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From:  "Remy C"

Date:  Fri Aug 16, 2002  5:31 pm

Subject:  Inca City, Mars - Dr. Dan Burisch - S4

From : "Bill Hamilton"

To : Skyopen@

Subject : [SO] Inca City, Mars proven to be part of a perfectly circular collection of structures

Date : Fri, 09 Aug 2002

This just in from BJ....

Inca City, Mars proven to be part of a perfectly circular collection of structures!

It's absolutely fantastic! New photographic evidence shows how Inca City, Mars fits into a massive complex of anomalous structures that form a perfect circle on the surface of the Red Planet! This is elegant proof of intelligent construction on a grand scale.

These massive structures were first identified as potential city ruins by Dr. Dan Burisch in the late 1990s. Intensive research isolated many more anomalous artifacts in the region and led the way to the publication of his findings in the book Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars.

I only wish Dr. Burisch could see this new evidence. I know what he'd say...."It's so good to be proven right!!!" Unfortunately, he resides under heavy guard when he is not working at S4, and any contact with the public has been strongly discouraged. The people in charge of the Blk-Ops projects he is working on were less than pleased that his name and findings with regard to Mars were ever made public. Dr. Burisch endured the loss of his academic credentials rather than back down from his position that Mars, especially Inca City Mars, held one of the keys to the question of extraterrestrial life, and its relationship to human life.

This amazing new photographic evidence helps prove his contention, and reveals that Inca City contains compelling evidence that an intelligent civilization left their mark upon the surface of our planetary neighbor.

The foundation-like structures seen in the images that Dr. Burisch used for his initial research were not broad enough to show the full extent or scope of the find. In fact, when one of the team sent in a request to see surrounding images, NASA responded by saying that those frames were private and not available to the public. But now that's all changed, thanks to the amazing improvements in technology, and what seems to be a change in attitude concerning the release of nearby images.

The MOC camera permits us to see the full area surrounding Inca City, and as a result we now know that Inca City is only a small part of a massive, perfectly circular collection of anomalies!

It's nothing short of spectacular!

To view the images from the source, please go to:

BJ Wolf Author, Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars

Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.


Fiat Lux et Veritas


Anonymous C. 2/11/2005 4:57 pm EST From Forum


A review... by Todd Andrews

Folks, I just got done reading the book, "Eagles Disobey, The Case For Inca City, Mars - By B.J. Wolf." Let me point out right off by saying, OH MY GOD. I have publicized, marketed, and pushed this book for months now, but had yet to read it. I am going to push it now, more than ever.

This book will blow your mind. It may actually change the way we look at our lives today. It will shake up traditional thinking, and help put a great start to stopping the continuing government cover-up we are so used to. I cannot press this enough!!! YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!

One thing this book does for sure is change the traditional way of thinking among us humans. It will make your mind reach into distant places you have never even fathomed, and make your mind work in ways you never knew possible.

Not only is this book a great reference-style piece of literature, it tell the whole story from the Author´s point of view, and the discovery she made with the scientist who is making the claims included in the book. It references with irrefutable evidence a relationship between Mars and Earth, in a region of Mars photographed in the 1970´s from Mariner 9. These pictures, not studied then because of poor imaging software, have now been given another look. And this look revealed things that will literally change your way of thinking!

The book starts from the beginning, and moves to the end in a gripping 270+ pages, with over 150 illustrations, photographs, and computer enhanced imaging. You will pick this book up again and again, and show it to friends for the rest of your life.

Not only are great, and ground-breaking theories, and ideas brought up in this book, many of them follow along with the current scientific findings of Richard Hoagland, who is the main proponent of the Cydonia region of Mars. More commonly referred to the "Face on Mars" Well, this book has a new face, two actually. Monolithic drawings, etchings, and monuments, ON MARS. They have been there the whole time, but nobody bothered took the time to look. Dr. Dan Burisch did, and this is his story, and his findings in excessive detail. Combined with the writings by B.J. Wolf, it is by far the BEST read I have ever had the opportunity to experience!

I have been involved in the project since the beginning, and become quite good friends with the author and scientist (and because I believe 100% what they have found to be true, I have seen it with my own eyes). I assure you, guarantee you, and promise you, I am making NOTHING on this book. My urgency here is from the pure surge of what I have read. I urge everyone to spend the money for this book! It will be an investment well spent, and well worth the money!

If anyone has questions, please e-mail me. ">Todd Andrews Founder RISKERS/UFOIA


About my Book... by B.J. Wolf

The book, Eagles Disobey, A Case For Inca City, Mars by B.J. Wolf, just may help answer that question. This book, researched by Dr. Dan Burisch, in association with RISKERS/NUFOIA, may bring us closer than we have ever been to an Earth/Mars connection.

