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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2005 3:57 pm

     Someone asked what Dr. Dan could do, versus the work of Dr. Greer? This is a case of snow pears & mangos, but does present the question: what does disclosure mean to you?

As of this moment, only two people in the world know exactly what Dr. Dan is planning: Dan and Marcia. Ron and Deborah most probably have a strong notion. Concerning his plans, a few people in this forum know more today than they knew yesterday. I have a copy of his orders, as well. His orders go to the necessity of his speaking the truth of what he has witnessed. Further, they say,

"..that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle's cross" and "We will stand, unanimous and adjourned to your purpose."

Since the date his orders were provided, the group has not met. I have checked through channels and no formal meeting is planned. As Dr. Dan has put it, several times, even the hierarchy is "heading for the hills." They are doing so because they know Dr. Dan well. Some scoffers, even now, hope for his failure, and they don't care what his failing would mean to others. As long as it doesn't affect them, they don't care, they just pretend to care with other matters. On this bet, they have wagered wrongly.

Yes, it depends on what disclosure means to you? Some misuse the term "disclosure," when they actually mean "revolution" or "anarchy." If that is what is waited for, continue to scoff, as I can assure you that you will not have your way. Others want a government to make a declaration, such as the U.S. government. To them I ask, must you be led by the noses? Is it less real because someone you elected, or didn't, doesn't say it on television? Is that your measure of reality? Where was your President when hundreds or more were drowning in the southern U.S.? Was it any less real to them?

Ladies and gentlemen, disclosure is upon us, to be sure. Dr. Greer's efforts are but one piece, and he is succeeding brilliantly! It remains his job to assemble as many credible witness accounts as possible. Such testimony is available to the public. The governments of the earth will not lead the people by the noses if they don't care to investigate the truth, by using such little effort as listening to the testimony. The governments of the earth cannot make people care.

As for Dr. Dan, his piece in the disclosure means something quite different than Dr. Greer's. It is literally his duty, and mind the words well here: " say the right things, to the right people, at the right times." He will do that with just two precious words. Be sure he bears quite a burden, and he knows it, but accepts it with the humility of one picked for just such a job. If he succeeds, people never knowing they owe their lives to his efforts, will go on, even scoffing. Did he not say that when the passage is completed, many will wake up and laugh and he will wake up and know? He will soon embark to fulfill those duties.

For those that scoff, and say that Dr. Dan's disclosure won't amount to anything, I will give you a clue: the story of his life has already brought people together in marriage, has challenged the beliefs of many, inspired the dying to write letters and create tapes to be sent to governments, and brought many of you together who are now reading here and elsewhere.

What is disclosure to you? If it is knowledge, then the awakening has begun, but if it is a leash to a ring, held by people you appoint as your masters through default, then you have truly missed not one point, but all of them. I hope for the former. Good luck to us all.

~ Marcia McDowell, M.A.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2005 8:26 pm

Hello everybody,
I think it's about time I cleared something up.

I told everybody that a protocol was in place for when we discovered that Dan was under attack by Illuminati types. It was in place because we knew it would happen eventually, as our work got closer to completion. When it was determined beyond any doubt that Illuminati were ramping up their efforts, it became my job to put that protocol in place and see that it was adhered to properly.

This protocol, for lack of a better explanation is 'hide the biscuit' and Dan is the biscuit. Nobody is going to know exactly how to reach him, nor be successful in any such an attempt, until the time he is ready to move forward into the public with his work. The Maji have instructed me to see that he is out of harms way, and out of reach. And I have every intention of doing my job to the best of my ability. If people don't like it, that's tough. And it seems to be working very effectively, listen to all the complaining!

I am handling Dan's email account as well as my own. If you wish to reach him you will have to do so through me. If people are respectful and polite like Bill Hamilton has always been, I will be happy to make sure that Dan receives their messages but I will not sanction any negative or threatening comments. They will simply be deleted regardless of how large a listening audience someone believes he has or how important a jornalist (or any other profession) someone considers himself to be. Again, if people don't like it, that's too darn bad. That's the way it is going to be until it is time for Dan to move forward into the public.

