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Spiceworld Tour Info!

Well, here find out all behind the scenes, of the tour, what each preformance means, and original ideas that where soon scrapped! So, you didn't get a chance to see them live, well read up and be just as spiced!! And throught the technology of photos, see the tour to!! Well be Spiced...Lively!!

Cheers, and screams fill the arena as the fans await their favorite pop-group to come on-stage. But suddenley, on the huge video screen, the image of Space ship in outer space projects. with the help of Computer animation, the ship lands on earth, Soon the music starts, and then the moment arrives, the doors of the Spaceship(on the that huge screen) open, The shadows of Five girls appear. They start the show of with a differnet version of "If U Can't Dance". The girls look futuristic in their costumes. Their costume designer Kenny Ho, said his original idea, was to have Victoria in a Boob-tube dress, But that idea was ditched because the dress would prevent her from takeing long strides when preforming.

After singing an excellant version of "If U Can't Dance", They then sung "Who do you think you are" and "Do it"(accompanied by the Spice Boys). The Girls talked about how hard it was to put the songs in exact order. The girls had a hard time, for they wanted to be able to bring their audience up, but be able to bring them down again for a breather. One dilemma was having to decide ending the spectacular tour with "Mama" or "Spice up your life". They decided "mama". But, after preforming "DO it", this brought them to the end of set one( Don't worry, there is still a lot more!!)

After the end of set one, The girls Dish out a wicked preformance of "Denying". In this preformance, Geri, plays the role of a waitress. Mel.b, plays the role of a Gambler. Victoria, plays the role of a dancer. Emma, plays the role of the gangster Girlfriend. And finally, Mel.c plays the role of the Club owner. Then after a wicked Preformance of "Denying", the Girls preform "Too Much". In this prefomance, The girls preform the song on chairs, along with wicked choreoghraphy(dance moves). They look very good in their designer jackets, and pants. This ends set Two.

In set three, The girls start of with that funky, 60's style song( with the dance moves everyone knows)"Stop". Kenny Ho their Costume designer, wanted to give the girls a 60's theme to the clothing to fit the song. After "Stop", Emma all by herself, Sings that hit Diana Ross song "Where did our love go?""."I've always been a fan of Diana Ross, that song is perfect for me, it's just the right pitch. I wouldn't want to do a song I found hard to sing." Says Emma, which nicely ends set three with this solo.

The girls start of set four, which that pepsi song as heard on the commercial, "Move Over". In this preformance, the girls potray Super models on a runway, dressed in Outrageous, outlandish fashions which no one ever is seen wearing. And included the spice boys dressed in in all black, playing the role of photographers. Originally, they where going to have Victoria in a chainmail, Versace dress, with linked gold squares. But it was to heavy, and to impractical for Laundry.

After this funky preformance of "Move Over", the girls Jazzed it up a bit with "Lady is a vamp". This preformance is almost like watching a broadway musical, to fit the feel of the song. Their costume designer did this by giving them cains, tailcoat shapes, and giving the Spice boys bowler hats. Emma dislikes the shoes worn in the "Lady is vamp" preformance, becuase of fear of falling in them. And Geri dislikes her dress worn in this preformance because the strings on her dress are constintally getting caught on her cain. But still, The preformance is ver glitzy, and entertaining. After the Jazzing ballad, the Girls preform "Say you'll be there" Useing sticks to Spice it up, ending set five wonderfully.

In Set six, the girls preform the sexy, and haunting "Naked". The girls preform behind chairs, giving the illusion they're naked. When in actuallality, they are wearing flesh-coloured underwear. So when they take of their clothes, they actually seem naked, But aren't really!!!!

After a sizziling preformance of "Naked", The girls slowed it down a litle with "2 become 1". In this preformance, the girls wear velvet castsuits. Kenny Ho, their costume designer, wanted something luxurious, but not to over the top. Velvet was prefect, and it matched the song's feel, which was quiet and atmospheric. Then after "2 become 1", they preform "Walk of Life", a rare song which can be found on the Sabrina the teenage which t.v. soundtrack.