Since the beginning of this book, strange things have happened to every one of the team members involved. There is more information about that in the book, but it has been a painstaking trek to get this far, and we are finally here. I can promise you will be more than satisfied with this book, and enjoy reading every word.

The book is 287 pages in length. It will be perfect bound in an 5.5" by 8.5" format. It contains over 170 images, most of which come from NASA´s own image archives.

Anyway, the new information was far cleaner than the image on the NSSDC website for the general public to view, and we found the most remarkable collection of objects, structures, glyphs and symbols in the Martian landscape. Three of them, including the ´face´ are duplicated almost perfectly elsewhere in the landscape! This locked down the case for intelligently- created objects as opposed to natural wind erosion.....

The original image from the NSSDC website was augmented by the addition of another image obtained from another source, which showed a far wider expanse of Martian surface. You see, once NASA realized that people were starting to take a long hard look at that area, they refused to provide us with the full frame image - but I guess they forgot that they provided it to people before the area become ´of interest´. We were very fortunate to obtain one of those early releases.

The principle scientist of the team was checking out the NSSDC website about a year and a half ago and he noticed an image identified as "Inca City" which had some strange crosshatched patterns . Up near the top of the ´boxes´ was a face staring back up out of the sand. It was incredible, and so he decided to look around for more objects.

What he found made him assemble the team and begin an investigation which stretched about a year and a quarter.


About this time, some of Dan´s ´friends´ from ´up north´ (Dan was one of the scientists who used to get flown up to that base that doesn´t exist, about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas....) started putting pressure on us to stop the book. I started getting threats in my email. Dan got threats my email and phone, he and others on the team were run off the road (on more than one occasion) Dan was shot at (somebody actually emptied a clip at him, something like 7 or 8 rounds while he was leaving a movie theatre), and he was stopped (and manhandled) on the side of the road by people identifying themselves as federal agents. I even had my truck sabotaged, and it was a miracle I was not killed when the metal gave way in the front end. I suppose the worst thing that happened was that ´they´ erased his credentials (Ph.D) from SUNY (where he earned his Ph.D in microbiology) and attacked and damaged his undergraduate credentials. That caused Dan (a young man in his early 30´s) to suffer a heart attack. We still were determined to release this information to the public.

There was nothing that was going to stop our work. Especially with NASA refusing to rephotograph Cydonia, and pulling the plug on all manned-missions in the future! We know what´s up there. At least, in one small section of the Martian surface. And if that gallery of objects is any indication, Mars is a treasure trove just waiting for us...

I´ve attached a file showing just one of the many glyphs we found on the landscape near Inca City. This one looks very much like one of those 65 million year old flying dinosaurs. Please notice the ridge on top of the head, the jaw-beak area, and eye socket and claw on the foot.


There were also a number of strange symbols we found carved into the land. One group of these symbols formed a circle around the central figure. The symbols were later found to be remarkably similar to some we have seen in ancient earth cultures. We feel that there is a distinct link between what we have found on Mars and ancient cultures of earth. These objects, often many miles long on the surface of Mars, might be beacons, or signposts designed to get our attention as we (the human race) began to explore our surrounding solar- neighborhood.

There is another anomalous object which I found quite fascinating. We call it the Great Catselas Pyramid, but the reason it is so unusual is because the shadow that it casts, in fact the entire object seems offer a reverse light- shadow signature, as though it were created not out of rock or some other opaque material, but out of a crystalline matrix, which tends to gather light. We found a face - virtually an exact match for the mirror-image study of ´the face´ which started all of this, imbedded in a triangle! (please see attached file)

All of these objects are related, through a rather complex geometry that we are only starting to understand, but it revolves around regular triangles, circles, and the 19.5 degree angle which Richard Hoagland found throughout Cydonia We have found something quite amazing at Inca City, Mars.


B.J. Wolf, Author, Eagles Disobey, A Case For Inca City, Mars


From eaglesdisobey Forum 2/13/05

"Filer's Files /#13-1998 /April 2, 1998

"The new book, Eagles Disobey, A Case for Inca City, Mars just may help answer the question did life once exist on Mars. Dr. Dan Burisch was checking out the NSSDC Website, about a year and a half ago and he noticed an image identified as "Inca City" which had some strange crosshatched patterns. Up near the top of the 'boxes' was a face staring back up out of the sand. It was incredible, so he decided to look around for more objects. It was obvious NASA scientists also saw the images and named it the Inca City. A team was assembled and began more than a year's investigation. Scientist Dr. Dan Burisch did the image analysis, while B. J. Wolf wrote the book. It contains over 170 images from NASA's own archives. They found the most remarkable collection of objects, structures, glyphs and symbols and more Faces. One group of symbols forms a circle around a central figure and one resembles a flying dinosaur. These objects, often many miles long on the surface of Mars, might be beacons, or signposts. The book contains images of monolithic drawings, etchings, and monuments on Mars. You can order the book at Riskers/NUFOIA:

The Great Catselas Pyramid is particularly spectacular because the shadow that it casts, in fact the entire object seems to offer reverse light. Instead of creating a dark shadow, the area is lighter suggesting lights or a crystalline matrix or glass, that gathers light. They found a face imbedded in a triangle and another within a circle!

