worn by “King Tut.” Assyrian Kings also used the “Dot-in-the-Sun” with Eagle’s wings. Later, the “Standard of Augustus Caesar” used this “Dot in the Sun” under their Roman Eagle God.

* ‘The Search For Ancient Egypt’, Vercoutter, Thames and Hudson, New Horizons, 1992. ISBN 0-500-30013-5. pp. 1,5,9,12. “Son-of-the-Sun” Spot (Circle with a dot) Rhameses II and Red, White and Blue (of U.S.) in the Eagle-Serpent “Son-of-the-Sun”. This “Little Horn” symbol is used by Satan’s “Illuminated Ones” today.

Many Little Horn rulers proclaimed to be one of these chosen and anointed eight kings. They proudly wore the “dot in the sun circle”, indicating to those in Babylon-Egypt and Hittite-Assyrian mysteries, that they were Cain’s elite seed to rule the world. They were of Cain’s Royal Ruling bloodline, and entitled (by divine right) to wear the “purple robe”. No Israelite chosen of Yahovah has ever ruled as a “World King” over all the “Gentile” nations! Romans, especially elite rulers of Rome, knew all about this “ruling bloodline” who wore the purple under Cain’s Eagle God, thus, they greatly mocked and shamed Yahshua as the Royal King of the Jews, by temporarily covering Him in a purple robe (allowing Him to briefly wear their purple). “The soldiers of the governor took Yahshua into the common hall, and gathered around Him the whole band of (Roman, not Jewish) soldiers”.

“And they stripped Him, and put on Him a scarlet (purple) robe. And when they had made a crown of thorns, they put it upon His head, and a (Egypt Pharaoh) ‘reed in his right hand’: and ‘they bowed the knee’ before Him, and they mocked Him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews!

And they spit on Him, and they took the reed, and smote (hit) Him on the head. And after that they had mocked Him (made fun by pretending that He was a King under the purple), they took the (purple) robe ‘off from Him’, and put ‘His own’ raiment on Him, and led Him away to crucify Him.” (Matthew 27:27-31) “Herod with his men of war set Him at naught, and mocked Him, and arrayed Him in a gorgeous (purple) robe, and sent Him again to Pilate.” (Luke 23:11) “Pilate took Yahshua and scourged Him. Soldiers made a crown of thorns, and put it on His head, and they put on Him a ‘purple robe’, and said, Hail, King of the Jews! Then came Yahshua forth, wearing the ‘crown of thorns’, and the purple robe. And Pilate said unto them, Behold the man!” (John 19:1:5).

See? These truths relate to a deeper understanding why Romans covered Yahshua in the “purple”.
You will learn for certain what it is to be born under the purple and what it means to “wear the purple” as a chosen and deified “Little Horn” king. This also explains why (Daniel 5:7,16-17) the prophet was offered to “wear the purple as a third ruler” under a King of Babylon, but he quickly refused.

This is a characteristic of Cain’s seed (DNA bloodline) that is still with us today, but is mainly known and only used as a “hidden code” or elite sign by “enlightened ones” (Illuminati Bavarian Masons) in their communications of dark sentences. Daniel said the last Little Horn World Ruler (wearing the purple) would speak and have understanding of “dark sentences”. Today, most have no idea what Daniel was talking about! (Daniel 8:23). Using dark sentences today points directly to Masons. As a simple coded example: on May 23, 1994, an actual Newspaper article on today’s hidden “Little Horn” Masonic One World Order President (who already has power over nations) included the following dark sentences:

“Stiff (stout), wooden (Odin) Mr. ‘G’ whooping it up in a ‘purple shirt’ and cowboy boots, his face smeared with (red) barbecue sauce? It was no mirage. Mr. ‘G’ turned ‘ribs’ on the grill as part of ‘his figurehead role’ as chief cook for the ‘White House Sizzlers’ team. Mr. ‘G’ told ‘judges’ the ‘recipe’ was ‘locked up’ in a vault at the National Security Council.’ He said his ‘grilling secret’ was ‘remaining wooden’ during the cooking process. His team didn’t win, and ‘eating got a little messy’. His wife (T) had to find extra napkins to dab the (red) sauce from around his mouth.”

