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"DonDep" Interviews Dr Dan Burisch



11/13/2003 3:09 am EST GLP Forum

Re: Mystery Of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!!

Friends, I have just finished interviewing the great Doctor Dan Burisch himself. I´m thunderstruck, as you will be too shortly, but because I take this responsibility seriously regarding how I came to this, I don´t want to jeopardize the good people that helped arrange this. (He did glance around at his backside and laughed as he made sure there wasn´t a gun poked in there.) Before I say anything else, I´d like the people responsible to indicate any parameters I should observe; I don´t want to endanger any more lives with this. The obvious things, such as where Dan asked me to keep certain things confidential, I will observe. Common sense tells me that. And I think I will have to change his online name before posting any of this, out of common courtesy. So, while I recover from this encounter, if the ac would be so kind....if not, you will learn soon enough what the good Doctor had to say

Dan Burisch: Is this DonDep? I have control of Dr. Burisch's sys. I can patch you through in a few minutes.

DonDep: yes it is. How will I know it's him?

Dan Burisch: He is waiting for a late interrogatory and believe me you will. He's not happy. When he signs in you will see the switch code. I can establish video and possibly audio if you wish?

DonDep: I don't have a cam here, but if this messenger feature allows me to see, I'll wish it, yes.

Dan Burisch: Very good. I have him at his desk. He has no idea whatsoever that you will be on, he thinks it's an interrogatory reply so be gentle with him when you tell him. He is skittish. Standby for just a couple.

DonDep: Hi good to finally see you. Dan Burisch: Who?

DonDep: This is dondep, who has practically memorized every word of your interview with Bill Hamilton

Dan Burisch: standby ….[Dan picks up a phone, I'm watching him on a webcam…]

Dan Burisch: I have been informed that this is a legit authorized call. Uh, dondep..I heard your name once but that's it...How'd you find me?

DonDep: I thank you for your courage, and many of your fellow humans out here would like to know what side in the fracture of the Committee of the Majority you are on. [I'm still not seeing Dan, but typing furiously…..StarryEyes is telling me what the video is doing.]

DonDep: You are a hero to many many people out here and across the globe.

Dan Burisch: standby I need a sip of Joe. [Dan and his coffee! Everpresent!]

Dan Burisch: Okay...well that's nice..hero I am not...they lie in Arlington.

DonDep: We know how hard you've been working on Lotus, and the Ganesh, and if I understand correctly, there are 2 factions fighting for the soul of this planet.

Dan Burisch: At least 2.

DonDep: How's BJ? She last emailed me on July 29

Dan Burisch: I am aware of 2, comprising one hostile and the other the J-Rods from ret./Brothers from Orionis.

Dan Burisch: I haven't heard from her in well over a year.

Dan Burisch: See me, you have video?

DonDep: Do you believe the J-Rods are "good"? Or could they be subservient to a selfish group, higher than they?

Dan Burisch: Do you have video?

Dan Burisch: I like to know these things.

DonDep: I'll give you my band's website URL if you'd like to see me. I can see you, but have no cam here.

Dan Burisch: I can't surf at will, but thanks.

Dan Burisch: As to your questions...

Dan Burisch: The J-Rod to which I was assigned was a humble traveler, given a mission. he fulfilled it to his best and gave his life to it.

Dan Burisch: He was good, and did not fool me or anything like that.

Dan Burisch: They are us.

Dan Burisch: There does exist a faction that wants to open Pandora's Box, now.

Dan Burisch: They are selfish and arrogant.

Dan Burisch: They are also racists.

DonDep: Tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, are familiar with your story. My wife and I are even now in Canada, trying to stay safe and undead over your story. We are also involved with the story of zetatalk; are you familiar with it?

Dan Burisch: Thanks for the adrenalin rush...first time I have shook in months!

Dan Burisch: Nancy Lieder?

Dan Burisch: PX and all that?

DonDep: There is a strong strain of christian-based fundamentalism that is framing any interaction with ETs as "fallen angels". Yes, Nancy Lieder.

Dan Burisch: They aren't fallen angels.

Dan Burisch: No more than we, as humans, are.

DonDep: No-one else talks about majestic other than in your story. Yes, I know they're not "fallen angels"

Dan Burisch: I don't understand, I thought MJ was a big thing to muse over?

DonDep: You work for MJ, and Nancy claims she telling the truth? in your opinion?

Dan Burisch: Have I worked for Majestic, you mean?

Dan Burisch: Do I?

Dan Burisch: Is that the q?

DonDep: You claimed you knew "darn well" what majestic was up to, on several fronts.....does your work go to the folks who run majestic?

Dan Burisch: Ya.

Dan Burisch: The CotM broke apart, so we are back to the 1950's with the chain O Command.

DonDep: thanks. I had asked to make sure they didn't have a gun in your back if we were lucky enough to hear from you.

