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Dr Dan Burisch Microbiologist



Some Comments From Area 51 Dr Dan Burisch Forums, Etc.

Why the Thread about Dan Burisch is not headed to the īdead threadī bin...Harrdrawk (Harry D.)

11/27/2003 GLP Forum

Why the Thread about Dan Burisch is not headed to the īdead threadī bin...

Because itīs an odyssey.

The Burisch Thread is not just about Dr. Burisch and some missing scientists and the various conspiracies within world and national Governments being uncovered these past few weeks. (Most all youīve heard about though, receive some degree of confirmation herein)

It is not just about microbiology, or quantum mechanics, or astrophysics, or even rocket science... It is not just another story about the Alien presence and their involvement with human genetics or the trade -offs our leaders agreed to...

It IS ALSO a story about the God of our Universe, His Hope for Us, and our Ancestors, and our Descendants. It is a story about Timelines and Timeline Overlays and even Time Travel. . [as in the Doctrines of Convergent Timeline Paradox ,(DCTP)] It is a story that began long before any of us had computers, or telescopes, or even walked upright. It is a story about the Last Days before that (what has been referred to as ) " ...very bad year", by the PTB... "

Itīs about "Time".

Donīt be discouraged about the length of the Burisch Thread... itīs only going to get longer...
...Good Luck and May god Bless -- HH. Harrdrawk



Publius (NLI) 9/15/2004 9:16 pm EDT

Dr. Burisch. GANESH PARTICLE, Enigma, TRUTH and ? (VOL.20).

I would think by now Dan Burisch seen in the round is a co-created fable wrapped around a deeper story of a not so normal human being. Recovery from blindness and angelic presences and brain scrubbing and exotic micro-biology with EBEīs adds a piquancy and depth seldom found in modern science fiction tales revolving around Area 51. In a sense he is a incarnated Christlike figure because of having been chosen prior to birth to do his work among men. Then, like a post-modern Charles Williams, ritual magic and Christianity combine to create an atmosphere of dread, wonder and hope. Dan Burisch has located the skeleton key to Godīs Kingdom. This train is bound for Glory howls in the jukebox accompanied by Delta blues.

Unknown number of sentient beings visiting and fussing around that are not Greys or Orionites evidently stand aside waiting for that Gospel Train. On a certain date in the not too distant future Adam is to be forgiven thanks to the Military Alien Industrial Complex and each species shall stand on their own. At this moment history will have finished at last and the resurrection of the dead will promptly be followed in America by voter registration.


Kiwi Cocky 9/17/2004 6:23 pm EDT

Dr. Burisch. GANESH PARTICLE, Enigma, TRUTH and ? (VOL.20).

"... Publius, lol consensus? Not sure weīve attained that level yet. We risk the wrath whenever we venture forth with any opinions re Danīs validity. Someone elseīs opinion:

"In this sense, like the MJ-12 papers, Dan Burische, is a set of impostures moving slowly towards us out of the mental haze thickening and solidifying. Each piece of imposture will have a different label, and soon, wearing the labels as his only clothes, he will no doubt cross that threshold of belief called the "real," and become a Star. In the sense that Stars are constructed of people's expectations (their "real" personalities being of absolutely no interest to anyone at all), he will become a part construct of urban legend.

His remains will not be bones, but faltering memories, some leaves torn from a lost notebook, a few addresses that have been demolished, a few acquaintances that recall him with difficulty, and web sites that are no longer maintained. His final form will be a version of all those lost letters and parcels that drove mad Melville's character, Bartleby, who spent his entire life in a lost property office.

In this respect, like the pantomime demon, Dan Burische is nothing more or less than a half-form, neither dead nor alive. Woven by a mix of cultural advertisements, we can wind him up and his strutting clockwork will perform for us, spinning web sites and journeys most of which end inexplicably in mid air, like half-completed Mayan temples and Egyptian pyramids. Dan is then is another scheme of impossible impostures within the great metaphysical comedy of belief structures that control Western media and consumerism. Structured by legends and suggestions, expectations and dreams, he is a piece of minor demonology in consumer-images generated by the vibrant mythology of Area 51.

It is no use denying what Dan says. He feeds on denials. Like a good politician, he will produce a pre-tooled set of counter-denials. They will have been designed, pre-packaged and waiting to go on stage like a chorus line of dancing beauties."

digorius 7/5/2005 9:25 pm EDT GLP Forum

Re: EaglesDisobey Cult Front for Dan Burisch

idol harobed,

Interesting points you make, but they disprove absolutely nothing. The nature of Danīs entire being has been missed here. He has been "owned" since he was 9. The people that own him have the power to erase anyone they like at any given moment. Do you think for a minute that they are going to let him "publish" the work he has done over the years. They are trying to modify the timeline to perhaps save our planet. If this is true do you think the years of work they have invested in Dan Burisch should be readily available via google search.

The stuff we have been allowed to view are perhaps partial truths and a glimpse into his work. They donīt want the other faction to have access to his work. We donīt even know the Colnel Sanders secret recipe for crying out loud! Dan is fighting with everything that he has to give us as much as he can. If this is a hoax the person who is hoaxing is one intelligent person.

A friend of mine (she is a phd and a microbiologist) is reviewing some of the work that Dan has done. I am awaiting her conclusion. She has some patents pending involving DNA and she has a couple of papers published in cell magazine. I believe she is qualified to review Danīs work. I am interested to what she has to tell me. The piece I gave her to review was the recombining DNA paper where Dan refuses to combine the Jrod DNA with the cadavor DNA.

I understand the skepticsm, but letīs take this for what it is. Dan is working on his Disclosure piece right now. When this is released I am hoping it will clear many things up. We have to remember that this whole thing is controlled, so we may never know all of the truth.

I myself cannot dismiss the Dan Burisch saga to be a hoax. It takes a great investment of time to study all of the material. I have been at it for a few months and feel like I have only scratched the surface.

We all have our own opinions, and I must respect all of yours, but that doesnīt mean we canīt have a friendly debate.
peace and love


Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 12:07 pm

Post subject: Michael Salla Just Weighed Into The Debate

Michael just weighed in. Posted here for the record. I just talked to him by phone also. Ed

From: "Exopolitics" Add to Address Book Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more

To: "Randy Kitchur" ,,
CC:,, "Bill Hamilton" , "Ed Komarek"

Subject: Re: Stop the Ignorance please! Toronto Exopolitics symposium

Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 05:11:30 -1000

Hello Randy, I think that the Burisch case has a number of elements within it that requires great caution for any who take it on. Nevertheless, I think it important not to dismiss it all as a hoax and simply identify those elements that reflect a psy-op and those elements that are genuinely part of what is occurring. I think the psy-op element lies in the manner of presenting data on a possible ELE (Extinction Level Event) that threatens most human life in 2012 or earlier. This in my view is where delay of disclosure may occur and where we need to be aware of the psy-op factor and how it works. Basically, many insiders are convinced that an ELE is coming our way and this can't be simply dismissed as a product of a psy-op since I think it merely reflects a particular take on the available data predicting future destructive events. I think we might strongly disagree on the data and even conclude that some of it is deliberately contrived, without labelling the Burisch case a fraud.

