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The Mystery of Dr Dan Burisch Area 51

Dr. Dan B Crain (Catselas Burisch) Ph.D.  1964 - 2002

Memorial Page (saved from

I regret to inform you all of this tragic news, but Dan has been reported deceased, by sources I've come to trust over the years.  It is my understanding that this happened because he was so determined to bring his situation to the public, so hopeful that your help might bring enough pressure to bear against those who imprisoned him, that he might at last gain his freedom. But it seems that he finally pushed his captors too far - and has paid the ultimate price for his courage and determination. Of everyone who heard his pleas for help, only a handful ever tried to help. People like Bill Hamilton and a few other brave souls dared to listen and do their very best to help, and I owe them a great debt of gratitude. But we were a pitiful few who found ourselves pinned against the money and power of Majestic on one side and the professional skeptics on the other, ready to do everything in their considerable power to keep you from listening to what Dan was risking his life to say.

I am angry. Not only at those who kept Dan a virtual prisoner, but at everybody else who treated this like a soap opera. People who never got up off their lazy buts to try to help. Who never picked up a phone and called their legislators, or wrote a letter or an email to ask for an investigation. And now it's too God-damned late.

But what's worse are all those self serving, self-righteous, arrogant people who were lining up to try to discredit Dan. ....You may have a bunch of degrees after your names.... but you don't have an ounce of common sense. You proved Dan's case - and you didn't even know it.

Doesn't anybody out there realize these people don't bother lining up against someone unless that person is the real thing. Unless he or she has something important to say that might cause the power-brokers to squirm. That's when they start doing everything in their considerable power to drown them out. I watched it happen - watched them start pulling out all the stops, as they kept raising the bar higher and higher - using that age old "grudge" tactic that works every time. It's the tactic of demanding impossible proofs, always one more, and then another and another (meanwhile ignoring every effort that is made, and damning everything that has already been presented as inadequate) until finally there is no more proof available.

The fact that we are telling the truth means that there is only so-much we can find, only so much that the government hasn't been able to obliterate. We offered everything we had and honestly told everybody there was nothing more we could give - because we absolutely won't fabricate anything. And that's exactly what they were waiting for - that's when they started to do their victory dance in the end-zone bobbing their heads and pointing their fingers. And there they were, hammering Bill with email after email, lining up ready to shout 'phoney or fraud', because they (who set themselves up as judge and jury) didn't get everything they wanted. Dan got wind of what was going on, and was so outraged that he decided to try to bolt long enough to make a surprise arrival at the location I was planning to use during the Jeff Rense radio broadcast - hoping to have a few moments on the air before he got scooped up by security, in which to address the public himself. Well, I guess security found out, and wouldn't let that happen. Dan was not permitted to even make the attempt.

The people who used these tactics to bleed attention away from the real issues are no better than the ones who denied Dan his God given and Constitutionally protected freedoms in the first place. They drove him to desperate action, because he knew that their tactics always work. They couldn't just let his statements and testamony be evaluated by the public - no they were too afraid that people would God-forbid make up their own minds.

And you know why their tactics are so powerful? It's because we empower them by our own reactions. The minute we try to placate them we send a message to everyone listening and watching - we wordlessly tell everybody that we acknowledge their right to make demands of us, and tacitly admit that we need their approval to validate us....and that what they think and say is more important than the truth being told.

I'm sorry, but the truth does not hinge on their approval. It exists whether they like the body of evidence that supports it, or not.  But people, or hell, 'sheeple' as I have come to believe most people are in today's society, believe whoever yells the loudest. This makes it awfully easy for them to discredit anybody brave enough to come forward and speak out.

OK, I give up. They win. They always win. I tried my level best to help Dan because we have been friends for many years, and because I'm just stupid enough and old fashioned enough to believe that friendship is sacred. And that going to bat for someone when they need it most is honorable and counts more than money. But Hell, let people shout all the want. Let people believe anything they like. Let them claim that Dan was in it for the fame or the fortune....I  know differently. And I think Bill knows differently, because eventhough he only knew Dan for a matter of months, he is a keen judge of character and he tried so hard to help Dan. I originally wrote this letter to Bill who has proven to be a wonderful friend, and  whom I can't even begin to thank enough for all his help. He had the courage to stand up for someone who needed help desperately, when nobody else would. He didn't have to put himself out, but he did. I just thought it was right to let everybody read what happened, and let everybody know who acted with honor and courage. I only hope that what Dan was trying to tell us, what he risked his life to share with the world won't die with him. That he will be remembered.

BJ Wolf/Marcia McDowell

{Addendum: Dr. Burisch alive 2/13/03}

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Dr. Burisch is ALIVE

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Dr. Dan Burisch and Q94-109A Dr. Burisch (Dan Crain, Ph.D.) authored document Q94-109A.

by M. McDowell, B.S., M.A.

Candlelight Publishing: 1973 North Nellis Blvd. #182, Las Vegas, NV 89115 HOME

**Note: See Updates at bottom

Preamble from the editor: This text with the document is proving to be very controversial: The medical terms seem to be correct but MDs who have reviewed this say it doesn't compute medically or it reads like a "salad." But, at the same time these "experts" say "they don't understand the science." BJ mentioned to me that there are "gaps" in this text and that Burisch or Dan Crain was not that forthcoming as you might see. She had to take her hand written/tape notes and transcribe them while spending many hours in the library looking up medical terms. She is the one who put this text together and not Dan Burisch who was not always cooperative as mentioned. Hopefully, more information will be forthcoming.


Dan Burisch, formerly known as Dan Crain, has been involved in covert operations at the lab facilities underneath Groom Lake and Papoose Lake/Site4 since the early 1990s. Comment from editor: The above should read "in and underneath Papoose Mountain which is where S4 is located or the SE corner of Papoose Mountain."

This document Q94-109A leaked from a source at Area-51, details the work done by Dr. Dan Crain (Dan B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.) on extraterrestrial tissue obtained from a live source. The aspiration samples were gathered and evaluated by Dr. Crain in his capacity as a microbiologist for the United States Navy.

The document itself.... The document provided to me by my contact was in rather poor condition. It had been copied in a rush, and the quality of the photocopy left a lot to be desired. I worked to clean up the image, after scanning it into my system, but I was only able to do so much. The majority of the document was transcribed word for word, and is presented here for the public to evaluate.

Recombining human and non-terrestrial DNA?

Dr. Burisch is currently involved in a new covert project, the details of which bear a striking similarity to his work at Area-51, as outlined by document Q94-109A. The powers that have demanded his current participation, literally at gunpoint, are attempting to use his skills to alter certain elements of our DNA and RNA codes.

This new research bears a striking resemblance to what they were trying to do in document Q94-109A: reverse engineer and recombine human and non-terrestrial DNA.

The strenuous objections of the microbiologists on the project several years ago helped to slow the research, but now if left unchecked, the current experimentation could spell catastrophic disaster for human evolution...future human evolution.

In early conversations with Dan Burisch, he indicated that he was very familiar with the biology (cellular biology and biochemistry) of a "Captive" extraterrestrial housed in a lab located deep under the desert floor at Area-51. I had made some notes concerning our conversations which are reproduced here, at least in part. These conversations were later substantiated by the document Q94-109A which is the main subject of this publication. However, in our earlier conversations about extraterrestrial biology Dan indicated to me that: "They use a somewhat combined variety of oxidative phosphorylation and ARF mediated COP-coated vesicles. It's also involved with an analog of clathrin-like coated vesicles (see, for mechanism by which clathrin coats mediate receptor-mediated endocytosis). Through their electron transport chain (oxidation), both ATP and GTP are formed simultaneously. The organ, that corresponds to their lungs, gulps or traps the hydrogen which is then pumped through active transport using 'spiracle'-like tubes into an analog organ, much like our alveoli." See jpg for Q94-109A.

