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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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10/8/2008 - Emanation of the Solfeggio, is now available for purchase at Forward written by Dr. Len Horowitz. [proceeds to be donated to the homeless]

Caspa 10/14/2008, neweaglesforum, " MUTT-HUT"

Okay, PapaT, we were off schedule a bit today for many reasons, as you'll see a tired Marci in the photos. But the blankets and socks have arrived for you, and more foodstuffs for distribution on our end. A box will be mailed to you, tomorrow morning as soon as the Post Office opens, containing 4 pretty good blankets and 12 pair of socks. Here is the size of box on the way to you.

Archangel 10/18/2008 neweaglesforum, THE NEWS 2008 (3)

I am pleased to introduce myself. This is the first time since I was a kid, saying anything with the for real public. I am Archangel and will be the assigned official representative of the Eagles Disobey senior staffers who are away on business matters. Due to those matters, it may be some time before the regular members of the team are able to return to this forum and they apologize for that.

The team is not preoccupied with a world changing event. Eagle2, Dr. M, told me who the moderators are and if either of you require any problem-solutions please pm me. I will try to check the forum, once or more than once a day. I noticed a list of pending members and will speak with Eagle2 today or Sunday about her membership wishes. A revised schedule is being established about Eagle1, Eagle2 and podcasts. When I am told anything with permission to share I will. Have a Majic day.### Tower W 1, Valiant Prince, and Nightstalk bridge e-mail at convenience. I hear, you hear, we all cool jets and don't take eyes off the hallways. It'll keep until you have time.

Archangel 10/21/2008 neweaglesforum, THE NEWS 2008

This message was delayed by more than 24 hours for operational security reasons. It was written by Dr. Dan Burisch, Monday, 20 OCT 08. All of Dr. Burisch's words are printed in bold/yellow, with any changes/text additions by his security in bold/white. My words are in orange only. No Eagles Team Member or other person has changed his text in any way. Archangel No alterations/editing is allowed below this line except those by security where in brackets:


"Loved ones, dearest friends and trusted colleagues, I bid everyone a good day, on this (I am told) a [WEATHER CONDITIONS DELETED BY SECURITY] Monday morning!

First, to the Eagles Team operating under direct instruction of Marcia and [NAME DELETED BY SECURITY]: I suspect that Marcia is still working on the Emanation of the Solfeggio orders so others such as Squirrel and my good friend "The Archangel" may be handling most day-to-day matters? Well, neither of them were particularly involved with direct Eagles Forum issues when I instituted the "no ETM political comments or be forever banned" instructions to the Eagles Team: Squirrel was strictly working cyber-security and the Archangel had not yet been assigned and maybe has not had the opportunity to review all posts.

Should any such comments be posted by either of the two, please be informed that I do not support any of them! Why? So, having said that, I expect that both Squirrel and the Archangel will respect the official position of Eagles Disobey. (As your positions are critical during an unexpected time of urgency, I am setting aside my order for discipline/termination. Yes, we need you, but…please be respectful of our instructions or we'll just have to suffer. Life can be hard.)

I have been informed that one of our senior ETM's has decided to return to that ETM's family in Canada, presently forgoing an offer to attend to other personal matters, as previously discussed with that ETM. We all respect the right of our ETM's to make such personal decisions. Please do note that my offer stands should my "services" be required. God Bless and keep you in your day, and may you and your significant other share and live a long, healthy, happy, and prosperous life together!

To a professional colleague (I believe you'll "know" who you are, even as my "workaholism" continues! ) - I am scheduled to be up-linked to enable my writing directly and in a secured manner to you, by this Friday evening. I sincerely apologize for the delays, a few of which were caused by my health, and others for reasons of imminent necessity. We'll discuss the issues in private. Please be assured that everything we have discussed is still operative. There is seemingly just never a dull moment! Gosh…to have one...just every once in awhile!? Chat soon.

To the public reading my humble missive, I am honored beyond measure to make a little announcement: The majority of the Eagles Team, members from California and Nevada, including myself, have just recently exercised our RIGHT as Americans by legally casting ballots in the General Election of 2008! I have heard that much has been said (in email) about the presence of the Obama/Biden poster in the window! Please understand that a family position, in this case, is the position of the majority. The majority, however, do not dictate how any person's conscience is demonstrated, when one faces the individual decision at the voting booth! I can assure everyone, that I voted my personal conscience (and mine alone), just as I would expect every other eligible American to do! To do otherwise, in my opinion, is neither properly exercising, nor prudently safeguarding our very important rights and powers as the American electorate.

So, for whom did I vote? As an American citizen, and one who willingly carries an unusual burden relative to it, I choose at this time not to reveal my vote. You don't need to know for whom I have voted, to know for whom your conscience dictates you to vote! (I will say that I did not say I was voting for UNITY/WHIMSY but for UNITY/PLANS. We know the difference.)

I have been given permission, however, to reveal the votes of some other members of the Eagles Team, reference the choice for President of the United States of America. Each of the following members stated to me that they voted as is indicated, and each was briefed by me as to what I "very unfortunately learned"…but they understand that the future is not written in "high probability" but rather by our own hands!