Dan Burisch: Let me check...

Dan Burisch:

Dan Burisch: Nope not at the moment!

Dan Burisch: Later? After this conversation? Who knows?

DonDep: A faction has intruded on our forum thread, stating that CotM was divided into 2 groups of 16

Dan Burisch: They can't eat me that's cannibalism (sp?)...

DonDep: One group, headed by "J", with your help, is being 'recalcitrant'

Dan Burisch: If the term...

DonDep: They are hiding the Ganesh (or Lotus?) in the Ark

Dan Burisch: recalcitrant means that he is not willing to hand over the Lotus, before an agreement to which the rogue J-Rods may be bound...

Dan Burisch: yes.

DonDep: Which the other group is sending a team into 2004-2005, after the (what? cataclysm?) to find it.

Dan Burisch: They are bargaining to have an increased abduction rate to 10,000,000 per year, plus the Lotus prior to the T9 treaty being signed.

DonDep: what should the rogue J-rods be bound by, and why are they 'rogue'?

Dan Burisch: I know of that...

Dan Burisch: They are abducting individuals worldwide, without the permission of the present's Human authorities. They

DonDep: We are being given to understand that the treaty is only to be signed by the faction that wishes to keep the populace in the dark, with no 'Disclosure'

Dan Burisch: are also the culprits in many of the cattle mutilations.

Dan Burisch: The ones not committed by drug companies, etc.

Dan Burisch: No, no, no...

DonDep: The other faction wishes to be announced and conduct peaceful your opinion, why has there been no disclosure as of yet, or is that planned?

Dan Burisch: The treaty is establiished netween the remnants of the worldwide human authority (previously run by the CootM)....stand by...I can only type so fast...

DonDep: okay, i'll keep quiet for a bit....can you speak to the planet x-nancy lieder situation also?

Dan Burisch: ...okay...

Dan Burisch: Let me back up to find where we were...

Dan Burisch: No, there is no disclosure least to my knowledge. Continuing...

Dan Burisch: But, in a sense, it is happening anyway...

Dan Burisch: By the time anyone figures out what I am doing (large populace wise)...the course will already have been taken, by humanity.

Dan Burisch: You have to understand...what I have told people, while being true, will probably not make a bit of difference, after the course has been taken,.

Dan Burisch: The purpose of the treaty, that is,

Dan Burisch: the purpose of involving the rogue faction of J-Rods...

Dan Burisch: Hey I have a quick question...okay>

Dan Burisch: ?

DonDep: okay

Dan Burisch: If you decide to share any of this with anyone...

Dan Burisch: Fix my typos!

DonDep: absolutelyyy!!!

Dan Burisch: the purpose of involving the rogue faction of J-Rods...

Dan Burisch: is to hold them down on two fronts...

Dan Burisch: The first front is of lesser hold them down to an agreed upon abduction rate and the list I was on when a boy and it happened to me in 1973.

Dan Burisch: The second...

Dan Burisch: They MUST promise to not interfere (MIBS) with representatives of foreign governments...

DonDep: they must promise to not send MIBs to foreign gov'ts?

Dan Burisch: They have been planting the seeds of discontent with their places in the world, in ored to obtain their assistance with present time research into the neurological deficit...that is how they do the communications...

Dan Burisch: The MIBS are aliens.

Dan Burisch:'s, not really aliens.

Dan Burisch: In return, the governments have

Dan Burisch: been obtaining technology from them.

Dan Burisch: Stargate technology.

DonDep: Stargate technology, to move across the universe? or access other dimensions?

Dan Burisch: We (meaning the U.S.) must root out and find the stargates that are manmade. Yes, to access vast distances...and with that technology goes time access as well.

Dan Burisch: In 2012, the Sun will shower the earth with waves of energy, bound to the Einstein-Rosen Bridges that are clumped together at the Galactic equator.

DonDep: is this the same group of et's that "gave" us the saucers and then sat back and laughed as our war machine tried to use them, fallingflat on their face?

Dan Burisch: All of the natural stargates will turn on...and as they say in Hollywood...

Dan Burisch: Well...yes, kind of.

DonDep: is one of the stargates in Iraq?

Dan Burisch: Two.

Dan Burisch: We have 1 of them.

Dan Burisch: All of the natural stargates will turn on...and as they say in Hollywood...

Dan Burisch: something wonderful will happen.

Dan Burisch: What that means...I don't really know.

Dan Burisch: But, if we do not capture and disable the manmade ones...

Dan Burisch: the record books read that we will undergo a tragedy.

Dan Burisch: 4bill at minimum dead.

DonDep: why must we disable the manmade one? DonDep: ones?

Dan Burisch: The excess energy from the activated stargates was theorized by the folks from the future to have been a main cause of a pole shift, first

Dan Burisch: magnetic, then geophysical. DonDep: so how does the Ark and Planet X fit into this scenario?

