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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Dan Burisch

Joined:(Stargate Forum) 07 Sep 2005 Posts: 184
Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2005 12:22 am 

 Post subject: Hello, everyone!

I just stopped by the forum and noticed all the fun. All I can say, on all accounts, is "what goes around comes around." I read Marcia's post and have a little update in that regard. GK's (George Knapp) fun is still on, and is currently scheduled for airing on Tuesday night, 11/29, on the 6:00pm KLAS-TV 8 news broadcast. It has got to be a good, negative, and juicy one or he wouldn't have begged his bosses for the dinner hour! So much for the big surprise! He'll get a few people to say some bad things about me, a scientist or two to protect themselves and thereby declare what is-isn't, act sarcastic, and it will be over. He'll get a hit in on Deb, and she has already advised her attorney to be on standby. I understand that Doreen Crain (my Mom) is ready with the same. God Bless you Mom and Dad, I do love you! No matter what the personal situations, you stick by the truth! Me...what will I do...aaah...let him rip! The non-event will be taped and I will respond in my debriefing...Marcia maybe sooner. I am reading that he has excess issues to work out and if this helps him along...well...what can I say...sometimes people need to take things 'one day at a time.'

The letter from a radio personality, in which I found out about the airing said: "Remember Will Rogers said it best, "there is no bad publicity, just make sure they spell your name right." (paraphrase)" I thank the personality for that gave me a laugh!

The letter also said: "We will probably do a weekly show on the entire over all situation leading up to whenever Dan wants to go public with his side."

It's actually not a situation of sides at all. The secrecy over my life and background lend itself to those who would pre-judge before the facts are out. It was actually constructed that way by those above me (and by my own unwillingness to live in a more restricted environment) for deniability, and the gullible (borrowing the term from Jeff German's above article) will just fall to it. The ones who will fall for that kind of thing...will. It's okay. This old world needs all kinds. Unfortunately for those wanting to hear the rest, we will wait until the debriefing comes out. For those who don't, GK's 2-5 minutes may satisfy them, like others were satisfied by websites that call people dirtbags. People find what they want to find...

Next year, at a certain point, I will be in a position to speak of my own accord, on radio (I have 4 invites in hand), and other places. A smear will add more. I am counting on George. It would have been so easy for George to wait, but I knew he wouldn't, it is just his way. He had a week to wait for an interview and it got the best of him. As I have said, yellow journalism...but it seems to be much more than that...


Joined: 25 Nov 2005 Posts: 24
Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 2:06 am

Rand_B you make some very good points. I have been in touch with Dan and I now have an appreciation of where he, as the person under orders, wishes that I go and not go with my postings. He also 'disciplined' me over some issues not pertaining to this forum. I will point out that not even Maj1 possesses the necessary authority to restrain my present actions. To the extent that Dan wishes I not continue to beat those already defeated, I will agree with his idea of restraint. To the extent that the rampant and paranoid blocker of IP's continues to reign over what is most probably an actual cult of hate in the making, I will take no guff, and point them out at each turn of a phrase. She presently feels that our presence on this site serves her negative purpose. Very odd.

Rand_B makes the point of building trust. So I shall. As Dan's debrief is now a matter of his being ordered, his place in it is subject to open Maj knowledge so he has no authority to prevent me from commenting on it. Presently, Dan is debriefing over the q94 document. He is engaged in a line by line effort to explain the content while juxtaposing that content against normal biochemistry. He is also explaining the history of the full document and showing where the particular draft document, now in the public venue, rests in the entire history of drafts which led to the final version. The public is in possession of draft #3 of 5 drafts and a final. The particular draft was hurried to the cover committee under a deadline.

Dan has been engaged in a lengthy debrief over the precise physical anatomy of the Jay-Rod. That portion of the debriefing has taken weeks to complete. A physiology treatise is yet to come. I would expect the anatomy and physiology treatises to be placed before the explanation of the q94, so the observer has the requisite foundation to understand it.

It is further my understanding that Dan will take the observer on a simulated guided tour of S-4, the Groom Lake Laboratory in which he operated, and the U.S. L.A.N.L. S.30/T.A.49 facility. As Dan possessed a highly regarded "H" badge, his access was only restricted by entry to confined areas within S-4, and therefore his guided tour will be extremely comprehensive.

