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AREA 51 Microbiologist Dr Dan Burisch -:- RESEARCH VERIFICATION?

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Stephen Hawking, Black Holes, Alex Collier, (& Dan Burisch)
By Michael Salla, PhD 7-21-4




" is the authorized site for Dr. Dan Burisch information, current research, debriefing and disclosure information." (Dan & Marcia & others)

Dondep's Site

Dr Burisch's Research & The Beginning Of The Thread

Interviews & Debriefing: "Project Camelot", Rense, "Tell The World", etc.

An update from 'Henry Deacon' Lawrence Livermore Physicist, "Project Camelot"; verifies Dan

" ... It appears that Dan's claims – as extraordinary and incredible as they may seem – are true... "

Comments, Critiques, Arguements, Differences; From Dr Burisch Forums project_otus/glpComment.html




Marcia McDowell, M.A.

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:17 pm

Hi everybody.

I want to take this opportunity to try to interject something positive. Dan and I are very honored to be in communication with some of the wonderful people of the Tribal Nations of America and First Nations of Canada. My spirit is always lifted by these great people, and I would invite people to visit one of their websites:
These people have been kind enough to place some of Dan's words (echoed below) on their site, along with this photograph which should cause us all to remember what should never be allowed to happen again.

"In each case, where I was asked to do a duty, for the Government of the United States of America, I did so to the best of my ability, but always held the safety of humankind as supreme over all - for the Great Spirit lives in us all. In those cases where my duties were mixed with instructions where the supreme safety of humanity was placed in question, I acted in a manner which would place limits on those "products" which caused them, ultimately, to fail.

The Majestic, a group with which I had been associated for 20 years is aware of this, yet I have solidly refused to provide information to anyone which would enable the immoral and unethical "products" to function properly. To date, their better minds have been unable to decode the subtle "clockwork" mechanisms altered by me, while in their sphere of operations. The replacement coding, for the "clockwork" changes, has been long since forgotten by me, thus enabling me to not be able to provide them with the solution, no matter what they may ever decide to do to me. My simple hands have been graced with more than one such matter, and such work are in "products" of which they remain unaware- they destined to failure too, should the madness of certain humans ever decide to use them. I have always remembered that my hands are your hands, my heart your heart, my life, your life. We are one people!

When I hear that such genocide could be attempted, and knowing that we indeed have the ability to do so, it reminds me of my ethnic heritage- the Macedonian Jewish people who were targeted by Hitler, because of what they were. I am them, so I am you.

I do ask for prayers from your people, prayers for the sum of humanity as we enter a time of change, prayers for UNITY, before the Great Spirit!

Please know that I am your servant, a servant to your great peoples, and will be there for you at your calling.

Until God deigns that we may meet in person, and in the presence of the Eagle and in the heart of the earth, I humbly say to you:
Walking in Love,

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PageMarker 8/29/2004 12:21 am EDT page 10

Dr. Burisch. GANESH PARTICLE, Enigma, TRUTH and ? (VOL.20).


You have contributed much to the ´enigma´ of the tale of Dr Burisch and for that I respect you. I do not consider Dr Burisch a ´saint´ anymore than I would consider him a ´coward,´ but having read some of his writings on issues pertaining to microbiology as well as other more ´esoteric´ related topics, I do consider him a genius of extraordinary wit and talent.

Outside of Pope JPII´s ´Veritatis et Splendor,´ I have never encountered the words ´tautology´ and ´teleological´ arguments in either science or theology. My primary interests lie in Dr Burisch´s theories on the origin of life and the evolution thereof, which to me is the harmonic convergence of science and religion and not divisiveness therefrom.

I consider the academic loss that Dr Burisch represents as a major misfortune for humanity as a whole since this ´conjoined´ individual is being excluded from expressing his observations and facts to the academic and scientific community at large. The ganesh particle as a manifestation of electromagnetic resonance of life forces Itself appears as fleeting a moment as the crossbridges themselves which dissolve into the background of apparent nothingness from which they came, "but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." ...

