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BREAKING NEWS .... From EDO [Eagles Disobey]

nodstar, May 23, 2009 Administrator the-goldenthread ²,


NOTE: ------------ several photos are included on the above page location -------------

BREAKING NEWS .... From EDO, Dan and Marcia, and the EAGLES TEAM Finally I can share this news with you all. You want explanations? We got explanations! Even though this is REAL, we feel it is important to begin this summary this way…….Once Upon a Time… …there was a man named Dan, and a woman named Marcia. They met in a land far-far-away from their native homeland, the Land of the Proud Scots, in the year -1980. 11 years after first meeting, they re-met on June 16, 1991 at the Sahara Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada. By then, the man was already married to an Evil Queen, only known as "That strutting pregnant dog!" From the time of the "marriage" in 1990 until the end of that year everything was fine.

But, by the end of 1990, things had turned "strange." The man found out that his name had been placed in a Treaty through the potions and machinations of the Evil Queen, by way of the Illuminati. While Dan was allied to the Maji ["Majestic 12"], the Evil Queen was not. During that time the Illuminati were ensconced in the Committee of the Majority and had great power in it. There was nothing he could do! …or was there?

A plan was made, and a war was launched, the "WAR FOR EVERYTHING!" (WFE, codenamed to mean "Wife.") Dan's parents were separated off, for their protection, with neither Dan nor Marcia giving away any hint of love for them, to keep them safe. If they hadn't done that, both of Dan's parents would have been used as tools of coercion against Dan, or just killed "outright."

The first stages in the WFE was to get Marcia close to Dan, it was called – "Operation Bravo" But things weren't going to go that easy. Many attempts were tried, all mostly failed from 1991 to 2003 – 12 years of attempts! The Committee of the Majority was charged with keeping Marcia away from Dan because of an addition to the same Treaty, naming Marcia as " 'The One' who must be kept away from Dr. Danny B Crain."

During that time Marcia began rattling cages everywhere she could, to free Dan, knowing that her own family, allied to the Maji, had sufficient juice with the "Powers that Be" to keep her alive during the WFE. In all other cases, they would have just killed her.

"Operation Critical Exposure" was added to the WFE, both because Dan and Marcia knew about the significance of the year 1998 to the Precession of the Equinoxes, plus the "exposure" of a book may shake something loose, freeing Dan. Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars was written and provided an accurate accounting of discoveries at Mars. The most it did at the time was to anger the Committee of the Majority and the Evil Queen.

Loyal Patriots, from the inside, leaked information to help in the WFE. That information was published in successive books, Like Eagles Undefeated and Eagles Unchained. Think carefully about the meaning of those names: Disobey, Undefeated, Unchained. The WFE has been partially fought in plain sight since 1998. Marcia has been shoved around and emotionally harmed, and Dan received beatings, broken bones, and unimaginable emotional and other kinds of torture. Then the former MJ1 stepped in, from behind the scenes, to help. He quietly directed Patriots to begin opening a "window" to the outside, both for the information he knew would have to be disclosed to the world, and to offer possible "avenues."

One such avenue was taken during a meeting with two men at Sam's Town, in Las Vegas. Marcia's twin sister was given an acting "try out" to masquerade as Marcia, to see how she could carry herself under the possible pressure if "Operation Bravo" became possible. She did great, and the viewing public was treated to the old switcheroo, nicknamed LUKE-LULU, behind the scenes it was called "The Masquerade Suite." (One of the men who met the twin sister and later met the real Marcia admitted seeing differences, and knowing that he met the real Marcia in the second meeting. This was a clue to decrease the physical distance in physical appearance between the two even more.)

By the end of 2003 all Marcia's cage rattling began to take a toll on the "Powers that Be," as per traditions which were as old as Majestic itself they couldn't kill her, so rather than continuing to fight it, they decided she could be easier controlled from "within," as well as used if an upcoming disclosure would become necessary or desirable. She didn't know at first, when she was abducted by agents to be spoken with and offered a "placement," but she was soon told that it was an "inside job." She formally swore in as an agent, and that opened the first doors to "Operation Bravo."

In 2004, she appeared as herself to the Evil Queen and switched her name back and forth in front of her, for common usage – Marcia, and Ann, as both sisters had reversed names "Marcia Ann" and "Ann Marcia." It worked like a charm! Soon the real Ann was switched in and became close, VERY CLOSE, to the Evil Queen. "Operation Bravo" was underway, but at a time when things were getting hard because Majestic was readying to adjourn (October 2005) and money avenues were being limited.