I think the goal in the Burisch material is the promotion of disclosure with a particular spin that allows continued control by those in charge of the covert projects, some of which are designed to respond to a possible ELE. I know Bill Hamilton and I think it important to note that he has been putting out UFO/EBE material for decades well before you, I and many others came along. He's supported 'contactee' cases from the fifties and sixties and has put out a lot of information from whistleblowers that is very useful and helpful in understanding the big picture. I think he has firm connections with the mil-intel community and that has undoubtedly put a slant on things that we need to remain wary of. Nevertheless, he puts out a lot of useful information and we need to just consider any possible spin factor as part of the price of working with researchers with "good relations" with the insider community. In short, Bill's a very competent researcher and his research shouldn't be dismissed because it doesn't fit in with one's preconceived prejudices about ET behavior or because of his military service background. I think part of your rejection of the Burisch material comes from the view that all ETs behave ethically, this is simply not supported by the data nor of course by the Burisch material.

I don't think the Dan Burisch case is a hoax. There are elements in it that are vitally important for understanding the thinking of the mil-intel community that is aware of different ET civilizations with varying motivations and of a possible ELE in the near future. The Burisch case is a means of getting this information out but putting a spin on it that takes us in a direction that we need to be very wary of. I also think that the way in which the material is presented sometimes takes on the air of a cult with Dan Burisch presented as a hero or 'savior of humanity'. I think we need to be discerning and proceed with caution in dealing with the Burisch material, and not simply dismiss the Burisch case as a hoax and label its key proponents, cultists.

In peace, Michael Salla

srb2001 Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 8:21 pm

Boomerang wrote: The search for possible reasons behind the story is ongoing. I can offer no rational explanation as to why a group of people would behave in the manner that they have. I don't see how it can be for monetary gain but equally, I don't see any SOLID evidence to support the many and varied reasons offered so far by them. We have always had to deal with circumstantial evidence... Boomer,

Thanks for the forthright testament regarding your evaluation of the Burisch Saga. As I said before, I found your falling out with LV to be a real blow to the perceived PR of Dan & Co., given your track record of high integrity regarding the factual record.

Your disbelief in the authenticity of Dan's claims begs several questions -- perhaps to be hashed over by this forum.

If one were to assume that Dan Burisch's story is false, then: How "far back" would Dan's fabrication reach? -- Lotus/GP research, J-Rod/ET reality, Mars/Inca ruins, the DCTP & 2012, Majestic & the Illuminati, Area 51/Papoose/S-4/Dulce, etc., etc.

Since Dan was alledgedly "bean-boxed", does his compartmentalization offer plausible deniability for any and all aspects of the Shadow Government/ ET Coverup outside of his Debriefing?

Is Dan's factual corroboration with "Mr. X" on Jerry Pippin's interview, or for that matter, with Bob Lazar or John Mack also circumstancial or rather conspiratorial (disinfo)?

What purpose is served by Majestic or Tau-9 allowing Dan's disclosure if not legitimate? Wouldn't the story be relegated to compete with the likes of Project Serpo or John Titor for extravagant distraction of fringe enthusiasts? Is there an overarching integrity (no self-referring inconsistencies) to the body of the Debriefing? Or will these inconsistencies be catalogued by people like yourself, DonDep, or Peter7 who have carefully recorded the saga? What to make of the affidavits in DonDep's possession? Would Dan go the distance to testify under subpoena regarding their veracity, or do you surmise that they represent the bait and switch techniques used by, say, LM Howe's alleged Holloman AFB informant who pulled the documentation of Military-ET encounters after offering her the same?

Are Dan & Marci true lone wolves with this mythmaking, or is there in fact a group behind it all? Assuming also that it's NOT Majestic, due to that being part of the myth, WHO then and why the story? Pure artform, as with, say, the WingMakers web project?

Is the Roswell incident fabricated also, again by extrapolation? ET's? UFO's? Abductions?

Will we all have to wait it out 'til 12-21-2012 to put a final lid on the claims? (May I add, as we had to wait it out 'til today to put a lid on Eric Julien?) Or, when that doomsday has passed, would Dan & Co. claim to have averted the catastrophe after all, so the story remains untarnished?

I find Dan to have a certain spiritual maturity, although some may find it naïve. Or, if one concludes Dan is fabricating, his persona would be found to be a cynical ploy. If one gives Dan the benefit of the doubt, then why would he con the public if he has high regard for spirituality? In fact, this take wouldn't jive with his insistence on a spritual path for individuals to take to avoid the destructive ends suffered by a selfish population at the time of the "Event."

To delve even deeper into Dan's character, we find him well-versed in esoterica and metaphysics although he eschews gnosticism. We find him verbose in Biochemistry (the Q94-109A Document), although you state his lack of elecrical knowledge and HeathKit lab sophistication. We have him blowing the lid off of the Condon Report and ET phenomena since then, but at the same time not wanting to have anything to do with UFOlogy, at least in its popular form. These contrasts point to a man of deeper than surface motivations and ability since they go against the grain. They also add to his credibility, which is why the saga fascinates to begin with. I'll leave at that for now


"...Further delving into the age of new world order deception, (William) Cooper points to the UFO and alien hoax thrust on America, finding within the Majestytwelve secret documents the entire plan for the creation of a socialist world government is protected by an artificial extraterrestrial threat from space. He adds the entire UFO phenomenon and the uFOOLogy movement has been created to further the protection and activation of the plan, outing Coast to Coast talk show host Art Bell, as one of the main Illuminati spokesman.  

"Within MAJESTYTWELVE is Operation Majority justifying the plan by presenting an extraterrestrial threat as the reason for the necessity for world government ala "Who speaks for planet Earth... Argentina?" Exactly the manner in which Stanton T. Friedman ends his UFOs Are Real lectures," said Cooper.

  "When I saw Operation Majority while serving in the Navy I believed the alien threat was real just like everyone else. It was not until I had performed many years of research that I was able to fully understand exactly what it was that I had seen. It was extremely difficult for me to believe that my government and the United States Navy had used me, especially since I had dedicated my life to government and military service. Most government and military personnel cannot and will not believe such and idea.

  "The plan is real. The extraterrestrial threat is artificial. The threat is presented through the use of secret technology originally developed by the Germans in their secret weapons programs during WW-II, by geniuses like Nikola Tesla, and many others..."

"...Former Spokesperson for Werner Von Braun, Space Pioneer, Testifies that Space Based Weapons to Be Rationalized by Hoaxed Extraterrestrial Threat..."

by Steven M. Greer M.D.

Since 1992 I have seen this script unveiled to me by at least a dozen well-placed insiders. Of course, initially I laughed, thinking this just too absurd and far-fetched. Dr. Rosin gave her testimony to the Disclosure Project before 9/11. And yet others told me explicitly that things that looked like UFOs but that are built and under the control of deeply secretive 'black' projects, were being used to simulate - hoax - ET-appearing events, including some abductions and cattle mutilations, to sow the early seeds of cultural fear regarding life in outer space. And that at some point after global terrorism, events would unfold that would utilize the now-revealed Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs, or reversed-engineered UFOs made by humans by studying actual ET craft - see the book "Disclosure" by the same author) to hoax an attack on Earth.


"... At about 1AM EST, Friday, September 12, 1997, he designated one phone line for Area 51 employees to call in and "spill the beans." Several interesting and convincing callers took the bait. Then came one bizarre call from an obviously distraught and terrified man who claimed to be a former Area 51 employee recently discharged for "medical" reasons. He cited malevolent extraterrestrials at Area 51 and an impending disaster that the government knew would take out "major population centers." Midway through this call (according to GE engineers) the satellite's "Earth sensor lost lock" and the craft rolled into an attitude where it no longer pointed at the uplinks, causing 50 channels to go off-air for about 30 minutes. Shortly after the outage began, the live internet video feed from Art's studio was lost as well..."


