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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:36 pm

subject: Explaining the Debriefing and Disclosure - Part I

Alpha Grey, you ask pertinent questions.

1) The preparations that are being made have to do with compiling the vast amount of corroborative information that will flesh out the statements Dan will be making in his debriefing and beyond. Interviews, documents, images, historical records, physical mementos, physical evidence, affidavits where necessary, etc. This isn't merely a case of Dan rushing to the nearest microphone a la the traditional view of a 'whistleblower'. When he brings the case for Disclosure forward, it will have as much information as could be asked for (short of the corpse or living body of a J-rod). Also, media has to be 'arranged' for, which is even harder than if one simply went to the podium of the White House press briefing room or Rumsfeld's Pentagon podium. Think of what a presidential campaign requires; even though Dan will never run for 'office', the effort required for impinging on the public consciousness is trememdous.

2) Dr Burisch isn't the ONLY one to 'issue Disclosure', he's just the most central. We aren't talking about one of the honorable gov't witnesses lined up with Dr Greer, but someone at the very heart of many of the most secretive and pertinent projects concerned with the extraterrestrial reality. For instance; Sgt. Dan Sherman may have been one of the humans assigned to record the coordinates of each human abduction by the zetans in his 'sector', but Dr Burisch happens to have actually been at the treaty negotiations where these abductions were negotiated. The important issue isn't the person necessarily (in this case it happens to be Dan Burisch) but the knowledge at the root of these issues, and Dan has been at the center of these issues.

3) The Disclosure will be 'vast' in that it will put many things "ET-related" into one context, for the public to understand better. Dan isn't the be-all and end-all of ALL the secrets, or even all of what he's been told about, but he's been the most willing to 'tell the world' and from one of the highest levels of all - as a one-time member of Majestic 12 itself.

4) The 'debriefing' is actually an operation to have Dan recall what he was not only 'briefed' about during his years of Majestic service, but also everything possible he learned, did, and even thought about during those 19 years of service. Try asking yourself if you can recall everything you've done in the last 19 years of your life; you may think much of it worthless, but in his case, most of what he did and learned will be of extreme interest to the public. Think of it; you've been one of the few humans who established a close friendship with an extraterrestrial. You've been squeezed by that ET friend and learned many, many secrets to life in this universe, the future, etc. You've discovered the 'God particle', which could be the miracle that humanity will discover in its future when it will be more ready to handle it. You've been told and shown quite a bit about the big danger to Earth and how many of us might die because we either don't know about it or because there's no way around it --- no escape from it. The list goes on.....

Dondep ~ Site Admin

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 3:30 am

  My secretive correspondent who alerted me to the ... quote (at has expressed a preference for having the following reprise of the ... 'channeled' snip made available to the general reader:

"...There will remain to be contact between the star nations and certain people of your earth. It is that for the most part, positive outcome is possible from these interactions.

There are those who have hidden the truth along the lines of this subject and there are two who will come forward with information which will unequivocally confirm that there are, have been and will be alien contact with beings of the earth plane. The timing of this is dependant upon certain events which will take place and cause rise to the information to become public. ..."

Dondep ~ Site Admin

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 2:31 pm

Post subject: Rushing to judgement to fulfill Majestic snickering

Rand, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you asking about the statement "J" allegedly made when he commented that "if Majestic is the brains of the Coverup, the ufers are its gonads", or something to that effect?

Apparently MJ-12 dishes a little bit of info and disinfo to certain ufer parties, who then rush breathlessly to the foreground and allow their egos to drive their pet paradigm into prominence, at the expense of most others. Very very rarely do ufers attempt to synthesize their paradigms to find common ground. Just an observation and MHO.
Never stop long enough to think you have a handle on the 'truth''s ever-expanding


Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 9:56 pm    Post subject: that's history?


GALACTIC HISTORY The Old Universe/Old Empire/ Mind Eaters/DNA By Stewart Swerdlow

"...Parts of the old Lyraen civilization were absorbed into the Draco empire. Among these were the star systems of Rigel, Zeta Reticuli 1, and Zeta Reticuli 11, which have since become known as the Orion Confederation. ..."

"...The Orion Confederation decided to create a race of beings out of humanoid genetics to monitor the occurrences on Earth for the Draco. Famous for abducting humans, they are the 4 foot and 3 foot "Greys" with the black wrap around eyes and are under the control of the Rigelians who work directly for the Draco Empire. The Rigelians were once part of the Lyraen Civilization and were physically equal to the tall blonds or Nordics. During the Draco invasion of that sector (Civil War), their planet was so bombarded and contaminated by nuclear waste that they degenerated into a genetically and hormonally weak race which survives by using the life material of others. ..."