Dan Burisch: The Ark is being built in the United States. Where? I shouldn't say to you.

Dan Burisch: It is the progentor of the ones that go to the moon and Mars.

Dan Burisch: progenitor. DonDep: I learned from good-hearted people close to you that you finished the project for the Ark back on Dec 4; (typo excused)

Dan Burisch: The remaining peoples will comprise that group which will lead, through microevolution, to becoming J-Rods.

Dan Burisch: My portion is complete. Biospherics work mainly.

DonDep: And who becomes the Orion group? Not the elite, planning their escape this very moment?

Dan Burisch: But, the model is due at the end of 2004.

Dan Burisch: It is not just the elite, so to speak that will be going.

Dan Burisch: People from every continent have been chosen.

Dan Burisch: Because of J's work,

Dan Burisch: many of the rich/power brokers have been excluded.

Dan Burisch: They have been chosen from all fields of endeavor.

Dan Burisch: As for PX.

DonDep: Dan, is it possible that the group that signed this unconstitutional treaty with the elitists that control the ET-related projects is quite possibly not have our best interests in mind? Is there any really good reason we will never see official Disclosure?

DonDep: oh go back to px first

Dan Burisch: Nancy is very correct that PX is "Out there."

Dan Burisch: It is something very different than what she has interpreted though.

DonDep: that's what many of us thought

Dan Burisch: PX is the gateway to the center of our galaxy.

DonDep: we knew she wasn't completely nuts

Dan Burisch: It is tied with "something wonderful", but I don't know what that means. I believe, that William Henry is correct in that regard.

DonDep: so is it a 'brown dwarf'? a celestial object? or something more akin to a black hole? a massive stargate?

Dan Burisch: More akin to an oval mass of energy that acts as a stargate.

Dan Burisch: The DCTP, familiar with that concept?

DonDep: will it cause a pole shift in the very near future, as she claims?

DonDep: yes, familiar with it quite a bit! hot topic for thousands rigfht now!

Dan Burisch: The electromagnetic pole shift is already underway.

Dan Burisch: You can track that from geomagnetic observations of magnetic north.

DonDep: we are applying our collective consciousness to how we can have free will simultaneously with this time travel fact

Dan Burisch: The action of free will is a certainty, but the actions of the paradox seemlessly overlay reality upon it.

DonDep: how can the future be established and we still have free will?

Dan Burisch: overlays

DonDep: does that mean that there are alternate realities in which we've made different decisions?

Dan Burisch: We chose to act, and reality plays itself out as a stack of cards. Dan Burisch: That I don't know.

DonDep: so nothing to add to what you said in the video about the DCTP?

Dan Burisch: I hope so, would like to know that I have erased a few mistakes that I can think of.

Dan Burisch: Which video?

DonDep: Since I'm speaking for so many at the moment, I'm trying to make sure I get the check list in order (the one with BJ and Bill) [referring to the video I have; just reading his post as I finished this sentence]

Dan Burisch: There was a video created after that.

Dan Burisch: I find out that J allowed my passage to it.

DonDep: There was??? I thought I was your worldwide biographer! lol

DonDep: Can your friends that arranged this arrange for that too?

Dan Burisch: You are not aware that one was completed for Bill Hamilton that William Gazeki did?

DonDep: No, was not!

Dan Burisch: This was before the CotM broke apart.

Dan Burisch: Yes, a long one.

DonDep: Can I simply ask Bill for it? Does he have that one Too?

Dan Burisch: It was being set for some kind of public relase they said...hollywood types!

Dan Burisch: release

Dan Burisch: He owns it.

Dan Burisch: That's what he told me that day.

DonDep: Perhaps an effort to plug the leak the first one created.....and which I fear for my very life in transcribing it

Dan Burisch: It was done in a motel room with full sound studio like apparatus...and those horrible lights.

DonDep: Sounds too 'produced'. People may not trust it....

Dan Burisch: I was asked simple question during it.

Dan Burisch: Can two different realities exist at the same time?

DonDep: I hope you were as authentic and impassioned on that one as you were on the original!

Dan Burisch: I said sure.

DonDep: so it was scripted?

Dan Burisch: Gazeki asked how can that be proven or some sort, as "where can that be found?"

Dan Burisch: Bill Hamilton and some English man asked questions. DonDep: So to go back to the Secrets of the Universe, that you are the keeper of....what is the Ganesh to be used for? (Tell me what I can say to Bill that will let him know you and I discussed this!)

Dan Burisch: well as Ron Garner, Bill's friend and head of, of all things,...

Dan Burisch: Stargate productions!

DonDep: lol!!!!

Dan Burisch: I am no keeper of such things...I look and humbly ask God to see.

Dan Burisch: God is the keeper.

DonDep: OF ALL THINGS! Yes, you are a humble man and a hero, would that the rest of us could be as such.