These Masonic “dark sentences” deliver a powerful message. It is evil, and describes today’s “Little Horn” ruler, who is the last “bear” (with the third rib in his mouth). We decode it for those not aware of such evil. The enemy of Yahovah and Yahshua has caught the majority with their shields totally down, and they are not sharpened whatsoever in the “spiritual skills” to understand any of these dark things:

“Our (Masonic) man in purple (Daniel 7:5) shall soon have the last ‘rib’ in his mouth, and eating (devouring of much flesh) is going to get very messy (ugly and bloody). Until Wooden (Odin, our German Eagle God), the Chief cook in the ‘White House’ is ready to eat, our ‘National Recipe’ (hidden plans) for this military operation is ‘guarded’, and kept ‘secret from the public’ in a lock (Osiris) box. Our man and our team do not win this war, but we will not go without a fight!”

As you would like to think we are reading something not there, think again. In September 2000 on the Letterman Show (Masonic communicator of dark sentences), a “roaring bear” helped introduce their Master ‘G’, the last “Little Horn” Masonic World Ruler. Master ‘G’ also made fun about his (Osiris) “Lock Box” in debates with Bush on Saturday Night Live. On Feb. 20, 2001, Letterman again used “bears” (one called Mr. Vicious), and even mocked shooting(s) of “Jewish Rabbis”, and others, and emphasized: “you can’t out-run this bear”! Other (G) code meanings: “dirty, nasty, and filthy”.

“Dot” symbol in the Sun was on elaborate TV commercials to help spiritually and visually introduce Satan’s last “Son-of-the-Sun” wearing the purple. These are powerful communicated spiritual things, and perhaps you have not been quickened to understand them. See (Black Nimrod-Osiris) Dot “Son-of-the-Sun” Technologies commercials, as demons scream out: ”It’s going to be a wild ride!” (What is imminent in this countdown). They say: “Your competition will not know what hit them.” (Refers to Yahshua’s “sheep” and enemies to be taken out). These commercials also star “Jack”. As “Jack” the Ripper, “Black Jack”, and Jack [Nicolas’son, Satan’s son] in the Box [In Satan’s world order square].

Aryan Hittite (Canaanite) and Assyrian-Babylon (Chaldean) Kings also used the “Griffin” and wore the Eagle Son-of-the-Sun “Dot”. McDonalds commercials used this Son-of-the-Sun red-orange Dot in a circle during the “Zeus Summer Olympics” that declared an “Instant Winner” of a “muscular black man” with “his hand” (Standard symbol of Nimrod-Osiris) “raised up in victory” on a wrestling mat without a contest! After reading what is behind Daniel’s Little Horn prophecy and Golden Arch Seal, you will understand spiritually about that evil TV commercial and its precise timing for today.

A major part of hidden evil behind the McDonald’s “Golden Arch” 3,500 B.C. Covenant, is that all “Little Horn Sons” are consecrated under it! Kings of purple have ruled over small territories (usually called Baals), up to vast Empires, and all worshipped the Eagle God “Nisroch” (Isayah 37:38) , which represents “Satan” and his son. Eagle God’s “Golden Arch” was sacred, and still is to the Masons.
(Masons have an ‘Arch’ Degree, and the Queen Bee of England is the Mother over the ‘Arch Degree’)
Those under this Arch were “fierce as lions” in many wars (Rev. 9:8): they were not Jacob/Israel.

Having male lion sculptures in yards, lion’s paw furniture, and a “red roaring lion” in family shields of England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Germany, does not mean their ancient relatives are Jacob/Israel! (Jews). Yah’s adversary walks as a devouring lion, and Yah’s enemies used them 5,000 years! (A glance into the history of Ur, Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, Germany and U.S. confirms this truth) Some Gentiles ignorant of history, say these enemy lions represent Judah and multi-millions of Israel!