As the bleat, in dondep's words, is once again engaged, I wonder what those now gnashing their choppers with false calls of "fraud" and "grifter" will do once the entirety of his debriefing is ultimately released? I fear that there is more than dissonance operating here. They are protecting something, but what? Whatever it is, it must be something they don't want in the public eye. Too bad, as Dan's actions will lead to greater public scrutiny, it seems that the cream will rise, and the rest fall by the 'whey'-side. By the way, Dan and others are quite right: there is nothing they can do to stop it.
"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:" - Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible


Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 2:59 am    

Yes, dondep. The fight in which Dan is in, is much different than what ufology persons would consider their disclosure. The information that Dan must present at the exact time, is important to be heard only by a segment of the population and certain members therein. Dan is not so stupid as to get caught up in foolish attacks or traps. Those who feel he is, are just showing their intelligence level. Dan has grown to a wise "old boy." ..."


Joined: 25 Nov 2005 Posts: 27
Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 12:26 am

  A little while ago Uncle John requested that Post Office, whom he calls Forum Snipper, cross post a post of his from I am requesting that Post Office, not Forum Snipper, as I don't know who that may be, comply with his wishes. I doubt, however, that he wished it become known that he is still playing to the crowd by crossposting Skywatcher's comments there, juxtaposing his answers to Skywatcher.

As Master Dan has rightly put it, that website is only to smear him. The alt.tags read: "UFO/ Conspiracy Hoaxer: Dan Burisch". In any event, I will give Uncle John exactly as he requested:...
Addendum: (Uncle John Cries Uncle, & discontinues to post here.)

~ Dan Burisch

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 3:00 am
Post subject: THE BEAT GOES ON!!!

Okay folks...THE BEAT DOES GOES ON!!! Remember now...this list comes from about 3 minutes of Knapp-time... List of inaccuracies (primary): (above link ^) ..." Then...

George Knapp (KLAS-TV 8) COMPLIMENTED ME! He said I was 'very interesting and intelligent.' He then said that quite a bit of my "case" was not verified and he called for information if it can be brought forward. It will be, next year in the debriefing and even some before.
HE WAS NICE TO ME! know what George...nice goes both door to a possible interview next year... IS OPEN!


Love, Dan

Dan Burisch

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 2:51 am

    Hello, everyone, it's been a good but hard day. Another large (X>10) cache of confirmation background documents and information fell into my lap! Hey...just call me lucky! So, I handed them off for documentation for next year! Also, we found my original NASA microfossil images, so I will be able to reprocess the matches with better technology. In fact, I have already done two, I called them the "heart" and the "dot" during the original comparison between the 1972 and 1996 images. Wow! Hey, wouldn't you know it, they're still there! The importance isn't just the matches, but where they are found, their sizes relative the rest of the fossils, and the determination which photo was shot first. I'll speak lots more about that in some time.

I also wanted to inform everyone that I will be out of commission for a few days...until after this coming Monday...some tests and procedures. Then, after that, back at it! I will catch up on email as well, at that time.

Have a good weekend!
Love, Dan

Dan Burisch

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:04 pm
    Post subject: Re: George Knapp responds to Dan

Hi, Bill, my response...FOR GEORGE...or whomever...whereever...

SKYWATCHER wrote: OK, a guy named Eric sent Dan's comments on to Knapp and we have Knapp's response. Because not all parties are talking to each other in the same room at the same time, we have some miscommunication going on here. Anyone like to post a counter-response? List of inaccuracies (primary):..." (Continued at above page)...

Dan Burisch

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 10:08 pm
"...P.S. and I really hope no one minds, but I have isolated the identities of the people calling themselves "commajx", "post office", and "countdown clock". I have interceded as I do not feel their continued comments would be productive. I have "strongly requested" they cease posting immediately. When I have something to say about my debriefing, either I will say it, or those close around me will.

Dan Burisch

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 7:43 pm
Post subject: ---FOR BILL---

Hi, Bill...
I've decided to make a public post about this as I feel very strongly that you are on to something very important here.

During March, 2004, I had reviewed two of your papers: "The Biophotonic Quantum Holographic Matrix" and "The Continuous Creation Process". Further, I printed and have subsumed the links for both. You recently remailed the latter of the two to me.