The following is a verbatim transcript from last night's Art Bell Show at approximately 1:45 A.M. Friday Sept. 12, 1997 (2:35:42 RealAudio elapsed time,

Art: On my Area 51 line, you're on the air, hello.
Male caller: Hello, Art?
Art: Yes
Caller [sounds frightened]: I don't have a whole lot of time.
Art: Well, look, let's begin by finding out if you're using this line properly or not.
Caller: OK, in Area 51?
Art: Yes. Are you an employee or are you now?
Caller: I'm a former employee. I, I was let go on a medical discharge about a week ago and, and... [chokes] I kind of been running across the country. Damn, I don't know where to start, they're, they're gonna, they'll triangulate on this position really soon.
Art: So you can't spend a lot of time on the phone, so give us something quick.
Caller [voice breaking up with apparent suppressed crying]: OK, um, um, OK, what we're thinking of as aliens, Art, they're extradimensional beings, that, an earlier precursor of the space program they made contact with. They are not what they claim to be. They've infiltrated a lot of aspects of, of, of the military establishment, particularly the Area 51.

The disasters that are coming, they, the military, I'm sorry, the government knows about them. And there's a lot of safe areas in this world that they could begin moving the population to now, Art.
Art: So they're not doing, not doing anything.
Caller: They are not. They want those major population centers wiped out so that the few that are left will be more easily controllable...."
Art [fragment]: ...discharged...
Caller [sobbing, then fragment]: I say we g ....

[Dead air for 25 seconds, followed by theme song and repeat of Mark Fuhrman interview talking about marijuana busts] [2:29:43 elapsed time]
Art: We are now on a backup system....The entire transmitting system went down...

Art's radio network engineer later reported that the network's communication satellite lost 50 channels (including Art's feed) at that moment, possibly due to a "lost earth sensor" (so it no longer pointed to the earth station)..."

"...Uhouse said their team had an alien consultant. On the 1988 NBC special, "UFO Coverup Live," a shadowy figure called Falcon showed diagrams of alien physiology and said aliens have operational control of parts of Nevada."

"...In addition to Corso who claims that the government had been forced into a "negotiated surrender" with extraterrestrials, and of Morris's claims of extraterrestrials residing at the underground Dulce facility,.."

Mind Control, ET Goverment Treaties, Military Advancements ....
By James Casbolt


greys representing the reptilians from Orion

"... The grey and reptilian aliens working together with the military in the underground bases is called MIEC (military industrial extra- terrestrial complex). This is a malevolent organisation, as you shall see with the following information. There are also benevolent ET's on this planet. These groups are not part of the MIEC and are from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Lyra, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Sirius A, and Ummo. These groups seem to work together in some kind of protective 'federation'.

"... On July 11, 1934 the first treaty with the greys from Orion occurred aboard a naval ship in Balboa. This was one of the most important events in human history because it thrust us into a role we were not prepared for as regards to being a host to a malevolent extra-terrestrial race.

The US federal government disregarded the constitution of the United States by doing this and not telling the people. It was here that the agreement was first made between the greys representing the reptilians from Orion and representatives of the US intelligence community. The treaty stated that in return for the greys providing high technology (anti-gravity, metals and alloys, environment, free energy and medical technology) the government would allow the greys to proceed unhindered with human abductions. This was only if a list of abductees was provided to the government and the abductees returned unharmed with their memories of the events erased. .."


"... It was agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the alien nation and that TWO BASES would be constructed for the joint use of the alien nation and the United States Government. Exchange of technology would take place in the jointly occupied bases. THESE ALIEN BASES WOULD BE CONSTRUCTED UNDER INDIAN RESERVATIONS IN THE FOUR CORNERS AREA OF UTAH, COLORADO, NEW MEXICO AND ARIZONA, and one would be constructed in an area known as Dreamland (Note: Many sources allege that the reason the 'aliens' insisted on these underground bases beneath these particular areas was that 'they' in fact do not hail EXCLUSIVELY from other planetary bodies, but that they are originally from earth and have for centuries occupied deep cavern levels beneath the planet, and more recently beneath these areas of the southwestern U.S. The 'bases' then, which most in the government might believe are of exclusively human construction for use in 'joint' operations, would actually be 'covers' or 'fronts' for actual subterrain systems largely under the control of this saurian race. This would explain why many human workers in these 'joint' bases have been kept highly compartmentalized; why many do not realize what's taking place in the LOWER levels or even how many lower levels exist; why the 'security' increases enormously the deeper one descends into these underground bases; and why the human influence decreases and the saurian-reptilian-gray influence increases the deeper one descends into these under-ground networks - Branton)."..."



The Race of Greys Called the DOW

The Dow are a small group of Greys that are responsible for many abduction/detentions. They have very little emotional development, but do possess very strong telepathic powers. These powers are often used to deceive and conceal their true motives and objectives. Their race is struggling to assure their own self-preservation but, as of yet, they have not met with any true success ... "
" ... The Dow have their heritage in the system of Zeta Reticuli, with their original place of origin being the star called M-2, in Zeta Reticuli II. Their home sun had burned out and their planet destroyed many thousands of years ago. The exact date hasn't been give yet. They were Reticulans originally, loving healers with tremendous skills in technology and analytical powers. Their cousins, the Zeta's, who are still there are very much the healers in the Universe, especially on a third and forth density level. This group is said to be very gentle. However, this is no longer the case for the Dow ... "
" ... As a small group, the Dow ventured out on their own and were captured by the Orion Group. Genetically altered many times through many generations, the Dow became the slaves and pirates in service to the reptilian species, specifically the Orions and the Draconans ... "
" ... The Dow assignment is to go out in groups as biological and genetic engineers to find underdeveloped worlds and civilizations and then conquer them without force. The Earth fell victim to these plans. The Dow broke Cosmic Law as decreed by the Andromedan Council by interfering with a developing world. The only group originally given permission to be here was Pleaidian. Since then, several other groups have also been granted permission. This type of interference is typical of the Orion Group. Here is how the plan was explained to me.

The Dow first make contact with a world that is developing, to what degree I am uncertain. They study all of the world's religions, countries, governments, etc. then decide which is the strongest and make contact with that nation.

Incredible technology is dangled in the face of this nation or nations in order to get treaties signed giving permission for the Dow to be here and study the life forms, etc. Once this is accomplished, they then slowly take control of the governments that rule the populace and then they become our leaders. Few in the populace really get to know that it has happened.