Lion’s paw furniture copies ancient world throne chairs of “Zeus” and “Iesus” (Jesus) in Greece, and Pharaoh’s world throne chairs! Isis (Ashtaroth Queen Mother), Pharaoh’s, and their “male seed”, are portrayed as images of “roaring lions”. Based strictly on using lions, who would say that all Pharaohs, Greek rulers, their wives, and children, and their Gods were the seeds of Jacob/Israel? See ‘50 Wonders of Tutankhamun’, by D.P. Silverman, Crown Publishers, Inc., N.Y., 1978, ISBN 0-517-53549-1

Pharaoh’s Eagle God grasping Egypt’s “sacred egg of Isis” to bring forth (deliver) the last “Little Horn” world ruler, and having the 3,800 B.C. Ur-Chaldean “black cross”, is a U.S. “American Legion” (VFW) logo today. We did not design this symbol, only pointing out what it means. These are today’s brave and fierce Eagle soldiers in battle, and unknowingly have fought and even died for the Mason’s Eagle God, their line of “Little Horn” rulers, and their Eve-Isis Ashtaroth “Supreme Mother” (Madonna). Prussian Kaiser’s and Fuhrer Hitler’s Eagle God (shown) is also worshipped by all Arabs (Moslems) worldwide. Does this make them Jacob/Israel (Jews)? Checker Board shown under the Crowned Roman-German Eagle God is used by Masons in ceremonies today. Yes, Purina “checker-board square” design came from ancient Egypt, as well as today’s popular world (war) conquering games of checkers and chess!

“Be sober, be vigilant: because your adversary, the devil (Satan), ‘as a roaring lion’, walks about, ‘seeking whom he may devour’: whom you resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that these ‘same’ afflictions are accomplished on your brethren that are in the world.” (I Peter 5:8-9). Peter did not restrict afflictions, persecutions, and deadly attacks (as a roaring lion from the adversary) to only the borders of Jerusalem, but it was to happen to all the brethren scattered throughout the world.

The adversary has had two thousand years to “rid the world” of worshipers/believers in Yahovah and Yahshua any way he could, and plainly stated by Yahshua that this was to happen. (Rev. 6:10-11)

“Roaring Lions” in U.S. cities “Red Lions” in many family crests
(East-West Conquerors) (Cain-Esau-Hittites of Red)

When you see Lion’s Club signs (millions of world members) entering thousands of cities, they are not of Jacob/Israel (Jews). “All American Cities” are already conquered by lions, and are mostly Jew free! Cities have “few” Messianic and Gentile worshippers of Yahshua! (Check this out in your own survey) True colors of elite of these lions is evil: an imminent purge led by their last Little Horn ruler.

“Lion’s Club” sign has nothing to do with Jacob/Israelites, and neither does the “G” Masonic logo. What do they represent? Hitler was a Mason and violent Eagle Son “Little Horn” ruler and wore the Mason’s ancient “Son-of-the-Sun Dot” (“G”). As Furher over Germany, he used ‘roaring lions’. Was he of Jacob/Israel, or the Lion of Israel? Edom (Esau of Red Harry) was first born son of Isaac, and was also from the same womb as Jacob. Does this mean he gains back his lost inheritance of Yahshua’s Lion of Judah Covenant by marching over the world with his red (Esau-Edom) “stand-up lion”, or using the Ur-Babylon, Assyria, Egyptian, and Hittite double headed lions? It will not impress or change Yah!

Remember this basic characteristic: “The earth is filled with violence through them.” (as Noah’s day). Row after row of German troops proudly carried their Eagle Gott (same Roman Standard of Zeus Jupiter Eagle God and Caesar) by the millions. Germans carried heads of roaring lions on ancient shields and on military banners during World War II to “conquer the world”! These are the same “lion’s heads” of the war-loving Aryan Hittites that Esau (Edom) married, and same lion skins Roman Standard Bearers dressed up in under Caesars for “violence” in the earth. A simple question: if they dress up as lions with a lion’s head (with its teeth showing) over their own heads, and then carry busts of roaring mouthed lions, would you agree that “they had teeth as the teeth of lions.” (How Yahshua’s Rev. 9:8 describes them!)

In history, German Empires followed and replaced the “Roman Empire” with worse objectives. (Films of German soldiers parading in World War II verify using “Roman lions” and “Roman Eagles”). Under these Ur Chaldean war symbols, they were responsible for violent deaths of 55 million and the ‘racial extermination’ of six million Jews! In fact, Germans, long before their two horrific world wars, hated, persecuted, isolated, restricted (even births) and burned to death many Jews, as history records. Why?