For more on this document please see Q-94109-A Document And, for a reported drawing of "J-Rod" mentioned in the document please see, Drawing of Jarod I commented that it didn't make sense to me, since hydrogen simply did not seem to possess enough electrons to make it a viable candidate for this function. Dan smiled and said, "Look up the nature of chemiosmotic coupling and translate the Faraday constant under their type of membrane structure and you'll find it works just fine. The GTP is used in a feedback loop to essentially download the hydrogen electrons...... They have a highly powerful ATP-synthase-like enzyme that assists quite well. Then he looked at me and with a quizzical expression said, "Happy?" I nodded, kind of dumbfounded - figuring that he was done, but he continued on, "Where the multi-subunit components could be adequately represented in the human system in two parts, 'their' components work in a chain-like matrix; sort of a ratchet function that fully utilizes the energy draw down. In other words, the f0 and f1 is actually represented by f0a,b,c,d....f0x and so on... The multiple matrices allow for higher yields of lower energy ATP." As nearly as I could figure it, he was saying that the lower energy ATP was sufficient [possibly?] because of their natural environment. I bounced this idea off him. He answered by saying "No, not really. You see, 'they' are on an evolutionary downturn. Their entire genome is becoming defunct. My job was to back engineer their neural cells - really small microglial tissue."

As incredible as it may seem, these extraterrestrials apparently need our help. They might be more technologically advanced than we are, but they are apparently having some real problems in the "biology" department. After these conversations took place, I obtained the document Q94-109A which describes Dan's interaction with the extraterrestrial that is known as Captive, living in a "Clean Sphere" deep underneath the Papoose Lake site at Area-51(this should read "underneath the Papoose Mountain site"). In an effort to ascertain its authenticity, I showed Dan a copy of the document, with his signature on the last page. I also showed him copies of his signature block obtained from his [now] estranged mother before she moved out of Las Vegas. Dan demanded to know where I got the document, went sheet white, started to sweat and refused to make any further comment.

Comment from editor: This could be one of the prime reasons for all the reported Alien Abductions or, Aliens needing human DNA? Does this pose a threat? Please see, Former President Reagan on the "Alien Threat?"

Annotations by M. McDowell, B.S., M.A.

Here are some brief annotations with bearing upon the text of document Q94-109A. Annotation regarding plating studies of aspirative samples: So essentially, each of the 100 original sections of the biopsy material was plated and cultured - in other words, grown into a mass of living tissue generated from that particular section of the biopsy material. This mass of tissue was then subsplit into smaller sections, labelled alphabetically for specialized analysis. Given the information contained at the beginning of the report, Dan himself performed 275 individual biopsies over a two year period. If you calculate the number of biopsies he performed, multiplied by 100 (for the number of splits made from the original biopsy material each time) you wind up with 27,500 cellular tissue cultures grown in that two year period. Then take the number of subsplits for each (if they used an alphabetical nomenclature, we should have at least 26 subsplits) and you find that they cultured approximately 715,000 individual tissue batches during the time of this study. Of course, that is only considering this particular study. Let's face it. 715,000 tissue cultures is probably a conservative estimate. There are most likely a great many studies being undertaken at any given time, concerning Captive. In a taped interview with Dr. Crain in 1994, he discusses this matter, although he did not refer to this document by name or number. It seems clear then, from this portion of the report that the original study was conducted by the team operating under a 'blind'; in other words, the scientists who performed the original study: k(lower-case)-24, were unaware of the true nature of the samples. They didn't know that they were from an extraterrestrial biological entity, and as a result, they could only go so far with their evaluations. Their own chain of command was simply not willing to reveal the pertinent information to their own scientists, some of the finest minds in the country, who were gathered together for the specific purpose of conducting highly classified research.

Given the fact that later sections of this document talk about the back-engineering of alien tissue samples in order to correct a problem, I have to wonder 'what method were they employing in order to engineer the correction?'. Especially now, in light of the continuation of this bioengineering process through the Lotus Protocol, and Dan's staunch refusal to provide his superiors with the mathematical keys to the DNA and RNA base pairings necessary for them to backengineer human genetic material.

However, the report does state that the team was eventually ordered to use human cells (from a cadavar) to recombine with alien cells in an effort to repair the genetic damage discovered as the source of the biological problems under evaluation.

They used allogenic recombination, which resulted in allomeric response (a localized result) however the systemic neuropathy continued. Then they tried sequential plasmid recombinations using bone marrow from a human cadavar only identified by a number and an autoposy document. This yielded better results. In fact, the report states that the introduction of the cell matrix innocula into the EBE produced a stoppage of the pathology over a wide area in the body. It appears that Dan and his team resisted performing studies involving secondary spermatocyte stock due to the clear "cross breeding intent' implicit in the work. However, he was compelled under orders from his Commanding Officer to do so. He says that such a line of investigation should be followed with the greatest concern and hesitation. The leak of such success could cause a 'wild' strain that could be catastrophic to us as human beings. I believe that this is what he was alluding to in the early portion of the report when he said "While the writer must present the findings" indicating a certain reluctance to endorse everything in the findings, "it must also be stated that the operating group members have made a unanimous declaration that certain methods to alter the present genotype should not be carried out."

This is unusual in the extreme - for a group of scientists on the cutting edge of explorative technology to agree that something (anything) should absolutely, positively not be done is so rare that it deserves a great deal of thought as to why such a statement was made. Their ethical objections may have put a halt to the experimentation between 1994 and 1996, however the powers that funded and authorized that research have never abandoned hope of altering human DNA. The new project, LOTUS is the latest attempt to manipulate human DNA and RNA in ways which will be catastrophic to humanity if they are allowed to go forward unchecked.