Caspa: John McCain Mongraal: John McCain Owl: John McCain Gazo: Barack Obama Springy: John McCain 2Opp: Barack Obama Vee-P: Barack Obama Guardian: John McCain Each of them are independent thinkers, and as just stated: each of them was told what I had "very unfortunately learned. "Good for them! They stood for their beliefs and conscience, and applied everything they know for the best! Now, it's also your time to do the same! Forget the "predictive polls" and "partisan predictions on both sides" – forget them all! WE MUST NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO TELL US WHAT TO DO, AND WHEN/IF ANYONE TRIES, TELL THEM 'WHERE TO GO'! YOU AND ONLY YOU will make the selection when YOU are in the voting booth!

More questions have arisen about my statement to 'get the expl/del job done!'…why? Isn't that what we HAVE to do? Don't we all have to protect what we believe in, and the rights of others to do and express the same, within the laws of our land, NO MATTER WHAT? Isn't that part of the very core creed of what it means to be an American? Anyone can stand back (…and I ONLY refer, in those limited cases where applicable, to American men here…as I confess I am rightly much less wary of them than of an upset woman! ) and whine, p, and moan like flaccid, brain dead, wusses who act like they are afraid of their own shadows, to ever be wrong, or to miss the next appointment with their vanity mirrors!


This is not the year 2000, nor 2004, it's not even 1963! Those standing the dividing line between light and darkness have worked to make sure that this year will not see a coup d'état by blood or accounting. Those in that fight, I give you my word, are doing their best, as that is all anyone can do or ask of anyone else. The election IS NOT NOW A LANDSLIDE, is not NOW CLOSE,…those are estimates no matter how much any partisan wants to argue for their belief in their candidate or predictive science! NO! WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS OF FREE WILL, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THOSE WHO PREACH OTHERWISE JUST OVER-EXCITE THEMSELVES WITH THE PROSPECTS TO RUN ANYONE ELSE'S LIFE WHEN THEY SHOW THEY CAN'T RUN THEIR OWN! It's in OUR hands, WE THE PEOPLE'S, and the need to hear from someone not you…and I would not be speaking this strongly under these circumstances unless the situation was very gravely serious...IS CRITICAL...and that at this precious moment in history, OUR NATION'S WHOLE FUTURE is also in OUR hands.

Feeling pressure about what to do in the vote? Don't fear it! Face it down - or just walk behind the pressure and kick it into the deep blue sea! Either way: take it down! TRUE EAGLES NOT ONLY DISOBEY, THEY TAKE STANDS IN THEIR LIVES FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IS RIGHT…PERIOD…AND THEY STRICTLY COMMUNICATE THE MEANING OF THOSE STANDS FROM ADULTS TOWARD OTHER ADULTS, DIRECTLY! (Which ever ETM delivers this publicly, attach the image and video I have directed in the carrier letter, immediately under this parenthetic statement. If you fail to do so…well…I know you won't…

Secret Squirrel 10/24/2008, neweaglesforum, EDO Forum Temp Admin & Cybersecurity, DELEGATION REQUEST

"Individuals with whom I have had the honor of associating, for the last 2 decades, and with whom I possess a certain loyalty, have made me aware of a possible near term intention by your Sovereign Nation State, and events presently underway to prepare sufficient grave consequences to counter such intentions, if acted upon.

While those individuals with whom I am associated possess neither the power of official representation of a Nation State, nor the ability to openly broker a peaceful resolution, in the past they have been offered such respect as to be allowed discussion in private. I am under the impression that you now suggest otherwise? I am told that even the back-channels have been shut off. This is the only reason for presentation of this statement at this venue.

I have been asked to speak with a certain delegation, in opposition to even certain individuals from my own Nation State. Given your knowledge of bridges which have come the way of the reluctant, and a proven respect for your Nation State and your beautiful cultures, I have agreed to act in opposition, rather than stifle discussion during what is probably a set of growing circumstances, underpinned by little more than mutual paranoia. We're too smart for this, no?

I have been made to understand that official channels have been met with threats not befitting your stature and your precious heritage, the future of which you now hold in your hands. That is disappointing, but not frightening, nor a permanent hindrance to what could become a lasting dialogue. Such a blessing of stewardship should always be matched to one with great respect for it, and a willingness to keep reaching out when those who seize upon the lower edifices of political gamesmanship, have long since given up.

In an effort to suggest that the present course may result in a mutually binding and unacceptable scenario, I come to you not seeking your land, but people of peace from it. In the very recent past, that did not seem such a challenge. By my direct instruction, and in the knowledge that such is a willful violation of the intentions of others, this channel shall remain open. Please direct a response to the Node 1 secure email site.In peace, Dan B Catselas Burisch, ScD"

Secret Squirrel Oct/27/2008 neweaglesforum, THE NEWS 2008 (3),


UPDATE! Many emails have been received by Dr. McDowell asking if Angel Eagles will be resuming activities, here's a synopsis. [slightly edited for clarity] Why the pause in some activities, where is Dr. Burisch and why is he there, is he at S4, why is there so much "code" flying on the Eagles Forum, what does the code mean, does the code have to do with Dr. Burisch's absence, is he dead??

