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The Toney Family

The Toney Family

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The Royal House of Toney

L.B Toney(born 1795)Probate Documents

L.B.Toney County Court Clerk

L.B.Toney County Sherriff Document

L.B.Toney Oath for County Tax Assessor

The first known Toney ancestor ever was Ralph the son of Hugh De Calvacamp. Hugh's father was Malahulic/(Malahule)who came to the Normandy area of France from Norway on a Viking ship. He came with Rollo, or Rolph the Ganger. Hugh De Calvacamp's father Malahulic was uncle to Rollo. Rollo was the leader of the group that our ancestors came with. He and his followers( taunted/annoyed/stalked or worse) the coastlines of France until the King gave him the area that is now Normandy.

Hugh De Calvacamp also had a son Hugh De Calvacamp Jr. He was given the Archbishopship of Rouen by the Duke of Normandy, he being cousin to the Duke. There were certain lands that came with this title. Hugh gave his brother Ralph a piece of land called Tosni/Toeni, it was situated just across the River Seine from Les Andelys. The "s" in Tosni is silent therefore sounding like Toney. Ralph then became known as Raph de Toney. Our first ancestor was Standard Bearer to the Duke of Normandy, and became a hereditary position to Ralph's descendants. There is a wonderful book written by Constance Demain Saunders, called "The Toney Family". It was published by the Walthamstow Antiquarian Society. It is now out of print. As soon as my scanner is working I will scan it in. It tells the very first beginnings of this family and traces them for many generations. Also there is another neat book that quotes Constance' book and many other sources on the early Toney Family beginnings. This book is "Toney-The First Millennium" by Benjamin Toney. It is pretty new, so still in print.

Ben Toney states that it is most likely that we descend through Robert Toney of Bromsberro, Gloucestershire,England 1238-1293, son of Ralph de Toney 1V, and Petronilla de Lacey. Robert was the first to drop the de in Toney. After he came of age he was probably seated at "Toney's Farm" at Bromsberrow. This Robert is believed to have held a virgate of land at Ayston in Somerset England. Bristol, Somersetshire, England is where our immigrant ancestors came from. This leaves a gap of almost 300 years. One day, maybe we will bridge this gap and find an unbroken line back to our Royal Toney ancestorrs.

As Standard Bearers the Toney Family amassed a fortune in land in Normandy and in England. The Toney men had fiery dispositions, and this caused the Norman lands to eventualy to be lost. They were in and out of fondness with the Dukes of Normandy and Kings of England. Read Benjamin's book to find out (almost) everything you would want to know about the Toney Family.

Our first known Toney kin in the early colonies settled around Buckingham Co. Virginia. There is some dispute whether William Toney who married Ann Bishop or Edmund Toney is our earliest Toney ancestor in the U.S. I was told that the William Toney Ann Bishop story was a farce! I don't really know. But the Edmund Toney story has more documentation. Edmund Toney traveled by ship(of course)from Bristol, Somerset, England to the Virginia Colony.

Edmund had a son Edward. This is thought to be the son of the immigrant Edmund. This Edward had a son Edmund b. 25 may 1690 in New Kent co. Virginia. This Edmund is most likely my William Toney's father. William married three times. My Littleberry was a son of the first marriage. His mother is thought to have had the maiden name of Moss. The second wife was Elizabeth Stovall and the third was Margaret Southerland. Littleberry married Elizabeth Callaway, daughter to Thomas Callaway and Mary Baker. They had son William, Timothy and others. William's wife was Martha, and her maiden name is unknown. William and Martha had a son Littleberry born in 1795 in the Pendleton District of South Carolina. Littleberry married first Mary Wilson and second Nancy McMurtrey. Nancy & Littleberry had daugher Mary Elizabeth born in Madison Co. Missouri. Mary Elizabeth is my line. She married first John Nunally in Lawrence Co. Arkansas. He died and she married John Harris, also in Lawrence Co. Arkansas. They later moved to Yell Co. Arkansas to the Waveland area. Their daghter Lucrecia married first William Richard Walker, and when he died she married William James Walker(Richard's father).

The document below is the estate settlement of Little Berry or Littleberry Toney born in 1795 in The Pendleton District of South Carolina. He died about 1852 in Lawrence Co. Arkansas. His father was William Toney and his grandfather was also named Littleberry. The document below is only the first page of the settlement. I also have pages written in his hand when he was the County Court Clerk of Lawrence Co. Also I have documents of when he became Sheriff and County Assessor of the same County. Stay tuned for more on Littleberry and his family.

L.B Toney Estate Settlement

L.B.Toney County Court Clerk

L.B.Toney County Sherriff

L.B.Toney County Tax Assessor Oath