If people wish to continue to hurl barbs at me, they will find that I have a very tough skin when necessary, and I will simply return a kind remark toward them hoping that they will develop the interpersonal skills necessary to effectively cope in any serious situation. [edit - Don, if you need Dan to support his affidavit, just let me know.]
All the best, Marci


Joined: 26 Dec 2005 Posts: 6
Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2005 10:52 pm

Yes, Marcia (or do you prefer Marci?). When (may I call him Dan? I used to.) Dr. Burisch met with me he had a number. I am his hand picked Archivist and Majestic Biographer. My first name is Julie. I was his first girlfriend many years ago and his parents, John and Dodie, know of me. We first met, by arrangement, when we were living at 12350 east Del Amo, in Cerritos, California. I am the one to write his history for the Maji. He left explicit instructions with me should he be secreted at this time. I have his personal diaries covering all his last 20 years, he sent them to me, and we've been pen pals for 30 years, and closer friends years ago. I hope the instructions won't get in the way of your operation, but if they do we both have a job. We can work it out.

First, I am to carry on this discussion in public. That was his order. I guess this place will do? If not you pick the place, as long as it corresponds with his instruction I will agree to it.

Second, you may or may not know, I have the first half of Dr. Burisch's debriefing. When the copies from the Gudaitis house were sent to the Maji, they were actually sent to me.

Third, I am the recipient of the second half of the debriefing too, which arrived last Thursday.

Fourth, being I have his diaries and personal communique logs, I am intimately aware of what you three are planning, and what happened yesterday. I am here to serve yours and Deborah's needs in that respect. You understand what I mean without me saying that openly.

Fifth, copies of the entire debriefing are being arranged with the Fulcanelli Brotherhood of Light. Copies will be held in case the unthinkable happens, like we lose the three of you over Rwanda or some place like that. Dr. Burisch is aware that the unthinkable can happen and he has provided for it through me.

Sixth, according to Dr. Burisch I will act as your communications person when this kicks into high performance.
Good to meet you. Julie

"The time to act is now. The cries of humanity are being heard. Don't just set there. Do something, ANYTHING, positive now.


Marcia McDowell, M.A. Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Posted: 11:01 pm  

Uhhhh, ok. Dodie talked about you, but it was years ago. She said she wished Dan had stayed the course with you - she said she loved your blonde hair.

GLOBAL CONSCIENCE Posted: 11:04 pm  

Wrong color. Brown hair, brown eyes, always. Confirm that with the doctor, he'll remember.


Marcia McDowell, M.A. Posted: 11:06 pm    

No need. I already knew the answer. Maybe you really are Julie. I am placing a few calls right now, and they're not to the Dr.


GLOBAL CONSCIENCE Posted: 11:09 pm    

Marcia (or Marci?) you do just that. I'll wait. I am here for the struggle and will win - for humanity.


Marcia McDowell, M.A. Posted: 11:15 pm    

All my friends use Marci, so until I get confirmation on you, please feel free to call me Marcia.


Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2005 7:02 pm

Yes, here is what I think...
Two romper rooms aren't needed. The various players from the Cafe Hoax-Dissonance or the Reptile Park, "Fraud-Serpo" will simply return there. They need like company and will find it in their variety of swill, there.

I am going to solve the problem, and bring a permanent breath of fresh air to the good people who wish to carry on a discussion, including me. At the same time, their free thinking and rebellious minds will aid in the research for Lotus. To do this, however, I am going to have to share intimate aspects of Lotus with them. I know this, and short of the optical train, and the precise 27 tones code, all can be done. I have people around me who have suggested that I cut off all internet activity, as the numbers it reaches will not solve the mechanism now before me, requiring a solution for next year (actually stretching the probable duration 2006-2007). After that amount of time, I have either got my job done, or I wasn't worth my salt. I have listened to the arguments, and want some contact, but not will a revenous rabble...this for reasons obvious to anyone used to polite company. To those individuals, who are flying their false flags (you know who you are): you just don't cut it, so I am cutting you from the conversation. Goodbye! No, Marcia, nor Ron, made the suggestion about cutting internet has come from others.