A question: were millions of Anglo-Saxon Bavarians seeds of Jacob/Israel, or were they “sheep killers” who filled the earth with violence? As roaring lions of war and “seeking whom they may devour”, and being Yah’s adversary in slaughtering six million Jews (Yahovah’s sheep), the German “Bear” has already went forth twice (two ribs) “to devour and eat much flesh” as written in Daniel! Millions of future seed of these sheep were also destroyed that few discuss. (As it was with the death of Abel)

(multi-millions were executed, bombed, burned to death, gassed, tortured, experimented on, starved to death, and froze to death). History records multi-millions of Germans (U.S., England, Europe) fought multi-millions of Germans under the same Eagle God and same Lions in World Wars I and II.

Christians have been told Russia is the devouring “bear” in prophecy, but these so-called “Iesus” (Jesus) prophets of their “Gott” fail to mention Berlin, Germany has the “Great Bear” as its “Symbol” and “Flag”! Russian bear defended itself against this fierce German “Attacking Bear” in two extremely violent and destructive World Wars filled with massive death: both started by Anglo-Saxon (Bavarian) Germans! Russians were attacked by Hitler and his huge army of Nazi Eagles, after signing a “peace covenant” (Cain’s basic characteristic of “lets talk”[of peace], then suddenly “kill”). Russians were caught unprepared, and multi-millions were slaughtered by the German Eagles of the German bear!

“Three ribs” in the German bear’s mouth are three great wars: World War I, (first rib) World War II, (second rib) and now the terrible World War III (third rib) under their (“G”) last Little Horn Ruler! Multi-millions of German Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, and German Mormons over the world will take issue with this truth, but the truth speaks for itself. German troops in World War I even wore “Little Horn” (spikes) on helmets! Grand Master Mason Frederick the Great’s goals (who hated Jews) were (military) “world expansion” and control for the German race! As Yah (our Abba) once asked Cain: “Why are you so wroth?” (Los Angeles [lost angels of Satan in U.S.] have the “bear” on the California flag, and Satan’s legions of evil spirits are behind their Little Horn ruler in this final third war 100% )

The shock behind World War III is who is the last Little Horn Ruler already at the helm: he comes from Bavarian dominated U. S. Government, Bavarian Throne of England, and Bavarian-German-Russian elite bloodline. This last 666 Little Horn is the Bear over England, Germany, Europe, U.S. and Russia.
How is this possible? Continue to read this final warning from Yahovah. Yes, this is it. U.S. is today’s new fourth “German Reich” and third attacking bear, and still has the same Eagle God (Gott) of Hitler, Wilhelm, Caesars, Pharaohs, Hittite-Assyrian “Little Horns”, and the Ur East-West lions!

“And behold another beast, a second ‘like to a bear’, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had ‘three ribs’ in the mouth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.” (Daniel 7:5) This last Masonic “little horn” ruler (last bear) is now ready to “devour much flesh”, as written!
(Elite Mason spokesman said in a 6/2001 dark sentence: “Okay kids, [goats] its time to eat! Come and get it!”)
“Behold, and in this “little horn” were ‘eyes like the eyes of a man’, and a ‘mouth’ speaking great things.” (Daniel 7: 8) These are descriptions of the last “Little Horn” Ruler. Read also (Rev. 19:17-19) where the angel of Yahovah calls together all of the ‘fowls’ that fly in the midst of heaven (Eagle Son warriors) to gather themselves together for the great supper of Yahovah. U.S./U.N. “G” Eagle Son “Little Horn” bear and his “Screaming Eagle” fighters are now ready to “devour much flesh”!