Angel Eagles WILL be resuming activities as soon as possible. Until then, donations are still being accepted. The monies will go to feeding and helping the needy, and the money which has already been donated will wait where it is until the activities resume. Drs. Burisch and McDowell said they regard Angel Eagles as "..critical to the future of where we want Eagles Disobey to be!" Most activities have been paused for a short time because there are no team members to run them. Most of the Eagles Team is deployed somewhere for something. Dr. McDowell continues to run the company (Eagles Disobey, Inc.) and Dr. Burisch is with the majority of the team somewhere.

Dr. McDowell does not and will not do Angel Eagles runs alone. Dr. Burisch's whereabouts will remain unknown to the public for some time to come. The informal name which was just thought up by Mongraal and Owl for the team's and Dr. Burisch's whereabouts is "The Anthill." That's why the crazy drawing they did which was in Phaedra's Castle showed Dr. Burisch as an Ant! Under enormous stress they have a great sense of humor. Doesn't Owl look mean when he is deployed? What an attitude! The name "Anthill" is new, and has never been used for the place before, and that means it won't help anyone locate him or the team.

If what they are doing wasn't very important it wouldn't be happening. The reasons for Dr. Burisch's being where he is will not be explained to the public at this time. MOST OF THE REASONS WILL BE KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC IN THE FUTURE! The code being used is because the Eagles Forum is one of the few places in the world where operatives and former operatives talk right in front of YOU! The messages in the code are very sensitive right now and we cannot just come out and explain it to you right now. Many are about Dr. Burisch. Dr. Burisch sends his "sympathies to the hopeful on my not being dead yet!" (L) The following code you'll understand! (L)

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"Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn't.  You cannot shirk this and be a man.  To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and excusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country; let men label you as they may."  ~ Mark Twain

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"Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our allegiance.  It is also owed to justice and to humanity.  Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong."  ~ James Bryce

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"Our country, right or wrong."  When right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right."  ~ Carl Schurz

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Bennie 11/9/2008 neweaglesforum, MUTT-HUT

Heya Eagles Forum! Squirrel asked me to introduce myself. My name is DRUMROLL PLEASE? BENNIE!

I worked as a communications operative for Dr. Burisch when he was being a bad boy at Sunchase and S4. Now, he's being a bad boy elsewhere! I am the same Bennie who dropped a call on my favorite doctor with the righteous bug up his a--, and he is the only one who wouldn't do what the rest of zMaj would have did. They would have shot me in the head. But not with bug up his a-- Burisch! After I was caught he was informed and he called for maji parlay over my a--. If not they would have shot me in the head. The eche's said they were going to shoot me because of the Treaty breach. Dan was the unlucky son of a gun who drew the bad role, clowns to the left of him killers to the right. Danny played 7 card poker to save me. He won, I'm alive, yo!

The people we worked for are pieces of s---! But none of us knew it until after we swore in, yo! They released me to him and I apologized and asked him what I needed to do? Uno what he said? "Keep doing what yur doing because it's gotten you this far." He then said "Hey" and offered me a handshake. Then he told the escort to pay for whiskey shots off a card and we all got s--- faced together in Albany. What a break, a higher one loved by the man and a Maj floor sweeper drinking together. U fellers and ladies know what kind of man he is already.

After my bad I got sent to Russia as a helper. That all ended 3 years ago. When I heard that something big was going on with him, and the Squirrel, F.L., said I could say it's something really big, I volunteered to come here and help, yo! I was told to tell the strict truth when I post so I'll say it out and open: Marci and I don't get along. I mean I like her and no disrespect but we just never have got along. She's a professional woman though and when she found out I was called by Squirrel she said something like he'll do a good job. Fair There's my introduction so you don't think some shape shifting devil kneeler is helping out here. Anyway I'm Roman Catholic.

SGold1942, 11/11/2008 neweaglesforum, MUTT-HUT, "I don't do hot-tub therapy, I am a Psychologist."

Before I make other comments,

We know the Illuminati have been entrenched in Jerusalem for a long time. Most of Dan's direct information about them came by way of operatives we had in Jerusalem because the Brussels boys were too loyal.

The problem with judgments about what you see is that not all the higher Masons are Illuminist. Think of it as two opposite twins dancing a minuet of death with each other: one wanting all the riches, the other wanting the riches to be earned, with everyone having equal chances. Damned fools the both of them, but none of them on the "earned" side ever knowing about the opposite twin until after they made a promise. I do not recommend it as a lifestyle.

Dan told the people who acted like the right people, in the Luxor Hotel/Casino, the truth that we either proceeded to T2 (the catastophe) or the most sensitive Looking Glass data described "a time of worldwide prophecy to come." Personally, Dan accepted that as prophecy either directed toward the Mayan calendar's transition time, nearing 2012 as we are now, or something of a worldwide experience. He has refused to place the Christian interpretation on it, such as "the return of Christ," as he fervently believes that prophecy, when real, isn't just aimed at one religion but would "..affect all of them equally.""