Dan Burisch: The Ganesh can't be used! I fight everyday...

Dan Burisch: No, you live by faith, yes?

DonDep: Yes. Love gives me unconscious faith.

DonDep: And your many friends out here feel the same, believe me.

Dan Burisch: Then you are more blessed than me, as are the rest...I live knowing what I have faith needed now.

DonDep: Have you seen a holograph of our future, then?

Dan Burisch: Yes.

DonDep: Will a catastrophe happen before year's end? I can keep that confidential if need be, we have but a month or so anyway.

Dan Burisch: I can give no more than I have given, with respect to the future. I am sorry. What I have seen I know can be changed.

DonDep: Then we do have hope! We can change the future with our free will, correct?

Dan Burisch: If I breathe it, it can help it come to pass, what you ask, because

Dan Burisch: I would literally be laying a timeline on a timeline with the information and that would be wrong. Yes, the catastrophe does not have to come to pass...

Dan Burisch: If it doesn't,

Dan Burisch: the J-Rods (and out other half) that exist in the future will continue in this reality, but time shifted to the present.

Dan Burisch: So the DCTP says.

Dan Burisch: That is why I am fighting so hard.

Dan Burisch: But there exists people that would try to tunr this into a technology that

Dan Burisch: turn Dan Burisch: would be akin to grabbing the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Dan Burisch: I can't help them, whatsoever.

Dan Burisch: If I do, I would also be grabbing, and I fear those consequences a 1000 found greater than a gun to my back.

Dan Burisch: Or even one discharged.

Dan Burisch: The Lotus is a natural thing.

Dan Burisch: It isn't something that some Frankenstein's laboratory cooked up.

Dan Burisch: It exists all around us.

Dan Burisch: We are part of it, and it, us.

Dan Burisch: Every mote of dust emits the particles, naturally.

Dan Burisch: It is the driving force, through the Creator (Blessed be He)

Dan Burisch: that moves life on earth forward to His will.

Dan Burisch: The Ganesh Particles...

Dan Burisch: are those modes of transportation whereby the actions of

Dan Burisch: the Divine One hands through and over the Daat, a piece of the Supernal.

Dan Burisch: As we are God, He is us.

Dan Burisch: The Tree of Life is what we are.

Dan Burisch: Not just Humans, but the entire experience of life.

Dan Burisch: The Ganesh Particles have been there all along.

Dan Burisch: They hide themselves under bent waves of electromagnetism, and flicker out of existence, back across the Daat, with little effort.

Dan Burisch: The crude laboratory protocols of today, limit, by their very nature, the ability to find them.

Dan Burisch: The sifting, sorting, etc. Dan Burisch: I found them by a process of elimination.

Dan Burisch: I mean, I was kind of told they were there ( )

DonDep: Thankfully for that; my wife and I are tired of dodging surveillance teams and phone taps; we are only trying to do what any human should do to help the rest of humanity. And I KNOW that there is a 'dark force' that wants the Fruit for itself; we are all trying hard to discern which side is which, which is good, and why the PTB are hiding the truth about ET from us. Many of our fellow humans may be stunned with the realization of ET as more than a myth, but the rest of us have been dumbed-down for so long we need a collective exclamation to wake up to the Creator, and the hierarchy between It and Us. Do you think the Lotus, the Ganesh Particles, are a world-seed then? (Told by Chi'ielah?)

Dan Burisch: Where did you get that name?

DonDep: From one of the non-J faction that spoke to the assemblage on the forum I represent,

DonDep: I was told it was the name of your friend from the Clean Sphere.,

Dan Burisch: Well, I promised the J-Rod that I would never speak his name, so onward...

Dan Burisch: The Ganesh Partciels, as best I can understand them

Dan Burisch: (particles)

DonDep: I was also told that the forum is being used to play out the conflict between these two factions and so we would have a hand in history. a spiritual think-tank, if you will, for humanity

DonDep: You never spoke the name. He won't blame you

Dan Burisch: have seed earth since the inception of life here. They are much more (if you can believe it) than that though, in my opinion (hypotheses follow)...

Dan Burisch: Let me speak to that...

Dan Burisch: if they are playing out some game there (forum?) it is not for the benefit of humanity...

DonDep: the entity also said you are surrounded by a 'light being' that 'doesn't have their best future in mind'

Dan Burisch: Which side started it, and what was the person's name?

Dan Burisch: The comments I mean?

DonDep: another entity is possibly responsible for this conversation taking place, who shared some of your recent Interrogatories with us

Dan Burisch: The name of the one that started all these comments?

DonDep: the entity called itself "IMINVSBL", and the antagonist's name was "Peace"

Dan Burisch: IMINVSBL is the name of the person that used to threaten me, during the writing of Eagles Disobey.

Dan Burisch: ...and BJ Wolf.

Dan Burisch: ...and Butch Howell.