Clones or genetic doubles are created and programmed to do what the Dow want and then they play upon the greed of the beings on this planet. Frequently, the elite and/or governments sell out their own races to be, or remain, in favor of their rulers. Once in control, having done so in a most subversive way, the Dow then invite their rulers, the Reptilians and the Orion Group, to the planet to continue the conquest. Here is where it gets difficult for the Andromedan Council. The Dow are the only group that really violated the Law by coming down in the first place. The Orion Group and the Reptilians are asked as guests of the ruling race to come to the planet and colonize. The problem becomes how to get the Orion Group to leave of its own volition. They technically have not been the ones to violate the Law of Non-intervention. The Council cannot hold the Orion Group responsible for the actions of the Dow. Does any of this sound familiar to you? The Council of Eleven have said that this has happened to many other worlds in our Universe and it has also happened to us here on Earth, or Terra, as the Andromedans call us ... "

" ... Their original agreement was to assist humankind by sharing technology and information. The government, in turn, gave its promise that the Dow could study our civilization, in complete secrecy in underground bases (Dow avoid bright light) built by the government, all without public knowledge. Almost immediately the Dow broke the agreement and used their technological strengths to take control of events here on Earth. The government did not want to tell the people in their respective nations for fear of retaliation from the masses and the aliens ... ">

THE ALLIES OF HUMANITY AN URGENT MESSAGE About the Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today - Marshall Vian Summers

" ... He [Dan Burisch] believes that right now is a time of a fall, and that the rogue extra-terrestrials were involved in the first fall as well as this one, and that this one is a sort of culmination of the first... "

"...There will remain to be contact between the star nations and certain people of your earth. It is that for the most part, positive outcome is possible from these interactions.  

There are those who have hidden the truth along the lines of this subject and there are two who will come forward with information which will unequivocally confirm that there are, have been and will be alien contact with beings of the earth plane. The timing of this is dependant upon certain events which will take place and cause rise to the information to become public. ..."

Posted by Dondep 5/11/06 from an insider

"...The surveillance coverage I have watched before it went down at the start of this year showed me a man that is almost totally unaware of politics. He talks science and metaphysics constantly and works for hours on end just with that. He prays and meditates for hours on end. He knows how to get thigns done in his circle but acts almost uneducated if something about the outside world is brought up. For instance, I don't think he even has any clue what a candy bar even costs. I have seen him with Debbie at a grocery store in Vegas. You wouldn't believe your eyes if you saw it. He points at something and says I want that or picks it up and hands it to her. She buys it and gives it to him like a child. She has a list she shops from and he wanders around the store watching people, saying hi to them at times and smiles and looks at things on the shelves. You can almost hear his brain clicking as he forms some kind of connections and ideas when he is looking at the products. At times he rejoins Debbie and walks along side the cart as she pushes it, then he breaks off again and goes and picks up something, studies it and sometimes returns it to her for buying. Pardon the pun but it's almost like he's a thinking machine or an alien himself, studying the world.

Dondep Admin. ~ 9/15/06 ~ danburisch.forumup ~ (public initiated forum)
subject: Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Some Common Sense Over

Dig, I have a new term for what we're witnessing over there: (eaglesdisobey - majestic forum)

>Of course, it's the kind of message Christ himself would be proud of, I suppose......use hate, invective, character assassination, intellectual bullying to "unite humanity". Call those who have only meant you well 'enemies', ascribe non-existent evil agendas to them, and watch them walk away in sadness and disinterest.

These people aren't stupid, either, and as they believe the 'end justifies the means', they counsel each other that their psy-ops are only for the 'greater good'.

I used to disbelieve the concept of "MPD"s, until I was told of how they are now trying to ascribe that very concept to some of 'us'. I guess all these people came out of the woodwork after we vacated Marci's apartment, but during that time it was........Marci and Dan.

Brent lived on the other side of the swimming pool and was bucking for a transfer because his wife/girlfriend had recently had a baby. Marci would make and receive brief calls from Deb, when Dan was either leaving to come over there or leaving there to return. As much work as Marci had to do, she and Dan spent an inordinate amount of time on the forums, getting worked up over mostly Uncle John and Nightshade. Dan told me that the original #61 (or one of his ilk; not sure now, so if they jump up and down and scream 'Lie!' let it ride....) had dragged him along to a campaign appearance by Shrub in 2004, after which Shrub passed him backstage and said "Glad to know (or was it 'see') you're aboard", to which Dan claims he shouted after him "aboard with what?!?" I think Dan's Bush-bashing while here, which some of us fulsomely agreed with, helped set the stage for the 12's decision to have him removed via the famous "Dropbox" psy-op.

The overall strategy is pretty straight-forward yet devious in its simplicity (as usual): using either minions or MPDs (take your pick; the destiny is the same), make lots of noise, act like a total ass, and drive the 'interested few' away in disgust until, indeed, you have the last word.

One can see the past littered with the casualties of those that would seek the truth in this 'saga' and came to realize too late that they were up against a paranoid, shizophrenic and psychotic farce. Even without Nightshade, who seems relatively civilized compared to the thug calling herself #61, we have the original post-er of the 'Golden Thread' the Human Subject himself, Dan Havers, who together with Kate Sharnon kept a vigil in the early days when we all believed there was something 'real' to the imprisonment of Dan Burisch and the threats his jailers Majestic made to 'leakers'......Kate, for what it's worth, I apologize for having been so blinded to what was going on. I truly couldn't understand for a long time just why you had become so set against Dan, even though I forgive him for what his nanny-corps and thugs are doing to his standing. Then there was

Crackajack, who came to the conclusion early on that we were being made fools of, myself most of all apparently. Eventually even Boomerang came to the same conclusion, after having spent time with them. It wasn't until the devious knives of the Maji came out to strike me in the back that I myself had to finally realize that there was something wrong going on. Even those that came to this 'saga' through other means, such as Bill Hamilton and through him Alan and Sandy, and Ron Garner, also litter the landscape. Not a one of us had ever intended anything ill towards Dan or Marci, yet the smallest slight was magnified to the point where all of us were apparently agents of the Illuminati.

Much of that comes from the fact that these people live in a totally schizoid world, where on the one hand they subsist on weekly deliveries of foodstuffs from welfare, and on the other hand they are told they are "saving the world" in many different ways. Imagine what that must do to a person's psyche; one day you're having to go to a courtroom and plead bankruptcy, and on another day you're arranging to have the director of the CIA fired for pushing you to use your 'healing tones' to open up the 'resurrection chamber' in the Great Pyramid. You're forced to make your office in a small bedroom with your wife's clothes bulging out of the closet and endangering visitors while the man who controlled the world's most nefarious spy agency spies on you from multiple angles in the same room.

You're kept imprisoned by 'bodyguards' simultaneously with finding many people around the world interested in your plight, in what you have to say, and can't really 'say' that much about some very important things, can you? Even now, the Dadmiral conducts 'spot-checks' to make sure his 'Danny Boy' is keeping his nose clean with the neighborhood kids that won't challenge him. He then doles out the naming of discoveries that the vast majority of his countrymen could never contemplate, even if given the chance. Yes, it's a portrait of 'the world's loneliest man', buffeted by the attempts to puppetize him while still trying to 'strike a blow for the people', as he once told me. The portrait is both sympathetic and sad, because it sits at the center of a lie that he isn't all that responsible for, or is he?

Does he countenance the thuggery done in his name? Is it but a safety valve that allows him to vent while still appearing 'above it all'? All the accountability shown is a shrug of the shoulders and a "thugs will be thugs!" shake of the head. Always after the fact, always after the scorn and hatred manifests. Even were this forum full of angry anarchists calling them childish names, if one is the 'messenger', one doesn't suffer the gallery so personally and cruelly.

So, whose job is it to 'tell the world'? Is it this writer's 'job'? Is this forum supposed to represent a 'team' of some kind? Are the readers here somehow responsible for what has happened, and what's supposed to happen? Is it really, after all is said and done, a race to 'have the last word'?

No matter; rhetorical questions, all of 'em. I expect to hear about the usual rabid rantings, but .... ultimately, that behavior does nothing to 'tell the world' anything, except how pitiable that kind of behavior is. - Go get 'em, Fido!

