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The focus of this page seems to be resolving itself. I will continue posting a variety of thought provoking ideas, commentaries, letters, or sites focused on UFO's and ET's. My aim is to act as a conduit for discussion on the broad topic of UFO's. Input is essential. I have just recently created a photo and sound archive, so if you have any good UFO pics or sound bytes, please send them along.

Feel free to contribute any quotes, thoughts, or whatever. All material is ordered in reverse chronological order, so the most recent appears first. Note: thoughts expressed here are not necessarily my own, unless indicated. There is a short list of links on the bottom of May 2000, and an interactive UFO Poll.

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March 29, 2002

We're pleased to announce that we are selling one of the world's most popular UFO-themed sites, Website includes the actual sightings database with over 390 detailed reports, membership listing, and exclusive images which are protected with a "no right-click" script to prevent copying.

You can have more info on We would be happy to give a commission if you can refer us a buyer. Thanks for your help.



June 22, 2001

My name is John Little and I am the webmaster of Our site is a fan site for the new Electronic Arts game Majestic. The game is built around actual UFO events and well known conspiracy theories. It is revolutionary in that it involves users in an X-files type plot in which characters can phone, email, fax, and instant message them while they pursue the truth.

Majestic is gathering world-wide attention and this presents an interesting opportunity for those already passionately involved in searching for the truth behind so many strange events. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Majestic players will soon begin actively using every technology available to search for the truth. You have an opportunity to help them.

I don't work for Electronic Arts. I'm simply asking for you and others like you to get involved and share your knowledge. You can join sites like mine and others (free) and communicate with this community even if you don't sign up to play Majestic. Informing the Majestic community can also help you substantially increase your site traffic since most of the game play takes place on the web across thousands of sites.



Majestic (official):

Please feel free to contact me for additional information.


John Little



[The following is a subscriber and fee based UFO site; there is some public access to certain portions, where you can form your opinions about its usefulness and validity. I'm up in the air about this one. There's not enough information, I believe, to make an informed decision.]

June 12, 2001

Your sites reads that you are open minded and thought you would appreciate a new innovative effort for dispensing and retrieving sensitive data.

I would appreciate your comments.

J Schmidt, CPN (retired)


March 10, 2001

I've just created the photo and sound archive for this page, kicking it off with a really compelling view of the Glass Tunnels of Mars sent to me by my brother. It's worth a look. As mentioned above, I'm looking for some high quality photos or sound bytes for this archive, preferably original ones. Feel free to email them to me with a short account of their significance. Thanks.


[I quote the following letter in its entirety:]

January 30, 2001

To whom it may concern,

Can someone please tell me why the hell people want to be ABDUCTED ? I have not long been on the internet and I can`t believe the amount of people that want to be abducted. From my own on going experiences, I`ll give them a few reasons why they will not want to be abducted.

I could go on and on, I just want people to realise it is not a sci-fi movie and really sux.


Craig, Cairns Australia.


[I quote the following letter in its entirety with some editorial corrections of spellings]

January 13, 2001

I was out Train spotting with my Mate Nick and there was a low flying triangular shaped object to the south with no sound it moved up toawds us and then turned off.

and [disappeared]

Next day I saw the object to the north of Naas Lane it started to move [around] in circles changing the [brightness] of the light. [We] have heard of sightings in the forest of dean near us but please reply [to] us ['cause] we want to know what it was.

cheers nick and giles


[I quote the following letter in its entirety:]

January 11, 2001

M'Lady, distinguished scholarly colleagues, and fellow Sci-Fi Believers (and space nerds):

We are cruising the web, looking for places to list our pages with. Your site looks inviting, however, due to security considerations we do not accept banners nor buttons to other sites. A link from our reference pages might be negotiated.

If you are open to suggested sites, then please consider ours:

Futuristic Society for Sci-Fi Believers

Issues related to UFOs, Space Alien Peoples, Kolob Invasion, and Government cover-up (and CIA and FBI subversion)

Advanced astrophysics research in the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory with its related D'Stridium technologies

I think you will find our materials quite unique and very interesting to UFO buffs. Try them and see.

Daniel Shaddox
ZDK Foundation

PS: As a point of UFO information, I thought I would also share with you that a bit of government Disclosure to the American Public is in progress. The Clinton Administration became very interested in UFOs (and our work), and arranged to have Dr. Greer, through CSETI produce a documentary on some of the things that have been going on with Dark Projects (including some of ZDK.I's work). This was schedule to be release to the Public this Fall, but the elections snafu has delayed it to this Spring. It is currently being shown to the New Administration and members of Congress, and as of this writing, it is scheduled to be released to the Public over ABC's 20/20 sometime in April. And, hopefully, more will be on the way.


PSS: As an added note of interest, if you are interested in abduction cases--I was abducted, but not by Space Aliens. Rather some para-military group (related to CIA and FBI) got me, drugged me, kidnapped me, tortured me (over ZDK.I related work) and then left me to die. But, I lived and now I am back with a vengeance!!!



January 4, 2001

Check out this site featuring UFO's filmed by the space shuttle:

You might also want to consider Russian UFOLOGY.

Sent in by my brother.


November 13, 2000

Some of you may be interested in this site sent in by a visitor: Allies of Humanity

I spent a while poking around, but am not quite sure what to make of it. You may wish to direct questions to the organization itself (email contact available there), or to the person who forwarded me the link.

She can be emailed at


October 21, 2000

Please visit this site: ufo craze


[I quote the following letter in its entirety:]

October 6, 2000

friday 2 wks ago i had the most vivid dream, i was in front of my house in early am, i saw paragrams ( i am not sure of the word)in the night sky. i thought how beautiful, how can this be happening. as i walked down my street my legs began to walk there own, then i became paralyzed. then i thought to myself. so this is how it is done. when i awoke i was walking to my bathroom. dream maybe. i have studied ufo for a long period of time and have and extended library. if this was a dream it was very real, i have had other dreams simular to this. wanted to get offf my chest. thanks


[The Following letter was sent to me. I quote it in its entirety, with no editorial changes:]

September 18, 2000

Hi my name is mike I at present live in Queenstown New Zealand.

The story I'm about to relate to you took place in Queenstown.

Please keep an open mind as this story unfolds.

4 Years ago on a warm summers night I decided to go u.f.o hunting around queenstown,so one of my friends and myself we wnet back to his place to get a book to record times, dates, places and a reference point(we used the mountains).

It was about 12:00pm nz time the sky's were clear you could see nothing but stars which would make it ideal for searching the sky at night time.

From his house which was at Sunshine bay we drove to Fernhill look-out point which was about 5 minutes away , we drove to the look-out point parked the car up and started to record the data so we could us eit as a reference to show other friends who like to scan the sky's for interesting things.

12:30pm nothing but stars about 12:40pm Isaw a strange light in the sky which I ignored at fist thenI turned my head and looked up at the sky to see the strange light moving Left to Right in a zig zag motion as that took-place I turned to my friend and siad look at that in the sky what we both saw was just like nice .

After about 5-10 minutes the craft as I call it moved up and down side to side and just took of at a amazing speed it just disappeared out of view ...

The stranges thing is I new somthing was going to happend that night.

This did take place and this story has not been made up....

kind Thanks


Queenstown N.Z

If you would like more stories I would like to write to you with them....


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