Yahshua described Helicopter attack Hawks, Fighting Eagles and Falcons: “birds” attacking men, women, and children! You will learn what is behind today’s violent “warriors” under the Eagle. (as Assyrian, Roman, and German Eagles: also known as “wolf packs”,“dogs”, and “roaring attacking lions”)

Yah’s enemy has been hard at work 2,000 years. After their two World Wars, they work quietly in the “shadows”, manipulating things in your life that would take volumes to list! They have lulled the world asleep, and have trained killers prepared to launch their plan (kept secret in Osiris-Iesus ‘G’s Lock Box). Because of incredible cunning and “stealth”, what they do seems impossible. But, it is truth. Yahshua’s sheep must wake and stay alert: “G” has deceived the world, and ready to strike! What is amazing, Jews and Messianic Jews are so secular today and are caught up in their beliefs, many teachings, customs, and programs, they ignore this warning, and refuse to believe it, the same as it was before the World War II Holocaust! (We have done our job in sounding Yah’s warning Shofar! The Enemy is at the Gate!)
Imminent purge for the last Little Horn Ruler’s World Kingdom is scheduled to begin 2001-2004!

This keeps the enemy together for a common goal: the perpetuation of their race. Today, ‘Griffins’ are used on numerous “European-Germanican” heritage crests. Many have ‘Griffin’ as a name. This is not coincidence, as millions today are DNA descendants of ancient “Ur-Chaldean-Assyrians” and “Aryan Hittite-Esau” stock.

(“Tower of Babel” with Eagle Son of Sun at top) ( Eagle covenant binds them together as one deity)

All Little Horn Rulers are deified under this 3,800 B.C. Eagle God Nisroch (right) Isayah 37:38. Covenant plate (left) is designed as a Sun Circle with the Son-of-the-Sun’s Spot. Circle with Sun Dot in the center is held out by an image of Satan. “Two throne seats” are shown: one for Satan (big horn), and one for his deified son (little horn), holding out Satan’s Eagle God symbol. (See Christmas Tree)
(Masons duplicated this 666 Capitol tower design in downtown Washington, D.C. for obvious reasons)
This divided square (four corners of earth) “throne seat” was used by “deified” Pharaohs, Assyrians, Persians, Babylonians, and Hittites. Stag and triangle (Gore) and high priests of Eagle God are shown. (Pope wears Little Horn hat). Two spears/ arrows represent double portions to conquer the world. They are also under Pharaoh’s chairs, and elite Assyrian (Asshur Nazir) Kings held them on their thrones.

Two Nimrod-Osiris bull men present a finished “Tower of Babel” with a “son-of-the-sun” (with Eagle’s wings), Nimrod-Osiris’s “image”, at the top. (Grid map of D.C., shows this design completed with U.S. Capitol at the top on lot 666) Covenant shows three arrows in a holder (presented to the Little Horn by the Eagle God) as ‘extras’ to finish conquering the world. These same “three arrows” are held today in the Eagle’s talons of the “Nisroch Eagle God” over the U.S. inside the “Department of Defense” Seal.

U.S. shall finish Satan’s “covenant” above! Egyptian writings/ paintings are shown again and again using Satan’s sacred “Son-of-the-Sun-Spot”. Ref. of above in the Library Edition, ‘Graven in the Rock’, Vols. I, and II, by Samuel Kinns, Ph.D., Cassell and Co. Limited, London, Paris and Melbourne, 1895. England’s Sir Austen Henry Layard complimented Kinns on his accuracy. Few have seen or know of this covenant. (Volumes of identical Babylonian; Hittite Eagle God Covenants are in the British Museum)

Other “Little Horn” ruler documentation and illustrations, with numerous Egyptian “Son-of-the-Sun Spots” in pictorial writings is in ‘Dieux and E’eesses’ Dr. Edouard Lambelet, Lehnert and Landrock and Co., Publishers, Cairo, Egypt. ISBN 977-481-038-4 The son of Pharaoh is shown inside an “Isis egg” wrapped up in the Serpent, giving a “Little Horn” (Masonic) hand sign. This “sacred egg” ruler is over the “goats” and has two “East-West” lions. This covenant is not of Jacob/Israel (Jews), and is definitely not a covenant made by Yah. His prophets warned against ever entering into these evil covenants.

Relief shown is King Asshur-Nazir-Pal over the Assyrian Empire. (Considerable reliefs of Assyrian-Ur, Babylon Egyptian Kings are appropriately in the British Museum). Why? You will learn for certain that past and current German Assyrian bloodline now in the Throne of England running across Europe, Greece, Russia, and the U.S., is Ur-Chaldean and Assyrian-Canaanite-Esau heritage. It has nothing to do with the Throne of David or Jacob/Israel. It has considerable to do with dynasties and thrones of Egypt, Babylon-Assyria, and Hittite’s last “Little Horn Ruler” and last World Order Dynasty.