EDITORIAL ~ 9/16/06 ~

AS time withers on. A polarization has steadily increased on this "Golden Thread", threading through several forums since (10/2/03)..., now between the thesis pro Dan and his team (eaglesforum), versus the antithesis (danburisch.forumup). At least the 4 letter words are xxed-out.

"How does one know a fool in a crowed? When he/she, says something"

Dan BC. Burisch ~ 9/18/06 ~ eaglesforum ~ (Majestic initiated forum)

"Approximately an hour ago I received a phone call from a "friend."-(no "phone call" from peter7)- This friend informed me of some facts regarding a few posts which have been posted here on this forum within the last several days. I was told a couple days ago some "negative" ones occurred, but not to the extent which would reflect the reality in the posts. I should start by indicating that this statement in no way constitutes a retraction on my part or the part of Marcia (as I do not speak for her) for the sound and valid positions which I (and she) hold regarding certain people's extremist views of the world condition and future. My account is not at issue, whatsoever, in this statement. I have been informed, that while I having been preaching daily about the evils inherent in the filthiness of the behaviors of some individuals who have gone out of their way in a fraudulent manner to attack Marcia, others with whom I am associated, and myself......that some of my closest associates (Marcia not being involved) have acted in kind against people who cannot defend themselves...but they need not defend themselves against such filth. While I was not the author of the particular statement to which I refer, from a few days ago, 61 (Sentry) has admitted to writing a foul diatribe. I cannot apologize for him or others as they no longer work for me. However...I can promise Mr. Don Deppeller, Ms. Toni Jannelli, and Ms. L.A.W. (I will not print her name here) that these individuals will never repeat such foul behavior toward any of you again. They understand that should they, the result to them would be unacceptable.That said: Should any remarks by any of the former Majestic Operatives have upset anyone, as a generalist statement I offer my deepest and most sincere apologies.

To Don Deppeller, Toni Jannelli, and Ms. L.A.W...I just read what was written in that foul post and found matching markers in other posts here (not involving Marcia). I offer you three my deepest statement of regret, should you have been in any way upset by those posts. Don and Toni, I didn't write them (...the foul posts...), nor did Marcia. A former security agent from within Majestic did. I am retired, but still have many avenues of recourse. I can promise you that should he or any retired Majestic operative ever do such again, they will leave my presence metaphorically minus their family jewels. If I even can, I apologize to you for their behavior. - Dan

Letting the dust settle down, from verbal assaults between eaglesforum (Majestic initiated forum) & danburishforum (public initiated forum).


Concerned Viewers

member name quote 1/15/07 neweaglesforum (majestic initiated forum)

Yesterday Dr. Marcia McDowell wrote:

"I don't see what is wrong with fast tracking an education, if you can absorb the material that fast, and handle the demands of that kind of pace. It just means that the person who is fast-tracked is able to get out into the professional world and start doing things sooner than people who can't handle the fast-tracking. But make no mistake, it's not easy. In Dan's case, he was severely ill after finally completing all the travel, study and research work, while managing to hold down a regular job at the same time. During those years he did nothing but work, study, travel, and occasionally sleep. By the time he was done, the effort had nearly put him in hospital. The other part of your post about 'at one time Dan was allowed to post here' is very telling. It's actually the reason I just placed a posting in the 'ideas' thread, directed to Don.

I figure that if they 'won't let' Dan post to the thread ( that bears his own name, then it would be a waste of my time trying.

And normally it wouldn't matter, but today Don's workplace called my house trying to reach Don. (I guess they still have my home number on file for his residence - all the way back from when he was looking for work and staying at my apartment.) - Marci

"quote" says:Dr. McDowell, I read somewhere two pieces of this puzzle and I wonder if they fit tegether? Dr. Burisch said he met Debbie Burisch in January 1990. Dr. Burisch finished the Ph.D. at SUNY at the end of 1989. In a different comment, Dr. Burisch said he was seriously ill at the end of 1989. Was that illness due to overwork for the Ph.D.? If so it makes total sense.

I have followed Dr. Burisch's story ever since 2003. I watched as Dondep acted as the cool headed bloke when Dr. Burisch was supporting what he said. Dondep slowly added end of the world jargon from Zeta Talk to his posts and then started changing Dr. Burisch's statements to match his by rephrasing Dr. Burisch and taking Dr. Burisch's words paraphrased wrong. Dondep played the opposite opinion to Nightshade.

When Dr. Burisch refused to support the guarantee of a catastrophe dondep turned his back on Dr. Burisch but still uses his name to get readers, and invited Nightshade to run the negativity at their forum even though he himself called Nightshade out for bad treatment.

Then Dondep allowed Nightshade to apologise for treatment to him, accepted it for everyone even though he refused to apologise, and then they changed their posts to make it look like it didn't happen. But it did and I saw it. That's when I knew they were in it together. What about the lies from Nightshade about having a box of proof on Dr. Burisch? Dondep conveniently forgets that and lets it go because now Dondep's aim is to gather readers by showy displays. He's running a circus with one or two norms and a bunch of freaks that will follow him just to get attention for himself.

Dondep has adopted Kate's tactics. Do you remember when Kate said she removed Dr. Burisch's material from her website because you requested it? I remember you confronting her about her lying and then she refused to talk about it but removed the material anyway. Payoff! That's when I left her forum.Through all that Dr. Burisch has never changed what he has said, neither have you. They claim Dr. Burisch has lied, but they never quite know exactly what he was supposed to have lied about? They can't list the supposed lies, because if they do Dr. Burisch and you will get in the way of their attention by answering to them and making them look stupid. It's happened before and Dr. Burisch took them one after another and ripped them a new one.

Instead, when challenged to give the lies up front they either dodge it and give predemands to be fulfilled first, or they argue from emotional he-said she-said. The more Dr. Burisch has been supported by other people interviewed the more claims of him lying without them saying the supposed lies. It sounds to me that they are lonely for Dr. Burisch.

Dondep is in this for himself for attention to be a leader. Kate is in it for the money and is pissed off because she hasn't made any off Dr. Burisch. Toni is in it to hurt as many as she can because she feels wronged by the world. Nightshade just wants to harm people because he enjoys it. Dagwood is a follower. He'll follow anyone supporting him. When Dagwood askes why are so many that know Dr. Burisch saying what they are saying I can see right through it. The group that visited close with you and Dr. Burisch were all part of the core group from GLP when the story broke. They've been together in this all along. If they got what they wanted, proof against Dr. Burisch, they would have painted that as a headline everywhere. Instead, they didn't get what they wanted so they decided to call him names anyway but without a shred of proof. Dagwood paints it like your only friends are them. I doubt that is the case. So when he says everyone, he just means the group that wanted proof against Dr. Burisch and never got it in the first place. The statement is rigged and he is a petty thief from the way I hear it. Uncle John is a megalomaniac. That's the core of them.

Not much to be worried about.Dr. Burisch is doing the right thing: ignore them.
If he associates with them, they'll drag his credibility right into the dirt with them and that is their plan. I know because I've been in on the huddles. You and Dr. Burisch are right by separating yourselves from them. They can only hurt you and that is their plan. I sent you a PM to show you my prior avatar so you'll know that I was inside their group. Please tell Dr. Burisch who I am. Goodluck Dr. McDowell, Marci. Dr. Burisch, if I came across as rude to you in the past, I apologise to you. You keep fighting. I am passing the message about them through my friends.