I was setting at Southwest Medical just a short while ago. More tests! Anyway, while doing so, I was reflecting on those that have gone the stretch from the first glimpses at "GLP" until now, and have managed to do so without becoming cutting/pasting idiots, double agents of their own minds, or suppers from the trough of hypocrisy. I pulled my small "mead" top spiral notebook from my vest pocket, and began to list names. The list became quite longer than I expected, actually. This, to me, says something very good!

Well...I now set in my office...hear that Illuminati? If the so called agents of the Illuminati want to come for me I will be happy to greet them, and either offer them coffee or as many "automatic expressions of my self defense," as I can issue with that mode of communication. Their choice, right? Afterall, it's a question of honor, isn't it? I doubt they will show, for either offer, as they have no honor, a trait shared by many nowadays. That label is intended for some reading my words. If they don't like it, tuff-taters have made your beds and lives, now rest easy.

Anyway...I set here looking at my note pad...Oh...let me digress...
...Marcia and Julie, and others!

First of all, Marcia has done a superb job in following the often difficult regulations which befall an intermediary, and for that I owe her my allegiance. If some think that it looks difficult from the outside, don't try the inside. The invectives thrown at her are out of place, yet fully expected, for all the reasons I can think of, involving the psychology of the participants. Thank God, she understands that, as well.

Her moderation of this forum (no reflection on you, Bill, whatsoever, nor upon the "people of good will" here), has been a waste of her time (in fact it's a waste of Bill's for that matter!), and as she being such a valuable resource to me, I will tolerate that no longer. So, existence or death of this particular forum aside, by MY DIRECTION I am removing her as Moderator, forthwith. Marcia, when you arrive home from the meeting, please come to my office.

Julie, a third party has sent you an email address. Use it, dear. Everything is well, and the stars are in their places.

K, the same has arrived to you. Feel free and let not your fears hold you back!

Mongrel, take your meds! It's not nice to spread distemper. By the way: you are still fired and you will remain that way!

Countdown Clock and Post Office, you have your instructions in your email. Follow them, or be fired as quickly as Mongrel. I'm not joking.

All Seeing Eye and Charon: I made my intent plain in Brussels...but in case you didn't receive the message, I will restate the entire two word message passed to the liaison of the Illuminati (and thus you two, as well) here and now, without censorship: "FUCK OFF!" (Oops! Did I violate a rule? ... Sometimes, it just has to be said, plainly! ...and, just like Puddin' Tame, ask me again, and I'll tell you the same.) I was my hands of that filth, again... the issue of the breath of fresh air... I am directing Marcia to open contact with a limited number (those on my note pad) individuals in the New Year '06, those being the people on my notepad. This will be a private think-tank group...not for the purpose of wondering whether J-Rods fart in private or wear shoes ...we'll leave that to those interested in's about their speed... This will be a science-esoteric think-tank for the purpose of freedom of thought and exploration. It will be MY think-tank and will remain, unaltered, unfettered, and free to those invited. You will not be picked on, nor will you be attacked. I WILL NOT PERMIT IT. ...but then again...the polite people who will be invited won't have that problem anyway! Your discussions may be about anything you choose, and that is your business. There will be no overall theme for the think-tank, aside from exploration. Even though it will be MY think-tank, I will not be its leader per se, nor will one will be...and everyone will be! I am not asking for your confidentiality, except for the contents within the thread about "Lotus." I will set that thread up myself. I need your free-thinking help, and in turn will share as much of the project as humanly possible and safe.

To keep everyone from being individually picked on, by the wicked, the invitations will not be given publicly. I will never expose your identity. It is your choice, for yourselves.

