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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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. Dr Dan Burisch - April 4 2008 Administrator, neweaglesforum, "DAN'S BLOG 2008"

" ...'s past 1700PT and I don't feel any different? I held my peace for the good of the patriotic insiders (the real ones) but I have stated before: I have requested immunity for exactly Jack-Sh-nothing! (No reference intended toward our wonderful Eagles Forum member! )

That nonsense ("Tau IX-VI" says Immunity = Shar+180days) personally means nothing to me! Seriously, I have done nothing during my 20 years of service to Majestic (save data which could allow an enemy the ability to construct a biowar weapon) for which I would be afraid to speak about publicly! Every act I ever did during that time, in an official capacity as an agent of the Majestic, I stand behind, and without fear of my liberty being removed! If it's removed for anything I did - I will stand up to that too! know I like you, but you can tell them in reply to the request for my signature that they can KMA! (Yes, I do know that the old Maj1 can sign in my stead. ) ...but...I'm not signing something like that, which I never requested in the first place. It's just that simple.

I have signed the documents regarding those designated by me, for their protection. The documents are in the Diplo-Pouch and ready for transport. Oh, yes: Have a nice day! Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D.H-6196-E Maj ret. [H-1 Maj ret.]

"eiecitque Adam et conlocavit ante paradisum voluptatis cherubin et flammeum gladium atque versatilem ad custodiendam viam ligni vitae" Gen 3:24 (V)


Note:.A comment by a concerned observer, from another forum

{A "Shar" is, according to Zecharia Sitchin's translation of the Sumerian cylinder seals, an orbit of Nibiru, which is approximately 3,600 years. 180 days is approximately half a year. The "Tau-IX - VI" is the sixth in the series of 'Tau-9' treaty signings, which happened every 9 years- dd.}


Dr. Marcia McDowell - 4/4/2008 Administrator, neweaglesforum, "DAN'S BLOG"

Rob, just speak with me. The alternate required signature has been obtained. Dr. Stubborn threw coffee on the New Group's Transport Liaison at 5:15 p.m. when she tried to walk into his office and didn't immediately leave. I tried to apologize to her, but when he found out who she was, he told her "Get your A out of my office! My office is now private!" She hesitated and got a full cup all over her suit. Marci

------------------------------ ----------------------------

Dan later states:

" ... For the record: no member of the New Group is permitted in my home office without prior authorization. This wasn't your fault, Marcia, and I know you didn't know she was stopping by, but she should have never been admitted. You, Marcia, are the only one, aside from me, who may admit such an active member to my home office. Then, only with one of us present. It's okay, Caspa, I know you didn't know. Dan

Rob later posted: 4/5/08

"Dan, uu, two things-I will make sure the message is passed to stay away from your office. Your space is your own now. They have to respect that. Also, I am personally sure you are the one firebrand who could get that job done, but it is doubtful that they are in any ways ready. Of course you didn't know, because you were never in echelon policy. My best information suggests that you will not be subjected to a half in - half out while yours gets singed. In respect, Rob"

Dr Dan Burisch 4/5/2008 Administrator, neweaglesforum, "DAN'S BLOG 2008"
[No editing, except highlights, has been done to this post.]

Dan posted:"A private letter received relayed this article to me:
'Silent' famine sweeps globe Rice, fertilizer shortages, food costs, higher energy prices equal world crisis


Posted: April 01, 2008 8:59 pm Eastern© 2008 WorldNetDaily Anyone surprised? Remember "Food for Thought": the IPCC and NSSM200?
My reply, in part read as follows:"...

XXXXXXX...there is only one way (from my point of view) to understand that information -
people are being purposely starved to death by the power brokers of this world. It was a hard thing, certainly for me, to handle.
When XXXXX XXXXX (XXXXXXXXX) told me about NSSM200, and I read it...I almost died in my seat! XXXXXXXXXX

Here is a link to the crapola:

Kissinger, a former member of the "12" was the primary author and suggested using food as a weapon to guarantee geopolitical acquiescence and to ensure sufficient food for North America.

It's total bull! It's genocide! XXXXXXXX I had just read this...
Low latitudes, without sufficient adaptation, will experience drops in crop yields with a small increase in global temperature, while the increasing yields will be experienced for higher latitudes. How many poor live at the lower latitudes, versus the higher ones? The resistence by the U.S. to join with Carbon treaties then came into quick focus - and so did the motivations behind the oil men.