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PageMarker 9/9/2004 1:13 am EDT

Dr. Burisch. GANESH PARTICLE, Enigma, TRUTH and ? (VOL.20) Page 23

The only point of contention that I would possibly disagree with Dr Burisch was his contention that prokaryotic cells were possibly derived from eukaryotic cellular evolution. Static evolution anyone?? Admittedly, the cellular membrane function of the former were slightly more complex than the latter, but the internal structure of the latter is far more advanced than the former. As Dr B sarcastically remarked on this possibility to the scientific community at large, I was left once again confounded over this possibility as realistic. Since the ganesh particle revealed a quasi intuitive reasoning as to the function and need of the target cell, we were only left guessing as to reason why that which is apparently ´in need of help´ received the bio-remediation in the first place. Is not our ´Jurassic Park´ a place of sufficient experimentation left well enough alone to allow a world of both reptiles and humans?

The lack of contact with Dr Burisch to allow him to elaborate on issues of micro and macro cellular evolution relative to specie evolution leaves us all at a level of apparent total inability to reconcile the differences which emanate therefrom, which, extrapolated to a further extreme, leaves us unable to capitulate a world of J-rods and humans within the confines of the DCTP. Or maybe I am missing something, that this is the point that time needs to recapitulate for the betterment and survival of us all? My personal point of ´piss-off´ is not over issues of disclosure, DCTP, J-rods, Harry & Sterling or Dondep, but rather how DNA manifestations in ´harmonic convergence´ with hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen could possibly be reconciled with the ´river of divine luminescence´ through which particles of certain angular momentum with respect to the RNA produced are derived from DNA from the Class C particles along the Shiva Linga from the ganesh particle itself. Since Dr B is gone now, we shall never know.

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Anonymous C. 7/2/2004 7:00 pm EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 15:) Page 9


There is nothing I can do to save this poor man. It is how things are supposed to be. They have now concocted documents and they are lining people up to all say one single thing. It took them nearly a decade which is why the ufology has said nothing about him. They waited hoping that they would never have to save their jobs. Now its coming and led by the shrewed and evil ones. It will sound so good and so perfect.

You are about to be witness to the ultimate psiop and it is coming from the perfect group, not from the government but from the government´s real helpers: the ufology elite.

Don´t be surprised if you hear of him and everyone around him being everything from murderers to beggars.

Everyone will believe it. Everyone will forget the pictures, documents and what they have seen. Sincerity in the words of one of the elite lately, "makes no difference." Most importantly they will forget everything they have ever heard good or confirmatory about him, because the cocktail will look so good and the evil will taste so sweet. This thread has been compromised already you have to have seen that. The presence of the drummers, the ones that repeat the same thing over and over again have come for the psychiatric preparation.

When the drummers read these messages they become agitated and always reply: it must be a hoax!

Because they already know what is coming. The information made it out to where it was supposed to go and now it is time to close this down for the present generation: so the scum can stay safe. The only way to do that is to kill the messenger and believe me that is coming.

For the few of those remaining here that have them: stay true to your beliefs. To the rest of you: you have already lost and mankind has already one. This man will be scorned for it is the way of the prince of the world. God bless this man for his coming torture. At each insult, lie, and confabulation, he will earn one blessing.

Wait for him to defend himself. Anyone would. Right? He has said that, "I have to remain silent for my remaining days." His silence will be golden in this case.



Joined: Sep 14, 2004 Posts: 194

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2005 2:39 am

"...AS TIME GATE 2004 APPROACHES [now unfolding], THIS TESTIMONY SHOULD REKINDLE SOME INTEREST IN THE IMPORTANCE OF A CIVILIAN SOVEREIGN BASED TIME GATE. Dr. Dan Burisch, formally employed by the MAJI, herein confirms a whole series of levels of information that were predicted by Emmanuel. We have taken the time to add some of our own commentaries in this text and to add several excerpts of Emmanuel communications from upto 17 years ago, that are being confirmed herein...