THE TRUTH COMES OUT! Thread Started on 1/29/07

neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)


To the public: What follows is a small clip from one of 3 conversations where Dan said to Don that he (Dan) wasn't Moses. In this clip you will hear Dan say it, and you will hear Dan speak to Don about a phone call where he told Don that he wasn't Moses, too. That makes at least two times Dan said it to Don.

Don is now calling Dan and Marci liars. This small clip says just the opposite.

It proves that it is Don who has been lying. In this same conversation, Don says that they are on the same page, not posting the possible T2 deaths. He posted them right after, breaking the confidence with Dan and Marci and again, showing himself to be a liar. We could post that and all the times that Don has lied, but why? Read his accusations against Dan and Marci, here. * Now listen to the actual statement made by Dan to Don, slightly agitated as Don had been pestering Dan that a catastrophe was going to happen. Marci was present during this conversation. The real question here is did Dan say what Don says Dan and Marci are lying about? Dan spoke his true feelings, of not wanting to be part of the process at all. He said he would "run away" from it if he could. he often uses "run away" from the Monty Python films. You will hear Don near the end of the clip, proving he was there. For the time being it isn't necessary to post the rest of the conversation or the other tapes because I am sure Dan and Marci (the good people that they are) would want to give those lying about the real events a chance to restore their credibility by just doing the right thing: telling the truth and not making more false accusations against our friends, Dan and Marci. Goodday for now


"_" (no name) Location: Washington, D.C. - (same page replied)

Rob, if we decide, I'll have the SRV tapes pulled and we'll stream them so the whole world can see the truth about Do and Ti, I mean the other two. Or do I?

Dondep 2/1/07 Site Admin danburisch.forumup

subject: What To Do? The 'Big Picture'

Thanks for getting the legal scoop, Dag. As it is, we've found out that what they've posted about us is indeed slanderous (or was it libelous? There IS a difference.)

Fact is, Alpha Grey, Shady has it pretty much right on this one. I don't think any of us like it, as I'd rather not have to constantly defend myself and engage in these stupid, childish "he said / SNEDs said" debates, but I also don't let slanderous attacks on me go unchallenged. I came to this town (Las Vegas) with the intent to help Dan and Marci with what I thought was 'Disclosure', but when Dadmiral determined that Toni and I could be thrown out like an old dish rag once we had outlived our 'usefulness', then I went from being a leading acolyte to a leading critic. And in that I'm not alone; the entire history of Dan's long, slow extraction into the public appears to be littered with others who are given short shrift as well. As that famous quote of Dukakis' said, "the fish rots from the head down".

Dan operates in a command-and-control environment, as he demonstrates daily. If he's not the recipient of commands, he's issuing them. And I should know; I was in correspondence with this man for the past 3-1/2 years, and while staying with Marci at his and her behest last year for a month, was able to observe him up-close and on a personal level.

The real culprit here, as I've said many times, is his superior officer and father-figure, "Dadmiral" John Michael Mc, Connell. Dadmiral uses Marci's fanatical dedication to Dan to effect policy changes in their approach to the public, so in effect, Dan & Marci are really the proxies for the Maji.

I did, within the past 48 hours, ask for advice and suggestions as to what to do when these people go out of their way to lie, sneer, scorn, threaten or otherwise misrepresent some of the people on this forum. If you (not only you Alpha Grey but any others merely reading) have such, and by that I mean constructive criticism, not mere handwringing and admonishment, then let's hear it. First I'd suggest putting yourselves in our shoes and then see how you would react.

As Dig says, the Bigger Picture is more important. Dig, a friend back in DC at the same time as we were under surveillance in 2002 said the same thing. In fact, as he had 'contacts' still within the black-ops world, he said that Burisch was intentionally a distraction. The way I see it, what is most important about Dan is his role in Disclosure, and that role is as open to questioning as is say Gordon Novel's. What you said about Sen. Jay Rockefeller is correct. I had to ensure that all the senators had received the preliminary information, and we hope to get more information from sources that would testify if and when they recieve immunity. Write to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and demand hearings on whether Dan is telling the truth and who ordered him to tell it.

One of the questions those of you who appear 'shocked' at the skepticism expressed by some towards D&M should ask is, "why did some of these agents that were entrusted with Dan's security go 'rogue'?" The last one to do so claimed that Marci had vowed to destroy this 'Golden Thread', and that Ann (head of Dan's security these days, and allegedly Marci's twin sister) had a reporter for "Aviation Weekly" terminated because he was getting too close to the truth behind D&M's "Disclosure". Now, that isn't some wild-eyed UFO nut spouting that; it's the person who actually manned the surveillance cameras in Dan's apartment! Shall we dismiss his warnings and statements because, well, "it's DAN!" in question?

I warned Dan, after the Big Psy-Op went down, that if the Big Lie were allowed to stand, it would mean war with J. He more or less shrugged his shoulders, was conciliatory, but ready to 'move on'. I say it again; one doesn't use people and throw them away, whether it be ourselves or any others. It should inform the reflective reader that there indeed is "something rotten in the state of Denmark" if such is the way of 'Disclosure'. We have every right to question how things are playing out; after all, as the unruly public, we are supposedly the recipients of what's alleged to be 'protective efforts'. It reallly IS all about the 'Big Picture' now

. I have put up a temporary link at that goes to the Jan 2006 version of the website, so much of the original information is still there. As soon as I clear the legal issues, I hope to have the 'surveillance' tapes available to those who wish to view them.

A quick point about the 'Big Picture'; it's my understanding that while Dan DID have a relationship with an 'alien', an ET, at the S-4 facility, that fact by itself doesn't answer the question as to whether what he 'told' Dan, or showed him, was correct. We already know, from not only Dan but others, that there are TWO sets of treaties; one could argue that one set is with a group of ETs that could be construed as 'good guys' and one as 'bad guys'. Of course, determining which is 'good' and 'bad' is the problem, because both are part of the cosmos. Just like we have leftists and rightists, so are these ET groups differentiated. Some call them STO and STS; some say one group is of 'angels' and the other 'demons'.

And as UJ often says, we are all under the control of one or the other group (well, in fairness to his paradigm, he has claimed that there are own view is that they are of either one or the other spiritual polarity. We have a North Pole and a South Pole, magnetically speaking. A Right Eye and a Left Eye. Always a di-pole, not a poly-pole.) So, to sum up; Dan's ET friend Chia-el-ah could be either a 'good' guy or a 'bad' guy. As Dan himself has said, "one man's traitor is another man's patriot". (Wonder how he feels about Benedict Arnold.....) ....


110th Congress, c/o Dondep
2433 E. Tropicana Ave.
#420 Las Vegas, NV 89121

UncleJohn Feb 10, 2007

Rob wrote: Dino, Listen to me! If you have the affidavits and arrest reports on them [in reference to dodie's book], DO NOT POST THEM! Dan is right: it's not appropriate.

The man who is causing trouble is sick, has admitted online in posts we have to alcoholism and having hallucinations, as well as having an "agenda" in all this.

He's just another sick one who probably wears foil under a hat to keep the "mind rays" out! His mental illness also causes him to slip and tell the truth by forgetting to keep their coverup going. Below, he shows the illness then tells everyone that he, and the other two HAVE AGENDAS!

