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In Memory Of September 11, 2001
To the victims and their families, You are in our hearts and our prayers and may God be with you in your time of suffering.
Pastor Edwards visited Manhattan after the Twin Towers had fallen. He helped with some of the rescue efforts as well as saying Prayers for the victims that had been found. He took his digital camera with him so he could share with us some of what he saw and to give us all an idea not only of the damage but of some of the feelings that were felt by all. Below you will find thumbnails of some of the photos he took. Click on the thumbnail to get a larger view of the photo.
website1035.jpg website1034.jpg website1033.jpg website1032.jpg website1031.jpg website1030.jpg
website1028.jpg website1027.jpg website1026.jpg website1025.jpg website1024.jpg website1023.jpg
website1021.jpg website1019.jpg website1018.jpg website1017.jpg website1016.jpg
website1014.jpg website1013.jpg website1012.jpg website1011.jpg website1010.jpg website1009.jpg
website1007.jpg website1006.jpg website1022.jpg
website1005.jpg website1004.jpg website1029.jpg
website1015.jpg website1008.jpg
If you have a missing friend or loved one and want to send in a prayer request, Please click the link below.
Prayer Requests
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