Go To Plan "B"


Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2006 6:19 am

"...To the general readers and cut-and-pasters; although I dropped in at the GLP "Serpo hoax falling apart" thread to post my 2 cents reminding folks that Dan had come out early against the Serpo disinfo, I have something even more important to share from him now that his initial comments have been proven. (Some of us knew it didn't 'smell' right from the get-go; it was too 'perfect' a scenario and seemed designed to appeal to technophiles at the expense of the spiritual dimension.) And like you, thesirians, I no longer find GLP to my 'taste'. From Starryeyes' research, it appears that there is a vast COINTELPRO-type effort being made behind the scenes to make sure the 'lunatic fringe' remains both 'lunatic' and 'fringe'.

Here is the last word from Dan in response to my question as to what the true specific purpose was behind the SERPO hoax: From everything I have heard, it carried a dual purpose, for the derailing of disclosure-

"1. Readying a disinformation campaign in an effort to counter real information once provided. This case was a rehearsal stage effort to gauge the response of the target population to official sounding information.

2. Dragging as many of the UFO community as possible into the effort, to both align them with the disinformation as well as offer them the possibility of humiliation once the information was found to be false. This has two effects in itself- (a) once aligned, they became attached to an official set of rules, and (b) once humiliated, it reduces the likelihood of their ever attaching to a real disclosure."

Truthseekers, once they stumble, can always pick themselves up, dust themselves off and admit sheepishly that they made a mistake, but sadly too many folks lack the humility to do this. I expect I'll be doing this myself a few more times before the goal is reached, but I hope that the general readership has taken this lesson seriously. Disclosure is no child's game.


Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 6:27 am

Post subject: E-M.....Electro-Magnetic, Emergency Management

Actually, it might surprise the both of you (and others reading silently) to know that I actually am somewhat skeptical about the scenario postulated supposedly by some 'inside', that these ETs are simply an outgrowth of present-day humanity. I have a scenario to posit that may offend or irritate some, but what if it were true that the 'catastrophe' would occur despite anything we could do collectively by our will and/or faith? This 'Big Event' catastrophe happens cyclically, but there are other cyclical events and cycles as well. What if: As Dan says, "Planet X is out there, but it's more oval mass of energy." The scenario painted by him was supplemented and complemented by a former member of the CotM (no, not COMMAJX or "K" as he is more popularly known, although he too has corroborated much if not all of what Dan has said.) I asked him point blank: "Does Dan know that PX is in the inner solar system?" He said that Dan was aware of the "vortex out of which the winged planet would come", and it's been theorized on this thread that this 'oval mass' could be a black hole, or worm hole (a natural 'stargate') that allows travel to other times and places. Or does it? How is it possible to have both free will and the ability to travel either ahead or backwards in time? He also said that Dan was 'one of the most connected black-operators since the history of that term began', that they give him most of the cutting-edge information on ongoing celestial events.

So; what if the 'rogues' were simply saying; we KNOW what's going to happen, so might as well make it easier to with it early on and get it out of the way. It's the 'wave' of EM energy that is causing the earth changes, emanating from Niburu......or is that from the outlaw djed pillars in the hands of rogue human states and terror groups?

I'm extremely curious about the making of the djed pillars though, thesirians ('nic'). You might be able to put it in the same kind of simple terms that a thorough explanation of how electro-magnetic energy is harnessed might do.


Joined: 24 Jan 2006 Posts: 9
Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 9:32 am 

Dondep, I am not sure what the group is already aware of but I will try to provide as much information as is necessary. Concerning the galactic center

I have rough sketches that I did concerning the djeds a few months back that I can send to you via There are also a few new ones I can add as well. Please note that the djeds in these sketches are natural (aside from being theoretical) and may or may not be relevant if the group understands their design. Let me know how to proceed.


Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 4:53 pm

Post subject: Jerry and Dan's Story Continues

Hi Guys
This came in today...

Our series on Dan Burisch has started. The first episode is there tonight at

This is an overview of what we intend to cover in the series of shows. Mrs. Doreen Crain is featured in this first episode talking about Dan's abduction experience as a boy in Southern California and his PHD degree from SUNY. On Wednesday evening by 6:00 p.m. Eastern, we will have another hour posted. This hour will feature in depth interview with Dan's mother in which she discusses an attempt on Dan's life and his working at Area 51. He was living with his parents when he started his secret job at this secret base.