As you are well aware, the presently weakest portion of the Lotus Theory is concerned with the actual physical process whereby the portals open, and as a conduit of sorts, emit their "cargo." Hypotheses regarding this process range from micro-worm-holes to effecting holography.

What no one may know is that it has become my intention to eventually bring the Lotus Theory to a publishable form. The working model (what happens after the "particles" are on this side of the veil) is, of course, already "stored" somewhere. I have held off publishing because the data is still being collected and I must be very careful with certain numbers. I am reasonably certain it can be done, however, without handing anyone an energy weapon. The "widget" may be used in that process.

I believe that a few of your papers, when combined, will form the accurate physical definition of the "formation ---> emanation" process. Of course, you would receive the credit due. Your name will be placed as the discoverer of the physical theory. I should be able to integrate the counterpart metaphysical definitions into the physical ones.

Can you produce a physically viable combination of your...
(1) Vortex work (including Moon's work and the platonic-atomic description).
(2) "The Biophotonic Quantum Holographic Matrix"
(3) "The Continuous Creation Process" ???

I have been watching the reality of process court you for some time, and I feel that you are very close to the condensation of the physics. I am aware that implicit in this process would be the temptation to produce a Mathesis Universalis (God forgive me Leibniz and Descartes!) and then concretize it via a calculus ratiocinator...I believe that the integration of your papers into a single one containing the above information is the appropriate first step (together with my team's Lotus Model) toward the same. We will leave the implications to the Darwinian paradigm alone, for the moment.

It would take a bit of work on your part...but you are a hard worker!
Wanna do it? (Bill approves.)

Dan Burisch

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2005 1:29 am

"...Now...this is one great question! Thank you, Bunny-chan! After I respond to it, I will be retiring for the night. I had the night off, so that's why I even have the time.

"Without covering too much ground, is it your intent by publishing the Lotus model that production of Ganesh particles will be possible (and feasible) in a widespread manner? If so, what end will that serve? Are there risks in the application of the technology?"

We should first indicate that there is a difference between the Lotus Model and what would most probably become my life's magnum opus. The Lotus Model contains the specifics of what was known of the phenomenon at the time of its filing. Encoded in the model, are the precise numbers for the production of GP's. The cipher for the code is located in a presently available "document," but I highly doubt that anyone will be able to decode it, even if they figure out within what "document" it resides. So, even if the Lotus Model is found early, no one will be able to do anything with it (meaning destructive) as they won't be able to decipher the code.

I hope no one thinks that I would have been stupid enough to place the Model in a publicly available location, and leave such a crack in the armor as to hand away the secret?

The production of a so called magnum opus would have to be predicated from a discernment of advanced Darwinian evolutionary philosophy, then a tweezing out of theory gaps which would be directly filled by the existence of the Lotus (GP's) etc. I am not sure if you are aware of staining techniques in cytology/histology, but we have positive (direct) staining and negative (indirect) staining. In a positive stain, adherence to the molecules comprising the item of interest occurs. (Ex. You stain a bacterium and it turns blue!...for instance...) In a negative stain, adherence occurs to the molecules of a substrate or other medium surrounding the article of interest. (Ex. You stain a bacterium, and the background becomes blue, and the bacterium remains partially translucent, and therefore appears..aaah...white...for instance.) Such an "opus" (in this time) would necessarily have to be first posited from the negative direction, leaving a logical conclusion for the presence of the Lotus phenomenon. Then, evidence supporting the phenomenon in nature would be presented. While I would not share the internal optics for the viewing mechanism (nicknamed "widget"), nor the in-laboratory numbers (thus preventing any military making a weapon of it), the amount and kind of presented data would allow other biologists to make observations on their own. Such observations, when confirmed, would inexorably lead to the declaration of the existence of the Lotus, thus a continuous and intelligent, yet natural, process.


P.S. You know, when I officially retired I thought, "Great! No more interrogatories!" But, I have got to tell you, I kind of miss them. When I get a good question like that, it makes my day! I suppose that when the debriefing is marched forward, I will have no shortage.

Dan Burisch

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 6:18 pm

Hello, everyone. I wrote Jeff Rense, and sent some copies of letters. Here is a copy of the letter I sent. Boomerang or Harrdrawk, if you guys want to write him and tell him about your visit, I am sure it won't hurt. Your choice, of course.

