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Roisín Molloy ---Her Virtual Photo Album

LondonHigh School 2005

I'm playing hockey this year '05

In the Blue Mountains

The school Swimming carnival

Our Netball team for 2002

More Netball 2002

Roisín, Ted Bear and Duck.

Here we are studying The Simpsons on TV.

Mum, me and Fifi at school.

I used to go to school at McAuley Primary in Rose Bay which is the next suburb to Bondi. Now (2005) I go to Kincoppal, also in Rose Bay.

*NEW* Ireland 2001 / 2002

Christmas in Roscommon

Cold weather in Ros.

Activities in Ros.

First Communion ---- MORE Oct. 2001

The Irish journey 1998

Some 2001 Photos.

My Netball Team

My 8th Birthday

My Pet Bunny and my First Communion.


Bondi Pipe Freezing

Pipe Freezing Photos