Lynn Strait: Vocals
Mike Doling: Guitar
Sonny Mayo: Guitar
John Fahnestock: Bass
Jamie Miller: Drums

Strait Up
The tribute album for Lynn Strait, former Snot frontman, "Strait Up" has been confirmed for a November 7th release date through Immortal/Virgin. The line-up for the tribute has been firmed up:
"Divided (An Argument For The Soul)" (Feat. Brandon Boyd of Incubus)
"Catch A Spirit" (Feat. Max Cavalera of Soulfly, Shavo of System Of A Down, Marcello of Soulfly)
"Forever" (Feat. Fred Durst, DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit)
"Starlit Eyes" (Feat. Serj Tankian of System Of A Down)
"Until Next Time" (Feat. Jason Sears of RKL)
"I Know Where You're At" (Feat. M.C.U.D. of (hed)p.e.)
"Funeral Flights" (Feat. Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber)
"Angel's Son" (Feat. Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust)
"Requiem" (Feat. Corey Taylor of Slipknot)
"Reaching Out" (Feat. Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, Whitfield Crane of Medication)
"Take It Back" (Feat. Jonathan Davis of Korn)
"Interlude" (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne)
The album was with former Snot bassist John "Tumor" Fahnestock (Now with Amen) and former Snotguitarist Mikey Doling (Now with Soulfly) producing and was engineered by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobustank). Chino Moreno of the Deftones was hoping to get into the studio to record a track for the album but it is now unknown if he will be able to make it or not, other guest appearances expected on the album include: Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Walt Kibby (Fishbone), Norwood Fisher (Fishbone). (6/26)

Davis, Durst, Others Line Up Studio Time For Snot Tribute
Jonathan Davis will become the latest artist to lend his talents to the upcoming tribute to late Snot singer Lynn Strait, and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Coal Chamber's Dez Fafara, and Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath are all lined up to do the same within the coming week. Davis will meet up with Snot bassist John "Tumor" Fahnestock at Santa Monica, California's 4th Street Recording Studios to lay down vocals for his contribution to "Strait Up." The collection will feature a rotating cast of frontmen singing songs that were written for the sophomore album that Snot never got the chance to record. The band had recorded tracks with Soulfly's Max Cavalera and Marcello D. Rapp, System Of A Down's Serj Tankian and Shavo Odadjian, (hed) pe's M.C.U.D., and RKL's Jason Sears. At the time, the band also received verbal commitments from Korn's Davis, Sugar Ray's McGrath, Limp Bizkit's Durst, and Coal Chamber's Fafara, but had not yet lined up studio time with the singers. However, Fahnestock now says that Davis, Fafara, Durst, and McGrath have all locked in studio time. After Davis lays down his vocals on Tuesday, Fafara will hit the studio on Wednesday, Durst will head in on Friday, and McGrath will do his part next week.

"We knew that with some of the bigger acts, this time of year is when you have your only downtime," Fahnestock told MTV News of the sudden flurry of activity on the project. Deftones singer Chino Moreno is also planning to record a track for the album, though he is currently busy working on his band's new album. Fahnestock (who is producing the album with fellow Snot member Mikey Doling) said that they hope to be finished with recording on "Strait Up" by the end of February and hope to have the album in stores this summer. After releasing a major label debut on Geffen Records in 1997 and touring with the 1998 edition of Ozzfest, Strait was killed in a six-car accident while driving from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles on December 12 of 1998. Korn's Jonathan Davis "He was one of the best frontmen out there," Fafara recalled of Strait. "He had a style that was undeniably unforgettable." When Strait passed away, the band had already written nine songs for its next album, and Fahnestock and fellow Snot members Doling and Jamie Miller decided to record the instrumentals and bring in various friends of Lynn to provide lyrics and vocals for the tracks. "Jonathan and a good friend of Lynn's collaborated on the lyrics," Snot bassist John "Tumor" Fahnestock told MTV News of Davis' contribution. So far, Fahnestock and Doling have finished five tracks: Soulfly's Max and Marcello join System Of A Down's Shavo on "Catch A Spirit," System's Serj has recorded "Starlit Eyes," RKL's Sears finished "'Til Next Time," (hed) pe's M.C.U.D. recorded "I Know Where You're At," and Incubus' Brandon Boyd polished off "Divided (An Argument for the Soul)." Fafara is working with the tentative title "Illumination" for his track, and admits that the project is highly emotional one for him. "I tried to start writing, and I put the music on and tears just came out of me," Fafara said. "I told my girlfriend, 'I can't write this now.' "We were friends on a personal level," Fafara explained. "He was a wild man, and people really appreciated that." Fahnestock conceded that taking the music of "Strait Up" (and all responsible for it) out on the road would be virtually impossible, but noted that he may try to put together a one-off tribute show. For now, though, he's just pleased with the outpouring of support that he and Doling have found for the project. "So far, everything has fallen into place exactly the way we hoped it would," Fahnestock. "It's going to be a great tribute," Fafara said. "It's a wonderful way to pay tribute to Lynn."