I sent the letter to

Dear Jeff:

I have had a chance to review the poorly done article by KLAS TV8 and Mr. Knapp, and have observed the question " fraud?" The answer to that question is "No." I am as real as ever. George had an interview with both my wife and Marcia McDowell scheduled, but began talking behind their backs to other folks in email, to such an extent that they cancelled their interview. (If this is ever in contention, I have the emails.) To give you an idea what is going on, I am currently engaged in a videotaped debriefing covering the 18 years of service to Majestic. This debriefing, which may be issued to the public in segments, will cover everything from the true Majestic 12 and Committee of the Majority, the J-Rod, to my private life and will run the whole gambit. Further, Ron Garner, who is handling the process of my debriefing coming to the public, had indicated to George that he would have an exclusive if he would be patient for the work to get done. He wasn't. Here is a primary list of factual items that George got wrong in the short few minutes his article took.

1. George Knapp said my name was first: Danny Crain, then Danny Catselas, then Burisch.
Wrong. My name was first Danny B Crain, then Danny B Catselas Burisch. It was legally changed in 1995 and the court docs are KNOWN.

2. George Knapp showed a sticker on a vehicle claiming it was mine and or Deb's, and said that we could have got it as Deb has a family member in the U.S. Military.
Wrong. We have NEVER had a Nellis sticker on our vehicle for Access to NAFB...never. HE GOT THE WRONG CAR! ...God Bless him! Further, Deb has no family member in the military. The last one she had was her father. He died in 2000, and the last time he was in the military was the Korean War!

3. George said he had a tape of Marcia uprooting a "SPACE PROBE" at Frenchman's Mountain.
Wrong. Oh, my God! It was the Aug 14, 2001 probe I placed at Frenchman's Mountain as a first attempt lure for GP's. ...and I am still very upset at Marcia for stealing it.

4. George said even my Mom had doubts.
Wrong. Look at the film. She was so pissed off when she said, "well if my son is the biggest bullshitter in the world, then show me..." She said it defensively and with extreme anger, as she was pissed off at George at the time, and even George had to admit that she backs the account as truth. I had Ron here, who was at that meeting and he verified what was going on at the time. Perhaps he missed her well as Byrd's, "Spangler's", and mine? I am sure he missed Tom Mack's letter.

5. George said that I graduated with my PhD at SUNY in 1990, then showed my work evals from P/P from 1990. I know they were mine, as the copies of them originally came from me!
Wrong. 1989.

6. George said that the SUNY said "no way."
Correct tack from better believe if they ever say "yes way" they are so sued!

7. George got Bob Lazar's position, who said it was crap.
Wrong. In Bob's response he said (a) he never met me "aka knuckle-head", and (b) he never worked at Tonopah. That's correct, I believe! (but I liked the knuckle-head line!) ...and I wonder where George got the bad info? I saw someone who looked like Bob Lazar one time out there, but I never identified him, have never met him, and have never said he worked at Tonopah...the DIA guys who now say they can fly you to Planet Serpo {"Project Serpo" The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program -} claimed that, I believe. You will find no such quotes from me, anywhere. Bob was prejudiced with the double lie first, that I allegedly said I knew him and that he worked at Tonopah, then what else is he going to say? ...that the rest must be too! An honest reaction by someone fed an initial set of inaccurate information.

8. George said I have DVD's for sale.
Wrong. The particular DVD issue that he showed was Bill Hamilton's. I have never received one thing from them, when they were for sale.

9. George got retired John Alexander to say "highly improbable" about me. Cool! I'll have another Bigelow (brand of coffee), I hear John's employer will like that. To this, George then replied that Alexander was not now involved with Bigelow. Go to and click on personnel. NIDS has been critical of me from the first time they learned of me, so it is no surprise they still are.

10. George mentioned that the UNLV Alumni journal doesn't check post grad status. News to me...but...better check with Deb as she is the one who put me in it.

I have indicated that my door is still cracked open, a bit for next year, after the debriefing is complete, for a possible interview. I think George is suffering from lack of information, which is brought on when no one will set down with a person. We will see how his conduct goes, for next year. I have also been recently courted by a number of radio talk show hosts for interviews and most of them have understood that the debriefing must first be completed before I begin giving interviews. My life has been so complicated, it is requiring a carefully produced chronology of events, so that a target audience may understand the facts.