The most important thing is the empowering nature it implies on a Civilian based Time Gate on behalf of the Sovereignty of mankind... Much of the Time Gate 1998 and 2003 signals have been documented by civilian scientists (as we have publically presented since 1998), and are being utilized by the MAJI as some of the most important national security domains, for those of the MAJI who want a harmonious transition through 2012, and beyond... These are the galactic signals of the MANU, which are affecting the DNA "Light Body", which is increasing its 100 UPS coherent light signal output at present, as a result of the PHI signal from this Manu Gayatri network, effecting our Sun and Earth. Most importantly, the work we have been doing for the last 2 years (with Manu Emmanuel guidance), on the Sri Yantra/hyper Sierpinski triangle, the Rg Veda DNA Omni-dimensional code, is also the highest prime directive of the seeding of Life research in MAJI (their work with billions of black budget dollars — so this area is one of the most advanced topics on the planet at present)...

Their, so called, Ganesh particle, more properly the Maruta particle (the Maruta's outdate "ganese" by 50,000 years in archeological finds), actually is nothing new at all. The Sanskrit and proto-Vedic paradigms of the Manu accounts for it in vivid description, and many other similar families of particles (we have already presented the different particle clases in SION MANU III, and a PDF Manu-Script already sent, lists some of them), the "Ganese particle" is of the "Manu Anu" class of atom's, primarily...

This essential testimony of prime importance, gives added substantiation to the Vortexijah LOTUS vehicle... As you can see when comparing the Manu-Script III DNA Helix & Omni-D, with the enclosed pdf Manu-Script on the Rg Veda Lotus DNA and the Sierpinski Triangle. These stills from our animated slide shows will give you small idea of the significance of these findings of the last 8 months... In other words, this testimony, like Dr. R. Santilli's hadron physics, is another amplifier and verifier of the prime importance of the Vortexijah Diamond Body, and its activation at present, as the Vatarata vehicle of the Manu, to the Vehicle of Vehicles, the Manurata (Ati-Purusarata). We first presented the STAAR Lotus documents of Dr. Burisch, in our Austrian seminar November 8, 2002, and linked the global PHI signals and some of our "New Universe" material to its contents... The signals from the galactic ETI, as gamma rays of 24 tetrahedron pulsed geometry, we presented already in TIME GATE 1998, in our Diamond Body Training in Thailand, when perfect conjunction with the Galactic Center was at hand, and the global PHI signals begun to become majorly apparent.

Our CD MANU & THE ALIEN PRESENCE, covers several 1000 pages on Dr. Burisch, as well as hundreds of other pages on relative testimony from others, and radio interview with former MAJI scientist Major Michael Wolf Kruvant — and with a copy of our book THE ALIEN PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms, some 108 covert and declassified government memorandum on the alien presence accompanies the text, together with short film interviews with military officers... Alain-Yan Mohr created a ingenious and humourous CD cover, very appropriate from "Bear technology". Several more pieces shall be coming way of the Grailvine, to inspire the Time Gate Sovereignty. ..." {continued}


4/2005 posted on GLP and

"This man has a sense of himself and his place which is very unusual. When he is ever given money to hold on to, he gives it away to kids, the poor, anyone he knows is in need. Money is kept away from him by some people for that very reason. He doesn´t even really remember the bankrupt times and he has never acted defensive about them, as it was presented by one of the posters. You were right about his humility. What no one in the public knows about him is the band he wears around his right ankle.

It is a band from the Children´s Miracle Network. That´s why he seldom goes barefoot anywhere. He always has socks on. He has sent them reams of dollars, almost anonymously, whenever he can get a hold of a cache of Maj money. A few people inside of the Network know who he is, but very few."

Skywatcher {/ Morpheus / Bill Hamilton}
Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 6:27 am Forum    
subject: All That was Hidden will be Revealed

Thank you PageMarker, now for other items in the news----
Another document has surfaced with data that corroborates the data in the Q94 document. When I have it you will know it. Too many of the wise men have aged and passed away. Edward Teller was one. Last year was another. Now since then, two more. And more is happening than anyone here knows. The assembly of the chosen has begun. We were here before you and chose to be here now before the end of this age. Now my work with the Good Doctor has completed this cycle and a new one has begun for those I have waited for sent an emissary to tell me of their return. Watch for changes to come. I will reveal that which I have kept hidden and others will come to reveal as well. A wall that was black is black no more. Peace

Dan (Burisch)

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 7:43 pm
Post subject: ---FOR BILL---

Hi, Bill...
I've decided to make a public post about this as I feel very strongly that you are on to something very important here.