Some may say, "But, it won't be public?" Well, not everything in this world needs to be public, and look what the "public" has done, in this setting. Others will say, "Cult!" Well, those low brow idiots have already done they are respectfully referred to the two word statement above, for the Illuminati. Get it? Good! They don't need to have contact with me, anyway, right? They have all this all figured out, right? Simply put, the members will run the show in the think-tank. Me, I will just be grateful to have a place where people weren't raised to spit at others. The members may request the invitation of others, and new members will be considered, but just like I wouldn't tolerate a rude drunk at a party I throw, I will not tolerate people who are blatantly offensive to others at this party. As I said before, the party is as good as its host...I will not run the forum, but hope to be a polite host.

Now, to the method of confidential contact...
Bill...please leave this forum open for just a few days! I have most of the email contacts to those being invited, but not all, so I will need to utilize this PM system in this forum. Please? Just for a few days? This will come as quite the shock to Marcia when she arrives, but she rolls well with the stream of things.

As for the think-tank...I will also be using it to quietly point the good people there...where to watch...and this coming year....relative my team's movements.

May God Bless you all, and may we have a wonderful and more peaceful New Year. Invites to follow in a few hours.

P.S. Don and Toni: what I said is what I meant. If I am called to testify over the affidavits, legally and honestly sworn under penalty of perjury, I will do so with my sacred honor. May God Bless and keep you both, and may you find Typo!

"And so he drove the man out and posted at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubs and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continually to guard the way to the tree of life." (Gen. 3:24 NWT)


Posted: 7:20 pm

boomerang wrote:Well bugger me.......... That's right, Rob...still here, still keeping the faith!

By the way...for the majority not being invited, it has nothing to do with your conduct. The several rude people with agendae, it does. For those I don't "know", the overlooking of the invite is just for that reason. I have come to "know" several people here, by their actions, over the last couple of years. I am inviting by familiarity, just as I would invite close friends to my home. God Bless.



Posted: 7:31 pm  
Hello, Peter7!


Dan Burisch and folks.....entities.. etc..

NEW THREAD "for the majority not being invited", started by "boomer" and click on The Golden Thread 2006.1.


Site Admin Joined: 28 Dec 2005
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:52 am

Hectic schedule to begin soon

Welcome to the forum, Feric. You've got a great attitude, too, and you'll find that some of us will try to answer your questions and some actually share them.

If you read the last incarnation of the Golden Thread, the Stargate Forum (not including the Think Tank branch, but those discussions are strictly confidential for the moment), then you may recall "Countdown Clock", whose posts only intoned the countdown to this coming December. That date isn't "set in stone" (I did ask Dan, and he's anxious to commence with Disclosure once ready; it's the preparation that's excruciatingly slow and therefore the 'official' announcement may actually take that long).

Because of the immense historicity of this event, there is quite a bit that's going into the preparation. Even if the 'official' event isn't to happen until then, there will be quite a few events that'll be occurring as the year progresses. It's not as if we'll all simply have to speculate among ourselves for a full year. What we're talking about is more akin to a 'presidential campaign', although Dan certainly isn't running for public office, nor is he about to launch a career as a televangelist, but a totally unique animal is about to give birth.

We hope to have the whole discourse available to those such as yourselves which may be missing some parts, so if you are, let us know (you can also use the PM system, as a number of folks do, since they're hesitant to even post in light of possible attacks). (Don't worry, you'll do fine, is my guess.)

And even though we're in the middle of preparing a major update there, you can still get a grasp from checking

As for whether there will be 'photos'.....first, keep in mind that there will be [and not necessarily in this order, either] 1) a public 'event', 2) a 'debriefing' with various types of media that will incorporate text, images, video, etc, and 3) distribution of the debriefing (at least selected parts) through different channels, some old and some new, that are to reach out to the people that will be most receptive to what Dan will be saying and sharing from what he knows. We're not talking about a solitary whistleblower, just anxious to get in front of a microphone. This is a once-in-an-eon event, so its better that it be done right.

Other than that, even most of those in the Think Tank have been told they too have to wait, even for an 'appetizer' (I think that's how it was put recently).

And don't worry about giving your personal info to the moderator(s) ; the 'spooks' are the ones that will show us if it turns out you're part of a known operation to sow hostility and dissension.





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