Continuation of Detail from Document Q94-109A "The plating activities were entirely successful at C/Sphere S.T.P., save K-24-16, K-24-36, and K-24-81. Heightened osmotic pressure from excess colloidal suspension was interpreted as the reason for cellular stasis and death. Equal Combinations of pressurized dictostelium-desoxycholate agar media, racemic to 10.000/100.000 (%) glucose-acetate medium produced the highest cellular, figuilar, growth rates (1.000 generations per 26.302 days). Nominal contamination-restriction protocols were followed (see: Cross contamination protocol 6, N.R.L., Document Number Q-93-016B., for procedural guidelines.)" "Cellular preparations were presented by the "E.B.E.-Cross-Contamination and Viewing Protocols (Sections 1-4)", as approved, 2 April 1993 (N.R.L., Papoose Site 4, Document Number Q-93-016C.) "The previous analysis (k{lower-case}-24) of then '.... cells of an unknown origin...' yielded presumptive declarations that such specimens were operating under different methodologies than known terrestrial counterparts. That study also attempted the same process of 'back-engineering' the cellular constituents, but yielded little more information than the basic cellular morphology, organelle analogs, membrane and communication patterns, and pathways of cellular constituent biosynthesis. Study K(upper-case)-24 was deemed necessary, by the authority structure, for the purpose of handling aspirations of a fresher nature, whose in sutu value would be known, and wherein a clear purpose to the investigation would be open to the operating group under the writer's control." "The order was interpreted, clearly, as a study in the classification of neuronic dendritic repair failure, the establishment of the probably mechanisms of such failure, and the ascertaining of possible previous conditions (conditions that would necessarily have been present for acceptable evolution) when such repairs would have been successful/ Additionally, the operating group took the opportunity to "back-engineer", together with theoretical applications, a potential route of ultimate repair of the dysfunctional system. This report declares that the present operating group fulfilled the aforementioned order, and was also successful in positing the most likely route of genotype repair, a pathway completely reparative to the present phenotypic status. While the writer must present the findings, it must also be stated that the operating group members have made a unanimous declaration that certain methods to alter the present genotype should not be carried out. This position of conviction is held for moral and bio-ethical considerations, as such actions may deter from the normal process of natural selection in the human species." "Initial observations of extraterrestrial microglian-like-analog neuroblasts {?}(MENB's) revealed an approximated morphology to all such extraterrestrial cells, that being hypotrophic perikaryons (as opposed to terrestrial counterparts), with a multipolar-type generalization. The presence of an external and internal cytoplasm, specifically herein defined as the neuroplasm (as previously described in k{lower case}-24), was again presented, with the organelle fusion being also demonstrated. The neruofibrils were present, with a 1-to-1 terrestrial relationship of neuroprotofibrils (c. 0.009 mm). It occurred to the investigator that the neuroprotofibrils were selectively anastomosed to nissl-like bodies, extending afferently from the nuclear material, through the internal cytoplasm, then further cementing to the exterior of the internal cytoplasm (the 'ground substance" of the external cytoplasm); however, such processes continued along primary axon units, but terminated at the primary-axonic-dendritic-process juncture (where the exoplasm sufficiently thinned allowing branching dendritic processes). This finding led the investigation toward its ultimate conclusions." "At the point of neuroprotofibril excision, the analog to the Incisures of Schmidt-Lanterman, Neurokeratin-like networks, and solid Endoneruium, cease. Cross culturing revealed that selective culture necrosis was not the origin. Further, such early terminations were found at highest rates (38 hits per 50 units at 25,000 diameters magnification), when adjacent to higher numbers of fibroblast-analogs, within the endoneurium. This correlation extends to myroneural junction regions, with a near 1-to-1 correspondence. Histologically, each myoneural junction viewed, demonstrated excessive filament depletion at the nominal axolemmal ridges, with high concentrations of mitochondrial-golgi-analog(s) (MG) at/near each synaptic trough's Basal Lamina, along the sides of each subneural cleft. This demonstrations drew a conclusion of a pathological process that may associate myocyte physiology, fibroblast-analog response and/or mediation, membrane interactions, and axoplasm response. This is where I usually say -'hold it - try that in English please...' but unfortunately Dan was extremely unwilling to comment upon anything in this report - with the exception of his signature on the last page. I got out my science books, and hit the library, but most of the scientific terms used in this paragraph came with descriptions that were equally complex. Suffice it to say that it appears that the EBE neural tissue (at the point at which it was excised or removed from the subject) appears to have only a modest similarity to terrestrial models. And that cells which were cross cultured and studied (using various magnifications and conditions) tended to show excessive filament depletion at certain specific areas in conjunction with the presence of a mitochondrial-golgi-analog cellular unit. In humans, the golgi-mitochondrial cell structures facilitate the biochemical release and storage of energy for later use by the cell. "A detailed analysis of membrane activity was conducted, via freeze fractures (STM), separative biochemistry (UCFG/MOA/MP), and selective histopathological supravital staining (LM). [*See attached coding for machinery references*] The results indicated that the hydrogen mediated phosphorylation, as was presented in a Danielli model in previous reference k{lower-case}-24, occurred at higher rates of successful energy budgeting (5.000%, average, power) at those areas where sub neural clefts were shortest. Further, the highest concentrations of mitochondrial-golgi-analogs were found at the shortest of such clefts. This necessary proximity was found at each analysis, and was therefore determined as part of the pathological process. External membrane structure, showed ion channeling at less concentrations, where the myoneural junctions met the above criteria for pathology. "Present channel varieties were bordered by long chain (via MP/HPLC/GC/MS) glycoprotiens [IgA equivalent at IUPAC tertiary top chain representation - NeuAc((2-6)...], later coded (vial gel electrophoresis and PCR) specifically to expressions from the Major Histocompatability Complex (MCH) at locus HLA-Cw3(a), and seemingly selective to those ion channels that disfavor membrane disequipibria, thus lack of net polarity, and where protodesmosomes from the fibroblast-analogs communicated to the sides of the subneural cleft areas/ That fibroblast-protodesmosomal-analog association has not been entirely explained." "It appears that the protonated phosphorylation complex, within the MG-analog, operating (as best known) is rather more interwoven with voltage gated membrane channels than previously thought. A classification analysis was completed (via MP) in order to verify the mode of regulation, the results of which demostrated that the cristae-compartmentalized electron transport system (bioregulatory parallel capacitors), operated in a triad of spherical cristae, generating and temporarily per serving at 7.100 X 10 exp (-12) uJ per cycle. This was accomplished by reflux of hydrogen, via the MG-associated Phosphoenylpyruvate Phosphotransferase-analog (PEP-analog) active pump, and using glucose-6 phosphate as a carrier, also found preserving energy within the system (passive exothermic emission), within bio regulatory solenoid). The minimal output of this system (passive exothermic emission), within the cellular matrix under study, enabled G-proteins to modulate voltage-gated calcium channels, and simultaneously, internal lignad and kinase modulated varieties to act in antagonism. It was the localized effect of this antagonism that interrupted the potential sufficiently to begin collateral elimination of synapses (following complete disruption of the excitatory porential, at -75mV, and with K+ efflux), through progressive acidosis, secondary to the PEP-analog's output. This was the agent of neuropathogenicity." "Correlating to increasing age, from interview with JR (Sigma authorized), higher rates of neuropathy are found. Additionally, gene mapping has postulated a correlation in the age-dependent expression of the lgA equivalent to the organism-wide efficiency of receptor tyrosine kinases (Q-94-109C/D). From that line of evidence, repair processes were found altered, by a translational control inhibition at pp90exp(rsk)-analog. Simply put, repair was faulted, via increasing age, by insufficient specific protein kinase levels." "Attempts to rectify the problem, val allogenic recombination, resulted in allomeric response. The neuropathy continued. Human Subject #58-001 (refer to autopsy Document Q-96-029) supplied bone marrow for sequential plasmid recombinations via electroporation. Sequential addition of expression loci for pp44 superscript(mapk/erk2) yielded a theorized alternate pathway, via pp70 superscript(S6K) kinase, to translational control through S6 phosphorylation. Transplantation of such cell matrix inocula resulted in attenuation of the neuropathy, not localized, but over a considerably wide area (2cu mm inoculum to 100 sq. mm resolution)." "Under order from the investigator's Commanding Officer, transgenic inocula, resulting from liposomal fusions, were attempted using secondary spermatocyte stock, with the same degree of success, however, the mechanisms of that result remain unknown. Such lines of investigation, with a clear 'cross breeding' intent, should be followed with the greatest concern and suggested "hesitation", as the leakage of such success could promote a 'wild' contaminant species to further the experimentation in an unabated fashion. The ultimate results of such a possible genetic introduction into the human population could be catastrophic." "This report is respectfully presented for consideration by Danny Benjamin Crain, Ph.D. (Captain, United States Navy, N.R.L.) Working Group Leader, Project Aquarius, R-4800, Papoose Site 4"

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Updates by Bill Hamilton

10-09-02 Proceedings of the Journal of the Arizona/Nevada Academy of Science "An Analysis of Tumor Cell Specificity"1984 and "The Role of Secondary Oxygen in Tumor Cell Recognition"1985 by Danny B. Crain.

Arizona Nevada Academy of Science

Science Interrogatory Dr. Dan Burisch replies to one of the interrogatories regarding a question as to how he differed in his views from the Intelligent Design theorists. The Last Letter from Dr. Dan B.C. Burisch This message was a response by Dan to another member of the "Projects" and contains plain language about his work, his thoughts, his contact with J-ROD, the extraordinary Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, and his beliefs as a person and a scientist.

I have recently completed a third interview with Dr. Dan Burisch on a variety of subjects and I let him speak for himself. Hopefully, many of you will see this interview in the future and make your own decision since this area of UFO research is very controversial. Dan spoke of his recent temporary deployment to the Dulce underground facility associated with Los Alamos and the request put to him to assist on a project involving a retrovirus obtained from the alien genome (For viral DNA in the human genome please see Human Genome Bears a Virus Related to HIV-1) and its use in biological warfare. He said "No" to participating in that project as he felt that it exceeded his ethical boundaries. He stayed at that facility for about 48 hours. He mentioned they had a little monorail that transported them on a level when traveling any distance. He also used the word "tram". He was returned afterward to Nellis AFB, Nevada. He spoke of those who control the alien projects - Majestic and the Committee of the Majority having 33 powerful men (see, Scottish Rite Temple "the Executive Chamber; the room in which the Supreme Council meets in session. The room contains 33 seats, one for each of the 33 members of the Council") who they answer to. He spoke of the road to catastrophe that we are currently traveling down unless something is done to avert it (he confesses he does not know what that would be). He spoke of another group beside the Aquarius group that is known as STAAR (1) and how they handle the milieu of ongoing alien interaction. He said we are operating on a treaty basis with the Reticulans and that the treaty is up for renewal on a 9-year basis and that is coming up in 2003. He did not go into the details of this treaty. He covered a fair amount of territory in a 71-minute period. BJ was present and contributed to the Q&A. Whatever one's reaction will be to Dan's statements, whether disbelief, amazement, outrage, acceptance, or rejection, one will find plenty of food for thought. Dan hinted that perhaps they want some of this info to go out to the public. He states his reasons for going public himself and why he believes they have not deep-sixed him over his disclosures. He won't say everything as more than once he had to 'think about it' before making a statement. Bill Hamilton Biography data on Dan Burisch which needs further checking. Also see, Dr. Dan Burisch Biographical Info Service number is 530-86-5858: The leading 3-digit indicates state of issue on the SSN and, in this case, is Nevada. A second set of numbers we think is called a special clearance ID number or 64-0006056-9. Service Number: 530-86-5858 Specialty MBIII (Microbiology) Org/Employer: USN DOD NAVAL RESEARCH LABORATORY Rank/Grade: O5: See, Rank Insignia of Navy Commissioned and Warrant Officers

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From ( GLP Dan Burisch Forum)

"Human Subject #58-001 (not the original) 10/2/2003 5:08 am EDT

Mystery Of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!!