This interview waz taken from HERE this site kicks ass ..... has some good info .... check em out

Mike Doling (guitar) -- Soulfly/Snot

How did you end up in the Soulfly tribe?

As you know, I was in Snot, and a total fucking tragedy happened. Lynn died in a car accident. So basically I was sitting at home completely fucking devistated. Tumor (bassist of Snot) and I were working on the preproduction for the second Snot album. We decided lets finnish some music even though Lynn died. We just wanted to hear complete songs of what we could do. I was finnishing up the guitar parts, and out of now where Max and Gloria called me. They had to call my girlfriend to get the number of the studio. They went totally out of there way to call so I was worried something bad happened to Soulfly. They asked if I wanted to go on tour with them to Australia and Japan with Korn and Marilyn Manson. I had five days to learn the whole set. So I just basically drove and played guitar for five days and learned the songs needed for the tour.

Did you get to rehearse any of the songs with them?

Nope, I just went out and got the cd and started playing. We didn't have time for any rehearsals. I met them in LA, we flew to New Zeiland and played in front of 40,000 people for our first jam.

How'd ya do?

I did pretty least I thought so. It was really cool. We instantly clicked. It was unbelievable. We finnised the tour with Australia and Japan. Then we came home and I sat around for a bit. I didn't know if I was going to play with them again. I know it went well, but I didn't know if they were going to have guitar auditions for the next tour. They called me back a month later and told me they loved how I played and wanted me to go back out with them to Europe and Russia. I was like "HELL YA!" So I went with them and played in Europe for seven weeks, and Russia for one week. Now were back here in the US and we have 3 tours booked.

How much more touring before the start of the next album?

I'd say were going to tour through September. Then Max will start working on a new record.

Do you plan on going into the studio with them?

Um..well.. It looks like I am. But we got this thing...its a..Black Sabbath tribute album. Nexxt week, Max, I, Marcello, and Roy are going to record with Ross Robinson a Black Sabbath song for that record. I guess were going to use that studio time as testing grounds to see how well I work with Soufly in the studio.

How is life with Soulfy compared to life with Snot?

Well.....Snot was my life..for a while. I really, totally enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of chicks, and drugs, and rock and roll. The real shit was Snot. With Lynn Strait around anything was going to happen. With Soulfly its a lot more mellow. There's a family thing going on. There's definetly a big difference. But as far as vibing with people, a vibe with Soulfly real well.

How do you go about handling groupies?

I tell I'm married. I don't deal with them.

Soulfly is more of serious band than Snot. Do you still act the same onstage as you did with Snot? Do you still make the Popeye face?

I play the way I play. I don't think anybody can change that. At first when I started playing with Soulfly I thought I had to be more serious. Pretty much I'm doing what I have been always doing now.

How do you stay entertained on the road?

I practice a lot of guitar. I write a lot of postcards. Watch a lot of ... movies. heheh. Play playstation..whatever.

What's your favorite cd at the moment?

System of a Down.. System of a Down is the best band in the world.

Any bands I should know about?

Slipknot....Amen... its really good.

How have you personally changed since Lynn's death?

I still haven't gone through the whole period of grieving or changing. I'm still the same guy. I catch myself thinking about Lynn and I kinda loose it sometimes. Sometimes I'm pretty strong and I'll start laughing, thinking about all the stupid shit he would do. But for the most part..umm..I dunno.. my heart is pretty heavy lately..I miss him a lot.

What's going on with the other expected Snot releases?