They are reaping the benefits from their sales, while stimulating India and China (the larger burgeoning petroleum consumption areas) to do the same - while engaging in a policy to starve many of their own population, and make money off it!
If they are believed culpable, then they should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity, and if found guilty - put to death.

If they are believed unwitting, then they have no excuse to continue with a policy which is starving human beings, whose only crime is being just what they are - people. I have no idea what I can do to stop it. But I will say this...if anyone ever makes the mistake to take my official testimony about my years in Majestic...they are going to get one hell of an ear full! I will shove it right up their wazoos! Dan"

If my association with the 12, means my guilt by association, then I will still shove it their wazoos! Too many people are being stepped on by the policies of greed, and this world is being raped by villains. Stand up and be heard! Dan

Caspa - 4/7/2008 neweaglesforum, neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!"

We have received a large group of emails asking about Dr. Burisch's diary books.

Dr. Burisch's daily diary has been kept continuously for many, many years. Many volumes exist. The contents of the volumes are what many would expect: daily activities and thoughts. They contain what Dr. McDowell calls the "most intimate portrait of a man which could exist." Everything from his experiences to the contents of his prayers and thoughts are in those volumes. They also contain theories, sketches, deep personal reflections, poems, and other things.

Dr. McDowell is the archivist for the diaries. She is in sole possession of them. They are stored in a vault, with a copy machine. The location of the vault is a highly guarded secret for obvious reasons. Marci copies pages and only removes the copies from the vault for study. Dr. Burisch still keeps a diary, and when he finishes one book, it is handed over, catalogged, and he is given a fresh one. His present diary is kept in his home office, in a safe, under two letter and number combination locks. One is usually left in an unlocked state, that one only Dr. McDowell knows the code. The other Dr. Burisch keeps locked after each entry. There is a tamper-security device on the safe. If a wrong code is added, more than once, the contents of the safe will be destroyed. It works like Leonardo's old tumblers used to work.

A female senior agent [Julie 12/26/2005 - Updates Part 8 ], who now works for the New Group, is the archivist of the history for them. Rob, our member here, was assigned as the archivist for the Old Group (Majestic) because the female senior agent decided to reswear into the New Group after Majestic adjourned.

Rob has been asked to keep an oral history, of big events, here for the public, but his duties are much more elaborate. He is writing a biography for the archives of the Old Group. Dr. Burisch's diaries will never be presented to the public, so please do not ask for them to be. They are private. What is released from them, will be Dr. McDowell's decision, and sometimes in consultation with Deborah Burisch, Met. D. A public "authorized biography" of Dr. Burisch's life will be written. Caspa

Disclosure Dialogue with Rob Simone & Dr. Dan Burisch

"Dr. Burisch was a Senior Operative/Scientist, responsible first to the Committee of the Majority and the Majestic 12. During the 1991 Gulf War, he was assigned to a Black Ops Unit, and was deployed into the International Coalition's Zone of Operations, for the purpose of counteracting a rogue military unit's intended application of unauthorized biological warfare agents against the Iraqi Army. Dr. Burisch experienced hand-to-hand combat after his helicopter was hit by enemy fire and crashed.

After his return, he was ultimately assigned as a "Microbiologist V" at the Papoose Lake Facility (S4) and operated as a Working Group Leader on Project Aquarius, where his responsibilities included leading scientists in the investigation of a "J-Rod's" (extraterrestrial entity) neuropathy. Such investigation included being introduced into a Clean Sphere containment unit and interacting directly with the "J-Rod," then processing, evaluating, and transforming tissue samples for reintroduction into the "J-Rod," with the intent to ameliorate the pathology.

Dr. Burisch continues to conduct and publish research, as Chief Scientist of the Eagles Disobey Research Consortium with colleague Dr. Marcia McDowell. Their publications include the image analysis of Mars anomalies, Acoustic research aimed toward the Healing Arts and Sciences, and a peculiar phenomenon, designated - "Lotus." Dr. Burisch will make an announcement about "Lotus" during his interview by Mr. Simone. It will surely prove to be a riveting interview!

This is a 2 Disk Set

Timeline 1, variant 83: What may the future hold?