After becoming close, VERY CLOSE, to the Evil Queen, an argument was "created." Ann broke from the Evil Queen, in a certain way, and that placed Marcia, who was switched back in, close, but not VERY CLOSE. Operation Bravo was now in full process. During the next few years, many things happened like "Tell the World," "Caltech," "Angel Eagles," and a few other things. All the while, the WFE was still ongoing.

Then it happened: Dan refused to swear into the Illuminati. Soon, he became more ill than usual. Dan almost died. Marcia, in the knowledge that the Treaties would be expunged at the end of 2020 and that official agents were running all askew and who probably wouldn't want to expose themselves to another "abduct Dan" scenario, knew that it was now or never. Even so, rogue elements within the Illuminati were observed setting up command posts nearby and they were heavily armed – either Dan swore in, or everyone feared they were going to take him out one way or the other.

On October 15, 2008, "Operation Bravo" FINALLY turned to the SECOND stage in the WFE, a war that had to that time had already lasted for 17 years 4 months: "Operation Bravissimo" was engaged (A codename for "EXTRACTION.") They came in the night for Dan, the kind of men you only hear about in SuperHero and MIB Movies, they are called, THE GHOST RIDERS! They make no sound, none unless it's the last one a person ever hears: Our team was also heavily armed, and commanded on the ground by the finest operator who has ever lived, and never a more honorable knight: Steven Ortiz, known on the Eagles Forum as "Sir Bone-Ami Mongraal" – the "Mongrel Dawg"! Brian Stansfield, known on the Eagles Forum as "Owl" was by his side!

The extraction occurred and a very ill Dan was swept away to Los Angeles, California, to a place we nicknamed "The Anthill" for rest and effective medical treatment. We changed the name a bit: others have called it "The Antfarm." The next stage of the WFE was immediately put in place, to get Dan and Marcia together on their own terms, "Operation Velvet Morning" was engaged. When it happened, this song was heard to play on the Eagles Forum: …and a short time Board was started, to give the operators who knew they may be called upon, updates. The Board was named, "Phaedra's Castle."

Threats were overtly initiated against Dan, by the operators in the Illuminati who would have stood to benefit by Dan's compliance or death. But, Dan out of their reach, within a couple months, relief was granted, as the Illuminati doesn't like to engage in what they call "cat fights." This opened the avenue for a legal process to be completed, codenamed "The Battle of Lexington/Concord." In the last operation of the WFE, known as "Operation Summer Wine." An army of former Majestic agents was assembled in case the Illuminati went back on its word- the army of agents was codenamed "The Army of the Potomac," led by the same operator, Steven Ortiz. A legal process was put in place, and a 20 day countdown to "Default" (in Binary) was initiated on the Eagles Forum's Ticker.

During this time Ann was switched back in to "occupy" the Evil Queen's time so the clock would run out. At about 4 days before the clock ran out, Ann again staged a "break off" and departed back to her home in Canada, with Marcia switching back in (but not VERY CLOSE), and staying at a careful distance from the Evil Queen while the best-of-the-best-of-the-best (under the Command of the Mongrel Dawg) watched over the real Marcia. (During this same period, the decode of the "date" from Chi'el'ah just happened to be underway. The date was ultimately believed to be a real but now defunct date, but Eagles Disobey continues in its request to ask people to focus on Unity.)

Once the legal process was concluded, and after another operation to expose our knowledge of the Evil Queen's deeds to the Evil Queen, and also offering many things to her, and so forcing her to surrender, a tearful and heart-warming reunion with Dan's Mother and Father finally occurred. Then, Dan and Marcia, known to millions worldwide as "The Eagles who Disobey" were Married (the nuptials were codenamed "The Elysian Fields") and went on their honeymoon (codenamed "The Love Boat"): While they were on "The Love Boat," the traditional theme song of Majestic played, to honor the work of the former MJ1, all the agents who helped them win the WFE, and Marcia's family (very close to the Disney family), as the SINGLE TUNE on the front page of Eagles Disobey:

When LOVE is at stake, when a real world Fairy Tale is at hand, that's how a WAR FOR EVERYTHING is WON! The code for the countdown, THE RUMBLES, with songs on the front page of Eagles Disobey meant the following:

[ ~ more photos & links ~ ]

MAY 13:10: GHOST RIDERS: (The Ghost Riders extracted Dr. Burisch in the 10th. month) MAY 14:9: SOME VELVET MORNING: (Velvet is smooth – a transitional period and rite. Marcia's birthday.) MAY 15:8: SUMMER WINE: (8 is the number infinity – LOVE.) MAY 16:7: ABBA ARRIVAL: (Arrival back to God – 7 is the traditional number of God. Love won!) MAY 17:6: EAGLES AND HORSES: (Freedom. Eagles 2 wings, Horses 4 legs, 4+2 = 6.) MAY 18:5: LADY MAGDALENE: (The pentagram.) MAY 19:4: WE WILL ROCK YOU: (Earth, the material, a square, 4 sides.) MAY 20:3: PHANTOM OF THE OPERA: (The breaking of an inappropriate triangle, 3, so the dance could begin.) MAY 21:2: SECOND WALTZ:(Two are united.) MAY 22:1: ILLUSIONIST ENDING: (VICTORY, A SACRED MARRIAGE DAY!) MAY 23:0: WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR: EAGLES VICTORIOUS! (A SINGLE TUNE, a Honeymoon, a Fairy Tale has come true!) Now, view this movie again closely, in the knowledge that the WFE was a real thing, because "The Orange Tree" IS the alternate name for the WFE! This is why we said it was a "mirror but opposite," as it was not the woman who was being held back by the man. The ILLUSION was not for the public – you know the truth – the ILLUSION was erected in front of those who needed to be defeated, for LOVE TO TRIUMPH! (They, those defeated, have just learned the truth of all this, with their reading this post!) EAGLES DISOBEY! …AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!"
[end of post]


EAGLES DISOBEY May 27, 2009 neweaglesforum, ANNOUNCMENTS


As a parting gift from the loyals of the former Majestic, Dan has received the brushed satin stainless Cobra Model FS380 semiautomatic handgun, he carried on him during the final T2 meeting, March 28, 2009.

This is the weapon he used to defend Marci with, during that early morning meeting when one of the echelon jumped up aggressively at her. It was withdrawn from the former Maj's armory inventory, and purchased by the loyals. It has been legally transferred to his ownership, and has been locked away for safe keeping. (Photos may be available sometime in the future. So far, except for Marci, it has only been shown to Dan's Mom and Dad.) Congratulations, Danny B!


Stan, May 27, 2009 ANNOUNCMENTS, (same page)

The next webcast? What's coming? Who are the Drs. Burisch meeting with, other than Zurich conference attendees if any? People are wondering! Thousands are now wondering.

Drs. Burisch will be in Zurich ( www.groundcrew.ch) for the upcoming conference (July 10-12, 2009). We are hearing that the Drs. Burisch will be on the July 11th, panel and that following that conference, they have agreed to be interviewed, on the radio, by an individual who was present when the War for everything came to a close. (EDO members can easily deduce who that will be. )

While in Zurich, Drs. Burisch will be meeting with "other professional people" but the names and nature of those conversations can't now be made public. In late August another meeting involving the Drs. Burisch, and a group of other professional scientists will occur. It will be filmed, but not for distribution at this time. At around the same time, he will be meeting with another "heavy duty" anomalist, to collaborate and review some Mars imagery.

The next webcast will NOT be the Pacific deployment of the Widget. Dan will be conducting an analysis of the last webcast's data, in a couple weeks. The Pacific deployment is coming, but given so much that needs to be done, its schedule is going to be moved a little. Some of the discussions on the way to (and in) Zurich will influence the ideas about a coming Lotus presentation. (Dan has some Ganesh Particles preserved, and he and Marci now have an idea how the availability of the phenomenon may tie in to the Precession of the Equinoxes.)

The next webcast is now being scheduled to be an intimate fireside (like) chat with Dan and Marci, as they discuss the War for Everything. Next to being in the same room with them, this should afford the members of the public an excellent opportunity to get to know them on a more personal basis, with an up close and quiet discussion about a struggle which lasted almost 18 years.
Another Angel Eagles run is coming soon, too! EAGLES DISOBEY!