Sorry for the long cut ´n paste, but this is to important not to...

Thanks to Jeff Rense for not ´backing down´...

This is heavy stuff folks that should be splattered over all the sites, forums, newspapers and tv-stations...

It might be just this thread that will remain after ´they´ take everything off the net.. ´They´ have already intimidated many who ´stumbled´ upon this..:

From Bill Hamilton 10-1-3

I was just going through a massive amount of collected data on my friend Dr. Dan Burisch and found this introduction by B.J. Wolf. I will follow this with how it all ended.


I came to know Dr. Dan Burisch (formerly Dan Crain, Ph.D.) many years ago in Las Vegas NV. He and his family became friends with my family and I.... and eventually I came to know his story well. He asked me, in 1997 to write a book about one of his research projects. That became Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars and was released to the public in 1998. During that work I came to know a great deal about Dan´s involvement in dark projects that are covertly funded by our military and governmen bodies - including his work up at Area-51, or as it is known by those who work up there: Watertown Strip. Dan became afraid, desperately afraid for his life toward the end of the work on Eagles Disobey. He was terrified of retailiation from his dark project supervisors because he refused to stop looking into the anomalies on Mars - and because he had shared with me many of his experiences "up north" while he was employed in Project Aquarius, and had familiarity with Project Sigma, and Looking Glass.

Toward the end of 1998 Dan disappeared. His residence was abandoned overnight, and nobody seemed to know where he had been taken. He turned up half way across the country, with most of his memories concerning his association with me and our work on Eagles Disobey altered or erased. I tried my best to remind him of his past, but he did not believe me until I showed him a copy of the book and photographs of himself sitting on my couch playing with the dogs. He returned to his new location, but memories started to break through the conditioning to such an extent that Dan fled and was eventually recaptured and whisked off to a military base for re-conditioning. When they realized that they couldn´t keep it up with out damaging his ability to think and function (remember, they wanted him to continue to work for them in his capacity as team leader and microbiologist) they decided to re-wind his memories and return him to Las Vegas under the careful observation of his spouse, who relays all communication up the pipeline, and signs much of her correspondence with her title/designation PsiOpSec. I was permitted very limited contact with him during that time, mostly because he made life unbearable until they honored his demand to talk to me. But he was eventually moved again and housed at the Papoose Lab facility where he could conduct critical biological studies on captive entity they had housed in their lab, on Level-5. Contact was intermittent, but then, in early 2001 I got a strange email that caught my attention. It was from Since I knew that Dan was involved with Majestic and MJ12, I was immediately on alert. It turned out to be from a person inside the project Dan was working on, who was so upset with the situation that he felt compelled to seek my help. He was aware of my identity and long standing friendship with Dan because it was contained in the briefings he got prior to accepting his assignment, and figured I might be willing to assist. My contact is now dead. He was discovered communicating with me, and was involuntarily "retired". His letters read as follows, and give a troubling glimpse into the prison-like world that was created to maintain control of Dr. Dan Burisch and force him to comply with the wishes of the ´powers that be´ as he eventually came to call them.

Copy of email:

I have control of "her" ISP account. Free internet, via one of the biggest bitches you ever met! Oops! I hope you´re not a big friend!? I am not supposed to be doing this, but I also have control over all of the referred material coming from him, going through her to the powers that are. I am one of the biologist-computer-geeks that has been put in place to watch over his research progress and act as the switchboard person to direct his efforts to the right people. The powers placed him back in Las Vegas after a bigtime accident at the Ranch. An attempt to replace him into Las Vegas society failed due to alleged surveillance of him, so he was arrested and placed into custodial supervision. That is where he´ll remain for the rest of his life I guess. Why they haven´t erased him I´ll never know. Danny is a nice enough guy, a weirdo, refuses to speak with anyone and only communicates to the powers in writing. When anyone pushes him into saying anything he only responds with the same crazy saying, "Nicky Knows!" He screamed it at me once. Any idea what it means? Anywho, is one of several spook-shadow addresses under the same name, so I feel confident in my shadow behavior. Danny writes, Mrs. "B----" (doesn´t stand for Burisch :) ) passes it to the powers, and everyone is satisfied. He is taken twice monthly on field trips to Sunrise Mountain. He conducts work there and is taken back to his house. As I said I have control over the communications so - want a "cc:"? From what I have read, it´ll be a wild ride! ... I also think that what he is working on should be seen by other folks somehow, it´s about the origins.

B.J. Wolf spent years trying to penetrate the wall of secrecy and partially succeeded and tried to publish her findings to the world, but the "Powers that Be" caught up with her and now she is with "them".

Her last message to me... Sep 14, 2003


Things are not good. I didn´t realize that whoever grabbed up all Dodie´s things got a copy of the tape from June! Why the hell didn´t Ron think! And now, my email is dead-in-the-water? I wondered why I wasn´t getting any new mail. Every time I checked, it just said no new messages. I tried to get some help but the stupid tech-support kid on the phone didn´t know what was wrong - he just said make another email account. But that doesn´t explain why BJWolf007 is fryed! Or how it happened! Or what it means??? Was it a deliberate attack? Does it have anything to do with all those people I have seen watching me? I can´t go to the store, or walk the dog without feeling eyes on the back of my neck. And they´re so damned smug about it. When I turn and catch them looking at me, they don´t drop their eyes, or look away. No! They just look right back at me, not quite smiling.

And they know there´s not a damned thing they are doing that I could call for help or complain about. There´s no law against looking at somebody. And it´s rarely the same person more than twice. Damn it -Bill they´re everywhere I go! They´re always there! It´s just too much. I feel like a net is closing around me - a net of people watching everything I do - every move I make. I am scared. If I could move tomorrow I would, and just fall out of sight for a while.

And now - the last straw! is gone. It´s completely gone. What the hell is going on?


Then I started receiving messages in the mail from our inside contacts. The messages were accompanied by printed photos of B.J. This was not good. I wish I could answer her last question, but for now the lines of communication are down and the world is split between shadow and light.

Someone wants to move all this back into the SHADOWS where it came from. Sincerely, Bill Hamilton

Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc. Fiat Lux et Veritas

Lets keep this on page one people! For ´them´ to look at...and for us to keep searching and ask questions..

Here´s more :

And keep thinking:Alternative 4.., even 5 and 6 maybe..

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Human Subject #58-001

10/2/2003 5:17 am EDT

Re: Mystery Of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!!

Here is a link to Alternative 4...:

Genetic manipulation and altering our biosphere for ´mutual coexcistence´...., with hybrids..


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~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~

"To: The Most Honorable Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch, Majestic ID# H-6196-E

From: The Most Honorable MJ#1, for the Consistory of the Majestic 12, Washington, D.C.

