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Latest news from our members

Well we said we were an informal group and we meant it (hi)...Trying to get together has been tough for all of us.  Weekends tend to be busy with chores and since we don't really have tons of members, if one member can't make it, then its no fun for the rest of us.  Our last get-together was in July of 2000 and we are still working on our next breakfast together!.....whew.....

Scott, KG4HVZ (now known as AG4GO) has upgraded to general.  He has been working on some Digital modes like RTTY, WEFAX and Hellshreiber.  Originally he was trying with the Hamcomm type interface, but went for the SoundCard approach.  This has proved successful.  We are still hoping for a new Brasspounder from Scott.

Todd, KB4DPF went on a family vacation and took some qrp stuff with him, but because of hectic family schedules and coming in late, didn't get a chance to set up and operate portable.  Todd would like to get going in the Digital mode, but is having problems with his soundcard.  (pssst...what about the interface I gave you? HI)  He recently acquired a HW-8.

Rob, KK4R is on Hellschreiber and making contacts and various bands.  He completed an interface package for running some of the digital modes that keeps cables etc. organized.  Now he doesn't have to mess with lots of wires in the back of the station.  We are waiting for pix and better description.  He has been working some of the contests including the "2000 Holiday Spirits Homebrew Sprint".  Not sure about the details but will have that soon.  Read about Rob's QRP vacation.

Tom, K4AEN has been busy with mobile cw and dxcc/m.  I think he is still working on a DSW-20? and a NorCal paddle kit, but will need to find out the details on that.  He has been hinting around for a race this summer against "SEA ELF" somewhere in the Chesapeake.  Part of the requirements are operating cw with your right hand, using 2m with the left and holding the tiller between your legs.....Hi.

Bill, AE4RB has been busy with presidential duties for MPARC.  He too is toying with the idea of getting up and running some digital modes.  Hopefully one of us can get help him along the way....its fun!  Bill also has been coming home in the mornings when the rest of us are going to work, so its been great chatting with him in the mornings.

Neil, WA4CHQ has been messing with a little Hellschreiber, but since bringing the FT-747gx home off the boat, needs to make up a cable to go to the mic.  He was planning on taking some qrp gear to Vancouver, BC and made up a portable keyer/paddle to be included with the DixiePixie rig, but at the last minute, didn't take any hf gear.  He brought along the 2m ht, but did not operate.  Made a solar controller for the panels on SEA ELF, will have pix and description later.  Operated in the "2000 Holiday Spirits Homebrew Sprint" and used the DixiePixie running 450mW.  Made 10 qso's in just over an hour of operating.  Read about Neil's downsizing project.
Jan. 9th, 2001  A few days ago, Neil finally got the mic. plug for the FT-747gx.  All systems go.  He met with Rob-KK4R and Scott-KG4HVZ (AG4GO) for an 80m Hellshcreiber qso....a 2 hr. qso.  That evening also was one to note.  Scott did some on-the-air CW!!!  He clipped along at 18wpm, FB.  However, on receive at 5wpm Rob and I caught..."QRS, will ya.....geeze!!".  Keep working on,'ll do fine.
Feb. 28th, 2001  Rob put together an interesting project for some of the digital modes that we've been playing with.  Click here and see what he's done.
Mar. 1st, 2001  The group has been pretty active with digital qrp.  Some of the modes we have been playing with are Hellschreiber, PSK31, RTTY and SSTV.  Lately we gather on 80mtr's around 3.584 kHz usually about 8:30/9:00 pm.  It really has been a lot of fun.  Later, I will give more details about the different programs and gear the group is using.
Apr. 3rd, 2001   Neil finally put together the SST-40.  He found the schematic in a back issue of QRPp and gathered up the parts from a variety of places....junkbox, DC electronics and Digi-Key.  Construction is with "Man'ats-ugly" style....a Matthew's Co. form of building using both Manhattan and Ugly.  Click here to take a look at it.