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Crested Serpent-Eagle

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Crested Serpent-Eagle (Spilornis cheela).

This is the Crested Serpent Eagle, a common raptor here in Malaysia seen mostly in the sky. 
It is quite vocal when in the air.  The size of of the adult is 21 inches (53cm). It is stocky and 
short-tailed with dark brown plumage. Its has a black crest,  yellow cere 
and legs and white spotted breast and belly.
Occurs in the Indian subcontinent and southern China through South-East Asia 
to the greater Sundas, Bali and the Philippines.

It is resident from low elevation up to 1200m and is found in the mangroves, scrub and forests.
Usually solitary, frequenting the canopy and crowns of tall trees. Often seen perched on dead
trees as vantage points to hunt. Raises crest when alarmed. Feeds principally on snakes and
other vertebrates but will also take poultry in rural settlements.