Well.. after this touring is up..I think Soulfly is going to take a break for a while. So I'm gonna go out there and try to organize the "Strait Up" project. The Strait Up project was actually just talk at first but then it got put on the web and everybody knows about it now. So now I'm pretty much obligated to do it. So I'm gonna do it. Me and Tumor are. Were talking to record labels now. Were gonna put a live record out, live video, and then songs we're writing will be recorded. What ever friends, real friends, will step up and sing on the album. There's a lot of people who said they would do it at first but are dodgin it now. I won't say anything but..ya know..I'd like to see Fred return my phone calls.

Who would you consider the rock star icon of the 90s?

Marilyn Manson... he's just a full blown rock star. He's more of a rock star than he is selling records. What about you?

I was thinking Korn. They have set the trends of the 90s. Right now I think they're the biggest band in the US.

Korn is fukin huge, but I wouldn't consider them rock stars. They still act and play the same as always. They have the street level thing still. You can go up to them punch em in the arm and have a beer witht them. Marilyn Manson is the one walking around with security. I partied with the Korn guys in Australia. At first I thought they were big-headed, but they are actually cool as shit.

I heard a rumor about Jon Davis knocking out Marilyn Manson...that true?

Thats all bullshit..I heard that too. They both made that up. They were talking shit at the bar, and started the rumor.

Have you reached all your goals in life?

No man, I have to have some kids some day so I can tell them about this shit. Ten years from now I'll have some kids. I'll do whatever comes my way.

Any final words for everyone?

To all the Snot fans out there...Thanks for the support. I know we weren't the best band, we didn't sound like Korn. We couldn't put our finger on any kind of style. For people who actually liked us, I was suprised. I appreciate it alot.

Snot Info. From jeffs pimprock page

MF Pitbulls is formed by Shannon Larkin (who would later replace Jamie on tour) The lineup includes Tumor, Jamie, and Sonny. Snot is formed in Santa Barbara, CA. This original lineup featured Mike Doling on guitar, Lynn Strait on vocals, Brent on drums, and Ruben on bass. Bassist John "Tumor" Fahnstock joins Snot to replace Ruben. Lynn Strait calls Sonny Mayo at his Mom's house in D.C, in an effort to recruit him into the then fledgling Snot. Lynn says " I'm looking for Metal" Sonny replies "You called the right place." Snot records their first demo with GGGarth in Burbank. This demo included My Balls, Stoopid, Lose, Just for Kicks ( later to become Tecato), and Can't Be Trusted. Snot enlists the services of Drummer Cornfed (now the drummer for Ultraspank), to replace Brent, the "spoiled rich kid, who was just in a band to be cool". Snot records a demo at 4th St. in Santa Monica with Jim Wirt (produced both Incubus records). The demo included Stoopid, Lose and Unplugged.

1996 Snot snags drummer Jamie Miller from Souls at Zero, where he had replaced Shannon Larkin.

July 1996- Snot signs to Geffen Records. Snot embarks on their first tour with Sugar Ray and The Urge. After this, Snot would tour relentlessly, for the next several years, doing tours with Fishbone, Suicidal Tendencies, Life Of Agony, Machine Head, Sevendust, Coal Chamber, Human Waste Project, Deftones, KoRn and Soufly, and Ozzfest.

May 27, 1997 Get Some is released.



August 7th... Loudside ( is heading up a campaign to do something very very big in memory of our good friend, Lynn Strait.... As many of you know Aug. 7 is Lynn's birthday, and i feel as i'm sure a lot of you do, that Lynn's life was cut way too short, and Snot truly did not get the recognition they deseve. SO on August 7th we are going to get everyone in the damn world to go and buy the Snot album. And if we get enough people to do it, we can get it to chart on BillBoard.. And i know a lot of you may have it already, or say OH im broke.. but you have 2 months to save up the 13 bucks, and for that measly amount, we can do something historic, and prove to the music industry how valuable Snot was, and how valuable hard music is....I mean when Kurt Cobain died, 6 straight days of MTV coverage....

When Lynn died, it was a fucking blurb....And to me Lynn was and is way more than a blurb on the Mtv Online news page.. Also this will prove to bullshit labels that Snot can sell records. As some of you prbaly know, Snot was released from their contract with Geffen,, so now they need to find a new label to put out the remaining Snot projects, and this will aid in the release of Strait Up, and the Snot live album..

So August 7th, even if you already have the Snot album.(i have 3 copies.. i'm still buying one)... please please go to your local music merchant and pick up a copy(or 2 or 3 or 10)of Get Some, and let's make Lynn the legend he was meant to be. Together we can have a big voice.... let's scream.... T. Loudside.....