Stan, May 29, 2009 Dep Admin, Eagles Forum & Temp DepAdmin EDO, ANNOUNCMENTS (same page as above)

We have been asked for a status update:
EVERYTHING IS GOING JUST GREAT! (We are leaving the Drs. Burisch alone right now, but from what we can see at a distance everything is simply marvelous!)

Eagles has been asked about the relationship between Project Lotus and Project Isis? Clever questions. Project Lotus and Project Isis are SEPARATE PROJECTS. Apart from that, we have no further comment about it. Dan has been asked "where to?" aside from a possible archive publication. Any publication depends on two sides: the writers and the publishers. In this case, the writers would be Dan and Marci. Eagles won't fail, but we'll see.

One way or the other, a complete book on Lotus, by Eagles Disobey, is on the drawing table. Looking at the schedule, a new Lotus Presentation, except what Dan and Marci will be speaking about in Zurich, is questionable for this year, time-wise. We'll keep everyone informed. Except an RNA study that Dan wants to replicate, there are a few remaining targets to understand Lotus, with only 2 of them involving the Widget. Dan wants to understand the information flow and to decode the "language" of it. Dan has reported to me that there still exists 0 evidence that anything except maybe information passes through the Lotus portals. He has evidence that whatever emerges on this side is constructed inside the middle-outer regions of the portal, probably under some kind of information control. In his words, "I want to listen into the conversation, document it, and publish it." I love the ocean. Stan

Stan June 6, 2009 Dep Admin, Eagles Forum & Temp DepAdmin EDO, the-goldenthread, "NEWS"


We missed you all too! On the final day of the cruise, Dan chaired a rare meeting with the main members of the Eagles team while Marci and Fran (Caspa) were having a "spa day." (Fran's mom watched baby Gloria, so she and Steven (Mongraal) could get a week of relaxation.)

A few days prior, Dan and Marci came to some decisions about the future of Eagles Disobey, the rebirth of Eagles Disobey, the Eagles Team, the Eagles Forum, short and long term goals, where they are ultimately retiring, business and research directions, etc.
[edited] ... They plan to enter international competition dance! ...

The 5th. DVD (following #1,2,#3a and b) will be titled: "Q94"! (It will be a highly technical DVD, about the Q94-109a document ["... some brief annotations with bearing upon the text of document Q94-109A] , a departure from their other DVD's, and not a "happy" DVD.

Many of you know about the DISINFORMATION issued against Dan and the document, and HE IS GOING TO DEAL WITH IT DIRECTLY! We hear that he is soon to be given the NAME of an individual behind accusatory statements made against him and the document. GET THE DVD IF YOU DARE WATCH IT.

3) The next Lotus Presentation, originally scheduled for FALL 2009, is being moved to Spring 2010. The reason is a major change in venue. (I can't even hint to you where it will be! Stan ...

Questions for Dan, June 9, 2009 the-goldenthread [²]

[EXCERPTS for length]

#6 "Hi Dan! I have a few questions if I may, about Chi el lah!
"Hi, Christa! Sure. "When you first set eyes on your friend Chi el lah, what went through your mind? Were you afraid, or did he immediately remind you of persons you had seen during your abduction?

Dan: "No, I reacted with repulsion, and I'll never forget it. I am not sure I will ever forgive myself for that first reaction, as he turned out to be such a beautiful person. He looked like a large bug to me. My mind raced, and I almost immediately reacted with denial. Right after the screen from the Gallery was raised, I could see him in the back left aspect of the Clean Sphere, seated on its floor. He moved to a crouched position. Then the member of the mil said, "He's an extraterrestrial. Happy? We call him 'Stump.'"

Uncaring bastard! Until that moment, I thought we were dealing with an exotic form of biological warfare material. I didn't think about my own experience (say...at Mae Boyar Park)...I couldn't think at all. Everything changed...well...many things...anyway. It changed me forever.
"Was he dressed or anything, or was it not possible for them to wear clothes because of their skin!

Dan: "He was not allowed to wear clothing, save specially treated towels for his ailment. "How long had he been held there when you first saw him, and how long did they keep him before you met him again in Egypt and was able to push him 'back home' so to speak?"
He had been a (linear time) resident since 1953 (following the Aztec/Kingman crash), however via the paradox he had already (previously) 'jumped' to 1973, when he had first interaction with me when I was 9 years old (Mae Boyar Park, Lakewood, California). I heard he was moved from S4 sometime in 2002, to a location (and for a purpose) I do not wish to speak about, then on to Egypt at the end of 2003.