No one has a grasp of, let alone a corner on, the Ultimate Truth, and likewise no one has a corner on God or the experience of God." - Dan (2004) He believes this, yet he has a deep sense of what is turning in the world, and that is why he stood in the way of the T1v83 probables and fought to change them. It appears that fight has been very successful. I fear the whole world has literally rested on the success.

He told me, privately, "If this is the time of prophecy, then we shall temporarily appear to lose, but lose well we will!" I spoke with Dan about the Disclosure issue and he told me that I can reveal a couple points. I have chosen to reveal others, and my own opinions, as my own decision. Before the collapse of the Committee of the Majority, it was the Illuminists within that group who focused on the UFO Community as the place to roll out Disclosure. They offered them as the most likely to be able to handle the realization of time travel as the explanation for many of the legitimate reports and for the machinations behind the MJ12. (That same opinion was carried into the new MJ12 right after the COTM's collapse but not into Dan's final orders, written by the last MJ1.)

Hearing that, and knowing the rumors of who was who, Dan knew something was wrong. Whoever would be targeted as the best population would probably have an ultimate weakness which would be amplified when a roll out would start. He was right. None of us on the Maji side had any clue what we would find. As the weakness became more and more evident, while initial reports of Dan were reaching that community, we knew our suspicions were well founded. That is why Dan and Marci came out negative about Ufology way before they were ever attacked by that loathsome ilk.

Once too many tried to become "touchy feely" (LITERALLY - ON BOTH OF THEM!) in private meetings, (a couple of which Dan and Marci have evidence to corroborate if ever challenged in court), and then Dan and Marci correlated that behavior back to personal reports they were hearing from some of the investigators within Ufology themselves, they understood the nature of the beast. The rampant misdemeanor and felony convictions, in public record, all along the lines of "psychosexual deviance" made it clear that predators were roaming in some of the cherished "hot-beds" and "hottubs" of Ufology.

It fit perfectly: the Illuminati is full of such psychosexual deviants. Birds of a feather.......It's their dirty little secret, while they pretend they can ever handle the greatest secret ever kept - until Dr. Burisch was assigned to tell the truth. The Disclosure was offered, oh he told the truth, but ultimately the fear of their own disclosure because of Dan's honesty, caused them to run in fear. (That's why he won't be called to court. He'll tell the truth and call them what they are, to their faces!

Anyone who heard his last words in Laughlin, Nevada, in early March, 2008, a week before the Eagles first Lotus layout at Caltech, know what they would face. Listen to him tell the people about his swearing under penalty of perjury. It tells people what they need to know. That is why they shovel every day. They have every reason to fear what he may say.) The next to arrive were the "camp fenceline deviants" with the same problems, all the way down to porno hangups and off-shirted avatar communications, claiming to have nothing to do with Ufology, but who gulp down every opportunity to be around them? ("Oh, Mr. Pope, have you heard about Dr. Burisch?" Indeed! )

By then, I was beginning my time around Dan, as an assignment. I assisted, for years, in collecting whole quotes to evaluate what we were dealing with. I cross referenced those quotes to known data on the people and their self-descriptions of their lives. For those who have seen some of their words, temporarily published, they read like a Psychiatrist's nightmare! About every neurosis and probable deeper disorder known to man becomes a billboard with them, as they are living out hollow behaviors where they project their own bad thoughts on Dan and Marci, as a defense against the anxiety of self-understanding. (catastrophe laden imperatives, evil, death, populations culls, sexual deviance) That is the origin of why Dan says "They tell on themselves." That was originally my quote about their projection bias. (I told him he could use it without reference. )

Their names and complete portfolios became a small part of an analysis which Dan carried with him to the New Group, a year ago, in an effort to present a full picture of the Illuminati's original manipulation to involve people like them. They became the "poster children" of the segment of the public which must be PROTECTED FROM FURTHER DISCLOSURE. That meeting became a near free-for-all because of the numbers of covert Illuminists in their ranks.

Despite the minor deviants, despite Ufology's deviants, Dan made a strong case that certain segments of the population were ready for continued disclosure of the truth. (He fought for many people who read here, and for professionals in academia as well as religious denominations. He didn't fight for everyone who reads here, though, as many whose portfolios were presented are also those who copy every word we write, to add to their unfortunate fermenting cellars of projection bias. --See, it's not only Dan who can make an excellent play on words! ) Despite his case, with Illuminists in their midst, and with Dan already honorably retired having completed his final orders, the vote was taken to deny further disclosure, at that time.

Dan also had other more important issues to present at that time, such as the Third Rail Policy which has lifted us from T1v83. That Policy was adopted, because the Illuminists helped adopt it too. They must have a world left, to try to control. Now a house cleaning has occurred, again that was caused in no small measure by the direct actions of Dan and Marci. It didn't happen because of people they used to work for, and not one man who has about adopted Dan but who wanted a different course: Dan stood firm and said NO.