In set eight, The two Melanie's(Mel.b, Mel.C ) dish out a pure rock'n roll solo "Sisters are doin it for themselves". This song was originally sung by Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin, The two Melanie's did just as a superb job as the original version. Soon All five girls come out and sing that song Everyone knows "Wannabe". Than Singing another Spice Girls classic "Spice up your life", where in this preformace, they do a wicked Conga near the end of the song. Then to end the show( don't worrry there is still the Encore!!)They sing that Song Madonna said was her favorite sing on the "Spice" album, which is "Mama". Through all four prefomances, the girls Wear a typical style clothes of what they usually wear, except Spiced up. Mel.b wears a camouflage hipsters and top, slit down the middle, covered in clear sequins(Mel B's favorite costume!). Mel.C in A typical Sporty football jersey. Geri in a Her traditional Wannabe dress, Emma in a cute sparkly, mini-dress Cheerleader style "E" on it, and Victoria in a Boob-tube dress in a yellow, orange, and red faded style type dress.

To start of the Encore( only played if the Audience screams loud enough)They preform the lovely "Viva Forever". In this preformance, All five girls are dressed in white clothing. Kenny ho wanted to reflect the sense of purity and spirituality to fit the song. The costumes are very elegant, with the Girls dressed in all different types of coats. Alot of furs, satins, beaded work, can be spotted on the different costumes of each five girls. They where originally going to put dry ice on the stage, but ditched the idea because It would have made the stage slippery, and dangerous, and very hard to dance on. This ends set nine, with a huge blast awaiting!!

To end the show, They wanted a big blast almost. Geri was the one who recomended a 70's theme. Kenny used this, and by useing this, this brought lots, and lots of different colors. All five girls had a color scheme arranged by Kenny to fit their style and character. Mel.b had alot of patches of Animal prints,and greens. While Geri's tones are different reds and purples. Emma's are almost bright red, pale blues, and some pinks. Mel.C's would be very bright colors. And finally, Victoria wouldn't have alot of patchwork trousers, but patchwork on her corset instead. As soon as the five girls come out opon the stage looking so funky and colorful, they do a wonderful choreographed version to "Never give up on the Good times". Then finally(Yes this is it)the girls, sing the famous hit Sister Sledge song "We are a family". Then after this song the girls emerge back to the top of that wonderful stairs and emerge back into the ship they came out of at the start of the show. The tour was excellant, Very entertaining, even to read must wow you, but make more depressed you didn't get a chance to go!!!! Well Hope you've enjoyed Readiong this, I got all my info from the Oficial Spice Mag, So make sure you get a copy!!!!!

#1 thing Spice Girls can't tour without...


"The other four girls!!!

SECRETS:Geri's costume cahnges sre the most hectic. She says she always gets on stage just in time!!


"A little book of thoughts of the day"

SECRETS:Mel.B admits that from protecting her voice before a show she drinks alot of Brandy!!!


"A mobile phone!!"

SECRETS:Victoria sweats quite a bit when she's onstage. The sweat actually makes her hair very frizzy. So She wears a Wig, when performing.


"a photo album of her family and friends"

SECRETS:Emma may be sweet on the outside, but deep inside she always the first one to play litttle tricks whenever she can! like not letting the others onstage after costume changes!!!!


"Her CD walkman!"

SECRETS:When preforming on stage, Mel.C finds it hard when performing "Naked". She says you have to stay behind the chair, otherwise you look really silly!

The Tour Setlist:

Well, see for yourself what songs are where and get a taste of what you would've gotten at the Spiceworld tour!!!

-If U can't Dance
-Who Do You think You are?
-Do it
-Too much
-Where Did our Love Go?(Baby Spice solo)
-Move Over
-Lady is a Vamp
-Say you'll Be There
-2 become 1
-Walk of life(Sabrina teenage which soundtrack)
-Sisters are doin it For themsleves(Melb+Melc solo)
-Spice up Your life

-Viva Forever
-Never Give up on the Good times
-We are a Family

REMEMBER:I will have more info and pics added! And if you want o use this info, or pics, please e-mail me first!THANX