April 10, 2008

[ NOTE: The 1st and last part of this "revelation" has been omitted. Please refer to the source: ]


"Timeline 1, variant 83

T1v83, as it's known, did not contain good news for you and us, the citizens of the world. For this reason we did not publicize any of the information, assuming that it was highly classified. Because - and this is important - this bad-news variant now seems to be changing, we have sought permission from Dan to publish what we can of this - because it offers a message of hope and understanding. To Dan's enormous credit, he has agreed.

Here are the details: first the information that was retrieved, and second how it has changed. What was seen was that Hillary Clinton - most interestingly, with John Kerry as her Vice President - would win the White House in November 2008. The Bush Administration, however, would before then launch a nuclear strike against Iran, the escalating repercussions of which would cross over into the new administration and also precipitate a major economic collapse.

Geopolitical events thereafter would continue to deteriorate with a strike by Pakistan against India, an attack by China against India, and finally a nuclear exchange between the US, Russia and China. By then it would be 2010, so these events do not all occur at once.

What follows is then what is new. Mike McConnell, the Director of National Intelligence and old MJ-1 - and who is a good man (in Dan's words: Majestic's moral compass) - was so incensed at the current administration's glee at the prospect of Iran attack that he instructed his intelligence apparatus to publish the National Intelligence Estimate, in which it was stated that Iran presented no nuclear threat. This was the first major change in variant 83.

Shortly after that, Benazir Bhutto herself was assassinated. Benazir was party to the findings of the 2007 project and was fully briefed about variant 83. Her personal mission was to avert the Pakistani nuclear strike, and in variant 83 it had been seen that she was very politically active - although unsuccessful.

We do not know this as fact, but we feel that readers may draw their own conclusions about why she might have been 'eliminated' shortly after the publication of the NIE. It must be remembered that there are many factions and individuals behind the scenes that WANT these foreseen events to transpire.

Most significantly, since her death there is now a coalition government in Pakistan which in itself may be sufficient to avert the strike against India. This is another departure from variant 83.

In our long conversation, Marci McDowell likened the publication of the NIE to nudging an aimed rifle barrel so that the metaphorical bullet (i.e. the predicted outcome) would instead hit another target. Readers will have noticed that there have been political attempts in certain quarters (not only within the US!) to straighten the rifle barrel again. But this does not appear to have worked... so far.

This might be premature at the time of writing (10 April 2008), but it does look as if Barack Obama - not Hillary Clinton - may be the next President. If so, this further departure from variant 83 may be the most significant of all.
... So this is a message of hope and informed optimism. It seems that the bad-news variant 83 has already been broken. What new variant we may now be on, we do not know - and possibly no-one does... "

Caspa 4/13/2008 Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, 'THE NEWS 2008"


The Other About-Face on Iran
by Shane Harris Friday, December 14, 2007

"In releasing a bombshell about Iran's nuclear program, intelligence director Mike McConnell reversed a vow of secrecy. But he probably had no choice...."
[edited] " ... On December 3, McConnell and his aides reversed that decision and released the unclassified key judgments of the NIE on Iran. Try as McConnell might to keep the lid on the new estimate, his lieutenants were influenced by the political realities of intelligence these days.

"They thought it would leak and be distorted, and they thought they'd get ahead of that," said one former senior intelligence official close to the deliberations. "They decided it was better to put out a clean set of key judgments."

Vice President Cheney went so far as to say that officials expected to lose control of some classified material. "There was a general belief -- that we all shared -- that it was important to put it out, that it was not likely to stay classified for long, anyway," Cheney told The Politico on December 5. "Everything leaks."

The leak-prevention strategy was a stark departure from the guidelines that McConnell had set out, both in November and a month earlier, ... [ continued]

[Addition Jan. 2009 -]

Caspa 4/14/2008 Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!">

We've been asked in a few letters if it is still possible to email with Dr. Burisch? Dr. Burisch's public emails are permanently closed. Dr. McDowell handles all public email contacts, and requests to speak on the phone with Dr. Burisch or to write Dr. Burisch directly, at All requests to speak with Dr. Burisch directly, must go through her. Caspa

kosassy 4/17/2008 New Member, neweaglesforum, "IDEAS THREAD 4"

Hiya Eaglesforumers! I registered at the goldenthread and asked a question about a list of the lies that they say Dan has said.The answer I got was about the number of times he was visted by angels and that he's disinformation. I was told I would be banned here if I say something negative. Is that true? After I registered there my IP started getting pinged. It was like tracers were on my arse as quick as I posted there? Or was it my registering here? Can I post here? Can I ask questions? Can I disagree with anything I want to?