Had he said YES recent political events could have gone another direction because the Illuminists had a candidate they wanted to win. In the mean time Dan had access to the Orion Cube. He won't say it openly because it's listed "missing" right now, but that is what happened. He has the clout to take the whole ball of wax at the moment, and despite his protestations to the contrary, that decision against doing it hasn't been firmed up. He is unlikely to accept such a position. If he does, you'll never hear from him, from that moment onward. The whole team (including me if I'm not left behind ) would be subsumed around him. He asked me my opinion and I asked him why he wanted to know it? Then he told me to "Stop the psychology crap and please give me an answer!"

I told him that he would be the best and the worst. He would be a more balanced leader than the last one MJ12 had, who was the best, and the worst because he would not enjoy the rest of his life. He said, "Thank you." I know what he's planning in private right now. I know about the other pressing issues in his private life. I know everything that's going on, and I hope he chooses happiness. Right now it's his ball of wax to grab or let roll away. truly, sgold42 (Stan)


~ Edited ~

" ... A few months ago, everyone learned that Dan had made a "vow of material poverty" many years ago, explaining many aspects of how he relates to money and finances. Today, another announcement which may "shake a few cages":

At 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time, Friday, November 14, 2008, while in transport from one location to another, Dan communicated with the liaison from the former Majestic and the liaison to the New Group that effective immediately he was - RENOUNCING HIS EMERITUS STATUS WITH THE FORMER CONSISTORY OF THE MAJESTIC!

Dan is very proud of the work he did, during his 20+ honorable years of service to the Majestic, but has decided to move forward in a way which eliminates the possibility of interaction with ongoing operations of the New Group.

Being a retired Emeritus from Majestic is one thing, being one with a New Group in place which has showed the propensity to turn a blind eye to Illuminati representatives in their ranks, only expelling them when their hand is forced, is quite another. Dan is very wary of those who make unbalanced decisions, and especially so when such unbalanced decisions provide an allowance for Luciferians in their company.

How does this decision weigh on certain activities due in 2012? It doesn't. Dan and Marci have given their good word that they would "do the right thing" in 2012, and they will! How does this decision personally impact Dan? Save the loss of financial support from the New Group, there is no other "effectively negative" impact.

As of the time of the declaration to the New Group, he will neither any longer accept anything from them, nor the former Majestic. He will no longer facilitate any interactions with certain "exotic technologies," nor provide them professional support or research! He indicated in his declaration, that unlike the former Majestic, too many unanswered questions exist, concerning the present machinations of that newly formed body. In his own words to them: "None of you should argue that my presence will likely continuously negatively impact you, should your body continue to make such poor decisions.

So, rather than discomfort being visited upon you daily, I have decided to renounce the status. Truth be told, I need you far less than your apparent need to use me, at will, and to what could prove to be questionable ends. "Many of you have waited for decisions to start "coming down" from Dan! This is the start of them. We think the writing on the wall is already legible. If Dan was deciding to (in Stan's words) 'take the whole ball of wax' he would not have made the decision to renounce his status.

Under all of this decision making, we can also report that there has been a major research breakthrough! The exact nature of the breakthough will first be briefed with Dan's inner circle of friends, then will probably become public late next year. A summary of the breakthrough is that building an "ISIS UNIT," an artificial container, may not be required to get the intended effect (relaxation/even healing) Dan and Marci are looking to obtain for others, by applying acoustics and Lotus (passively).

While a constructed "ISIS UNIT" may not be required, Eagles Disobey WILL BE building ARGGO [Project A.R.G.G.O. (the Atmosphere Reorienting Greenhouse Gas Oscillator)] , to test the unit for "greenhouse gas" sequestration! Next year, the whole presentation update will probably be filmed, and those who would have been invited will first receive it. Those individuals will receive an invitation to go to a location where Dan will be, where they will be shown the direct physical evidence (live) if they want to see it for themselves. Afterward, those wishing to record a comment about the research will be provided a way to do so, then the whole video will be compiled for the public to see. More announcements will be coming soon!

~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~

{ Peter7 ~ NOTE: }

THE MAYAN SIXTH DAY Begins on November 13, 2008 Tzolkin Date: 13 IMIX

" ... As we transit from the twilight of the Fifth Night into the twilight of the Sixth Day, our burdens become lighter as we discard what no longer serves us in order to evolve to the next stage of growth in this new reality ..."

" ... 6th "Day" Is the Renaissance in each cycle. Sure enough, the 6th "Day" of the last cycle was right when the European Renaissance happened. We will see Human spirit become able to manifest whatever "Things" that they could desire ... "

~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~


Michael St. Clair: ... "Yes, well the trends are now that we're moving into beautiful alignments, for instance, right in the beginning of the year, with the Aquarian conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune and Chiron, lasting to May-June 2009, the full moon of June 2009, and then towards the end of the year.