Within and for the Consistory of this Majority assembled; by order of the Majestic 12, in Formal High Session, Thursday, October 12, 2005 A.D., you are hereby instructed, ordered, and enjoined to the best of your abilities and talents to present the truth of the extraterrestrial reality, as you have personally known it, on dates yet to be established, to the population of the world. You will conduct this disclosure with the application of your sacred honor, without regard for personal security, and in an unwavering manner rely upon the Truth and the countenance of Almighty God as your personal defense. Know now that you have the personal assurance of the Majestic 12 that none shall prevail against you, that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle's cross. Such supremacy of word, but subordinate to God, is established by Treaty with the future extraterrestrial intelligences. You are hereby held to all ethical and moral boundaries, as in keeping with the standards set forth for Senior Agents of the Majestic 12. May God be with you, O' Son of the Majestic! We will stand, unanimous and adjourned to your purpose.

Your acceptance of this order is hereby requested forthwith." affidavit

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INTERACTIVE FORUM "...There are those on the "inside" of the covert operations, who are defecting against their obligations to non-disclosure, posting information to the forum where it is openly analyzed for authenticity and catalogued..."




This message was a response by Dan to another member of the "Projects" and contains plain language about his work, his thoughts, his contact with J-ROD, the extraordinary Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, and his beliefs as a person and a scientist ...

... The J-Rod rapidly approached me and grabbed me, knocking me to the grated flooring of the clean sphere. For the next 20-30 minutes ... he flooded my mind with moving images (like a 3D movie), thoughts and dulled emotions ...
The Sun, Stargates, Ganesh, Looking Glass, J-Rod, 2012, Etc




A synopsis or summary of Area 51 microbiologist Dr. Dan Burisch threads continuing since Oct. 2003 to the PRESENT TIME.


This 1st page of this website started Oct 2, 2003



2/11/2004 J

"...Dr. Burisch will not be harmed, nor will anyone else involved with your participant´s investigation of him. I know that some of you have had concerns in that area. Put them to rest, please. The disclosure of information concerning Dr. Burisch may be categorized by each as you may. The information itself has done its job and its impact has assisted in affirming a particular road. What is that, you may ask? The road to peace.... J"


"...Project Lotus touches many aspects of the human condition reflected in science, philosophy, theology, and ethics. We tread remarkably close to the Tree of Life, guarded by the Holy Cherubim..." - Marcia A. McDowell, M.A. Assistant Director, Project Lotus (BJ Wolf)


"...We have been informed that Dan's message to you to "tell the world" has reached the right people..."

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"To the members of GLP, thank you all for carrying the message into the future! The model has been completed and the conference has been made witness to the subtle beauty of the process of continuous creation. May the One Creator bless each of your through your days and may we all find a future filled with love and happiness!"

Dan B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.

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4/9/05 - "...With this letter I am formally advising you that Dr. Dan Burisch has signed and sworn to the document presented to him, Request to Admit et. al.

His words were: "Before Almighty God, I do so solemnly swear." Then he signed in the appropriate place, and went on to sign each page of the document - all twenty pages. Each page was then individually notarized..."

"...Today, Dr. Dan Burisch, Phd., Majestic 12 badge #H-6196-Maj-E-ret., has solemnized by oath the admission to the following, docs to be found here:
..."A LITTLE HOLE IN THE DYKE KNOWN AS THE "COVERUP" HAS COME UNDONE" (Special thanks to "Dondep" & "Starryeyes"...)

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4/23/2005 "I do believe, in my heart, that we will avert the catastrophe, that the timelines will collapse, and that "something wonderful" will either happen or begin to happen."

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8/23/2005 Stargate Forum

"Our question deals with E.L.S., the Torah Code matrix. Are you in that matrix and if so where, with what E.L.S., under what name and with what other codes?" - Thank you Doctor.

Dan (Burisch)
Okay...why not?
ELS=179, Gen. 4, Primaries- Danny Crain, Fruit, Tree, Life, Discoverer
I do have the matrices, but I prefer not to indulge myself in the speculation, unless forced.


"And so he drove the man out and posted at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubs and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continually to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen. 3:24 NWT

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Posted: 10/30/05  
Marcia McDowell, M.A. Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"Hi everybody. And thank you, Bill for accepting my volunteering. I see my name is in green, so I guess it's official. I'll do my best to help with your forum, but for the record, it's first last and always your forum, Bill. I am just looking forward to lending a hand.

Don, you said something really interesting, about this being a first; a coalition of sorts between insiders and people in the outside community. I think you may be right. And you know, this could be historic."

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HI guys, Rob and Harry here!
Having a fascinating week here in Las Vegas, posting from marcis PC, to date all 'promises' have been fullfilled. Have I seen a portal open???

Sure have! Dr Burisch has demonstrated proof of his work in front of two independent witnesses. The next twelve months will be interesting indeed..."

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11/26/05 - Dan Burisch

"The secrecy over my life and background lend itself to those who would pre-judge before the facts are out..."
"...Unfortunately for those wanting to hear the rest, we will wait until the debriefing comes out..."
"...Next year (2006), at a certain point, I will be in a position to speak of my own accord, on radio (I have 4 invites in hand), and other places..."

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Dec 19, 2005 - Marcia McDowell, M.A.  

"... It appears that the real war against disclosure has started, and there are factions that will not care what they do, or who they hurt as long as it gets them their goal. Well, what they do not know is that we have protocols in place for this and they are being invoked now..."

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Dec. 26, 2005 - "...I am his hand picked Archivist and Majestic Biographer. My first name is Julie. I was his first girlfriend many years ago and his parents, John and Dodie, know of me.... I am the one to write his history for the Maji. He left explicit instructions with me should he be secreted at this time. I have his personal diaries covering all his last 20 years, he sent them to me, and we've been pen pals for 30 years, and closer friends years ago.

"...copies of the entire debriefing are being arranged with the Fulcanelli Brotherhood of Light. Copies will be held in case the unthinkable happens,

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1/20/05 ~ Disclosure

Dondep ~ "Think of it; you've been one of the few humans who established a close friendship with an extraterrestrial. You've been squeezed by that ET friend and learned many, many secrets to life in this universe, the future, etc. You've discovered the 'God particle', which could be the miracle that humanity will discover in its future when it will be more ready to handle it. You've been told and shown quite a bit about the big danger to Earth and how many of us might die because we either don't know about it or because there's no way around it --- no escape from it. The list goes on.....

3/30/2006 ~ the Solfeggio

" 'It' has arrived on the front page of It appears to be a 4 dimension tesseract made of a mirror of cubes. Burisch and McDowell lifted the Solfeggio into 3D then 4D. When the Solfeggio is lifted into a 3D cube, it creates a matrix of numbers including 219Hz which is an A-tone just like they said..."

4/25/06 ~ Dr. Dan Burisch ~ The debrief

"...Here's the truth of the debrief as I knew and know it..."
"...Soon thereafter, discussions occurred to make the debrief public. I had no argument with that...and thought it a good idea...
...Right now we have quite a bit on tape...I would estimate way over 50 hours.

4/28/06 ~ Dr. Dan Burisch

"Dr. Leonard Horowitz, graduate and past faculty member of Harvard University, past faculty member of Tufts University,
...has reviewed the Emanation of the Solfeggio research paper.

We are so honored that Dr. Horowitz has given his encouragement and positive comments to us regarding our work on the Solfeggio frequencies.

4/30/2006 ~ Dr. Dan Burisch

"...Also, in that communication, as my team's leader, she provided for me to continue answering the public's questions, by setting up a question-answer response forum at As my word is good...and I said I would remain in the public to answer questions...until this course is complete...
5/3/06 "...Marcia McD
I have made a few small changes in the forum organization - since Dan and I have discussed the matter, and decided to make this forum free for chatting as well as questions. The public may self-register and post to either thread

5/9/06 ~ Dr. Dan Burisch

I would be doing the public no good whatsoever, if I were to blindly accept what they have told me.

So, I will continue to methodically separate the levels of provenance, something I probably would not do if I trusted those "above" me. While it remains true that I must protect my country by not disclosing certain information (military), it equally remains true that I first serve the public good in any contest between loyalty to the Maji or the people.

