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History of Pine Grove Assembly of God

In the late 1940's Holiness prayer meetings were held in homes and yards throughout the Cadwell community. Sister Collins was one of these preachers.
Services were held in a brush arbor which was later replaced with a tent. Sister Collins along with Brother and Sister Bell and several others preached at these meetings. The church continued to grow both in numbers and spiritually. The group decided to build a permanent structure where the church now stands.

On September 3, 1953, the group decided to organize themselves into a real church and called Sister Ida Mae Bell to become the pastor and her husband, Brother D. T. Bell as the Secretary.

Ida Mae Bell served as pastor from 1953 until 1962
Alfred Durell Garnto served from 1962 until 1963
Husband and wife, D. T. Bell and Ida Mae Bell served together as pastors
from 1963 until 1982
Alfred Durell Garnto served from 1982 until 1987
Larry G. Waldrep served as pastor since 1988.

Having to hand pump water up from the old well and drinking from the dipper.
Screen doors that banged shut as people came in and went out.
Curtains pulled in the sanctuary to create a separate area for Sunday school classes. All the birthday dinners and homecoming dinners outside under the oak trees.
Trips made to the outdoor toilets. Sometimes not necessary, but just to get out of service.
All the roads leading to the church were dirt.
Dropping pennies in the offering pan and sitting in the birthday chair while everyone tried to guess your age.
(A penny for each year).
Funeral fans and open windows being the only to get a cool breeze during the service.
Foot washing services.
Everyone singing in the choir during song service and leaving no one in the audience.
The children marching out of Sunday school to drop their pennies into the offering plate during the penny march.
Peanut boilings, fish fries, Easter egg hunts, and Christmas parties.

Photo of Church Members - Sister Collins holding her bible.