So the whole of 2009, is creating networks, the key word here is creating networks, that's the idea behind the Radiant Zones: to create networks of people who help each other in creating new economies, and new technology and solutions ... "

EAGLES DISOBEY 11/15/2008 neweaglesforum, THE NEWS 2008 (3)

RETRACTION! ... an [admonished] (Squirrel) ...



~ Later, same page ~

DAN POSTS: "Squirrel, I asked Mongraal to "turn up the volume" of static for a moment, so we can't be tracked, so that I may be able to directly communicate with you, here.

First, please accept my apology if I seemed harsh. While not a complete excuse, I am under a "tad bit" of pressure (and other swirling emotions and issues) at the moment. On the other hand, if you are going to do the updates, it is critical that the information provided be accurate. Before I began my post here, I re-read the update, and I appreciate your red-lining the incorrect portion.

People from all over the world have been providing samples of sand, as a means of worldwide prayer for the success of our research, which will be embodied (in this project) in the Isis Unit. They need to be reassured (not only because of the error) but also because of recent "unusual events"...such as..."where is Burisch?" that we will continue forward in the virtually unstoppable (save by the Will of the Eternal) march to help others! They have that commitment from the whole of the Eagles Team, and from me (directly) as the Director of Eagles Disobey, Inc.

Yes, I renounced my Emeritus status! It is also true that no other former member of Majestic has ever taken that course. So what? Almost all of us (We the People of the world) have worked for "another" during the course of our lifetimes! Many receive pensions and accolades, for many years of service honorably given. rare situations...when such pensions or accolades can not be divided from what may be perceived as an alliance which could constitute a violation of a greater principle: NOT ATTEMPTING TO SERVE TWO MASTERS...then a decision has to be made.

I decided to stand on one side of that dividing line. I do not ascribe to such a Universal dividing line, as an underpinning of me such is my mystical/philosophical considerations more attribute the wholeness of this experience in different me, in this world, in this Universe, and in these material natures, there exists "right and wrong," "Good and evil." To me, to say, believe, or rationalize otherwise would be just plain (and playing) stupid.

I will not willingly accept ANYTHING offered to me, which could in the least be attributed to the defined followers of the self-described "ancient enemy" of humankind. Just as I am no traitor to our country, I am certainly no traitor to humanity.

I asked questions, as my Emeritus status continued, and then offered engagement against such negative people in the New Group's ranks, and following successful engagement against them through the efforts of many, asked more questions of the New Group. The answers which I received back from them as well as the remnants of the former Majestic were not acceptable to me. So, I did (IMHO) what any self-respecting human should do: I TOLD THEM WHERE TO STUFF IT!

In Mongraal's phraseology: "You either be, you either is, or you ain't with God!" his parlance...I IS! I have said before that I am a servant of the people, and a servant of the people I shall remain. While Fool's Gold (pyrite) is a very interesting mineral, the "worship of gold" (like any idol) is not of any interest to me. have been with us through thick and thin...and in places the public will likely never know...Don't go hard on yourself for an error. We are human beings, and at least we can say our heart is in the right place and we are doing our best for others. Now...get back to work! Love, Dan

Caspa 11/17/2008 EDO Dep. Admin , neweaglesforum, MUTT-HUT

Lots have mentioned it so I thought I would say it again: Next year the whole original Eagles Team from Majestic, minus one, WILL BE BACK ONLINE WITH THE EAGLES FORUM NEXT YEAR! (We are also talking with 2Opp, Gazo, Springy, Brent, Willie, "Dor" (Italy) about maybe coming back on with us!) Definitely online making comments in 2009: Dan, Marci, Mongraal, Owl, Rob, Stan, Bennie, Squirrel, The Keep, and meIt, will be an INCREDIBLY EXCITING year, more than you know right now! Caspa

Secret Squirrel Nov/17/2008 neweaglesforum, MUTT-HUT

A MESSAGE FROM EDO SECURITY: Most of you have figured out that a major operation was carried out in Las Vegas, on October 15, 2008. The operation was due to an imminent confirmed threat to life, involving Dr. Dan Burisch. Dr. Burisch is fine. He is too valuable to lose, under any condition.

Dr. Burisch and in certain ways those around him are being protected by the operation that was conducted. More information about that operation will be provided to the public in the future. That operation, not contracts or anything like that, is the reason why the core of the Eagles Security Team is not available at this time. That series of incidents has left a sour taste in the mouth of EDO Security and makes us more likely to respond to any real, confirmed threats...
... We, on the EDO Security, are technically private persons, because we are retired from government service. We are essentially a very highly trained private security unit. We also coordinate with a local law enforcement liaison when we need to do it.

Caspa 11/19/2008 neweaglesforum, "MUTT-HUT"

We have been asked a couple questions, some really good ones, so here are some official answers!
Caspa' Does the change in presentation policy for 2009 mean that people will not be able to see the Widget live?