Caspa "IDEAS THREAD 4", Deputy Admin, Eagles Forum
[direct quote - no changes]

"Kosassy, welcome to the Eagles Forum! I am sorry you have had a bad experience. I am going to bend the rules a little and look at what you posted elsewhere so I can maybe answer your questions better. I will be right back."

"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You will never be banned from the Eagles Forum for asking questions or for disagreeing with anything anyone here has said. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx What we do not allow is claiming another person is lying, because our opinions differ from anyone's. That is being rude. I can't answer how or why your IP was being "pinged" as you say but the Eagles Forum did have a glitch from Proboards which is now fixed. I am the person who approved your account because the Head Admin, Marci, is busy finishing some work for Dan's and her upcoming book.

I saw your IP, it was listed on your account, and I can tell from it some commercial things. But more importantly: I don't care! No member of the Eagles Team cares about your IP! You can use 2 or 16 or the best CIA encryptions if you want! We aren't concerned about it. If you want to tell us about yourself, you can. If you don't want to, the kind of people who post here aren't the kind like you ran into. They won't push you. No member of the Eagles Team will ask you who you are or will research who you are.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The answers to the questions you have brought up - angels and retirement. Yes, Dan was visited. When you see people wanting to argue about the number of times, that's a real clue for you! How about just discussing ONCE? Yes, it has happened, and multiple times. I see you were in Laughlin on March 1? That's great! You saw the color images of the being. You would have also heard that Marci has videos of it too.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Is Dan retired? He's so retired there has never been a man more retired! He is no disinformation agent, he just hasn't been anyone's parrot.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You have questions you want answered? Please ask them in the Mongraal thread in the Newsroom. If the question hasn't already been asked, Mongraal will contact Dan for an answer, but beware! Sometimes Dan responds that he doesn't know an answer. xxxxxxxxxx Dan's just an average guy, with great talents, and an extraordinary history. Kosassy, welcome to the Eagles Forum. Caspa


kosassy 4/17/2008 New Member, neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!"

Dear Mongraal, is there anything I can't ask Dr. Burisch about? Is anything offlimits?





kosassy New Member

"TY Get your staff ready. It's the most difficult question I ever had to ask another man. I thought about asking privately but now I know what others are about so guesstimate I want to know what he is all about. The substance of his story is so serious and it has been made public so I just think I have the right. At the end of the week.


Dr. Marcia McDowell Administrator, Eagles Forum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!" Replies:

"Kosassy, welcome to the Eagles Forum! There's nothing for us to "get ready." Step forward and ask your question when you are ready. If it's that heavy perhaps you would like to speak with Dan directly in the chatroom, on the phone, or here is just fine with us?

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We can reduce the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen it to crystal clarity. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical."


Dr Dan Burisch 4/18/2008 neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!"

Today at 4:52am, kosassy wrote:

I also offer my apology to Dr. Burisch for bringing it up.

Dan wrote:"Apology not requested, but certainly accepted! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate. Thank you as well for the letter of apology: you are an honorable man. Ignore the negatives, they are self limiting. I hope this post to you answers the questions in your letter.

Cheezy is getting better, slowly. I sent you a short video snippet of her. Here is a freeze frame, from a few minutes ago.

This little, and I do mean little, episode has drawn my attention to the question of my public email. Some of those who have a practice of overstating themselves have claimed that my public email has been cut off by Marcia or Caspa , or Majestic, or whatever name they have created by themselves this week...No. Before Laughlin, then Caltech, I knew that the reaction of the larger number of people, the larger portion of the over 1 million hits we now receive on Eagles Disobey every quarter, would realize the authenticity of the information due to the specific historical track back to 2002, regarding Caltech. Our estimation of their recognition, our guess that they would be bright enough to see what was what, proved true.