Linda Moulton Howe is having Mrs. Crain on the air at 11:00 p.m. Pacific on Friday night. Originally Dodie had asked that I appear with her, but Coast to Coast decided not to allow me on the air with her. I take that as a compliment and only wanted to do it as a favor to Mrs. Crain. Dodie was kind enough to give me the first radio interview and I would have done the show to support her. I have always treated my sources on news stories with the utmost respect. I expect to have some very interesting programs on the Burisch affair this week. We plan to have three hours done by the time our C2C friends do the hour on Friday night.

I have lots of respect for Linda Mouton Howe and I am sure her monthly C2C appearance will be intriguing as always. It appears that the Burisch folks have in mind marketing some sort of health aid music CD built upon Dan's research. I understand the CD will go on sale in March. Our good friend and frequent guest, Wes Bateman, has a similar project based upon the 27 tones of RA, from ancient Egyptian research. I know from a personal demonstration by Wes that his CD does help plants and animals grow, and actually has been used to create younger looking skin on humans.

So I guess this will be one of the perks in 06, magical melodies for good health and good looks.

Jerry Pippin

=-=-=-=-=-=-= ADDENDUM -=-=-=-=-=-=-

"...This interview

is also the beginning of a series of shows that will be packaged and presented over the next year on this web site on its own special page, THE B-FILES. We will examine the information and accounts available to us, and try our best to present an unbiased report that is based on firm, verifiable evidence that offers proof beyond a reasonable doubt, of how and why Dan Burisch, Area 51 and other secret bases, MJ12 and other similar organizations, microbiological research, JRod and other beings from other worlds, are all interacting in playing out some end of the world survival drama. Some of you may be aware that "Project Aquarius" has been controversial from a religious and spiritual angle as well, even containing references, alleged by some who should know, that Jesus Christ is part of the story of Alien Intervention..."


Site Admin
Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 9:38 am

"I've started working with a radionics device." UJ, it's refreshing to see you taking the cudgel up yourself to help. More of that kind of thing and less complaining of what others haven't done is a very good thing. Sorry the timing was bad, but even if you were in the city the day we arrived it wouldn't have made much difference, as we're only now in a position to meet folks (and we will be meeting more, soon).


I know that some people may be wondering what if anything we've actually learned that could shed some light on events in the 'saga' now that we're actually in Las Vegas, home to Dan and many of the black-ops community he works in. While it's true that I've learned a few things during the few occasions I've had the opportunity to meet with Dan, I'm not at liberty to discuss some of the more startling facts....mostly due to discretion, but also because it 'wouldn't be prudent' (no offense, Dana Carvey).

I CAN tell you, without going into names, that at least a few of my preconceptions have been borne out by what I've recently learned. It had always been my suspicion that there have been more than the odd "patriotic insider" that has risked much to 'leak' information to myself and others, and seeing things 'on the ground' it's apparent that the vast majority of field operatives for Majestic are, indeed, hired for their dedication and patriotism. In some cases its more 'jingoism' than patriotism, but the lower-level operatives are more human than the SSSs want to admit. They want to do the best they humanly can for their country, for the world, for the good of all, and the fact that they work for some real bastards who sit in the hallowed Chairs is beside the fact. Those bastards are in those positions because they've learned to hire the best, even if those underlings are morally superior to their masters' corrupted greed and ambition. One day their story can be told, and I hope to throw in more than a mere outsider's 2 cents, but that day is still some ways off.

One of the other things I've learned, and it's closely related to the above, is that the surveillance tapes that were leaked to me from a year ago were indeed authentic and not "manufactured". In fact, it's depressed me to no end to think that some severe reprisals were handed down for that act of 'insubordination', even though no one died over the fact (that I'm aware of). It's one more reason to firm up my resolve to make sure their acts weren't made in vain, and that the most genuine and effective Disclosure comes from Dan's efforts and the Maji's directive (even as they work to cover their asses from the potential fall-out from the debriefing).

I hope I haven't spoken too forthrightly, but on balance I don't think I've jeapordized or threatened anyone with what I've just's actually pretty general, and I hope to have permission to reveal other items of interest to the reader as the 'interested few' begin to wake up to what's coming. One thing that Dan did comment on was my post above where I distinguished between the "Big Picture" and the "Big Picture Screen".....he laughed and asked what the difference was. Well, Dan, if you read this, I should say that the "Big Picture" is fairly all-encompassing (even above and beyond your particular compartmentalized SAP) and relates to the facts, like them or not.