Extreme distortions of history are now being put out by many trying to connect the Throne of England with King David. These authors and delusioned writers can only be ignored and even laughed at by the legitimate historians, but unfortunately, they have led many astray thinking they are Jacob/Israel, when they are not. Examination of history and Archaeology proves who resides on the (German) Throne of England, and precisely where their (DNA) Royal bloodline leads: it is not close to Jacob/Israel. (Our Yahshua warned of these people who pretend to be Israel and even come in His and Yahovah’s Name)
Asshur “Nazir” wore a “reddish-purple fez” (same as Masonic-Shriner’s Caps today) with a “Little Horn” on top. A variety of “Little Horn” ruler fez caps were used throughout the East and in Canaanite lands. These rulers, then and today, are bound by Satan’s “Eagle Son-of-the-Sun” covenant and sworn into office, or consecrated, or deified as a God, under their Eagle God. Asshur of Assyria was anointed as an Eagle son ruler over seeds of Cain: symbolized by a large “pine cone” in the Eagle’s hand.

European German (England-France) Kings with the name Charles, as Prince Charles, is from ancient root word “Chaldea” (Chals) or “Chaldean” (Babylon) and not of Jacob/Israel! (Charles is “DNA” more to Ray Charles). Germans for thousands of years (Hittites-Chaldeans) did not circumcise their males, speak or write Hebrew, did not keep Sabbaths, use Torah, or keep Commandments, did not use a Jewish calendar, did not keep Yah’s feast days or Jewish “traditions”, but they kept their ancient Hittite Assyrian traditions, and still worship their same gods as Ur-Chaldeans, especially their Eagle God.

Germans have sat on Anglo-Saxon Throne of England and thrones throughout Europe, Germany, Greece, Russia, France, Spain, and United States, for many generations. They have major things in common: they consistently worship their Teutonic “Gott” and “Iesus” in Europe and England through the Catholics/Protestants, in Russia through Greek Orthodox Churches, in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, through Catholics/ Protestants (as Lutherans), and spread them in the world through Catholics, German (Iesus) Mormons, Methodist Covenant, Baptists, and (Anglo-Saxon Iesus) Churches of “God”: all of which have nothing to do with Yahovah or Yahshua Messiah, as you will now discover.

Their names and titles are not Jewish or in Torah as Israelite names. But, upon examination, many of today’s German Aryan root names are in Scripture and their titles were used before Israelites came out of Egypt. Research Canaanite Duke = Dog and Baal (Lord). “Jeb” (Bush) and “Reed” are Egyptian, “Dean” Cain, Charles Dean, Jimmy Dean, Dean of Men, are of “Cain the Chal-dean”, Dean Foods, and “Roth” is Cain. “Jack Badham” is the “Evil Dark One”, “Cunning-ham” is the “Dark Cunning One”; “Hamilton” is “Brown El of N”. “Shakespeare” is “He who holds the Spear” (“Little Horn” ruler), “Mel Gibson” is Canaan, “Madison” is “Mad is the son”, “Washington” is from the Hittite city “Washigeni,” “Wash” in Japan is “Eagle”, “Louis and Lewis” is “Lucifer”, “Ken O’Neal” is “Kneel down to Cain”, “Conn” is “Con, Cain, Kane”, “Britain” is Covenant of N (Nisroch), “Charlie Brown” cartoon by Shultz (German), is “the Chaldean Brown One (Nimrod-Osiris-Iesus)”, and on and on.

This is not against all Germans, as they have the opportunity to repent, stay out of Masonry, and accept Yah and Yahshua as their Salvation, and obey Yah’s commandments, and receive His blessings. This prophecy divides truth from lies and all today (Jew or German) must accept or reject it. The truth is so radical from “traditional” Christian and Jewish beliefs that almost all are offended today. Let us go to a major truth that is very offensive, and find out why. World “Goats” become very angry at this truth.