5/15/06 ~ Dr. Dan Burisch

"...the trigger for the catastrophe is being handled. That trigger is a variety of technology which would perturb the earth as we experience higher energies from the Cosmos and our Sun.
"...The natural energies in this section of the galaxy are very conducive (if what I have been told is thoroughly accurate) to positive enhancements to our gene pool...."
"...Know now that you have the personal assurance of the Majestic 12 that none shall prevail against you, that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle's cross. Such supremacy of word, but subordinate to God, is established by Treaty with the future extraterrestrial intelligences...."

5/23/06 ~ Dondep

"What IS important is the 'division' that J1 has intentionally fomented by his careful manipulation of events to 'discombobulate' this forum and the ongoings at the 'new' forum. ... I want a GENUINE 'Disclosure' that stops pulling the wool over the eyes of the public.

5/29/2006 ~ Dondep

"...For the reader: I intend on publishing information that I have received that may seem somewhat unflattering to some, including myself, but which will show that the rabbit hole goes deeper than anyone has been willing to admit.....
"...And the fact is that these are not 'games' on our is 'gamesmanship' on the part of J1 and the psy-operators in Majestic who seem bent on using Dan's testimony to the world to white-wash their complicity in the Coverup, and their intended complicity in the continued ignorance of the sheeple.

Many people over the past few years have risked themselves, their lives, their Majestic careers (some even get transferred to Iceland if they're not careful! ) to provide information..."

5/30/06 ~ Dondep

J1: Get over it. The prophecies say you and M have to walk this alone, from the desert. Danny, it will save billions of lives or you'll have a friend or two?
H1: Yes, sir. Understood.
J1: Once the Illuminati come for you, the prophecy (I Believe the correct word in that spot was "LGLASS", not prophecy.) shows the danger high and you and M fight and succeed in sending the word out. Just keep your ass behind doors!
H1 Well, it's not like there's much left of it.
J1: You and M are saving more lives by the simple knowledge of you two than anyone else in history. You two must walk the path alone to Sion. You know this. (The correct statement here was close to "You and M are saving many lives through your work. You should be proud.")
H1: We are! I will not fail, sir. M will not fail, sir.
J1: I know you won't.

6/27/06 ~ Announcement

"... Dr. Burisch has indicated that he is opting to proceed with the Jeff Rense interview by applying his authority as H-1. He has indicated that he will do so in the manner he intends, with or without the approval of the Maji, who set in adjournment, and therefore possess no power of veto over his actions or authority as H-1.


NEW eaglesforum2 Moderator

I think it time to introduce myself. I am a Brother of the Society of Jesus, in a special Tertianship to the Maji, granted this Jubilee year, after personal request from Dr. Burisch and the former MJ#1.

I formerly worked in the Il Gesu of Roma, year round, and in the Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, between September and July for the past 3 years. During that time I obediently served His Holiness Pope John Paul II and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI as a liaison to the Seals Conservation and Archivist.

The name Merrill was an expected code to Dr. Burisch, a name of a foundation where I previously served. I am not a member of former Majestic 12, the Committee of the Majority, or the misguided Illuminists.I am here to serve the needs of Dr. Burisch during this delicate historic time, and look forward to assisting to bring a more positive spirit to this forum. I am here, more importantly, to serve the public.Greetings to you all.


"... He told me that Dr. Burisch intended to bring many societies together, to eliminate the communication failures and old rivalries to corner the Illuminati and prevent them from acquiring prohibited machinery. The second mission is to firm up the synarchy against Illuminati interests, to prevent them from creating a one world political order ..."
"... That was Dan's genius! He controlled the meetings by joining agreements between people, by getting them to first put forth agenda items he knew he could get them to agree upon..."

~ 7/25/06 ~ SPOKESPERSON

All agents and allied. I have just received the following image from inside the Eagles Team. The first proof DVD (Disk 1) has been produced by the Eagles Team.

7/26/06 ~ Dondep ~ (public initiated) ""

...I'd been told that the Jesuits took over as Dan's... umgh 'Protection' following his being tapped for the the Priory. This 'coming together' of the secret societies, freely admitted to and in fact published openly about at SNEDs (Eagles Disobey), (although no particulars, just 'teasers'), shows us that powerful and secretly-organized men who were only recently organized against each other and exploiting the common man's labors for their grand designs must share something quite monumental to unite them so...

~ majic1 ~ eaglesforum (Majestic initiated) ~ 9/4/06

Whereas, having received a properly formatted document from the Most Honorable H-1, dated 04 SEP 06 at 1900 I.B.T., stating that the DVD named by the Most Honorable H-2, "TELL THE WORLD" has now been completed and is being readied for presentation;

Whereas, having received a properly formatted document from the Most Honorable H-1, dated 04 SEP 06 at 1900 I.B.T., stating that the final contacts and actions have been prepared; As the Adjourned S-Mj 1, I do hereby provide the authority to the Most Honorable H-2, to CEASE THE COUNT and begin The Order of the Candle's, at her discretion. The new leader, the Most Honorable Y-Mj 1, has been informed of the events and stands ready to accept the authority. Marcia: In the words of our favorite guy, "Call the Ball." J

Oct 24, 2006 ~ "mjc" posted:

" ... We all know that Dan_B talked vaguely about an interdimensional race that Majestic has been in contact with regarding the DCTP issues.

The way I see it is these entities are either using advanced technology to manipulate things around them, or are using the projective "powers" of their minds, or both ..."

Ann ~ 11/7/06

~ "... We know the SECRET of why the Catholic Church says "It's none of your business!"
But they are wrong! It's EVERYONE'S business!..."

"... We will release the answer to the mystery to the researchers involved first, then as part of the Solfeggio book, then free publicly for anyone who can't afford the book (as Dan wishes)..."

Announcement ~ 12/14/06

Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch will be appearing live in the public at the Laughlin, Nevada UFO Conference at the end of February, 2007. He will answer questions put to him by the public.

Dr Dan Burisch 12/19/06

As you have said before (Dan) the deconstruction or total destruction of the Looking Glass technologies will cause the earth to travel through 2012 with the mental evolution of it's people... Will these technologies ever be used again? can they? It seems to me that such technologies would be dangerous in the wrong hands. So... who has the right hands? - En.Ki"

The upgraded technologies, along with the cylinder seals from whence they were originally taken, will undoubtably be used again. The deconstruction of the units, in each case (including the ones taken from governments by force*), was done methodically. The parts were stored.[*For instance:

During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Deborah (wife, Remote Viewer) actually supplied the location of one of the stargate units to military (with blackops) entering an area south of Baghdad. The raid was reported by the press as a suspected possible WMD area with a "ring-like device" they thought was a centrifuge. It was no centrifuge. Another ring unit was destroyed by coalition airraids...] "

" ... The stargates are now in the hands of the "new body", who will store them until such a time as the transition is completed and I understand until well after....

Dr Dan Burisch ~ 1/6/07


"My Son and an Alien" ~ 1/27/2007

A book by Dr. Dan Burisch's mother, Doreen A. Crain.

"The truth about our son, Dr. Danny Crain, Ph.D., is that through his involvement with our Government Black Project, they have taken his brilliant mind and twisted it to their advantage.

  We are not allowed to see our son or talk to him. They have altered and twisted his mind in order to corrupt his past, present, and possible future. We have not seen Danny in thirteen years and pray that someday, he will remember his past and us. Maybe this book will enlighten him, if he is ever allowed to read it. All three of our lives have been threatened at one time or another."

" ... Dan Burisch: An attempt, without my permission, to alter my memories with the use of experimental neuropeptides was attempted by Majestic. The attempt failed, miserably, and my memories were fully regained..."
" ... In other words, save those times I was unconscious, my memory is as intact as it has ever clear and as perfect as I have ever had ... "

Dr Burisch ~ 1/27/2007 ~

" ... The NEW team, are they good guys or bad guys?" I haven't met everyone, yet. I found out, very recently (a couple days ago), for sure, that I would be meeting the new group of 12. The ones I have met, so far, are actually spiritually deeper, more reflective, and more introspective individuals than the majority of the former Majestic. (This should not be taken to a general description of any difference between Scots and Yorkies. My statement is applied to the individuals, neither the societies in which those individuals may find their membership, nor the goals of those same societies.)"Are they in effect now?" Mmm...they sure are. "And if so, what is their effect?" They have been having, from what I hear from others, positive effects on the relationship between the secret societies and governments, including bridging many gaps between the religious and basically secular societies.