The "Big Picture Screen" is the tableau shown on the myriad of media elements of which this forum is just is GLP, the Think Tank, and even the ole romper room where the small-skulled suspicious squabblers still squeal and snicker simply because they can until the "trigger is pulled". It's other websites that are pointing inexorably towards the coming 'Crossing', the various made-for-TV acclimation shows like tonight's Sci-Fi Channel offering "DISASTER: Volcano In New York" which was so sophomoric I actually fell asleep during the last third of it. It's the tightening of the noose around our civil liberties in the latest round of "Patriot Acts" and the hand-wringing in public over it, the sale of American port operations to the low bidder Dubai Ports World while the higher bid from Singaporean interests went unheeded (the silence on this facet of the issue is absolutely deafening)'s the seismic monitors that show the 4.5 EQ rocking Ottawa (wonder if it had anything to do with the injustice done in the suppression of our evidence and the craven cowardice of the once-mighty Liberal Party, embarassingly defeated to make room for a Conservative Prime Minister presiding over a Parliament largely composed of left-of-center MPs)....yes, the Big Picture Screen is the viewfinder for the

Big Picture, but alas it may be more like finding the Plains of Nazca hidden in plain sight from ground view; only when the viewer is in the air can one see the breathtaking shapes articulated. Distance begets understanding. Meanwhile, Dan is hard at work on his latest discovery involving the Solfeggio Cube, or more precisely the cube and its mirror inverse --- which is an amazing paradox I won't begin to attempt to describe, as I'm probably not familiar enough with the science to even mention this and may be reprimanded for it, despite the fact that there is an announcement regarding it on the TRUE "" website.

Next week we do hope to find ourselves back in the workaday 'real' world, and hopefully an Update as well.

Dondep ~ Site Admin

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 6:55 am    
Post subject: The 'Face of Disclosure' "..."

As people begin to tune in to Dan's story, to the Debriefing that is wrapping up and being prepared for the public, they're going to be asking "well who IS this man Dr Dan Burisch?". At the moment, however, finding a way to get it out into the world without "profiting" per se is a real challenge; it always takes money to do these things, which of course feeds into the naysaying squabblers who seem bent on derailing Disclosure, even as they claim they are for a truthful one. What to do? What a quandary......

But even as others address that issue, some of us have had the privilege of getting to know this individual, and with every privilege comes a responsibility. Right off the bat I can tell you that he is indeed a modest man and tends to cringe when others attribute some special 'messianic' powers to him (yes, he was visited on a few occasions by a 'light-being', but then again many others are probably as well but they probably hide the fact.....and justly so). One doesn't actively encourage such talk, but as with most else in Dan's life, he speaks frankly and in an unvarnished manner about truths he's been privy to, even if those truths run smack into the brick walls of many people's preconceptions. He would tell you that isn't his problem, as his mission is simply to report truthfully those things he believes he's obligated to tell about. And he feels obligated because he's been in a very unique position.

That unique position is precisely why he - Dan Burisch - has been "tapped" for the role in Disclosure as he has. Not because he's the 'Second Coming' of a Christ-like figure, or Manchurian-candidate-like alien spawn, or some self-appointed 'Supreme Leader' of a cult-like group, or anything's because the information that he means to share has in large measure been informed by his close relationship to one of the very few extraterrestrial beings to have actually lived on this Earth for an extended length of time. Dan may tell you privately on occasion that he's tired of always talking about the "J-rod", but he knows that his unique relationship with that individual is probably the primary reason that he's not only being allowed to talk, but actually ORDERED to 'tell the world' about the real nature of our 'reality' insofar as it concerns the interaction of human authorities with off-world once-and-future entities. Simply put; Dan's relationship with Chi-e-lah is the main reason he's going to be 'telling the world' what he's learned. Yet he's modest enough to admit, and even stress the fact that he can only tell what he's either learned first-hand (such as with Chi-e-lah the J-rod, or the evidence garnered in his Project Lotus) or second-hand (the compartment Majestic has had him stuck in since his induction in 1986). He's a microbiologist, not a prophet. He'll speak truthfully, and this fact has also been a major factor behind him being 'tapped' (at least in this writer's opinion; one day in the not-too-distant future some of my more incorrect speculations will be corrected in public, but that's okay; I can stand to be corrected. Just give me credit for trying to provide as accurate an assessment as possible in the meantime.)