All of these objects are related by complex geometry of triangles, circles, and the 19.5 degree angles. We can speculate Mars acquired an advanced civilization in the distant past. Eventually their atmosphere gradually deteriorated. The Martian's tried to build enclosed self sufficient structures, built giant signaling devices and attempted space travel. Since there is little evidence our ancient Earth cultures could reach Mars, we can speculate the strange symbols and beliefs were brought here by ancient astronauts. The book's thesis is that there is a distinct link between what was found on Mars and ancient cultures of earth. This seems to lock down the case for artificially objects on Mars created by intelligent life forms as opposed to natural causes. The author claims Mars is a treasure trove just waiting for us. We hope to have some momentous announcements in the coming weeks. "


Date: 9/15/01 5:17:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

"I noticed with great interest that you have used photos of Inca City to help illustrate the growth on Mars. In 1997 I wrote the book, Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars based upon the research of Dr. Dan Burisch who showed through photos from previous missions how Inca City was surrounded by artifacts of ancient civilization. We found many examples of tetrahedral and pyramid shaped objects, with edges at exactly the correct angles with knife-like precision. We also found massive glyphs carved into the ground nearby the 'foundation boxes' and a huge face at the upper portion of the box-structures. There was clearly civilized life here many years ago, and those box-like constructions appeared (to me) to be either city foundations, or a series of retaining pools edged with dikes or bulwarks for retaining and controlling agricultural water. If you wish, I could send you a complimentary copy of Eagles Disobey for your files. If you look at the overview of the box-like structures and hold it up agai nst a diagram of the Inca city of Machu Pichu (excuse the spelling) you will see a staggering similarity, even to the y-shaped retaining basin, with spout pointing down toward the retaining basins on both sites; Earth and Mars.

It does not surprise me that life would spring up in these shallow depressions between the bulwark walls of the 'city'. B.J. Wolf, Author "

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ 4/12/2006


"...As the DCTP issues impact presently known "forms" identified by unmanned (and in the case of the Moon- manned) orbital vehicles, I was recently asked to comment (in another medium) on the nature of such alleged "present" and yet some "potential" (given the paradox) ruins. My reply was as follows (redacted for this public forum):


"I must show great diligence in my reply, so as to separate the belief from knowledge and degrees of knowledge by provenance (first hand, second hand...etc.)

Coming to me as second hand knowledge to him, the J-Rod did refer to a Martian Colony, one to be constructed in a possible future. His reference more or less directed me toward the South Pole of Mars, but wasn't the reason why I began investigating Inca City. As said before, I got over myself, after being angry at NASA over their apparent "ALH84001,0" [actual word self-censored], and in so doing looked at the NSSDC website, thus "running into" Inca City in their database.

Coming to me via one of the former Maji, (the one who was chosen to discuss the DCTP with me, after we brokered a little "information deal", one that was promoted by them as a means to an end),

I heard about the paradoxical presence of ruins on Mars, including Cydonia Mensae, Inca City, Utopia Planitia, amongst others. This information was supported by imagery and documents written by the Cover Committee's to Projects LookingGlass and Aquarius.

During the T9-6 (2003-2004, inclusive due to certain items being first in abeyance), pursuant to agreements made during the OF9-7 (2000) and in stated preparation for the OF9-8 (2009), treaty negotiations included the permissible unmanned orbital observation of such areas, including those on the Earth's Moon, on Mars, and elsewhere, whereas (however) the landing of human beings would be delayed at those specifically declared locations, until after the transition took place, in order to reduce the possibility for further paradox.

Further, negotiations between the Orions and certain other "non-human lineage" extraterrestrial civilizations, as being brokered for us by the Orions, are contingent upon us demonstrating restraint as outlined in the T9-6 and to be further demonstrated in the actions following the OF9-8.

Documents (some official and others "sacred"...which I guess makes them even more official...) to which I have been made privy, since that time (T9-6), have "slightly more" than alluded to me ( they were not precisely about this subject...but more a religious one...) that former ancient civilizations, predating what is now known as the Golden Age of Greece, did in fact exist on the Planet Mars, and on a now destroyed planet. The precise extent to which this alleged civilization (extant on Mars, in a very ancient time) and actions of our possible future progeny interacted...thus promoting paradox as a result...remains unknown to me, as of this writing. The precise extent to which the observed architectural features have also been influenced, in a paradoxical manner, is likewise unknown to me. The referential "close-matches" were products of our own independent research, and not directly stated in official documents or by upper-echelon individuals with whom we have conversed."..."