Dr Dan Burisch ~ 2/3/2007 "DISCLOSURE"

" ... if an authorized (I suppose this means "duly elected" for American purposes) Federal representative was to broker the authority to ask me questions about the "Tau" (T9) and "Omicron Phi" (OF9) treaties and Majestic...I would be responsible to answer them truthfully and without evasion... "

" ... Because the unilateral acceptance of authority has not been bequeathed to us from earlier incarnations of Majestic......(...whether it be the original 12, to the incarnations of the Committee of the Majority, or the later 12, or the final Maj 12...and even now with others...)......set into a sensitive system of dealing with the extraterrestrials of human lineage, whose information goes to the core of the destiny of humanity......NO INDIVIDUAL FROM OR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT OR AUTHORITY TO SPEAK FOR ALL OTHER SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENTS ON EARTH...BY DIRECTING AN OFFICIAL RELEASE OF SUCH INFORMATION....WHICH IMPACTS THE DESTINY OF HUMANKIND.

Dan Burisch ~ 2/4/07 TREATIES

" ...I testified during my time where I was giving my debreifing to two sets of called the T9 and the other the OF9. These treaties have governed agreements between we and the human lineage extraterrestrials. ...

" ... The treaties govern our relationships with the P+52 Orion's and J-Rods, and the P+45 J-Rods. The treaty system is presently under great scrutiny, as to whether it need continue, once the transition (rise into the rift / galactic plane) is complete.

A "Project Camelot" update from 'Henry Deacon', Lawrence Livermore Physicist; verifies Dr Dan Burisch

... In our first interview, Henry told us he had never heard of Dan Burisch. Because parts of Henry's story seemed to overlap with Dan's, we strongly urged him to view our three part Dan Burisch video interview. On 27 September, three weeks later, we received the following e-mail. It's quoted verbatim and in its entirety.

" ... Dan Burisch is telling the whole truth. I confirm this. timelines and all, best wishes ... "


" ... he [Dan Burisch] took it upon himself to apologize for the previously established treaty programmed abductions, citing that they were wrong on any account and that as he was a former "number," he had 'some responsibility to speak out in that regard. He said he used his short time as a "J" number to press for the removal of the abductions from the treaty process because it was wrong, and that the government (including Majestic in years passed) had been lying to the people of the world when dismissing their claims of abductions or et encounters..."

" ... 'On behalf of Majestic and the Majestic 12, I am sorry, I apologize.' In the 60 years of Majestic, this is the only (or at least one of very few times) anyone from the seated 12 has ever said they were sorry for anything... "

Dan Burisch ~ 911 ~ 4/4/2007

"Hi, everyone! Rare is the occasion when we find it necessary to act to protect the safety of our fellow operatives ...

...   "I don't like to be pressured by people who feel they own the world. They don't own it. The only thing they truly own is their own beliefs and actions and in this case, their own arrogance. They, like some others, have misread me. They, like some others, have underestimated my commitment to truth and the people of earth ...

" ... Those in former power are expressing their concern as to exactly what you plan to present in the next DVD, by way of photographs or other material associated directly to the Majestic? ... "

" ... Henry Deacon himself appears to have been silenced." -- "Project Camelot"



Dr Dan Burisch - 6/8/2007

" ... I regularly visit 1 large professional and licensed laboratory in the Las Vegas area. I expect that number to jump to 2, very soon. On occasion, I visit 1 professional foreign laboratory, and "haunt" 2 smaller licensed labs, also in Las Vegas ...
... My activities are largely associated with industry and my comments are restricted under nondisclosure agreements. I am presently technically investigating Lotus ...
Additionally, due to data from the project, I strongly feel that if Lotus is a phenomenon which may (even if ever so slightly) shift the evolutionary paradigm...presently known by we bio-nerds as the "Modern Synthesis"...then a nexus between the science and the metaphysics will be required to fully frame it.

Dr. Marcia McDowell ~ 7/23/2007 neweaglesforum

Marcia: "Last week I was notified that someone would be requesting Dan's assistance in a matter matching his expertise. Dan will be involved with them through the next few months.
While I cannot go into the exact nature of the activities, it is safe to say that it is critical enough for him to be required to show full devotion to the issue.
Dan and I apologize for any inconvenience this may bring, but he too understands that this issue is too important to do anything else than what he has decided to do: give all available healthy time to it." Marci


OWL 8/1/2007"... One of the financiers that ended up backing Dan and Marci, met Dan at the [Bohemian] Grove, and worked for the Pope..."

Caspa 9/24/2007

"... Correct me if I am wrong, Marci, but Dan is very willing to take the final secrets, the ones about certain genomes and names/initials, and the religion and government one, to the grave with him if they are not aired in the right kind of venue, like Congress?

Marcia wrote " ... Plus Uhouse's and Deacon's information, because of their actions is making the loud ones look very bad. To be held accountable for his word is the reason why he swore under penalty of perjury.


" ... Ranking, Consistory, and Field Operators of the former Majority and Majestic, assembled, greetings. Ranking, Consistory, and Field Operators of the present Body, assembled, greetings.

The passage of time has been fulfilled. The earth's star has entered the last half degree of the arc, given by the celestial clockwork of the God of Ages. The earth's star is functioning as expected for all Looking Glass recorded data as Time Passage #1, Variant #83, and so the consequences to the earth, her systems, and her life are expected in keeping with that variation. The secondary systems support the primary data.
The moment of breath of the Great Day of the Shar is upon us! ... "

Dr. Dan Burisch 10/27/2007

" ... I am named as "protected" in Treaty structure and so certain publicly observable levels of elected government are also "on notice."... "
" ... I do not personally (really) see this as "Timeline 1 Variant 83"! [T1v83] I see it as an uncharted now and future!

Dr Dan Burisch 12/23/2007

Unknown to me, until reasonably recent, the name of the New Group - it's official "code name" (like the preceding name, "Majestic") under which it is intending to operate until at least 2065 - has been deeply imprinted, along with secret authorization account numbers, contract routing agreements, etc. into the bureaucratic framework, including the defense complexes and legislative processes of several governments.

Caspa, Deputy Administrator, 12/31/2007

" ... 2. Acting as a mediator between several secret societies and the New Group, in an effort to bring a peace, and a focus to defeat those in the Illuminati who are willing to harm the people through their greed. Dan was a main arbiter between several societies representatives which are religious-based. He also shared with them the information from the Looking Glass, obtained before it was dismantled, about T1v83, the timeline we are on ... "
" ... Plans were created to step in the way of expected wars and the famines and epidemics which follow in their aftermath ..."

" ... The presentation is scheduled to be held at a major institution on the U.S. west coast, just a little over a week after the March 1, 2008 Laughlin interview by Rob Simone ..."

Dr. Marcia McDowell, 1/27/2008


Caspa 2/12/2008: " It seems that the first ever detailed images of the Looking Glass, stargates, and Orion Cube (THE YELLOW-BOOK), done by Dr. Burisch, have made their premier: at the talk by David Wilcock in Los Angeles at the Conscious Life Expo.

The reports of a great reception are echoing through the internet. The great work and spring-ups of true information are just beginning! Like I said: "Be there or be cubed!" ... A VERY detailed image of Chi'el'ah's face is said to be readied by Dr. McDowell for Rob Simone in Laughlin.

3/2/2008 After the Laughlin Conference

He [Dr. Burisch] stated that it was 'his distinct honor to announce that he and Dr. McDowell would be speaking at the Nobel Laureate-graced Beckman Institute Auditorium, at the California Institute of Technology, as speakers in the Applied and Computational Mathematics Department's seminar series, on March 10, 2008, at 1615.'

Rob - April 4, 2008

" ... I am the appointed archivist for Dan's and Marci's journey into history. I worked for 25 years for the Consistory of the Majestic as its Lead Counsel. It is my duty to identify, sometimes retain, and image items from their lives, many of which will probably be on display somewhere, someday..."