DonDep: "IMINVSBL" stated the "diplomatic opposition" was going into 2004-2005 to find your 'project'

Dan Burisch: ...and Robert Charles..

Dan Burisch: They have already tried that. I am aware. They have paid the consequence for grabbing at the fruit.

DonDep: wow. so now we know. what is 'his' perspective?

Dan Burisch: IMINVSBL's?

DonDep: yes

Dan Burisch: He is a representative of the rogues (I believe).

DonDep: He says he wants "J" to talk. Sounds almost arrogant, but we have to keep an open mind, since BJ's last words to me were "all is not what it seems"

Dan Burisch: He (and his minions) didn't want Eagles to come out at that time, because of what the ruins on Mars really mean.

Dan Burisch: ...and neither did I when I helped write the book.

DonDep: BJ promised me a copy; any chance you can help? what do they really mean>

Dan Burisch: I have no copies of it.

DonDep: the ruins, that is

Dan Burisch: It was available years ago through Borders, but...?

DonDep: she had plenty here in Canada, until they took here away in Sept

DonDep: Bill has been receiving anonymous photos of her in her apartment

Dan Burisch: The ruins are a timeline overlay of our future settlement. Arthur C. Clarke is aware of that fact, and even said that we would have

DonDep: they closed down the Eagles site, but my cohorts have instituted mirror sites worldwide

DonDep: he also knew about the monolith, didn;t he

Dan Burisch: a '...nasty little surprise when we go there." Nothing like finding a human signature and future date written on something supposed et huh?

DonDep: they found it back in '62 then, right?

Dan Burisch: I don't know about a monolith, aside from that it was a good gag in the movie. Took her away??????????

DonDep: they brought the original monolith back in '72. Yes, they did something to BJ.

Dan Burisch: Confirmed?

DonDep: They also ransacked your parent's house and took every last trace of your existence from it.

DonDep: including one of the few copies of the taped interview that are now percolating throughout the world

Dan Burisch: Well,...if I comment further about that...will you promise not to share it?

DonDep: from this point on, all will be xxxed until you say otherwise

Dan Burisch: Okay...they told xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dan Burisch: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dan Burisch: I told them that their motives were immoral at best.

DonDep: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dan Burisch: I told them that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DonDep: (I hear you are a great father, own 6-yr old son died in a mysterious house fire in Jan '97)

Dan Burisch: They chose to get an attorney and try to present me with a power play.

Dan Burisch: I am aware...that is where I heard your name before...

Dan Burisch: I remember now...

DonDep: So xxxxx was from xxxxxxxxxxxx? Still, you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I hear....

Dan Burisch: You were tracking my case and they said your kid died in a nightclub.

Dan Burisch: I am sorry.

Dan Burisch: Great father, naaaa.

DonDep: not in a nightclub. at home. in bed. quietly asleep.

Dan Burisch: Oh, that was the story I heard. Hmmmmm.

Dan Burisch: He is with God now.

DonDep: so, I was known to you before my arrival today????

Dan Burisch: You will see him again.

Dan Burisch: Yes, I heard your name...

Dan Burisch: Xxxxxxxx is it?

DonDep: if you typed my name into Google, many accounts I have written on your behalf....

Dan Burisch: If wrong then someone else.

DonDep: Yesm,\\\ right

DonDep: wow. what did they tell you???

Dan Burisch: That is the name they used. I "thunked" my way through it!

DonDep: one doesn't "thunk" Xxxxxxxx, Dan!

Dan Burisch: Just that you were putting up a stink in a few places, but didn't say where. I heard your name as an accessory to another conversation. It really wasn't meant for me.

Dan Burisch: I thunk!

Dan Burisch: Creative English!

Dan Burisch: Hell why not?

Dan Burisch: I can't submit to a journal anyway!

DonDep: love your smile, anyway! no, Xxxxxxxx is Swiss. Unusual to remember for being an "accessory"!

Dan Burisch: No, they highlighted your name and a few others.

Dan Burisch: They were speaking amongst themselves, as we had a conversation...the MIBS.

DonDep: "Putting up a stink". Yes, the secrecy has stunk up the whole political fabric! Well, just tell me here and now why I should shut up, why they keep hiding the truth, and I'll go quietly back to my bunker and sulk!

Dan Burisch: Don Xxxxxxxx.

Dan Burisch: from Dondep!

Dan Burisch: Catch 22.

DonDep: now that's an easy connection, if you knew the real name

Dan Burisch: I don't like to see people the can turn on the comments again.

DonDep: [emoticon with tongue sticking out]

Dan Burisch: Fine, the conversatiom will begin with you sticking your ( ) at me, I like that!

DonDep: the MIBs told you about me.....that's troubling. Should I worry about them showing up and singing "Happy birthday"?