We have made a flyer for people who wish to print it out and make copies. It is 4 upped already, so all you do is print, copy and cut. You can find the flyer here. For best results, save it to your hard drive, and then print it from Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or another graphics program.

New Snot Album? STRAIT UP project unveiled.

In a Loudside featured chat today, Snot bassist John "Tumor" Fahnestock, and guitarist Mike Doling announced plans for an upcoming release of recently recorded Snot material in a Temple of the Dog style tribute to Snot vocalist James Lynn Strait simply titled "STRAIT UP". Snot had completed basic tracking for a new album at the time of Lynn's passing, and he was to have recorded vocals a mere five days later. Now they have enlisted friends of the band to assume the lyrical duties on the material including MCUD(hed p.e.) , Mark McGrath(Sugar Ray),Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Max Cavalera (Soulfly), and El Hefe and Fat Mike of NOFX.

Also on the table is a collection of remixed demos, B-Sides, and live material, tentatively entitled "Get Some More" The band is still unknown about the future of their relationship with Geffen Records, due to current industry situations, and will release more information on STRAIT UP, and Get Some More as they are available.


James Lynn Strait    1968-1998

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 11, 1998 -- Lead singer Lynn Strait, 30, of the hardcore music group Snot was killed in a car crash on Friday, December 11, 1998. Though some details are still unknown, according to Sean Henning, the bandís co-manager, Strait was exiting the 101 freeway between his hometown of Santa Barbara and Carpinteria when his Ford Tempo collided with a truck at approximately 1 p.m. The ensuing three-vehicle crash resulted in the death of Strait. Also killed was Straitís dog, Dobbs, who fans know from his appearance on the cover of Snotís Geffen debut album Get Some (May 1997) and who became the bandís mascot and symbol.

Said Henning, who co-manages the band with Nic Adler: "Weíre devastated. This is a tough one. His family, friends and fans will miss him. Lynn had a lot of fans who grew to love him through his music, and hardcore music has lost a great frontman, singer, and songwriter."

Snot was in the process of recording demos for its next album, following a successful national tour that included the OzzFest. Strait was heading to Los Angeles when the tragedy occurred. He is survived by his mother and two sisters, all of whom live in Santa Barbara, and a brother.

The 30-year-old lead singer and lyricist of the rock band Snot was killed Friday as he attempted to drive across Highway 101 in this seaside community, the third fatality along that dangerous stretch of highway in the last year.

James Lynn Strait died instantly after his 1992 Ford Tempo was broadsided by a southbound full-size pickup truck about noon, officers said. Strait's small bulldog, who was sitting in the back seat, also perished. Pickup driver David Redderson, 20, suffered a neck injury and was treated at Saint Francis Hospital in Santa Barbara and released, a nursing supervisor said. Redderson, a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, had been on his way to Ventura to spend the holidays with family, said his brother, who drove to the crash site about eight miles north of Ventura. "By the time he [Redderson] went to apply the brakes, it was too late," California Highway Patrol Officer George Orozco said. Visitors and Mussel Shoals residents gain access to northbound Highway 101 by crossing against southbound traffic.

Strait, a Santa Barbara resident, was crossing the highway after visiting his girlfriend in the community. Strait apparently pulled into the path of the truck, which was going about 65 mph. The impact sent Strait's car spinning into the center divider where it stopped, Orozco said. The truck skidded sideways and overturned, coming to rest on the driver's side near the center divider. A group of passing motorists stopped and pulled Redderson from the wreckage, Ventura County Fire Capt. Michael Wickham said. Both drivers were wearing seat belts, Orozco said. Although no evidence of drug or alcohol use was found, Chief Deputy Coroner Jim Wingate said toxicology tests would be conducted on Strait. An autopsy was scheduled today. Funeral arrangements were pending.

Strait joined the Santa Barbara-based band Snot after playing bass in a punk band called Lethal Dose. Snot,known for its loud, hard rock sound, performed in several venues in Los Angeles and Ventura before being signed to a Geffen Records contract in June 1996. Eleven months later, the group's debut CD, "Get Some," was released.