'"It means that Dan will almost certainly not make a planned personal appearance in 2009. He will definitely not make any live appearance in 2008. That was a decision made by Marci and the Eagles Security Chief, Steven Ortiz (Mongraal), to keep Dan safe. Everyone, please understand that this safety issue goes WAY BEYOND any other safety issue we have ever reported to the public! Dan's life, in a letter recently written by Marci "hangs on a razor's edge right now." (This is no B.S., no inflation of the problem, no hyperbole, it is real, imminent, and critical. It goes beyond the ability of any local, and maybe even federal, law enforcement to protect him. So we will get the job done.)

He has plans to meet certain professional people as soon as within 2 weeks from now! He already has fluid plans to meet with friends, acquaintances and investigators next year. (He wishes all those with whom he may meet to be reassured that if something bad does happen, those doing it won't "miss." They are professionals so those around him have nothing to fear. Our friends, it's just that serious. The public will learn more next year. What I can say is that Dan has done the ethical and moral things, just like he has always lived his life.)

Right now, his experimental design, which will result in part of the 2009 Lotus Presentation, and which is now being retooled for a planned major video release to the public, is set with a live Widget deployment in front of a scientist who works for a major U.S. upper echelon academic institution. While there are no confirmations or denials, do not automatically "assume" we are writing about Caltech.

~ ~

Dan's and Marci's work is now the positive talk of several institutions. Project Isis, however if successful, will be first presented to Caltech, because a representative of that institution was the first to step up and say "tell us what you have to say." For that reason, and for the connection between what the LookingGlass saw and that institution (verified in public record beyond any reasonable doubt), Caltech will always be the favorite institution likely always receiving first options (where appropriate) from Dan and Marci. Caltech is now deeply regarded in Dan's and Marci's hearts. They feel a "connection" there, and links to its history, like to none other, in some ways even more special than their own alma maters.

The 2009 presentation was to start with an April "All Call" and the sending of the first official invitations by "Golden Eagle" tickets. Those tickets are still in the planning, but may now have different meanings. Some people who would receive them and who would have been invited to speak in "speaker slots" are now being approached to "tape" their presentations, to be added to a final product. (One approached Dan and Marci with a suggestion to do a tape with them, and that is under discussion with a likely positive outcome.) Others, who would have been invited for "other special reasons" are being contacted, and still others who would have been invited because they would have lived nearby the proposed venue and who helped with samples and things like that will still receive a Golden Eagle, but are now being scheduled to be the first people to receive the finished product, so they can place their input on it, and have their say, on the front page of Eagle Disobey!

Everyone receiving a "Golden Eagle" will also automatically be invited, where possible and where schedules mesh, to see the operation of the Widget, live. (Depending on the success of the Widget and whether it is deemed "able to be patented" or not, the whole camera/filter design may be freely placed in the public domain! Dan and Marci are only really concerned that the high energy optics train, no longer used, cannot be reproduced, for public safety reasons. If this phenomenon is as natural and is as fundamental as they feel it may be, then everyone has a right to see it.)

Dan and Marci never forget the people who have helped them and those who have just come with honest and open hearts looking for the truth. The names of those who have helped with the research, just like at the Caltech Presentation (March 10, 2008) WILL BE PRESENTED IN THE UPCOMING VIDEO PRODUCT - proceeds, as normal, going to feed the needy! Dan and Marci have a rigid ethic that we are all equals, and so every effort will be undertaken to ensure that everyone who has helped and is helping will be mentioned!"

~ This later posted on the same page ~

alive wrote:

It has taken me a while to think about Dan post about the evil having infiltrated into the 'new group' and Dan's renounce his Emeritus status. (By the way Dan, congrats on standing up for Human's everywhere, again)
I was very sad about this news, since I thought this 'new group' would be the new hope (i.e. mavericks) and they would be different from the old Majestic and the old ways.

Caspa replies:

"No one was more crushed than Dan! These people (about 40 amongst a 150 of the elite) and 1 other on the "board" itself slipped in after acting like the champions of antiIlluminst, propeople, thought! We knew about #1, but the original contracts apportioned his family to a board role then the board (containing nonIlluminists) voted him to the position after they said they were "satisfied" he wasn't one.

After as they say "a course has been taken" it is as hard to change it as moving an oil tanker around in a bathtub. The reason is "infrastructure" which builds around and underneath the #1 really quick.

Dan was grief stricken and then slammed his fist on his former desk and yelled words that are the most famous unknown ones maybe ever uttered,
"There is time for peace and there is time for struggle! We have seeked almost begged for peace! The people have to be served. They have a right to a chance! Those few are standing in the way, with the power behind them. We have reached a time of war." (Dr. Dan Burisch, 2008)

He launched an insurrection, won for everybody, and now he has a price on his head. We are working that issue as quickly as possible, if possible. (I can't tell you the whole story yet. It is much more complex and much more freaky than I can say right now. Much more of it will come out next year.) I walked back to his rooming area, with security, a few weeks ago and asked him if it was worth it. He smiled at me then the smiled dropped off and he almost whispered "It has to be." Then he smiled again and offered me a cup of coffee. What a guy. Caspa

Secret Squirrel, EDO Cybersecurity, 11/23/2008 neweaglesforum, MUTT-HUT

There is a "robot" watching this forum. He was a deeply classified invention. We call him: MARTI!

