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Dr. Dan Burisch Credentials

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Dr Dan Burisch Credentials, Backround




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Posted at "stargateforum" Oct 03, 2005 6:29 pm


11/21/2003 1:40 am EST, GLP Forum

Re: Mystery Of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!!

"Hello kind people! I read the post about the challenge to Dr. Danīs credentials, and make no mistake about it that is one of the directions the opposing crowd will take. So, letīs look a a small list of COINCIDENCES (Dan loves "coincidences" and I feel I owe him this) involving Dr. Dan, his background, and his work. It is just a short list so no one will be bored!

First, prior to the publication of Eagles Disobey the Case for Inca City, Mars, Dr. Dan was listed as DOCTOR in the following places: State University of New York at Stony Brook (evidenced by his being acclimated by them through background checks completed by Marquisī Whoīs Who in the World, Science and Engineering, the West. They canīt be paid to place a name in, as some have suggested.

Their good name is as stake. He was also backrounded by the Fiesta Casino in Las Vegas when he was placed in charge of Safety under their Director of Security. How can I prove that? His business card!) Before Eagles he was confirmed as Ph.D. by the UNLV Alumni Association. How can I confirm that? Page 38 in the 1997 Alumni Directory. Want to know a secret? (of course you do!) He still is in their Alumni Directory, listed under GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES.

He was listed with his Ph.D. in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Naturalist Society, and the American Institute of Biological Sciences. All conveniently canīt research their rosters for those years (90-97) - for all those that checked.

He is still listed in the U.S. Navy Memorial Log. Tell me they didnīt check out his application to become a "Plank Owner" when he helped them with funds to build it? Sure, they spit out cards every day that say "RESTRICTED INFO D CRAIN". That sounds like a normal rank (RESTRICTED INFO), right? His file is even replete with his credit cards that list him as Dr. Danny BC Burisch.

Of course these are just coincidences, and will even be challenged as purposeful actions, because the opposing crowd (the nay sayers have to say something!). Not done yet.

Letīs look at his work for a minute. I am aware that Dan supplied a certain researcher ( Hi, Bill! ) and B.J. Wolf with a list of names of professors he worked with at SUNY. Of course no one will conveniently remember him, just so happens that many of them are just coincidentally involved with research of the same type he engaged in with the work on the jrod. Glycoproteins, for instance. Of course, still more coincidences, he picks the right place that confirms him for years whose people also work coincidentally with the same area that he was later assigned to. Coincidences, frauds, and more coincidences? )

A few more? Why not. But, I have to be a little careful here. His research is listed to have been farmed to many large laboratories, right? Okay, look around the area where he says he was educated, any there? Well, thereīs Brookhaven? Could anything be COINCIDENTALLY going on there, RIGHT NOW, that could have any bearing WHATSOEVER, on the type of research DR. Dan is doing on the Lotus project? Well, we know Dan is working on small particles that affect DNA repair. Letīs see what might be going on there:

These guys are working on Molybdenum, and essential mineral in "nucleic acid synthesis". Could this have anything to do, COINCIDENTALLY, with Lotus? Well, read the article and decide for yourselves. Hmmm- Molybdenum is also found in QUARTZ deposits.

COINCIDENTALLY, this research is also going on at a nearby facility- SUNY!

Wow! That involves molybdenum too!
and to beat all..he was just granted a new doctoral degree. I must admit I have spoken with him within the past 24 hours and he is well. I asked whether I could post the name of the Institution (abroad) that granted it- he said he preferred not because the gov would just squash it if it became public. he nearly died of a heart attack the first time they pulled that shit and I am going to respect his decision. He also is not physically well as you already know.

But, to back up a little of this I am going to post in a briefcase a few things that I have dredged from his file. I will let everyone know when it is ready for pick up!

Posted by "INSIDER"

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 4:22 pm    

"The dissertation was held 1989 and the degree arrived 1990.
Testimony and affidavit under perjury penalty by: Doreen A. Crain
The certificate was stolen from Dan Crain in 1991, copy stolen in 1992.
Testimony and affidavit (completed) under perjury penalty by: Deborah K. Burisch.

The degree was confirmed by SUNY stony brook in 1996.
Affidavit under perjury penalty by: Robert Byrd

And Dr. Burisch is going to worry about the importance of ufo investigators confirming him?
Think again and when you do think again.

There's enough evidence to sway any court in the land.
BTW Why do you think affidavits are being done, to impress ufology?

UpdatesPart36 - 6/19/2008 " ... When we met Dan for the first time he showed us certain documents, not in the public domain, establishing his ID and bona fides. There are reasons why these are not publicly available, and we were asked to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

He also showed some of those documents to Rob Simone on stage in his live interview, before an audience of 300 people, at the Laughlin UFO conference on 1 March this year [2008]. Rob examined the documents, nodded in understanding, and then continued with the interview. That was an important thing to happen publicly ..." [Bill & Kerry - Project Camelot]




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