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Empress of Scotland
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From 1890 to 1960 Canadian Pacific used the title "Empress" for its major, ocean-going passenger vessels. These are the twenty white-liveried ships that were so named :-

EMPRESS OF INDIA (I) (Tonnage : 5,905) Launched 1890, Barrow, UK. Sold 1914. Subsequent name : Loyalty. Scrapped 1923.

EMPRESS OF JAPAN (I) (Tonnage : 5,905) Launched 1890, Barrow, UK. Laid up 1922. Scrapped 1926.

EMPRESS OF CHINA (I) (Tonnage : 5,905) Launched 1891, Barrow, UK. Wrecked on a reef at Tokyo 1911. Scrapped 1912.

EMPRESS OF BRITAIN (I) (Tonnage : 14,188) Launched 1905, Govan, UK. Re-named Montroyal 1924. Scrapped 1930.

EMPRESS OF IRELAND (Tonnage : 14,191) Launched 1906, Govan, UK. Sank in fog in the St Lawrence 1914.

EMPRESS OF RUSSIA (Tonnage : 16,810) Launched 1912, Govan, UK. Gutted by fire during re-fit at Barrow & broken up 1945.

EMPRESS OF ASIA (Tonnage : 16,908) Launched 1912, Govan, UK). Sunk by Japanese aircraft off Singapore 1942.

EMPRESS OF CANADA (I) (Tonnage : 21,516) Launched 1920, Govan, UK. Torpedoed and sunk by Italian sub. in S Atlantic 1943.

EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND (I) (Tonnage : 24,581) Launched 1905, Stettin, Germany as Kaiserin Auguste Victoria for Hamburg-America line - then the largest vessel afloat.. Scrapped 1931.

EMPRESS OF CHINA (II)/ EMPRESS OF INDIA (II) (Tonnage : 17,500) Launched 1907, Gestemunde, Germany as Prince Freidrich Wilhelm for Norddeutscher Lloyd line. Bought by Canadian Pacific from War Reparations Commission and renamed Empress of China 1921. Renamed Empress of India later in 1921. Subsequent names : Montlaurier (1922); Montnairn (1925). Scrapped 1929.

EMPRESS OF CHINA (III)/ EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA (I) (Tonnage : 21,860) Launched 1913, Stettin, Germany, as Tirpitz for Hambug-America Line. Bought by Canadian Pacific from War Reparations Commission and renamed Empress of China 1921. Re-named Empress of Australia after re-fit 1922. Scrapped 1952.

EMPRESS OF FRANCE (I) (Tonnage : 18,481) Launched 1913, Glasgow, UK as Alsatian. Renamed Empress of France after refit 1919. Scrapped 1934.

EMPRESS OF FRANCE (II) (Tonnage : 20,123) Launched 1928, Clydebank, UK as Duchess of Bedford. Renamed Empress of France 1947. Scrapped 1960.

EMPRESS OF CANADA (II) (Tonnage : 20,022) Launched 1928, Clydebank, UK as Duchess of Richmond. Renamed Empress of Canada 1947. Destroyed by fire at Liverpool 1953. Scrapped 1954.

EMPRESS OF JAPAN (II)/EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND (II) (Tonnage : 26,032) Launched 1929, Govan, UK. Renamed Empress of Scotland 1942. Sold to Hamburg-America line 1958 and renamed Hanseatic. Destroyed by fire ay New York 1966. Scrapped 1966.

EMPRESS OF BRITAIN (II) (Tonnage : 42,348) Launched 1930, Clydebank, UK. Sunk by German torpedo 1940.

EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA (II) (Tonnage : 18,435) Launched 1924, Birkenhead, UK, as De Grasse for Compagnie Generale Transatlantique. Purchased by Canadian Pacific 1953 and renamed Empress of Australia. Sold to Sicula Oceanica 1956, subsequent name Venzuela. Scrapped 1962.

EMPRESS OF BRITAIN (III) (Tonnage : 25,516) Launched 1956, Govan, UK by HM Queen Elizabeth II. Sold to Greek Line 1964, re-named Queen Anne Maria. Subsequent names : Carnivale, Fiesta Marina, Olympic, Topaz, Peaceboat. The last surviving White Empress ship. Sent for scrapping April 2008.

EMPRESS OF ENGLAND (Tonnage : 25,585) Launched 1956, Walker-on-Tyne, UK. Sold 1970 to Shaw-Savill line, re-named Ocean Monarch. Scrapped 1975.

EMPRESS OF CANADA (III) (Tonnage : 27,300) Launched 1960, Walker-on-Tyne, UK. Sold to Carnival Cruise Lines 1972, re-named Mardi Gras. Subsequent names : Lucky Star, Epirotiki, Apollon. Scrapped 2004.


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