One of the features that's often been misunderstood about Dan is his anti-war stance. Some who don't know him have misinterpreted his patriotism as a blind acceptance of the ideology of the warlords that control Majestic and their greedy desire for dominance....the fact that "Area 51" has a large portion of its infrastructure dedicated to fine-tuning the art of war through use of reverse-engineered extraterrestrial/extra-dimensional technology has not forced Dan to embrace that mindset; if anything, it may have opened his eyes to the spiritual hypocrisy that becomes self-evident.

Yes, he wears tie-dyed t-shirts with huge peace symbols, and various necklaces and pendants that also incorporate pacifist symbols (as well as spiritual ones), but it isn't a superficial embrace of these things as hollow icons. He truly IS a "man of peace", but if his republic is attacked, he'll be the first to help defend her..... and being that this is akin to my own belief system, I can vouch for the fact that these are not contradictory positions. I too am a self-confessed 'patriot', but not at the expense of reason and legitimately-elected government. (It's my opinion that we - America - suffers from an illegitimately-installed administration, but I wouldn't dare put those words in Dan's mouth.....he can tell you himself what his own opinions are.) In other words; if America was attacked by say the communist Chinese or a newly-resurgent nationalist Russian Federation, Dan would man the ramparts to protect the nation from attack. Nonetheless, I've heard him comment enough to know that he regards those who question America's ongoing military involvement in Iraq as true patriots, rather than the jingoistic jar-head types who insist "America - My Country Right Or Wrong (Just Not Left)". It's only natural to support the troops without supporting those who keep ordering them into harm's way with ever-changing rationales that are wearing thin and beginning to fray.



Sun Mar 05, 2006 7:35 am    Post subject: On

Matters of Religion

On the issue of religion; again, some who have heard Dan make reverential remarks about Christ, the Church, Islam, the Hindu gods (most readers know that much of the symbology of his work with the Ganesh Particle - beginning with the name), etc, make the mistake of pigeonholing him as a "fundie". Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dan is aware of the extreme hypocrisy and deadly pedophilia running rampant through the Catholic Church, and even witnessed it on occasion in his seminary days. He's even hinted that his awareness may have had something to do with his not joining the priesthood. He's also keenly aware of the occult connections behind the scenes, and the infiltration those groups have made into the Church proper. Still, it hasn't diminished his faith in a God, a Creator, or even the good-hearted work of those innocents who are still in the church yet untainted by such activities and machinations. "Truth is truth", he's been heard to remark, even as recently as today, in relation to the sad facts of Church hypocrisy - in today's case, when it comes to helping tell the people of the reality behind the public facade.

On the matter of Christ; he's spoken forcefully about his belief that we are all part of the universal 'body of Christ'. He's also well-versed in the studies of the 'Tree of Life', as we all know, which is allegedly a Qabbalistic pursuit. Insofar as religion has been used as a divisor between the so-called 'Christian' West and 'Moslem' Middle-East, he would rather wear both the crescent AND the cross so the PTB (which he has direct line into, that is what's left of it as it splinters and heads for the hills in anticipation of his Disclosure) can't use him as a pawn to help justify their warmongering. I'm sure that concept may be baffling to some of you, so I may revisit it if the need arises.

The same applies to his reverence for the religion of the Hebrews, as he is also attended on occasion by a rabbi. In fact, although I haven't discussed it at length with him, I get the impression his rabbi plays more of a role in his spiritual life than any priest he may consult. In short, Dan believes in the best of what the world's mainline religions have offered to humanity, while decrying the elements of all of them that are used to justify division and self-righteousness. I kinda like fact, I'm in total agreement with that mindset. If anyone begs to differ, let's join the debate, or at least clear up any misunderstandings so that we don't get trapped in pointless religious finger-pointing when the time comes.

~ Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 12:54 am


At this juncture, I thought it a fine idea to give the public somewhat of an update on the status of the work we have been engaging. To date, there have been two separate "restructuring events" concerning people directly involved with my debriefing. It is true, as some have surmised, that I have recently terminated someone's participation in my debriefing. Save one or two short snippets to be added, we have completed the amount of information required for the first DVD. We have arguously defended the truth and context in all respects, and those defenses have at least prompted one of the "restructuring events." To my great astonishment, and lifting of my faith to even higher proportions, none of the "events" have at all slowed the overall pace at which we are moving to enable this information to reach the public. To us, this is more than a testament to our being watched over by God. We have entered this great work for the purpose of providing the truth, whether or not it sets well with any certain people, and are making great strides in that direction's success.