. Dr Dan Burisch 4/5/2008

" ... people are being purposely starved to death by the power brokers of this world. It was a hard thing, certainly for me, to handle..."
" ... Kissinger, a former member of the "12" was the primary author and suggested using food as a weapon to guarantee geopolitical acquiescence and to ensure sufficient food for North America ..."
" ... If they are believed culpable, then they should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity, and if found guilty - put to death ..."
" ... If my association with the 12, means my guilt by association, then I will still shove it their wazoos! Too many people are being stepped on by the policies of greed, and this world is being raped by villains. Stand up and be heard! Dan

April 10, 2008
" ... What follows is then what is new. Mike McConnell, the Director of National Intelligence and old MJ-1 - and who is a good man (in Dan's words: Majestic's moral compass) - was so incensed at the current administration's glee at the prospect of Iran attack that he instructed his intelligence apparatus to publish the National Intelligence Estimate, in which it was stated that Iran presented no nuclear threat. This was the first major change in variant 83 [Timeline 1 variant 83] ..." - [Project Camelot]

6/7/2008, projectcamelot: " ... Which brings into question... was anything seen in Looking Glass accurate?? ... "
Dr Burisch: " ... The changes which are occurring have to do with the Third Rail option. The ONLY GOOD HOPE we have is the UNKNOWN and that the Looking Glass data will be made defunct by the actions which have been undertaken."

SGold1942, 6/14/2008 - neweaglesforum, "Eagles Team Public"

"What I am hearing is that the MAIN FOCUS of Eagles Disobey is soon to be directed toward a Humanitarian Mission - sharing, serving, and helping others ..."

Dr Burisch July 28, 2008 posted:

" ... I responded to the new-found relationship with God by pledging my life and strength to the Creator's service ... "
" ... It was at that moment that I made a solemn vow of poverty to Christ. I have lived in that vow ever since, and I will do so for the rest of my days ... "

Dr. Dan Burisch August 14, 2008

We have been notified by Dan and Marci that they are willing and committed to testifying should the case go to trial in the U.S. regarding the truth behind Gary's assertion that he found evidence of non-terrestrial officers and off-world fleet to fleet transfers.

8/16/2008 " Brian, my friend, while I believe that cooler heads will prevail, please still make sure you store your chopper will a full tank, with auxpods, and do daily preflights. Ready it with getaways 1-4 ... "
" ... Your cargo will be 3 adult females (one elderly), and 2 female children, plus your wife and kids. Your destination, may God forbid, is in the sealed red envelope ..."
8/16/2008 Marcia: " ... Something is 'on the way' ...."


... Dan was summoned to the East Coast for a "thinking session" by an Economics Committee for the New Group ... Dan was asked his feelings about the $700B idea ... they wanted to know his honest thoughts, and for starters about the effectiveness of the Candidate's participation ...

... Dan launched into a measured tirade which included his belief that this was an "Illuminati conspiracy," using a "...useful idiot named George W. Bush ..."

... The Committee Chairperson told the Sergeant at Arms to step back, and Dan approached them face-to-face. He reached into his coat pocket and provided the box to the Chairperson. The small box was passed back and forth, and the Committee was silent. He handed them a box of EX-LAX!

Dan exclaims "... Have you failed to recall these words?"

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government ...
... Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government." -U.S. Declaration of Independence" ....

Oct 5, 2008 " ... A wrong will be righted and if they (Dan and Marci) live that long, there is nothing the former Maj, Illuminati, and mixed Freemason Elite can do about it!
... Dan and Marci aren't bluffing! They have well over 20 safes, somewhere in different locations worldwide, of this size, purchased at Sam's Club: 60x30x22

The safes are chocked-full of registered and sealed self-sent envelopes with CD disks, and documents (including internal policy decisions) with original signatures and photographs from MANY people.

If they order it, that begins an 18 hour countdown until the contents would be spread out before the world's eyes. It's the "rat network" times a thousand!

If anything "happens" to them, the 18 hour countdown begins automatically and nothing would be able to stop it. To the powers that be, it's called "unacceptable and unthinkable," to Dan and Marci it's called "an insurance policy ... "

10/8/2008 - Emanation of the Solfeggio, is now available for purchase [proceeds to be donated to the homeless] at Forward written by Dr. Len Horowitz

Oct/21/2008 Dr Burisch: Those standing the dividing line between light and darkness have worked to make sure that this year will not see a coup d'état by blood or accounting ...

Oct/24/2008 Dr Burisch
" ... Individuals with whom I have had the honor of associating, for the last 2 decades, and with whom I possess a certain loyalty, have made me aware of a possible near term intention by your Sovereign Nation State, and events presently underway to prepare sufficient grave consequences to counter such intentions, if acted upon.

I am told that even the back-channels have been shut off. This is the only reason for presentation of this statement at this venue ... this channel shall remain open.

Friday, November 14, 2008, while in transport from one location to another, Dan communicated with the liaison from the former Majestic and the liaison to the New Group that effective immediately he was - RENOUNCING HIS EMERITUS STATUS WITH THE FORMER CONSISTORY OF THE MAJESTIC!

" ... Dan's and Marci's work is now the positive talk of several institutions. Project Isis, however if successful, will be first presented to Caltech..."

Caspa 11/23/2008 "On October 15, 2008, about 250 heavily armed operators were on the Burisch/McDowell apartment property at one time! ... Any direct attempt on the lives of any in the Eagles Team or their families will be met with direct, immediate & massive, lethal force."

Dec. 8, 2008 Those rules are clear and few and minor and easy to follow. The Maj ["Majestic 12"] and new group are always good for their word and the Illuminists will be as soon as they place their seal on their word. He then keeps his Emeritus status for the rest of his life

Dec. 11, 2008 " ... He [Dan] walked into the vault hours before flying to Europe and he was carrying a Spongebob Squarepants backpack ... weeks later when someone checked, no one could find the Orion Cube or its palm key.

On the way to Brussels, it is known that Dan's plane stopped in Paris. He departed the plane and met with some people, but nothing has been revealed about who he met or what was exchanged in the visit.

Then he continued on to Brussels and refused to meet with the Illuminati at the _. Now all the projection units for the Looking Glass units, and all the highly controlled electronic and hardcopy plans for them are missing ... and because the elites have been in control, they have manipulated the lives of billions by what they saw ...

... What we know for sure is that someone has committed the greatest theft in human history. I wonder who it could have been?

Jan/15/2009 Dr Dan Burisch

... A large component of that presentation concerned our attitudes toward and knowledge of the planets mars and venus! Most records of it were destroyed during the penalty I suffered [photos] at the hands of the committee of the majority, due to my rebellion against them for the publication of the first Eagles Disobey book....

Marcia, March 14, 2009

Dan decoded some of the symbols which had been transferred to him by Chi'el'ah, the human-lineage extraterrestrial, and which were in his private diaries which I have control over. Privately, I have been having him work the information in between everything else we're doing.

He decoded a date, for the first time, from the J-Rod Shadow Language which was downloaded to him en masse. We believe that it may be the date of the T2 Catastrophe, in Timeline 2, a CATASTROPHE we are very sure (but not 100%) WE HAVE AVOIDED.

Stan, MARCH 28, 2009" ... Dan is addressing him. Dan just called the leaders of Maj ["Majestic 12"] and the other group rotten ba*tards and told them to carry that message back to the numbered members ..".
" ... We have survived the Cycles Cross. I have to get control of my emotions.)

... A plan was made, and a war was launched, the "WAR FOR EVERYTHING!" ...
... the traditional theme song of Majestic played, to honor the work of the former MJ1, all the agents who helped them win the WFE ....

~=~ -:- ~-~ -:- ~-~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~-~ -:- ~-~ -:- ~=~ -:-

"Something wonderfull is about to happen." - Dr Dan Burisch


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"We have things in the Nevada desert that you and the best minds in the world won't even be able to conceive that we have for 30 or 40 years, and won't be made public for another 50." -- Ben Rich, former head engineer to Kelly Johnson at Lockheed's 'Skunk Works'.


"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity….. anything you can imagine we already know how to do." -- Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works, in a lecture shortly before he died


"There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself." - Senator Daniel K. Inouy

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