Dan Burisch: (conversation)

Dan Burisch: You have been told a few things...frankly I think they are busy with treaty issues right now...but I can't speak for their alien rear-ends..

Dan Burisch: We don't exactly have a friendship, they are me.

Dan Burisch: (and me)

Dan Burisch: not (are me!)

Dan Burisch: My keys are jumping around.

Dan Burisch: coffee...stand by please..

Dan Burisch: yummy...

DonDep: So what can I take back to this forum thread, where thousands of enquiring minds want to know first of all if you're alive, second, should the fear Planet X, is the Lotus safe in your hands, is "J" a good guy, are the PTB really concerned about our welfare, why don't they tell us about ET, is the Ark a good thing, etc?

Dan Burisch: I am alive...

Dan Burisch: No one should fear what they (public) really can change (PX issue)...look to Descartes for the philosophical bend on that...

Dan Burisch: The Lotus is safe in God's hands...I am only allowed to see (record) what is being I have asked...only to "look" over the East gate a bit...

Dan Burisch: J is definitely a good guy..

Dan Burisch: least from my perspective.

Dan Burisch: God fearing, sound reason, cares about people, etc...

DonDep: And is it possible, that there is a service-to-other-type of j-rod group that wants to meet us publicly, but there is a selfish group, allied with the earthly CofM and other masonic-based occult groups that wants to control and exploit us, especially our emotional energy? A letter is making the rounds on the net

Dan Burisch: No, many of the (P)owers (T)hat (B)e (if I am taking the letters right), are not concerned about our welfare.

DonDep: that asks, "Do you want us to show up?" It is well-written, and asks earnestly for only a simple answer to that question, but a sincere answer. It claims that many things are being discovered in secret laboratories (read majestic) that at present only the selfish faction has access to

Dan Burisch: They have justified not telling us about ET out of fear for the timelines and panic (loss of psychological bearing due to the realization of being in a reality-stack (chimera) )...

DonDep: it claims that if we say "yes", in our hearts, that will be our ballot. our vote. that we have the power to bring exposure, since the good faction has been locked out of the halls of the treaty-based groups

Dan Burisch: The Ark is a good thing if we fail in our mission...the race continues on (ultimately going to Orion) already written in our future just accomplishes what we already know about those from Orion).

DonDep: that there is only 2 ways it can happen; through an agreement with duly-elected reps (WE DON'T HAVE THEM ANYMORE!) OR through our own heart-felt wish to have transparency. What would you say?

Dan Burisch: ....hmmm

Dan Burisch: I am unaware of the letter...haven't even heard rumor of it. As to such concepts...

DonDep: Is it really fear on the part of our Elders that is keeping this all under wraps? Or the realization that they have covered for so long, it's too late, and the social structure wouldn't allow for anything but a panic that would ruin our society. I can understand that, many of us really do.

DonDep: the letter has more legs than the usual chain letter.

DonDep: because it resonates, has no agenda other than a simple answer, doesn't use new-agey words etc

Dan Burisch: I was unaware until a few years ago of the Masonic connection to Majestic, that in fact they were also connected to the so-called Illuminati.

Dan Burisch: standy...your getting ahead of me again...

DonDep: I'm familiar with the entrances at 1733 and 2800 on 16th street to the hallowed halls

Dan Burisch: I am aware of the Temples.

Dan Burisch: 1733 and 2800, addresses?

Dan Burisch: Only been to one of them.

Dan Burisch: and was driven there.

DonDep: Yes, to 1789. You don't think they go in the front door, do you?

DonDep: did you?

Dan Burisch: I was taken in down a long line of sphinxes...

DonDep: yes, that fits. Dan Burisch: anyway...

Dan Burisch: The subculture within the MJ community let me in on all that illumoinati stuff.

DonDep: I found it more than ironic that the division is between 16 and 16 (with one passed over), on 16th st

Dan Burisch: (Illuminati)

Dan Burisch: ?

DonDep: of the '33' "Investors", as the J-ASON Society is known

Dan Burisch: The last I heard before the CotM breakup if that is to what you refer...

DonDep: the M-ASON Society

Dan Burisch: that the number was 15 for disclosure and the rest, a no....

DonDep: I was just told it was 16 to 16, with one "passed over", or abstention?

Dan Burisch: Then a big break up announcement and told everyone to just fall in line under the 10 remaining members of the MJ12, which is now 11 I hear...

Dan Burisch: I don't know.

Dan Burisch: anyway...

DonDep: not important to us at the moment, since we can't convince a single vote to switch, or can we?

Dan Burisch: The subculture told me and let me in on that fact that certain higher ups (committee members) were Luciferians.

DonDep: Do you think we should have disclosure?

Dan Burisch: I have sway with 2 of the 12, but don't quote me on that!

DonDep: This conversation and its aftermath will have ramifications on our future;

Dan Burisch: Hold, I have to check your earlier q's to make sure I have given them some treatment.