Marking And Routing Terminal Interrogator MARTI CANNOT enter, control, or influence your computer, learn anything about you, or ANYTHING LIKE THAT! MARTI WATCHES EVERY KEYSTROKE OF EVERY TYPED ADDITION TO THIS FORUM!

It was placed here to protect Dr. Burisch, but also protects you, the member. Presently, Dr. Burisch is kind of a "wanted man" by the Illuminati because he broke from kind of deep covert control "limits" which were trying to be applied to him every day of his life for over a decade. The kind of "limits" will be explained next year. (It has nothing to do with "mind control" or some of the other wacko conspiracy ideas out there about Dan.)

The "limits" were applied in very common but dark ways. Those "limits" went to hell in a hand basket when Dr. Burisch started to lead an insurrection against Illuminists in the New Group. During intercepted chatter we heard what we suspected for a long time. After hearing it, physical evidence which some have already seen photographs of, came into our possession. The attempts to find Dr. Burisch have now gone to forms of cyberwarfare. While a sleeper agent would type on our forum, a worm could be sent into the system of the forum after a predetermined number of letters (like 5 v's) are typed within a predetermined total text size (like 400 characters). So for instance if 5 v's are typed in a text containing 400 characters, then a worm would be quietly inserted as a beacon into the forum, which could track everyone, including the Eagles Team around Dr. Burisch.

If they find him right now, they'll try to eliminate him. The Eagles Peace Protection Team that I lead on this forum, is here to prevent that from happening. As a spinoff, none of your computers, save the information you give out publicly about yourselves, can be tracked. Eagles Security regrets any minor inconvenience you may experience while interacting on this forum, a forum headed by two people standing on the dividing line between light and darkness, and refusing to let the darkness get near YOU. Squirrel

Dr. Marcia McDowel 11/23/2008 neweaglesforum, THE NEWS 2008 (4)


" ... A general message: On Monday, November 24, 2008, the email "" will no longer be the communications place from Dr. McDowell to the public. The email address (tethered to the "president's address") will remain open as the official email address of Eagles Disobey. The Deputy Administrator, Fran (Caspa) will be the person in charge of the address. The letters from that address, will be from Caspa. The address will NOT be used to pass information from the public to either Drs. Burisch or McDowell ... Where will Dr. McDowell's public interaction email address be? There will be none, at least for awhile. (She will remain in constant contact with the inner circle of friends ...

" ... Also as of 2009, Drs. Burisch and McDowell, will be heavily concentrating on expanding Angel Eagles, research (Lotus, Isis, podcasts, etc.), some unmentioned applications, music, the Mars image updates, and other things like that! ...

Should Dr. Burisch "pass" first, Eagles Disobey will continue presenting information about Dr. Burisch's life and his debriefing, and about anomalies and other important information. Should Dr. McDowell "pass" first, the keys to Eagles Disobey will be automatically handed to Dr. Burisch. Dr. Burisch will divide the Eagles Forum from Eagles Disobey, allowing a forum to continue with Moderators. Dr. Burisch's next step will be to post a preplanned 1 week warning to those interested to copy the Eagles Disobey website, before he disables the website, deletes its online contents, and disables its existence.

There will be no real "Eagles Disobey," after the Eagles cease - only unauthorized copies. From that moment onward, Dr. Burisch will never again be seen or heard from, by the public. (How could he accomplish that? He has many friends in the government, is a 20 years senior black operator, and is a Los Angelino! He'll accomplish it. Where is he now? The reasons behind that decision are private, but may become more understood next year. Together with that capability, he does wish to pass a serious message on to anyone with nefarious intent toward any of his loved ones: 'make no mistake of that kind, as one should remember his past military specialty. He believes that those fallen would deserve a large and closely associated honor guard.')

Should an accident happen, and both are "lost," The Chain of Command will kick in, with me as the New Administrator.
The Eagles Security Team, composed of former military special operators wishes to pass a note that should any such "accident" be, God forbid, other than a real "accident," the least the perpetrators will have to fear is law enforcement.

On October 15, 2008, about 250 heavily armed operators were on the Burisch/McDowell apartment property at one time! (Why that many? More Info next year.) Any direct attempt on the lives of any in the Eagles Team or their families will be met with direct, immediate & massive, lethal force. In such a case (the loss of both Eagles), with the Eagles Disobey website, my orders, and the orders to those under me in the Chain will be fulfilled: do exactly as Dr. Burisch would have done to the website, should Dr. McDowell have passed first. Angel Eagles should continue, no matter what, as a separate organization, once the two Eagles have been called to "move on." Ok, enough of that. The red portion and the sentences above and below it will be deleted in a couple hours. I am leaving it up long enough for the messages to be received by the Illuminists.

~ Planet X / Nibiru ~

NOTE: The below "Breaking-News" article should not be taken verbatim.





Interviews & Debriefing: "Project Camelot", Rense, "Tell The World", etc.

~ ~

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