"Was this so called 'wheelchair' he was on/in in a bubble with his atmosphere or did he wear a 'suit'?
"The strollers have self contained atmospheres/pressures.
"Were there ever pictures or video taken where he was, or is there a drawing so we can see what he looked like?"
I have done several drawings of him, including computer imagery. I am not sure if Marcia or the team have released them, save the first one I did, which was a scan of a hand-drawing I did. (I confess, I am not the best artist. I believe that one of the computer drawings I did may have ended up {in b/w} on the label for DVD's #3a and #3b. Marcia's call. )

There was continuous video and hundreds of thousands of photos made of him, during his total stay. They are in the hands of the New Group, for care.
"Did you ever 'hear' from him again, or would that not be possible anymore?
"I have not seen or heard from him or directly about him (from the former Maj or New Group) since the end of 2003. I do not believe it to be possible at this time. I pray for him, and hope he is happy, with his mating pair and progeny.
"And now that we are on a different timeline, and you said 'they are in their own universe now', would that mean that their 'time' is now 'different' because of the choise WE made, or would it be impossible to change the future, but only just the timeline? Would the 'shift' still have occured for them? (I'm wondering if that would be the case, then they would look really different now, and would not have the healthproblems that they came here for in the first place and warn us for the problems WE might cause for OUR/THEIR future?) Hope you can still follow me!

"It is my interpretation, that he returned to a world where the catastrophe had happened, so many thousands of years in their past. I hope that our actions, to avert the catastrophe, have not adversely affected them...but I do not know for sure. With the avoidance of the catastrophe, it is believed that we will not eventuate as they have.
...take care.... Christa ;-)) ... Take care too, Dan

------------- Continued on same page ------------

#7 "Hi Dan, in the previous Camelot-interviews you mentioned that there is "no free lunch" and that the CME´s will occur.

"Yes, CME's will occur...but we hope the results to be much different than how they could have been.
"- Can and will you give any info regarding the time/schedule/severity of these CME´s in the most significant timelines of that time?"

Dan: I can provide the information, as determined by the Orion Cube, and as demonstrated by the last known highest probabilities (LG [looking Glass] Timeline 1 v 83, + others), as it was reviewed just prior to March 28, 2009, but I should not. We are, at best determination, on a unknown path. What consequences could I...could we all...cause by directing people's attention to probables which may yield more negative outcomes, now that we have successfully directed people's attention to positive outcomes (where we now are) in the face of larger negative ones (the former T2)?

Without that answer, and without assurance that we would thus point ourselves directly to a positive outcome, I should stand very silent on the subject. So far, I am happy beyond measure, about how all this has turned out. I don't care how I am seen by any given person, nor how I will be remembered (if at all) but I do care about how the future will be, and our ultimate survival...so that one day...maybe not so far off...we can take the REAL first steps to become citizens in a much larger reality, and maybe even a larger "community" of peoples. (big hint, hint) I doubt I will see it, during my present lifetime, but I am good with what we were able to do...I can rest with it.

I am not the answer to anyone's troubles - just one of the unnamed grunts in the trenches of a time some day long passed. Maybe some things are better left unsaid? "- How old is the info and how far is it applicable to the present situation ?
"Some of the information is as new as a few days prior to March 28, 2009, via the Orion Cube. Other data, as recently reviewed, went back as far as the middle 1980's.

"- Any new info regarding CMEs ?"
The Sun seems fairly quiet, and the last prognostication I heard was for a mild coming maximum. Sounds about right where I would hope it to be - much to the reverse of the eariler AND EVEN RECENT predictions from folks like NASA, no? "It´s not about breeding of fear, but I would like to know which size of umbrella i might have to apply during this earth-walk."With that issue, 'let the sunshine in'!"And maybe your take about the film "Knowing":- Isn´t it that at the end the kids are giving away their precious birthright for EARTH in exchange for mere higher probability of "easier" survival ?

"Depends on what this earth means to any given person. Looking at the story, in context, why would one assume that the present earth was the first? In such a case and argument, one could say that a prior one was given away. Would that minimize our present one, or give us perspective for a future? The apparent ease of children running about a tree, says nothing of their future lives. Look at the children running about, in this "tree" now! Were we not where they are? How easy it is for us, now that we are adults? Does any child truly know that they aren't being promised a rose garden, while living a biological life? Or...do we only learn that as we progress and are taught it? What does that say of the teaching? Maybe those children will be taught something different and have what we would not allow ourselves to obtain?