"I've heard enough of these stories to convince me that the ET's have the capability to mind control anyone without a strong spiritual base. I can feel them attempting it with me. Has not worked so far. Let me give a clue. The implant can work both ways. They avoid people like Shady, Dondep and me because we have agendas." Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:12 pm
Like Dan says: they are their own undoing.

Uncle John here: Rob, you drawn things into what I post that are just not there. Do you know how many alcoholics are in the world? This is a common propensity of humans and most of the time it causes no problems, which is the case in my life. I only point this out on the golden thread so people will understand where I'm coming from when I get emotional. I have never had any acquaintance of mine in my life refer to me as sick with the exception of majestic personnel. I could describe what is behind this majestic propensity, but they would not get the point.

I happen to sense the call of satan in my mind. I consider that a good thing, not a bad thing.

Everyone has an agenda. The agendas I was referring to were good agendas, although it is consistent with majestic personnel to only see others in a negative way. The net effect of d&m's thugs is to "tell the world" the morals and thinking of the majestic personnel. It does not reflect kindly on them at all.

THE KEEP 2/14/07 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

Belimawr, it's not how many times you fall down, but how many time you find the nerve to get back up! They tried to mess with Dan's head and it didn't work. He's the same guy I met in 1986: just as kind, bright, and grouchy. It's what he is that bothers people: someone who believes in God and says it even though it isn't popular for a scientist; somebody that believes in duty, honor, and his personal word.

The people you are talking about on another forum are the few that remains from an original group of mostly normal people {}. They are the leftovers that have nowhere to go or they would have gone. The Uncle character is trying to build himself like a guru. He invites people to learn from him, and if someone doesn't fall for it, he says he's the architect of heaven, claims they are mind controlled and claims you can't get to God unless through him. He is the person trying to conduct mind control. To me, he's an intoxicated version of Jim Jones, too out of it to prod people into making additions to the Koolaid. That's my opinion of him.

The DD person is a person fixed on a goal, and that goal doesn't have anything to do with the truth of what Dan saw. He is so fixed on a goal he feels that disclosure can't happen without him and Nancy. 102 hits for "Planet X" from him tells his whole tale: if Planet X wipes us out tomorrow, that's a good day for him. He's addicted to it. He is clinically obsessed.

Dan's orders had to be followed exactly. Dan told everyone that, and the fact that he was required to only do that without adding information from other people's tales. If Dan had added anything above his experiences, he would have taken on himself the responsibility of the reactions of the world to what they were only supposed to hear: authenticity. He did the right thing. At the start they all smiled and nodded. They approached Dan with hundreds of questions and Dan responded in honesty, to everything, and he told people when he could not respond honestly (to one or two issues)- he even labelled them, so people would know the difference!

Dan hasn't sought 1 microphone, 1 speech, 1 interview, nothing like that. People asked him the questions and when they didn't like the responses they showed themselves for what they are: sniveling little brats and accusatory cowards. They've thrown everything at him, and he hasn't paused and hasn't bargained himself away to those phoneys. What will they come up with next? The only thing for sure about tomorrow is that they will say something. They aren't smart enough to be quiet and know when they're beaten by the truth, and someone so unafraid of them, that he keeps telling it by, over and through their selfish screams. Rob

Dr. Marcia McDowell ~ 2/20/2007

Today at 2:23am, THE KEEP wrote:

Personally, I knew that dondep was doing that for some time. Dan has been trying to be a good guy, but when dondep lies to people in different countries, even they can tell. Telling them that he's "Dan's best friend" goes beyond the pale. Don has been lying to people all along, on various levels, and the objective: a cult. Would I dare make such an allegation if I had no proof? Behold Dondep's posts on December 14 and 15, 2006:
What the public doesn't know is what Dan has had to put up with because of the antics of Don. The very next day, here is what Dan faced- reading that Don has been telling people that he (Don) is Dan's best friend, and slandering Dr. McDowell while doing it. It isn't hard for others to see what Don is up to! He pressured the man in the letter (a researcher) about money! (Heavily edited to remove confidential research and personal information.) Don had already admitted, above, to making the call. Dan asked Don "What do you want?" right around that same time. Wonder why?

Dan's not used to dealing with nuts like this. But, let's finish this with Don's own words (also in the upper posts): "In fact sometimes the lines are lies, are known to be lies, but have to be told in order to 'read' between them.......

"Rob Today at 6:45am,
THE KEEP wrote:

Marcia, I looked, and he posted. But he wasn't even big enough to admit to it. Another M.H.A., J.W.J. or D.K. (a.k.a. V.W.H.) in the making. I am continuing. I am personally gratified that we have been able to give a warning to the people. It may save lives.I will stop the posts in this thread or Dan will become up set at me. PS, when you talk with Dan please tell him that I got the keys from Ann to show the letter. It was only done to drive home the point that the backofthehouse action going on is bad enough to justify us sending a warning to the public. (I hope Dan won't be too upset.) Rob

Today at 6:53am, _ wrote:

Rob it is right to warn them. Now it's being done. That should be good enough. I just met with Dan and showed him the lists that have been compiled. The amount of repetition shocked him to the bone. He looked stunned and sat down reading it. After reviewing the control words, he used his phone to call Marcia. I wasn't in on that conversation. Just print the quotes, no editorials. The people who have been notified know how to evaluate information. Today at 8:45am, Dr. Marcia McDowell wrote:

Thank you, Rob and Dino. Yes, we are going to limit editorializing. But, before we do, let's look at a coverup, there, gone wrong. It went wrong because someone forgot to remove his explanation comment and forgot to remove another comment from another poster, after Dondep tried to coverup his censorship of Dan's post. Dondep thinks he got away with it and blatantly lies to the people at his forum? He didn't get away with anything! In order. Follow the bouncing ball:

Dan posts, on December 14, 2006, trying to get a translator for Dan Mirahorian's post. (Meanwhile Dondep is calling Mirahorian and telling him that he's Dan's best friend, using Dan's name for publicity, then pushing on Mirahorian with money questions - see Mirahorian's letter above.) Dan's post is censored by Dondep, by Dondep removing the links to our forum. Dan returns to the forum and removes the rest of the posts, leaving them looking like this: Dan then posts this at the Eagle's Forum: Dondep edits out his post which contained his justification of why he won't allow linking to the Eagles Forum.

In my opinion I think he thought he was covering up everything. (We can prove it: see below.) Since that time, he has lied on more than one occasion about not censoring Dan's post, and has just now denied the censorship of my post: Here are his mistakes, while he has been lying to everyone: First, he forgot to remove his statement explaining why he doesn't allow links to the Eagles Forum (just like what Dan said happened): If no link censorship occurred, then why was he explaining it? Then, he forgot to remove Dex's comments which followed. Dex saw the link removal too, and maybe the post that Dondep removed! Rob, he would be funny if he wasn't so sad. Yep! Stick a fork in, because he's done! NOW it's time to return to Standard operations. Marci

UncleJohn ~ 2/21/2007 ~ Location: Los Altos California ~ subject: Attention Investigators [public created forum]

" ... Uncle John here: I just awoke from a dream in which Jerry Garci drug me up on stage and ask me to demonstrate my knowledge. I've always had stage fright. It was not fun. Currently I sensing that perhaps my posts are being investigated by concerned ones possessing an open mind.

At d&m's forum [Dan & Marci's], some of my quotes are being arranged and referenced in order to discredit my views on disclosure and what is behind what the spiritual seekers call "the veil." In short, to make me look like a fool to some unstated set of investigators.