I have always been appreciative of your radio show, and once the debriefing is complete, next year, I would be honored to accept your offer for interview, provided some time ago. We will need to go through Ron Garner at the time, to get it set up. In the mean time, I will supply you with my private email address, should you wish to converse.

Further, Deborah, Marcia, and myself recently hosted two out of town visitors, and showed them a bit about our lives, and propagated portals and Ganesh Particles, live, before their eyes. Perhaps they would like to speak with you, as well? I will see if they will write you.

Dan Burisch, Ph.D.

"So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen. 3:24 (NKJV)

Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D. H-6196-Maj-E ret.

SKYWATCHER (Bill Hamilton) Site Admin ~

Location: California
Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:25 am  

Post subject: Project Aquarius - The book is now available on Amazon


The Dr. Dan B. Catselas Burisch story as I investigated it with the help of Ms. Marcia McDowell and many friends, and the patience of my wife Pamela...

Project Aquarius: The Story of an Aquarian Scientist (Paperback) by William F. Hamilton III

List Price: $17.49 Price: $17.49 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. See details Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Ships from and sold by See more on holiday shipping.

I will soon have this in my online bookstore as well.

RESPONSE FROM Dan Burisch 12-6-05


Joined: 07 Dec 2005 Posts: 1
Location: Colorado Springs CO
Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 10:56 pm
Post subject: New to Forum

Hi All,
Firstly, I don't have a cute little pic next to text. Second, confession time I haven't read all the posts. An e-mail presented itself two weeks ago or thereabouts by Dan B. Prior to that time he was a stranger. In addition prior to his e-mail I had received the words Lotus and Ganesh through telethought. Strange he used the words which were similiar yet used within the specified context ie.Lotus Project and Ganesh particle. These words are no strangers to me. As a cross cultural studies major with major emphasis in Anthropology one can understand how this piqued my interest. Well the stage has been set and as Shakespeare stated we are here on stage playing our parts.

~ Dan Burisch

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 2:31 am

Rand_B wrote:
Dr. Burisch: I suppose intimate communications with the '52' entity reagrding spiritual/cosmological perspectives will be covered in your debrief, as you feel appropriate. I won't press the issue with the previous q.

Dan Burisch

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 1:31 am  

"...I was recently solicited to produce a statement on Lotus, for a meeting of minds in the United Kingdom. I am attaching it as it may assist you...."
(Complete text transferred here) "Dec 13, 2005"

~ Dan Burisch

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 7:17 pm


"Some of us blend a few facts with a lot of fiction as part of our job to protect our nation's security. We don't ask questions. We do what is expected of us. "Others", whose definition of national security may be different from ours, endlessly sift and resift our fictions in an effort to find the facts they feel are rightfully theirs."

His impotent attempted attack against me followed.

Rick can spread whatever lies he wants about me. That's what a liar does. Rick can keep mixing truth with lies, as he has now admitted, to whomever will listen, and I will continue to just tell the truth.


Joined: 09 Dec 2005 Posts: 4
Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 10:12 pm

SRB2001: Doty represents a faction of disinformation. He has long sought to become a real member of the Aviary. The Aviary are loose cannons, not under the control of the government. Doty is regarded as worthless among real insiders because he let his disinformation become exposed as the lies they are. He thinks people are dumb enough to forget his lies so he can tell them again and again. That's why he exposes himself like he just did. The Aviary has nothing on Burisch or anyone else for that matter. Doty has less. All they have, from this moment onward is a rehash of the complaints. They have threats. Their outlandish claims will never be believed. The only thing they have are threats and their egomania..."


Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 2:04 pm
Post subject: Affidavits as currency in Disclosure - Part 2

Ganesh, I noticed the Season's Greetings tone of the past page, and while I too wish everyone a great holiday and thank the many of you for helping enliven this thread and sharing things I've learned from, I'm thinking Christ-mas (or is that Holiday, or as CNN is echoing "Chrismakwanzahannukah" to be politically correct), I'll say my particulars later.