DonDep: they did say you had some sway, so value it!

Dan Burisch: They are hiding the the best of my knoweldge for two reasons...

DonDep: okay, i'll stand back.

Dan Burisch: The government levels that are aware of the presence, mostly under that of the CotM...some of them aren't even aware that it really existed...

DonDep: that what existed?

Dan Burisch: know of the ET presence and have given allegiance to the secret...

Dan Burisch: The CotM

Dan Burisch: But they haven't known what the secret really was.

Dan Burisch: They just think...another species...or series of species.

DonDep: allegiance to the secret.....what?

Dan Burisch: The secret that ET exists.

Dan Burisch: But they don't know that ET is US!

Dan Burisch: So, they hide the secret to keep the government from being in trouble with the masses that

Dan Burisch: would yell coverup!

Dan Burisch: The higher authorities...hide that secret (from the future) from them (certain in Congr, D o D, etc)

DonDep: they think they can't handle that truth? Shocking, but not impossible

Dan Burisch: about ET being us, and from the public due to fear of emotional instability that can arise from the knowledge that our reality isn't what it exactly seems to be.

Dan Burisch: So, there isn't one coverup, there's two.

Dan Burisch: The lower ones I despise...they have given their allegiance like dogs, for kibbles.

DonDep: but there are 2 groups of ETs, (spiritually), "as above, so below".

Dan Burisch: One group that is logical, mathematical (J-Rods...meaning the number 15) and the other (the spiritual group...the future of that group who would take to the Ark in time of catastrophe).

Dan Burisch: Within the J-Rods are two (or more, not sure) groups.

Dan Burisch: One that is working with us, and the other that is very rogue and wants its own way to try to solve the problems.

DonDep: the 'spiritual' ones get to go first-class? and the rest fly coach?

Dan Burisch: Not the problem of the possible catastrophe mind you, the short sighted neuro-degenerative condition...they couldn't

DonDep: but there is more than one scenario for the future, right? Which means that everything isn't written in stone?

Dan Burisch: give a rats-ass about what they feel is inevitable.

Dan Burisch: We do.

Dan Burisch: We don't think it's invevitable.

DonDep: We meaning the majority on the CotM?

Dan Burisch: It's only written in the mind of God.

Dan Burisch: We, meaning those that wished for disclosure in the first place within this last couple of years.

DonDep: The current majority? Which has 16, and the other 16 are, what, more ethnic/int'l in flavor, or more Luciferian?

Dan Burisch: That group NO LONGER EXISTS as a functional unit.

DonDep: Okay, the remains..

DonDep: the 16 that allied with "J"

Dan Burisch: It is now under a control group, modeled after the original MJ12.

DonDep: They wished for Disclosure, and are the remaining group, but the other ones....what becomes of them?

Dan Burisch: I don't know.

Dan Burisch: They haven't told me.

Dan Burisch: I trust they are being held away from the rogue J-Rods though.

DonDep: I understand MJ12 was the original superior group, and was surprised to learn they subordinated themselves to the CotM

Dan Burisch: They better be, with their connections.

DonDep: But what do these rogue J-rods want? They are pleading their case to us too, and we have to know what their agenda is to make a coherent decision.

Dan Burisch: They were put in the background some years ago, when Illuminists took over and began working through the power structure of The Bavarians.

DonDep: In your opinion, of course...

DonDep: why were they put in the background?

Dan Burisch: Not really sure.

Dan Burisch: I think...

Dan Burisch: they may be wishing to pressure me to release the data prior to their signature on the T9.

Dan Burisch: All I have been told is that the Luciferians took over the Control Group (MJ12 or whatever one would want to call it).

Dan Burisch: They are now wandering the countryside..apostates.

Dan Burisch: They were getting us into a worse fix with the rogue J-Rods...leading us to a path of destruction.

DonDep: Apparently they are trying to go over the heads of the potentates who profess to speak for us, who are not even representing duly-elected representatives (we don't have 'duly-elected' since 2000), and appeal to the populace. Possibly.

Dan Burisch: Correct.

Dan Burisch: I have no problem, intellectually, with

Dan Burisch: this information reaching the populace...sure there are many

Dan Burisch: who would have some difficulty with it...but some have difficulty

Dan Burisch: stepping away from the television too.

Dan Burisch: All kinds...

Dan Burisch: I believe in humanity.

Dan Burisch: I have reason to, as God believes in us.

DonDep: I feel a great sense of obligation to do what's right for humanity, Dan, my own self be damned, and as your friend/source-to-me said, "I try to walk in the light"....wished that I could break this cycle, but couldn't see it happening. I want to do what is right for all of us….

Dan Burisch: You won't be damned.

Dan Burisch: People walk away from God, not He them.

Dan Burisch: The angels are all around us.

DonDep: Which is why this conversation is so important.