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:32 pm

JAnunknown wrote: Hoi all,

I did see the Hamilton face before you did. (I think and I know). Right after Bill showed the whole picture my first reaction was. WHOW there is also something I´ve seen before. Yes the Hamilton face. And I was very impressed by the squares. In nature that is the most unnatural thing there is (apart from the S-cube)
LOL. This face must be the next Lukilu (?).

You did? JAn, you I take on face questions to be asked. I will speak with Marcia right now about this!
(From now on scream it out when ya see something! )


As Marcia and I, save another prove an earlier find, are the original public finders of record for this "form", we have the discretion what to apply to it in the way of names. As Janunknown is known to us as being as honest as the day is long, and as we come from different languages...making some things more difficult...he has been named, in truth and honesty, as a concurrent co-finder of the form, also applying the name of the great people of the Netherlands to it. I am listed with a "USA", Marcia with a "USA/CANADA" and JAn with a "NETHERLANDS." We have decided to keep the name "Hamilton's Face" for the record, as a nickname to be used...but now the 3 names are present on the find. Congratulations to the great people of the USA, CANADA, and the NETHERLANDS for this find!

EDIT: The APRIL 23, 2006 public record on this forum has been updated to include the new name, as well.

Dan Burisch 12/17/2007 Administrator neweaglesforum, BURISCH'S BLOG

Question (sanitized) received in email from an investigator:

"I wonder how easy it is for you to explain the paradox, and what (exactly!) has caused this manifestation of it. ... If what we're seeing in Moon/Mars artifacts are artifacts from a future time, then what are the physics involved?

The images are not visible from the Earth, but have been captured by camera from orbiting satellites, etc. So light strikes an artifact, in the future, and is reflected off it and is captured on a camera, which is digitized and is radioed back to Earth in present time. Do you have any idea how and at what point in the cause/effect chain the paradox occurs?"

Answer supplied: "I have just spoken with one of our best, who worked on Project Looking Glass. The cause/effect, as I understand it, is our time travel interfering with the natural course of perceived time. That interference, due to both subtle changes in history and our accessing wormholes, has provided for an "out of equilibrium" state where what looks like a Newtonian version of Quantum Superpositioning has been created.

The reality, as I understand it from him, is that this "out of equilibrium" state is manifesting as adjoined universes. The changes we have wrought (from the future) did diverge the reality into separate universes, but unbeknownst to such preeminent theoretical physicists as Michio Kaku, is that with such divergence, a linkage also occurs. As that linkage begins to break, the universes begin to partially separate, yet each will maintain historic aspects of "latent effects" from contact. Those aspects which appear as "overlays," begin to fade away as we approach the moment where the first instance of time travel occurred into our singular define universe (a non catastrophic timeline - as it has not yet happened to us) and from their universe (to them also a moment before catastrophe).

That dual specific "moment" is rapidly approaching. It is presently thought that the J-Rods and Orions will not cease to exist, but will diverge away from us, and become totally ensconced in their own universe, their own timeline, while we remain in our own timeline.

You may make this response public. I am going to echo it, and a sanitized version of your question, on the Eagles Forum. It is the best answer yet, which I have received from former team members on the LG." Dan

Dr Dan Burisch 12/19/2007 neweaglesforum, "BURISCH'S BLOG"

Well..if that doesn't beat all! And to think...Marcia [BJ Wolf] only has about 100-110 copies left...I was advised a few minutes ago of this sale going on, on

Amazing! To think...we sold them for $10 a pop in Rachel (2004), and we gave 12 copies away in Laughlin (03/03/07). Our original price was $10 (1998), then it was changed to $17.95 (1998), then $21.95 (1999) at $180.00. Amazing! No clue who "engineeringexpress" might be. I do have a clue who has the first book, though...that would be "me"...until tonight.

The above image[s] were taken this evening, as I handed the first copy, first book out of the first box, of Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars, which I have cared for since 1998, to Marcia for storage in our archive safe. This book is the only one with all three signatures (all dated in May, 1998) of the then living coauthors (Butch had already passed away). Sadly, we have heard (unverified at this moment) that the number of living coauthors are now down to two, those in the pictures above. This book may be offered for sale, one day, but per my wishes may only be sold with proceeds going to CHARITY. Original Sale Price...$10.00 Pumped Up Retail Price...$21.95 Out of Print Sale Price by someone we don't know...$180.00 Humbly knowing the book was written about you...PRICELESS. Love, Dan




"Inca City" Mars at


Dr. Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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