About 2 weeks following the Caltech presentation, I was receiving over 1,000 emails about every 2 days, or over 500 emails a day! Now...even for as much I do love you all...and I DO...I can't personally answer that many emails, on a regular basis. I simply do not have the energy (owing to health) to do that, and hold any assembly of a real life together (and I do have a real life - including helping my girls with homework, etc.) - plus the research we have to do. (EDITED)

Kosassy, please let me know if you wish me to keep this posted, or if you are satified with just having read it.You keep asking the tough questions. There are enough of them, for all of us, to go around; (EDITED) Let me know what you want done. Dan
"'Last Edit': Yesterday at 8:09am by Dan"


Kosassy replies: 8:02am

"Dan, I hope you don't mind me calling you Dan? I have been glued to this forum for hours. Yes, you answered my questions and my concerns and now I will begin asking others more positive. You don't need to keep that public. The difference between the two is night and day. I agree with you and Dr. McDowell on this. The documentation supports what you have said. I really enjoyed listening to you in Laughlin and wish I could have attended the Caltech party. Thank you for all that you do and I would like to offer my support if there is anything I can do to help? Will you please speak at a public meeting again? Ken Ortumba Dover, DE

~ ~

" ... Cheezy was a lab cat at S4, near Area 51. She was released from the study and used to wander Level 3 with a couple other cats in search of scraps and would then return to the animal bay housing area on her own.

Dan befriended Cheezy at his room and began feeding her scraps of cheese, hence her name. Cheezy was there for Dan, staying with him during some of his hardest times: when he was not allowed to leave S4. As he puts it, "She was there for me, I'll always be there for her... "

Dr Dan Burisch 4/21/08 neweaglesforum, "DAN'S BLOG 2008"

"It is seldom I give testimony to the public in this way, and even more seldom when I am privileged, albeit he needs none from me, to act in a "vetting" or "approving" fashion toward the more global attributes of another. I have been asked about Dr. J.J. Hurtak, and so consider it my high privilege to respond..."
[edited here due to this lengthy testimony]

" ... I immediately recognized Dr. Hurtak as would I regard a "Rabbi" (Teacher), with respect to me, a junior. From my point of view, it was a natural and immediate understanding. It was not something I needed to be told, it was something I "knew."In subsequent days, Marcia and I both had the wonderful opportunity to have extensive, tender, and precious conversation with both Dr. James Hurtak, and his wonderful wife, Desiree.

Both Marcia and myself look forward to the next time we may be graced by the presence of them both, and are very eager to be privileged with the opportunity to further our discussion. Both are actively involved with many things dear to our hearts, including the protection of the global environment, as recently outlined in their coverage of, and participation at the United Nations, in the Fall, 2007.

I highly recommend the book, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch to everyone, and certainly to other professional biologists. The contents are "beyond intriguing."

I will restrict my personal focus within that book, only for the time being, as some of the contents of the text touch, quite closely, certain aspects of the Lotus "system" currently under evaluation and probable expansion to the level of a new "theory."

What I can personally attest to, is that Dr. Hurtak, beyond any doubt by me, has authentically described contact by the Angelic, that he and his wife carry that sense and beautiful spirit with them, and that each who may be privileged with meeting them, will forever be better for it. With love,"Dan" Dan B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D.

Caspa 4/23/08 neweaglesforum, Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!"

We have been asked in 2 letters whether Dan 'ever worked for Dick Cheney'? In 1986, when Dan was sworn into the Majestic, the 12 were working under the Committee of the Majority - the internationalized version of the Majestic 12, since it was chartered in 1967. (It formed in 1963.)

The name "R. Cheney" is present on Dan's last signed affidavit, as a person being on the last seated group of 12, The Majestic. Dan never specifically, directly, "worked for" R. Cheney, save orders which he followed during his time in the Majestic. Dan's time in the Majestic was not smooth. It is true to say that he refused over half of the orders he was given, during the 20 years of his service.

Most of those orders came down from the Committee of the Majority, the place where R. Cheney found his most power, in relation to the Majestic. While on the Majestic, following the collapse of the Committee of the Majority, R. Cheney had lost most of his sway with the rest of the 12. The Moral Compass, MJ1, had that sway and coincidentally that is the person (MJ1) with whom Dan had his closest relationship.

The relationship was so close that no seated member may even call upon Dan without the former MJ1 approving. That arrangement was broken three times by the former MJ3 (2 different guys on different occasions) and MJ9, when they individually attempted to manipulate Dan for purposes which involved the former MJ2, R. Cheney.

