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Ziggy's, W-S, NC, 2/14/03

*sigh* Kenny... :)...thats me in the middle then Alex on the right. TP was putting all their instruments up right next to where I was standing right before Jump went on. I really wanted to meet Kenny so I stopped and asked if I could get a picture with him, he said "sure!" so yay for me! haha

I must say, Jay's shoes simply rock my world...(so does his voice! ahhh)

Rock on boys, rock on :) Johnny is so hot on that bass!

"I Love My Guitar!" heh heh...Jay and Ward doing their "thing"...what more can I say?

ahh, another great show and another VERY happy Katy :) teehee

After JLC finished, Alex and I went over to the Merch. table and talked to the guys in Tinkers P for a few. They are so great! Kenny pointed at my shirt and made some kind of funny/happy/excited face which kind of scared me. Then he said "Oh! Sorry! I'm not pointing at your boobs, I promise! I just like your shirt!" haha. That led to a short discussion of how Goodwill rocks. haha. I love him...really. *sigh* so thats a great picture, wouldn't you agree? :)

Alex and I went and stalked, er...caught up with all the JLC guys and got a picture with each, and got an autograph on the back of our ticket stub. I feel so bad about asking for silly things like that but they're so nice :)

I absolutely love this picture!! Ward held out the camera and took the picture since no one was around to take it for us. He said "That'll be a good one!" haha it sure is! too bad half my face is out but mine isn't the important one in the picture! ;) Not a good picture of me...but that's okay...hopefully there will be more opportunities to get better ones with him!

Let me just say, that drummers rock my world!!!

haha this picture has an entertaining story behind it, well, at least I think so anyway! When Alex and I first asked Matt for a picture with him, the camera wouldn't work! *gasp* so we tried it again...there was a leak in the roof and Matt jokingly pointed out that he was getting rained on...once again my camera was being homosexual. Well, Matt went on to talk to someone else for a second while Alex and I fiddled with the camera desperately trying to figure out what was wrong...we were GOING to get that picture! Well, we asked him one more time, and he said sure. So we tried it again and the person taking the picture said "is this digital?" and i said "no, its just retarded" and Matt pointed out that "no, we call it old school" haha. so then it FINALLY worked! yay! above is the result! thanks matt!!

And Here is the JLC setlist...

say goodnight
made it fine
pink lemonade
it's up to you (requiem)
hold your tongue
violent dreams
the singer
between the dim and the dark
u can look
not today
i love my guitar
dancing virginia
body parts
poem for kate cassanova
i can't help falling in love with you
lannigan's ball