I wanted to point out what's been going on with the "debate" over the Serpo vs. DB stories. Some time ago, within the past two months, certain of us found ourselves on a quite lengthy email list that includes some of the bigger names in ufoology. Even Rick Doty admits that he suddenly found himself on this list which was new to him as it was to me. I'm now under the impression that someone put us all on the same list in order to promulgate the Serpo story. Bill Ryan took up the cause with genuine enthusiasm (and complete but understandable naivete) when he offered to establish the website, and Victor Martinez continued to be the point man for receiving the 'anonymous' postings.

I think that a careful analysis of this entire exercise will show that everything was orchestrated from on high (the Aviary) and believe it or not, they may have used the development of the Golden Thread as a model.

There is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE: we are here as a result of an organic development, as opposed to having been 'brought together'. No-one put the original populants of Vol. 1 of this thread together artificially; we all found it first on GLP, of our own volition, and thereafter through the days on ED (before the stewardess of note decided it was her own personal fiefdom to tyrannize), a brief moment when Marci stepped in to the rescue, and finally to here, where we are evolving a working synthesis between 'inside' and 'outside' to help birth Disclosure.

Dan has said that Rick Doty "isn't part of the conversation"; that's true, he isn't part of this conversation, but he's been made a part of the larger conversation that will be taking place in the larger global consciousness. At least someone included him on their master 'list'. Since then, he's been attempting to maintain his high profile as an 'expert witness' in this struggle, just as George Knapp has. Well, as Dan points out, those chaps have had their day, and despite their fierce protestations, their mindset has been found wanting by newer energies.

The "Class of the 1980s" never graduated. Stanton Friedman, voted Most Likely to Succeed, succeeded in besting Phil Klass, true. He's still searching for a 'Bob Woodward' to uncover the 'cosmic Watergate', while Mr. Woodward himself has become the 'official court stenographer' for the present regime. Jaime Shandera; what ever happened to him? Linda Moulton-Howe, while given the opportunity of interviewing Dan, has recently admitted that it was her superiors at the network who pressed her to hand Mr. Doty an ultimatum [back-in-their-day] to have the then-current Administration go on record with affidavits to verify the claims that she, Linda, would then issue to the public. (If that were the case, Linda, what use would they have for you?). Mr. Doty abruptly terminated the nascent effort, as should have been expected. Bill Moore admitted to being co-opted and helping foist disinfo onto the public in his understandable effort to learn even more secret secrets, and therefore his word too has been discredited, just as Mr. Doty's was. Bill Cooper, once he rebelled, was coralled into funadmentalism in an effort to hold onto his sanity, but nonetheless ended up dead as a result of a shoot-out in the Wild Wild West, where Bob Lazar also ended up, retired in New Mexico having exploited his minute insight to its fullest. Too bad he hadn't taken the time to fully absorb all those briefing books up at the Ranch before taking the rash course of action. There were more in that Class, not to mention the bad boy Branton and Commander X, but the reader gets the idea.

The Class of the 1990s fared somewhat better, in that Dr. Greer was able to muster hundreds of gov't. witnesses that were and are willing to go on the record before Congress, if only the call would come. I heard many of them first-hand, having attended the Disclosure Conference that week in 2001, but that Conference was more of an Amway distributor's convention, and despite the many news crews that were there, nary a one of them was shown on American television....unless perhaps buried in the wee hours of cable. The only attention paid to it by the media heavyweights in print journalism was a light-hearted jab by a jokemeister, one Joel Achenbach, for the Washington Post. This should prove to the interested viewer exactly HOW controlled the seemingly-stupid mass media is. That vapidity is highly-contrived, of course. They DO know better, their puffed talking heads actually sitting in the gallery when the vaunted Committee of the Majority would meet. How can one fight City hall when even those that are professionally trained to do just that are on the City Hall payroll? Or rather, both they and City Hall draw their sustenance from the same "hand that feeds" (check out the new Nine Inch Nails disc for a great treatement of that concept).

So what am I leading up to? I was speaking of this carefully-orchestrated attempt to put us 'in the mix', either to see how we would fare in comparison to the Serpon(a)uts, or in a naive belief we would join in with them in promulgating a hoax which would then be exposed and having the DB saga flushed right along with them when the handle was pulled.

Now I would suggest that we have at least won "Round One" in that these people are squirming about having Affidavits used as the currency for Disclosure. They argue endlessly about the tecnicalities and meaninglessness of those things, but the fact is as plain as day: if you are sincere enough to swear that you are telling the truth (as Dan has done) then you should have no fear of being dragged into a court of law for perjury. Here's the latest, as of 2:51am my time last night/this morning:

Rick Doty (to the 'list'):
"Tell Mr. Deppeller the Penalty of perjury does not exist until one is in a court of law."

