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Spice Girls European Tour Page!

This Page is dedictated to The entire Spice Girl Live experiance. I have tonnes of rare, nice pics of the "original" Five! But not only will you find rare pics on the picture paGE!! This website is also dedictaed to the wonderful Ginger Spice!! You can count on me NOT, to have pictures of her edited out!! To me, We should try to keep any memory of her alive!! So, my page is decicated to the European Tour!! Also, get rare info, on the spiceworld sets, and find what costumes those girls really want, and really hate!! And, A tribute, to the Wonderful, and Lovely Geri Haliwele. Enjoy Viewing it, and 3Cbr> -Mel.c European Tour Pic page!
-Victoria European Tour Pic page!
-Mel.B European Tour Pic page!
-Group European Tour Pic page!
-Misc. Live Preformances!
-Geri Tribute pic page(found in the Geri tribute section!)
None of my group pics are without Ginger!! That is what make my pics rare! And I have pics of the girls by themselves!! I scanned these myself, So if you want ot put my pics on your page, Just me for them, E-mail me at "" Enjoy a site fo pics, which your eyes have never seen before!!!

The Spiceworld tour info!
This page contains all the Spiceworld info you need!! Along with even MORE Rare pics!!! Find out what each performance means, see with many pictures how the cosyumes fit the song, and find out original ideas, and concepts, which whre later dropped!! Soo, you didn't get to see them live, take in an even better Live Spiceworld experiance!!!

The Ginger Spice Tribute!
This is a wonderful, and Moveing page dedicated to The once Ginger Sen a year since Broklyn, and Phenoix where born, which makes them 1 year old! I wonder if they have comprehended yet that their mommy's are Spice Girls. But although things are fine with Victoria and David, Melanie and her husband have called it quits. Apparently, On christmas, Jim and Mel.b got into an argument, and Mel.B sent her husband out of the house. But since then, the couple where seen talking in a cafe about the good old days. But who knows what lies ahead.

Did you Ever wonder what Ginger is saying when she is singing The Spanish rap in "If U Can't Dance"???Welll, with the wonderful help of a friend, He was able to translate in English the rap for me!! If you would like the actual rap sung in the song, then go to Hana's Spicey page, I have the link below this translated spanish rap!!Remember, You saw it here first!!!
Hey macho
i saw you the other day
it gave me much, much happines
listen to the music
oh my god
hey boy, you have nothing
oh dont touch me
aw how ugly
come, come, walk the exit
take that music, it sings me fast
be careful, what a boy, how crazy
take my rythm
im leaving with you
hey macho i want you
i want a man, i need, yes but not your name
hey macho
if you dont dance this, you cant have anything with me

Geri news, Spice News

Speaking of Geri, the big question on most Spice Girl, and Geri fans is....WHY DIDN"T SHE PERFORM WITH THEM AT THE 2000 BRITS?? Many fans of Geri, and the Spice girls expected a peformance of the once fab five. But why didn't Geri perform??? Iy was tragic all the spice excepted their LIFETIME ACHIVEMENT AWARD, all excpet Geri. Without her It's safe to say the Spice Girls wouldnt've got the award. Ever since 1994 when they started out, Geri was there helped write all the Spic eGirls #1 hits, even Goodbye!!! When footage was palyed, almost all fottage included Geri. The audince screamed GERI! GERI!, hoping she would be there to perform, with THE FOUR GIRLS WHO MADE HER FAMOUS, but no sign of geri. Geri did perform though, "Bag it up" a dico number of her frist solo album "Scphizophonic". Why Geri wouldn't except a life time achivement award is a mystery. It's definately NO SECRET SHE WAS APART OF THE GROUP. The spicegirls haven't been rleasing much sinc egeri left other than "viva forever" and "goodbye" which although went #1, both had the help of Geri. It was so close thoug, a perfomance of the fab five. But maybe soon that dream will be alive.....MAYBE!!

Other Wicked Spice pages which contain info, and pics about Spiceworld!!

Spice Girls Live."
This site has all the live Spice girls pics, and info you want. Plus all the latest Geri pics and info and pics on melb's wedding, The Spicworld tour on Europe, Latest magazine covers, and tonnes of really Spicey stuff!!
Hana's Spicey Page.
This is one of the best Spice Girls Sites ever!! It has ALL you want including: Lots of pics, lots of info, Sounds, Movies, trading post( of spice merchandise), The movie, lastest news, and tonnes more. Do not leave this site without going to this page frist!!
This is a ceratin part of a page which contains tv scans from the spiceworld tour( which include Geri!!!)that are from The wicked Sice Universe page!! My link will take you right to the spiceworld tv scans!! Enjoy
Spice Girls Arena!.
This site contains has more rare pics, than you have Bones!! It has hundreds, and hundreds of different pics!! These pictures also contain some nice pics from the Spicworld tour. And tonnes of T.v. scans from Live In Istanbul. So don't forget to go to this wicked page!!!
The Spiciest Page!!
This is a Wicked European Tour Pic Page!!!! It is probably the Largest European Tour Pic Page Ever!!!! Contains many very nice pics, and some pics from Live In Istanbul!!
Spice Girls Supersite!!Finland Pictures!!!
This is a link from the Spice Girls-Supersite!! It contains pics from a Press Conference in Helsinki,Finland, along with pics from their preformance at Helsinki(Geri's last European Tour!!!) You won't be dis-appointed!

Every Spice Girls Fan knows how much of an influence Madonna has had on the Spice Girld. Did you ever wonder who her favorite Spice Girl is? Well in a Press Conference, Madonna Confirmed, that out of all five of the Spice Girls, that she liked Posh Spice the best!! Madonna also said the she liked the Spice Girlsa Very much, and peopel should stop critisiing them, she said that she was a Spice Girl Once to! And her favorite song from Spice Girls Album "Spice" was "mama". And Mel.C , when asked, if someone was to do a Madonna tribute album, what sing would you do? well Mel.C being the Biggest fan, Said that "Bad Girl" was her favorite song!!
Visit my Madonna webpage!!

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