We have received many information requests (and some less than cordial comments) concerning our Think Tank. Simply put, we have the right to engage in private conversations, and will continue to exercise that right to our heart's content. We find it a source of amusement, that some may feel they can legislate my right to privacy. Indeed...a source of amusement! There is no more to be said on that, as I feel no need to take further time with it.

As to the Solfeggio Polyhedron, the sole decision making process, involving the publication of what we have found and continue to investigate, is vested in Marcia and myself, alone. We have decided to make the publication available to serious researchers, after they fill a short "informational", which will be provided on the REAL "Eagles Disobey" website. Serious researchers have no difficulty with such matters, and as "less than serious" people would offer little to moving an intellectual debate forward, we feel comfortable with this method. Our current status remains at approximately 1 week from the beginning of text writing. The images have taken slightly more time to accurately produce, than we had originally envisioned. Both Marcia and myself have been working the 3D graphics, and some become 3D headaches as well! ...but it's all part of this kind of work. If you are interested, please watch for updates.

The status of my other ongoing ventures is not currently available for public announcement. Safe to say: many things are on the way this year.

I look forward to Don's and Toni's participation, here in Las Vegas, as we consider the production of a DVD including community questions. All of the original questions, received some time ago, have been handed over to Don for his reading and preparation.

We have had the opportunity to meet and get to know Don and Toni, over the past couple weeks, and find them good and loving people. They deserve happy and prosperous lives, and we hope that their new home brings them all the best! The only thing I would ask of them, is to continue my relationship with PICKLES! (For those not knowing about Pickles, one has to meet Pickles to understand Pickles! My life will never be the same! )

Will folks be hearing more from me? Yes. When? When it is "time." It will be "time" during 2006!

God Bless,

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 9:27 pm

   Post subject: Re: Is it possible to see Ganesh Particles ?

Alpha Grey wrote:Dr. Burisch Is it possible to physically see Ganesh Particles around you ??

There is a reason I ask this.....although a bizarre one.

Great question! I can't do more of this, as I think Marcia wants me to produce an individual video about Lotus, as we are now up to tens of thousands of hi-res images and hundreds of hi-res videos...but...

Yes, possible, via two known modalities... (...there may be others...)

1. The right light pulse and an excess of electrical voltage are applied to any SiOx bearing crystal, from SiO2 to the beryllium aluminosilicates (look up what X-Ray diffraction pattern the mineral "Beryl" makes...hint, hint)...if the right excess if provided, a flare trackable in the visual spectrum and the infrared can be produced. It appears that an energy conversion occurs, moving to the infrared, and such a flare can become macroscopic.

2. It appears that Ganesh Particles may (I say "MAY") enter our dimensional fields over varying scales. I have some imagery suggestive of huge particles, but hesitate to publish it publicly at this time because of so many nonsense factions trying to establish false claims about me. The subject will be dealt with, properly, if I am able to do such a product for public release.
_________________ NOTE: {More Discussion Here}


Location: Los Altos California USA
Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2006 1:30 pm

Uncle John here: Sober again. A throne of sugar cubes. What a great picture.

What do I think of Dan, Marci, Deb and the rest of the majic clique? I think they all are the trained and controlled pets of the ET's. Does that give them the right to their private lives. Not in my mind. Their business is our business.

If the direction the ET's were taking humanity was positive, then perhaps, but since the ET's are running this planet into the ground, any view as to how the ET mind works should be dissected, examined and discussed as much as possible.

You can call me a drunk, a hoaxer, a hypocrite and a copy and paste idiot, but I know what is going on. I have more class than the ET's that are directing those slurs at me.

If you take the story, false or true, of Dan with crystals showing the jrods what would happen to them if they continued on with treating this earth as their smorgasbord, then I'll take the liberty of showing the majestic crowd including Dan, Marci and Deb what history in the higher densities of life will reflect on their existence. It will not and has not been pretty. And if they think that my cry is bad, just wait till they come out with the debriefing. People will not be racing to Vegas to find their new leaders; they will be reeling in horror on how backwards the ET races are in the area of ethics as demonstrated by the Vegas clique. There are many on the golden thread who will never forget and will never be silent.

The GP's and the solfeggio stuff will be viewed as trinkets handed out to dazzle unsuspecting humans and they will hold no substance to those with a careful eye. That said, every being should be loved. Every being should be afforded physical privacy. Every being should have their opinion heard. Every being should be free of unnecessary suffering, although the ET's and the humans they control clearly don't buy into this concept!

{reference: "Art Bell" & "Uhouse", Etc. denotated in the color red}





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