Strait apparently divided his time between the homes of his parents, James and Marie Strait, who live in Santa Barbara and are separated, and the residences of several band members. A family friend told officers that Strait had been planning to visit a friend in Los Angeles Friday. A backpack filled with his clothing was found in his back seat. Debris from the wreckage littered the center divider as well as the highway, which is two lanes in each direction. One lane in each direction was closed for about four hours, causing a four-mile traffic backup both north and southbound.

The hard rock community suffered a great loss with the tragic dath of Lynn Strait, December 11, 1998. The Snot frontman may have received national attention with his headline-stealing antics on last summer's OzzFest, but his true legacy will be the esteemed place held in the hearts of the friends, bands and fans that he came into contact with throughout his life. Around the world, word of the fatal, mid-day car accident that took his life shook those that were close to him--from his Santa Barbara, CA. home, where bandmates mourned his loss, stating that the band would not continue as Snot without him, to the East Coast, where a somber Sevendust set included a dedication of "Prayer" to the 30-year-old singer, and even in Europe, where sullen mood beset the Soulfly camp with news of their lost tribe member. Also killed in the crash was Strait's dog, Dobbs, who was teh band mascot, and on the cover of their Geffen debut "Get Some." Despite recent lineup changes, Snot was writing material for a mid-year release at the time of the accident. Strait is survived by his mother, two sisters, and a brother.


MoM: How did the band start?

LS: Almost 5 years ago in Santa Barabra California. Dolan and I started it and Tumor came out from Virginia. When he came out, we started to get really serious. That's about it.

MoM: How long did it take to get recognized?

LS: Well, we basically spent a few years playing at every place we posibly could no matter whether it's a shitty venue or what. We just played the shit out of LA until they couldn't stand it anymore.

MoM: How did you get signed to Geffen?

LS: Well, they were the nicest people that we met. There were other people who had better deals, and more money, but they were by far the coolest.

MoM: I heard something about you getting arested for indecent exposure at the Ozzfest, what was with that?

LS: Yeah, during Limp Bizkit, I came out and forced the dominatrix on their stage to give me a blow job on the rim of their huge toilet. There was 20,000 people there or something.

MoM: Which show was that at?

LS: The Ozzfest in Massachusets.

MoM: Oh, so what's going to happen with that? Are you going to spend anytime in jail?

LS: I'm waiting for a summons in the mail for a court date.

MoM: What happened to your other guitarist?

LS: He went to play guitar for Vanilla Ice. I shit you not.

MoM: Damn, that's horrible! (while laughing)

LS: Yeah, that's what I said.

MoM: Did it take long to find a replacement?

LS: Not long at all. It was Jamie's best friend. They grew up together and have been in a band together for their whole lives. He also knew all the songs already. He came in, played all the songs top to bottom without any problem. I was pretty stoked about that.

MoM: Who's dog is on the cover of the cd?

LS: That's my dog. His name is Dobbs that spelt D-O-B-B-S. He's basically the king of all dogs. He's rad. He's the raddest dog in the world. If you were walking down the street, and you saw him, you would just say "That's the raddest dog in the world."

MoM: Where did you come up with the name Snot?

LS: All the cool names were taken.

MoM: Was it just a joke?

LS: We just didn't give it much thought. We didn't want to waste too much time on it. We just wanted to become a bigger band, and there was no reason to spend much time on it. We just wanted to practice, make songs, and have fun.

MoM: Did you have and demos?

LS: Yeah, 3 or 4 of them.

MoM: Were any of the songs on the cd, on the demos?

LS: Unplugged was on the demo, and so was Joy Ride. There was a bunch of songs that we did and didn't put them on the album.

MoM: Was it hard to chose which ones to put on the album?

LS: No, not really. There was some songs that we recorded when doing the album, which just didn't make it on there. You just can't get everything on there, and you just got to pick what you like the best and what you think people will want to hear the most. You have to please your self with it, but you can't just please yourself with it. You have to remember that there's people in line who want to listen to it also.

MoM: Have you been working on any new stuff?

LS: We're allways working on new stuff. We have practice amps on the bus. We were actually writing stuff today before the show. Mike and I got together and we wrote some shit. We're allways writing stuff.

MoM: How many new songs do you have?

LS: We have about 3 or 4. We're only playing one so far on this tour. It's a song from the Dee Snieder movie that's coming out. We're on the soundtrack.

MoM: I'm totally out of questions, do you have any closing comments?

LS: Buy our cd cause I gotta feed my dog.


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