My reply (to the 'list'):
"My point exactly. The bamboozler makes every attempt to avoid accountability for telling falsehoods, which can land him in a court of law. If his statements are true, and the facts sworn to, there is no fear of a court of law finding his statements perjurious. If the nominal cost (between $1 and $2 USD per Affidavit, if not free) is a burden, I'm happy to pay it. This list could take up a collection if penury becomes a defense.
Regards, Don"

~ Marcia McDowell, M.A. (BJ Wolf)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 3:58 am
   Post subject: nodstar wrote:

Hey there Thessa ...
I posted above that ..Don had just been cut off from his conversation with Dan within a minute of my calling them for christmas ..
I have no reason to doubt him ..

Hi Nodstar,
Could you please resend your message to my email address? It is This is the only address I use for private messages outside of Majestic. All other boxes go unanswered for security reasons. And just so you know, Majestic reads all email that comes in and goes out of my email box.

I have got no idea what took place, because I wasn't involved in the conversation that Don describes. Does that mean I am suggesting that a phone call did not take place? No. It means that I don't know anything about it, because I was not involved in it in any way.

The problem I have with all this is being blindsided by raving accusations over something I don't know anything about.

As far as orders?
The only ones under orders that I know about are myself and Dan, orders to bring forward Dan's personal knowledge and experiences concerning the J-Rod. And I fully intend to carry out my orders to the very best of my ability, and to help Dan to get through this debriefing process so that his information can be made available to the widest possible public.

We have been telling people this for months. Nothing has changed. Dan posts when he can, given his availability and schedule. He is swamped right now, and he has indicated that he will probably not be posting much for the next few months. For some reason, ever since he told people this, there has been a panic.

Dan will be back in touch as he is able, and as he chooses. Probably more as 2006 rolls on, but nobody was ever promised that Dan would be available to the forum on a constant basis.

Now if people don't want to take my suggestion to calm down - well that's their choice. But no amount of fussing will change Dan's availability, his schedule, nor our determination to get this job done and out to the public.


Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:27 pm

Don what you are suspecting is correct, but the information flow into Marcia and Dan is slowed and jaded and they may not know what is happening. The jading of the data may be forcing security immediately around Dr. Dan to separate him for safety. The All Seeing Eye's and Boatman's statements were apparently issued when they heard what was happening, which is why Marcia responded so directly with an "I cannot comment" response to the All Seeing Eye.
All the best, K

8:33 pm    

Your perceptions are correct Don. Agents have played in Internet Protocol Addresses to match ours. This was set in motion days ago to divide. Once the division began and was recognised for something it wasn't, the real security began to segregate for safety. Without a direct line into Marcia and Dan, which has now been limited to Garner I suspect, the problem exists how to get the truth to them. Majestic Security won't listen to me and my contacts won't show themselves. If Marcia has been informed that a treaty breach is underway, she won't question it and continue with the milk-toast responses. She is loyal to the Maji.
8:36 pm 

    Yes, Don we're here but the F****** Illuminati are apparently hands in to the Aviary. I am brainstorming ideas but we may have to wait it out until Dr. Dan's public approach. I am not sure that Marcia can afford to trust anyone on the outside at this point, given her loyalties and the cross of information.

Marcia McDowell, M.A.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 9:53 pm    

I am posting from Dan's office. I was met as soon as I got home from shopping and briefed concerning what appears to be taking place - I am aware that there are two diametrically opposed pieces of information being set at odds.

It appears that the real war against disclosure has started, and there are factions that will not care what they do, or who they hurt as long as it gets them their goal. Well, what they do not know is that we have protocols in place for this and they are being invoked now.

Don, don't worry - everything is alright between us. There are no hard feelings. Dan will be made available for deposition regarding his affidavit if it becomes necessary.

But, it is my job to protect Dan and to make sure that his work goes forward and is undisturbed by anything. I will do exactly that.

K, thank you as always for your help. But since anybody at all could be coopted at this point, I am confident that you will understand the need for me to take this action.

Marcia A. McDowell, M.A. Representative





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