Please be advised that occasionally I get drunk and post without serious consideration. Please be advised that the sole purpose of some of my posts is humor and should not be taken as a factual and complete representation of my thinking. A big justification of the time I spend on the golden thread is for my entertainment... "

Dan Burisch ~ 2/27/2007 neweaglesforum (majestic 12 created forum)
Dan's Notes: General Comments and News

BLOG ENTRY: Hello, everybody. I have received an extraordinary number of questions about the closure of the forum, administered by Mr. Don Deppeller, who goes by the internet avatar "Dondep."

I have a few minutes, so I thought I would tend to it now.

1. "Did you close danburisch at forumup?"
No. I am a private citizen and have no such power.
2. "Was Dondep's forum closed by Majestic?"
No. In fact, "Majestic" is no is defunct. If anyone closed that forum it was the Staff or Owners of Forumup, for a violation of their rules.
3. "Did you file a complaint against Dondep at forumup on February 23 as he says?"
No, with a proviso... At or near the start of February ( was one of those days as I recall)... I filed (together with Dr. McDowell) a complaint against the's "Administrator," for allowing libel against me. The specific request, made by me, in that complaint, was to have my name removed from their forum's title ...."
. [ the rest of this post is located at the above URL. ]


Dr. Marcia McDowell - [ posted next ]

Dan's Notes: General Comments and News

Interesting that some people think it was "our fault" that the forumup negatorium was locked down..... I would answer: Of course it was not our fault. It is the fault of those people who published slander, libel, and defamation against Dan and I.

We did not cause them to be locked down - they did that themselves. Nobody twisted their arms to make them type out slander and libel. They chose to do that all by themselves.

Our respectful request for the removal of Dan's name from their forum - and why we were requesting same, would not have been honored if the posters and moderators of that forum had been in the right. They were not. It was their own actions that got them locked down. Not anything that anybody else did. Marci

Dondep Location: Las Vegas Posted: 5/13/2007

Posted at GLP Forum 5/7/2007 - by " Glowing Eye "

"But Burisch is dead must be living in the land of the elenari kingdom"

... I wasn't sure what or who the elanari are, so a quick google retrieved this; the avatar used was the same one Thessa used to use, when she was in her militant mode.

FreeXenon, at , wrote:

Rogue Elanari (Racial, General)
In many cases a Elanari may go rogue due to the parasite collecting too much of the hosts personality and memories which sometimes results in the parasite taking on the personality and will of the original host. In pretty much all cases the host is never quite the same. Memories are incomplete or missing and is left to piece things together a much different person.

Rogue Elanari will of times feel alone and isolated after having lost that bond and sense of purpose. They will also sometimes have horrible nightmares due to the alien basis for their new existence.

Does Glowing Eye think that perhaps Dan Burisch has suffered from the introduction of an elanari parasitic host? Interesting possiblity heretofore unconsidered......


by Steven M. Greer, MD

"... You have to understand the compartmented nature of these interlocking interests that are keeping all this secret.
They are mainly in the corporate, institutional, financial and technology sectors. The government of "We, the People" is the least important component of it, and this includes the military, the CIA, the NSA, the NRO, Army intelligence, Air Force intelligence—all of that is window dressing for an operation that's quite outside it. The real action is a hybrid group that is quasi-governmental but mostly privatised and utterly transnational—and completely illegal ..."

Jan. 2008 Dan said: [about Nancy Leider]" ... This claim raged on at "GLP!" She later backed off that claim, as she has done countless times before with her other nonsense which her followers still blather about as with near flatline EEG automaticity! Now...if I wasn't "connected to information," how would I know? Everything is being watched, and not just by a VERY LARGE unit of professionals. Her followers, and those who make wild claims, are not in the equation, not in the discussion, but will be benefitted by it. One or more had a chance to be seated at the table, but sold their seat to falsehood, so I eliminated their seats, altogether..."

------------- ADDITION -----------

Jan. 2008 Dondep wrote: It may seem laughable at times, but make no mistake; the stakes are very high. Despite the seeming obscurity of these little forums, more than a few of the power elite (the Responsible Ones as I call them) keep their fingers on the pulse of what's said here.

------------- ADDITION -----------

Dondep: June 7, 2009

" ... Shady, you probably know that even these days, Majestic (er, Sion, or whatever they want to call themselves these days) keeps a 'light' eye on me, as Marcia warned would happen while we negotiated the April 2005 affidavits. My phone conversations with UJ are tapped, and we've had to live with it for years now.

There are others connected with the GT who are also 'kept tabs on'; remember that Peace, a week before he was assassinated (that's what I call it; none of his obits ever gave a cause for the mysterious death despite his old age) had informed us that we had been 'tapped' as providing a cross-section of people who could help effect "Disclosure", since it would be impossible for governments to do it ("messy panic" in the streets, thereby provoking martial law, etc; a group such as us wouldn't have the authority a gov't. podium brings, and therefore the citizenry could snicker and walk away if they want to). I'll dig up the quote shortly, as I'm working it into "Bamboozled!".

J 2/11/2004 5:42 am EST Re: Mystery of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!! Volume 3 wrote:

Human Subject and Mr. Don Deppeller:
I would like to apologize for the more rude individuals that you have come across during these last few months. Many of our employees are, shall we say, less cultured than others. They will be reminded of their position and extreme privilege, being involved in our business.
Carry on and God Bless you.
To all Units- the bell has sounded.

Uncle John: Location: Los Altos California Mar 01, 2008   

" ... I was at the bar today, eating and drinking lunch when Karen sitting next to me started squirming around doing an exercise on her seat. She said to me that if she kept this up she might be able to orgasm. And then it hit me.

I'm going to eliminate boredom from the universe. Every being will always have something interesting to deal with, like a ubleck poem.

I don't have the slightest clue how I'm going to eliminate boredom, but I might as well try.

Uncle John Jan 20, 2009 "I am not my Brothers Keeper! The ET's are our Keepers!

Nobody listens to or takes serious either Shady or myself, so it doesn't seem to make much difference what we think or post. Well, not a difference to anyone else, but it sure makes a difference to me.

The universe must not be ready for the truth! If and when the universe is ready to handle the truth, then the universe will listen to me, not to Shady.

This does not mean that I don't like, enjoy and appreciate Shady and his point of view, because I do. I just don't believe it."

Uncle John Jan 26, 2009 " ... I keep asking myself, where is the love? Dan has not exhibited any love for any of those poor homeless ones that he feeds on the streets. He treats them like lab rats without even getting to know any of them...."

A Dondep post: -

August 28, 2008, Dondep posted:

Anonymous Coward 12/20/2003 4:45am EST, GLP Forum

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder,we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer,we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity."

Or, as now becomes clear, we can simply... turn it off!

Nothing further will be allowed.


Dondep: "But 'allowed' it was. Could this have been Dadmiral, or as we knew him at the time, "J"? What was up with the use of the royal "we"? Did Marci adopt this favored phrase of Dadmiral's for her own use, once Dadmiral became sufficiently convinced of her loyalty to turn over Dan's reins to her?


. .

Shady Groves Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2008

"Peter 7 of all the persona I've ever encountered in all my time upon the internet (since 1992) you sir are without a doubt, one of the coolest and most mysterious! May the sun continue shine down upon you and your own and your house never empty of blessings.. Shady"


Dr. Dan Burisch thread continuing since Oct 2, 2003 to the PRESENT TIME.





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