During March, 2004, I had reviewed two of your papers: "The Biophotonic Quantum Holographic Matrix" and "The Continuous Creation Process". Further, I printed and have subsumed the links for both. You recently remailed the latter of the two to me.

As you are well aware, the presently weakest portion of the Lotus Theory is concerned with the actual physical process whereby the portals open, and as a conduit of sorts, emit their "cargo." Hypotheses regarding this process range from micro-worm-holes to effecting holography.

What no one may know is that it has become my intention to eventually bring the Lotus Theory to a publishable form. The working model (what happens after the "particles" are on this side of the veil) is, of course, already "stored" somewhere. I have held off publishing because the data is still being collected and I must be very careful with certain numbers. I am reasonably certain it can be done, however, without handing anyone an energy weapon. The "widget" may be used in that process.

I believe that a few of your papers, when combined, will form the accurate physical definition of the "formation ---> emanation" process. Of course, you would receive the credit due. Your name will be placed as the discoverer of the physical theory. I should be able to integrate the counterpart metaphysical definitions into the physical ones.

Can you produce a physically viable combination of your...
(1) Vortex work (including Moon's work and the platonic-atomic description).
(2) "The Biophotonic Quantum Holographic Matrix"
(3) "The Continuous Creation Process" ???

I have been watching the reality of process court you for some time, and I feel that you are very close to the condensation of the physics. I am aware that implicit in this process would be the temptation to produce a Mathesis Universalis (God forgive me Leibniz and Descartes!) and then concretize it via a calculus ratiocinator...I believe that the integration of your papers into a single one containing the above information is the appropriate first step (together with my team's Lotus Model) toward the same. We will leave the implications to the Darwinian paradigm alone, for the moment. It would take a bit of work on your part...but you are a hard worker!
Wanna do it?

~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~

More Posted here (Dec 4/05) ->

4/28/06 ~ Dr. Dan Burisch

"Dr. Leonard Horowitz, graduate and past faculty member of Harvard University, past faculty member of Tufts University,
...has reviewed the Emanation of the Solfeggio research paper.

We are so honored that Dr. Horowitz has given his encouragement and positive comments to us regarding our work on the Solfeggio frequencies.

SPOKESPERSON ~ Administrator, eaglesforum ~ (Majestic initiated forum) 7/31/06

Dan wrote me the following: "The reason why we first went to Cabrillo involved an order to test an ecological remediation mechanism to be used on at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA). We were told to use Lotus for the purpose.

Holding to the line in the sand we were not able to pass, we applied a test mechanism, as ordered, but within our ethical and moral guidelines, and in a manner consistent with environmental protection. The reason behind the order was to provide a short span clearing of the water in the channels of the POLA and POLB (Long Beach) for dredging. That reason, from them, hid two subreasons under it. The United States Military was searching the POLA for a "device," accidentally lost there during a shipping accident several years prior but held Top Secret due to its "nature." The second of the subreasons was a concern by the United States Military that a subterranean "facility" under/near the POLA may interrupt ongoing United States Naval Operations, legitimate military operations of a nature I am not willing to discuss. The dredging of the POLA was also needed to alleviate shipping-cargo pressure on the POLB, due to the need to have deeper channels for ships of such draft, then only able to enter the POLB.

The Majestic interrupted our work several times during the preparations for, and subsequent deployment of, the test. They stole much of our data and were caught outright in attempts to manipulate our decision making leading up to the test. Their interventions were also caught, outright, during the deployment process, in order to steal the products of our work and use those products for their own purposes, in coordination with United States Military units, as outlined above.The results were intriguing, but not satisfactory. A subsequent test at Cabrillo, a year later yielded positive and significant results.

We intend to further the investigation into the use of Lotus in biological remediation, but I am not willing to discuss our plans at this time.

Our work was strictly biological and legal, and had NOTHING to do with any alleged craft or extraterrestrials. I am happy to place my role on the record, but am not of the mind to expose too much of the work at this time, as I am busy with other things at the moment. Enjoy the small selection of hundreds of L2-Cabrillo images and videos. Please excuse the quality of the video as it presents in a degraded-pixelated fashion when dealing with Photobucket. - Dan"
{Photos at above URL}

The Research in Question | WHY?

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