North-Eastern Bactria Royal Kushan Princess Crown of the “Eagle’s (Christmas) Trees”
(400 B.C. Tillya Tepe, Kabul, in the Northern Plains of Afghanistan)

Bactria is ancient cross-roads for Persians of the Achaemenid period, Hellenistic/Greeks in the time of Alexander the Great (320 B.C.), and a nomadic Kushan pathway, and for eastern Scythians. There, a Golden Crown, having symbolic “Female Trees” with many hanging “Golden Balls” (known symbol of women’s eggs), “Golden Eagles” (Supreme E-W God), and “Golden Arrows” (world ruler symbol of power), was found in a Kushan Princess gravesite. She was, by the amount of gold and objects in her grave, a ranking “fertility woman”, or Queen having a “Goddess status” in Kush culture. Note: five pointed star, moon, and location of the Ur-Canaanite Eagle God’s ‘heart design symbol’. (Do you need explained why today’s Queen of Hearts on playing cards has that name?) Also, a new sexually explicit young female 2001 Rock Star wore a large “red heart” where the one above is located!

Today’s (Kush) Christmas trees with the smaller pine cones and the hanging balls (also representing women’s eggs) are symbols of the ancient Eastern tree of Satan and perpetuation of the seeds of Ur-Babylon-Egyptian Nimrod-Osiris, Cain-Esau’s seed, and the Aryan (Assyrian) Hittites. (Remember ball on Eagle-Lion man?) Gentiles for thousands of years have used pine cones on green fir trees to represent their seed spreading over the world. Yah thus commanded Jacob/Israel to “cut down and burn their green groves” of (Christmas) trees (Deut. 12:2-3). (Green = color of Osiris) Canaanites planted them around Baal and Ashtaroth sexual alters (Deut. 16:21) (never to do this near Yahovah’s alter).

Therefore, these trees inside of Catholic and Christian homes and churches are abomination to Yahovah!
(Canaanites) Hittites harvested/decorated them in their homes to celebrate the success of their “fertility rites” around these alters! (more kids from Nimrod-Osiris tree). Celebration of re-birth of their “new born son-of-the-sun” (December 25) still goes on today. This is abomination to Yah! (Deut.18:9)

“Cedar pine cones” decorate tops of bedposts, where things happen to perpetuate their race. Christmas trees and pine cone wreaths are in tens of millions of European and U.S. homes (especially in the highly populated Anglo-Saxon German-Celtic cities), and promoted on Zeus and “Iesus” Birthday (Christian) Network TV. An Elvis Presley Christmas song sums up what its all about: “Hang up your silk stockin’ turn out the light, cause ‘Satan Claus’ is a comin’ down your chimney tonight. Ain’t got no reindeer, no sack on my back, your’e gonna’ see me comin’ in a big black (Nimrod) Cadillac. Its Christmas time little baby”! Where will you find “X-mass trees” in Israel, other than in the Christian Gentile/Catholic German churches and in their homes? As you know, you will not find them in Jewish synagogues.

Despite books (many by Anglo-Saxons) exposing the evil history behind all “Christmas Trees” and “Christmas Day”, a billion decorate houses and Christmas shop “bumper-to-bumper” in hundreds of giant malls and take multi-millions of their “kids” (definition of goats) to see “Satan Claus” (especially on Yah’s Sabbath). These books say Christians need to be re-educated and told the truth (they certainly need). But, to say that once they know the truth, they will quickly come out of today’s Babylon-Egypt-Canaanite (Germanican) consuming “666 beast” system now dominating the world, they are wrong.

Resistance to these truths is around the world. These books get minimum circulation/ acceptance. Most only go so far in explaining what is behind “X” Mass. Why? It offends well over a billion Christians, especially the majority of German Anglo-Saxons, Celts, and large German Lutheran-Catholic families. It is impossible, at this date, for over a billion having the “Spirit of the ‘X’ Mass” under Satan and son’s 3,800 B.C. “Little Horn” covenant (as Isis-Iesus lovers) to repent, or overcome. Talking to them is like talking to their Christmas Tree. Yahovah strongly warns all Israelites “not to set up any images (the abominable green Nimrod-Osiris fir tree [of life], referred to here) which He hates”. (Deut. 16:22)

