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Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Stephen J. Sterling, Independent Associate

Pre-Paid Legal Services, develops, underwrites and markets legal service plans nationally. The plans provide for or reimburse legal service benefits, including unlimited attorney consultation, will preparation, traffic violation defense, automobile-related criminal charges, letter writing, document preparation and review and a general trial defense benefit. ===================================================================== Now is the time!!! Are you looking to make more Money??? Has corporate America stymied your Career??? Do you want a retirement income or Just change your career direction??? We market Legal protection membership plans that provide
Middle income American families with comprehensive Legal services with quality attorneys. ==================================================================== Our plans are to attorney fees what an HMO is to Doctor 0r hospital fees. From $16 to $25 a month Covers you, your spouse and dependent children Living at home to age 21 or children in college as A full time student to age 23 with quality legal Advice and protection. If you would like to market These legal service plans you can earn from $62.50 To $170 per each membership that you sell!!!================================================================= There's a 20 to 25 billion $$$ market and we have Very little competition. We're now on the new york Stock exchange after being #1 on the amex. We are Featured in forbes, fortune, success and many other Magazines. We are a 27 year old debt-free Corporation that can provide you and your family Total peace of mind!!! Now is the time!

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