Maybe that is the future of humankind? If so...what a wonderful future! If so, let their ease be, as we tear off the chains of useless tautological and eschatological linear thought. My take: future, hope, faith, love, and happiness. And of all them, first, love.
"Thank you for your time and effort.
"You are very welcome. Dan

EAGLES DISOBEY, June 10, 2009, neweaglesforum



On Tuesday, June 9, 2009, at approximately 21:30 hours, Pacific Time, Dr. Marci requested a meeting with Dr. Dan. In a fast turn of events, Dr. Marci informed Dr. Dan that she was no longer requesting that he interact with the public, via internet forums, about his time in Majestic, the J-Rod, and the issue of timelines.

After 5 years of posting, thousands of questions and honest answers provided to them, the establishment of the truth of his account by a mass of evidence provided to the public at large, and the truth of the extraterrestrial question having been disclosed by Dr. Dan to the public, his direct interaction with the public on those subjects, via the internet has now come to permanent closure.


There is no need, or requirement for him to continue posting on the internet about it. THE ULTIMATE VICTORY HAS BEEN OBTAINED!

Dr. Dan will continue to be available, to his close friends, via his "YMAIL" email address. He will not be available to the public at large, via the marcia_mcdowell or danburisch email addresses, or by any other means, as now directed by Dr. Marci.

They have earned some peace too. (All prior commitments, regarding contest prizes will be honored in the near future.) The Eagles Forum will now be closed, save its use as an archive, to be entered by the "Eagles Committee" who may due with the information posted herein as they see fit. Presently, the Eagles Committee is composed by 3 members:
NODSTAR* GALAXYGIRL TOWHOM. All prior "Ideas" and associated threads will be transferred to the Amalfi Gateway, out of the private archive, so that the Eagles Committee has access to them, for public or other use (such as reposting).

The Eagles Team, especially Mongraal, Caspa, Owl, Brent, Stan, and Secret Squirrel wish to extend their love to the public, for the wonderful way that they were received, while they were in the public's eye. They now intend to retire to the private lives they so richly deserve, following their long Majestic and Eagles Team service. They were never in the public's eye for ego - they were here to protect everyone, and to watch over the Eagles. But, now their long battle is over. A representative of the Eagles Team will continue to monitor the "Admin" account at the Golden Thread,
and will assist Nodstar* as she requests, and defend the Golden Thread as required.

Eagles Disobey will continue onward and upward, and everyone can be assured that this move is preceding the next level where the Eagles are going. The Think Tank (with its unknown membership) will not be reopened, and as per the agreements made by Dr. Dan and Dr. Marci, none of the members will EVER be admitted to, publicly or otherwise, for any reason. The Think Tank served its purpose, and the fellowship Dr. Dan and Dr. Marci felt with its members will be treasured forever. Soon, "interesting things" will undergo construction. What are those things? Keep a watch at the Eagles Disobey website. Angel Eagles and the webcasts will continue, as will product offers and further DVD's, all available via the Eagles Disobey flagship website,
The other websites in the Eagles Disobey family of sites will continue and will grow as time goes by. Both of the Drs. Burisch will still be attending the upcoming Zurich and L.A. conferences: www.groundcrew.ch
Don't miss out! Make sure to see the Eagles, live, in what will promise to be some of their last intended live public comments about their long journey with Majestic and the timelines.

Research will continue to be published on and via the Eagles Disobey website. The Eagles are not ruling out further public appearances to report on, or give presentations about, their research. EAGLES DISOBEY!

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The original public created "Golden Thread" (the moniker coined by "UJ"), is still ongoing, since Oct. 2, 2003. Albeit, after a schism; it is now considered a dissident rogue element in the annals of ex Majestic "Eagles Disobey" whistleblowers history: (" ... another forum, once directed to finding truths, was becoming dedicated to negativity, bashing, fear mongering, and doomsday nonsense ...." -- SG)

That thread and the succeeding Nodstar's Golden Thread, will continue to be monitored, by this Archivist!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .




Interviews & Debriefing: "Project Camelot", Rense, "Tell The World", etc.

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