Hollywood movies, TV Specials, Christian churches, public schools, political leaders, and children’s books, plays, and shows, make anyone who says anything negative about their Nimrod-Osiris Christmas and Tree (or does not observe it), a scrooge, a grinch, a kill joy for their “kids” (goats) who love visiting Satan Claus, and also an evil person who hates “their” Jesus! Well Praise Yahovah! We hate “their” Christmas tree, and we hate “their” Iesus Christ! (It is a shame most Jews do not know the difference in correctly rejecting the name Jesus of the Gentiles, verses accepting Yahshua Messiah of Hebrews!)
December 2000, 35 million trees were cut. Two questions: are millions of “kids” (goats) and parents opening up and exchanging their many “gifts” from Satan Claus, worshipping Satan and his son, or are they worshipping Yahovah and his Son Yahshua? Are they keeping the commandments of Yah or the “traditions” of worshipping Canaanite Baal Gods? Yah’s penalties are still severe. (Deut 29:17-21)

“Seed” from this tree of Satan and millions of adopted families under this covenant see nothing wrong with their Satan Claus (Saint Nicholas). Nimrod Osiris tree is not from Jacob/Israel traditions. To celebrate “Xmas 2000”, Satan has a movie: “Little Nicky” (Satan’s Son from the pit). This evil movie is specifically timed for now. Satan and son are now going to collect those that are his, as written.

This Ur-Canaanite eastern tradition is continued extensively in the Germanic-Teutonic Anglo-Saxon-Celtic tribes, and has grown with them to this day: especially in German-Roman Catholics, Lutherans, German Mormons and Methodists and “Christians” in general. Small groups of Germans have discovered some history behind “their” Christmas, “their” Jesus, and “their” Odin God (Gott), and have amazingly declared how they have suddenly become the “hidden or lost Jacob/Israelites”, or real “Jews” of today.
Another strange reaction, is when they find out “their” ancient Ur-Chaldean-Babylonian-Greek-Roman German “Calendar” containing names of “their” worshipped Gods and Goddesses for days and months (as Juno, Augustus, Wooden, and Thor) have nothing to do with being Jewish, or Jacob/Israel. They say they were deceived, or forced by traditions into participating in all of this ancient garbage. True, but who taught these traditions, and passed them down for thousands of years? Was it us, the Jews, or Gentiles?

Most cannot accept that it is “their world legacy” of these ancient traditions. They are simply giving up (repenting, turning away) from that which is evil, and trying to come out of Babylon today. To repent of all these things is well and good in the sight of Yahovah and Yahshua, but not to live a lie that they are the lost tribes of Israel when they are not. Yes, it is true that if they accept, follow and obey the teachings of Yahshua and the Apostles, then they are adopted into Abraham and Israel’s covenant, but not the original seed! Jews (Yahudim) never taught them what we see today, but in ancient times, all of Israel got into severe trouble for participating with the Aryan Hittites in “their” open sexual traditions and for worshipping “their” Gods (Baal Eagle sons and Ashtaroth) or entering into any of their covenants.

No real Jew celebrates Christmas, or tries to force on people the Christmas spirit. Christmas tree (shown also in Assyrian-Chaldean-Hittite golden plate) and December 25th, and Ur-Babylonian-Roman-German Calendar have nothing to do with Yahovah or Yahshua. Read of ancient custom (Hittite ‘Osiris-Iesus’ Tammuz times) of the “green fir tree” and “cutting and decorating it” (Jeremyah 10:3).

It represents perpetuation of Satan’s seed under his “Little Horns” (with Isis and Satan’s five pointed white Star on top). Christmas tree has been traced by scholars to Nimrod-Osiris and his “Ashtar” (a-star) Semarimas wife’s ancient (Babylonian) fertility/seed symbol. Christians hate/reject this truth.

What does this have to do with prophecy today? Did not a U.S. German (Hittite-Assyrian) light up the traditional Washington, D.C. Christmas Tree and was one not erected in Rockefeller Center in New York City? Did a Jewish conspiracy teach these customs or light those trees? Over 50 nations have the ancient Ur’s five pointed “Pytha-Gore” (Serpent’s Murderer) star on their countries’ flags, and over their military soldiers today.

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