DonDep: yes, even one 'clothed in light' is purported to be around you at this time

DonDep: but as BJ reminded me in that email about angels, "all is not what it seems"

Dan Burisch: Bask in the information...the fruit of the tree of Knowledge has already been's free now...just as the Book of Rezial was given to the post-fall notion of the Adam...

Dan Burisch: Angels are not always what they seem.

DonDep: Book of Rezial? One day, if I'm not 'erased' over this, perhaps you can help me get a copy

Dan Burisch: But truth be told, you can see their faces no matter which way they turn.

DonDep: I think that is what was being told to me. The angel may not be of the good.

DonDep: but more of a 'fallen angel' variety

Dan Burisch: You can buy one on the net...just make sure you have a good translation...standby.

DonDep: they cloak themselves in ritual etc

Dan Burisch: The one to whom you refer doesn't cloak under anything.

DonDep: will do. anything comparable to Oahspe?

Dan Burisch: "Sepher Rezial Hemelach", edited/translated by Steve Savedow.

Dan Burisch: It helps to know Hebrew.

DonDep: meaning, the one I was told that hovers near you is of the good variety? Not 'cloaked'?

Dan Burisch: By the is my name appearing on your screen? [I've changed all refs to "Dan Burisch"

DonDep: Hey, if I knew Hebrew, I'd be working on the Bible Code...

DonDep: appears as Dan Burisch [actually I tell him the truth; MS Word word-change]

Dan Burisch: The only angels that I would allow near me are good. I am a human, I have that choice...unless superceded by God (Blessed be He).

DonDep: is that from the "Sepher..." book?

Dan Burisch: That is my private email! Yes, that is the Rezial Book.

Dan Burisch: HII...a secret name of the Creative God.

Dan Burisch: Chay...Hebrew from creation work.

DonDep: "This god is the same as that god....." I quote you quite a bit, but you're modest enough to tell lol

Dan Burisch: lol?

Dan Burisch: I have wondered what that meant.

Dan Burisch: There is but One God.

DonDep: Is the Bible Code a real instrument, within the DCTP?

DonDep: lol means "laugh out loud"

Dan Burisch: I use it.

Dan Burisch: Oh!

Dan Burisch: It helps to know where you are looking in it.

DonDep: i was embarrassed when i finally found out, not too long ago...

DonDep: There are 2 scholars, Michael Drosnin, and another

DonDep: what's that? [Dan is now waving a CD in front of the camera]

Dan Burisch: The Bible Code software

DonDep: couldn't read the label?

Dan Burisch: I use the one that comes from Israel.

DonDep: wow. one of the first projects on the old Eaglesdisobey forum.....

DonDep: none of us could cough up the $75 bucks or so for a copy from Jerusalem

Dan Burisch: Neither did I! [Dan is still waving the CD to the webcam]

Dan Burisch: I asked, they got.

DonDep: but I guess your 'friends' could! lol!

Dan Burisch: standby

DonDep: That was right before we hurriedly moved to Canada, what with the daily surveillance

Dan Burisch: I have just been informed I have 5 minutes left.

Dan Burisch: Sorry.

DonDep: right. thank whoever arranged this profusely. I want to make this historic moment work the most for all of us....

Dan Burisch: I have no idea how it was arranged. I expected to see a reviewer number on my screen...pleasant surprise!

DonDep: have we the best answer then on Planet X, the Ganesh, the Lotus, the Ark, MJ12, why the rogue Jords are up to no good, etc

Dan Burisch:

Dan Burisch: Well...those topics are hours, if not days of discernment...I think we have touched them in a fair manner.

Dan Burisch: Thanks for spreading the word about the Lotus.

DonDep: We have good-hearted people involved in doing good things...want to make sure I don't let them down either. Give them my best, and tell the people who know about these things to please let us live in safety, quietly, and I can share what I should be sharing from the anonymity of a good-hearted avatar

Dan Burisch: When it is finally realized, what it truly is...

Dan Burisch: people may again know God.

DonDep: What is it then, truly?

DonDep: And once again, are we in for a rough ride shortly?

DonDep: Dan?

DonDep: To whomever; thank you. [for the first reply, from the people responsible:

Anonymous C. 11/13/2003 3:23 am EST Re: Mystery Of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!!

Whoever we (and there is more than one of us that had to arrange this super happening) are, we were happy to give you this interlude. We must hide again because the cat returns soon! Just to let you know, DB looked around at the cams when done with your conversation, held his hands about his head, applauded and said, in the good ol fashion "Queen" (group) way -- "WE WILL ROCK YOU!" :-) Then he giggled and went back to work with a smile on his face. Something we haven´t seen around here for a very long time. We were happy to (FOR ONCE) be of service to the HUMAN RACE! Thank you DonDep for being such a gentleman to this gentle man. _________________
"If it doesn't hurt, it can only help"

April 20, 2006 6:15 am

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