After those attempts, where Dan was called directly, Dan checked with the former MJ1, and in each case it was found out that he (MJ1) had not been advised ahead of time. Catching them out, one paid the price of being removed from the 12, and the other two paid the price of having their power diminished. The reason why their power was diminished had nothing to do with Dan. It had to do with a person violating the territory of another seated MJ member.

That was not allowed and it was frowned upon! So, because R. Cheney sat on the 12, and was a member of the Committee of the Majority, technically Dan worked "for him" as part of the 12: but he was only 1 vote, and with limited powers, and Dan was protected from him by MJ1. In other words, the answer is ONLY "technically yes" because Dan was considered like the "teacher's pet" for MJ1. The characterizations that Dan has "worked for" R. Cheney in some dark way is ridiculous!

Dan spoke, once, at the Commitee of the Majority, when R. Cheney was "chairing" and Dan was told to "shut up" by him. (All and all that wasn't a way to get Dan to like him! ) Another time, Dan sat with the 12, during a meeting chaired by MJ1. Where did MJ9 (Dan) sit? They used to set aound the table like a clock. So, Dan should have been seated 4 to the right of MJ1? Dan sat in the MJ2 spot, between MJ1 and where MJ2 was told to sit. If Dan finds something immoral or unethical he says: NO! And there is no moving him once he says "NO!" He said "NO!" many times to the 12 and the Committee, many times those who mischaracterize him don't know about. Many times with things authored by R. Cheney.

Why is he alive? Because of MJ1. Dan is ONLY what you have seen: straight up, loving, passionate about his beliefs and in a positive future and about his science, and a generally all around good guy. Caspa

[ ]

Dr Dan Burisch neweaglesforum, "DAN'S BLOG 2008"

I must beg the forgiveness of everyone sending requests that I complete a blog entry on Intelligent Design. The time has been running away and the plates (multiple) are all full. I will get to it, and to the good friend who wrote, "Can you give us a yes or no?" Yes I can! The truth be told, I have, already, and my position has not changed:

The so-called "Intelligent Design Theory," as presently formed, DOES NOT belong in the U.S. public 'primary or secondary education's' Science classroom. [Does that sound harsh? It shouldn't. Afterall, it's just a position.

A few have questioned how I can "speak so plainly" when I also espouse "faith." When one receives or acknowledges "faith," one should still "see" what is before one's eyes and speak truth one sees it...anyone...and always with the intent of Love and Truth. As I have said before, when I understood that "God" existed, when I gave myself to the "Christ," my brain didn't cease functioning, rather the acknowledgement of God gave my brain a focus: both Love and Truth.

God gave us brains, as well as "hearts" (as concept), both for their purposes. When they work, in unison, through Faith, they are both given higher purpose. So...please continue to expect "plain talk." I risk it, because I have faith. ] I will expand on the reasons for the aforementioned position relative "ID Theory" as I can. (You may notice that I didn't speak to University? I will.) ...and "No!"...I haven't abandoned the perspective that the Universe and Life are "intelligently designed"...I believe they are most certainly so! It's just a matter of categories and where certain definitions belong, and where others do not!

Science is a wonderful tool...the best WE have designed to understand the physical universe...but who says the definition of "life" just belongs to the science classroom, and who keeps over-lumping Darwin's eloquent Theory into the issue of "origins" or "faith?" More as I can...Dan

Dr Dan Burisch - 5/4/2008 neweaglesforum, "DAN'S BLOG 2008"


Completed, being packaged now to be sent to the publisher. CALTECH DVD: Completed! Marcia and I will receive it Sunday. Once we receive it, it has to be registered with the Library of Congress, then I hear we will make it available (somehow) to the public FOR FREE.

BURISCH DEBRIEFING DVD #3: Marcia stated to me that it is nearly done - that she "needs a few minutes of taping time with me." I said, "Mmm okay."KEVIN SMITH RADIO SHOW: Confirmed for Tuesday night, May 6, 2008, from 7pm-9pm Pacific time. RENSE RADIO PROGRAM: Confirmed for Monday night, May 12 [changed], 2008, from 8pm-9pm Pacific time. MYSTERY TRAVEL: Imminent, will advise public and update as we can. The peace of retirement. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh, my! Dan ....

Dr Dan Burisch, 5/18/08 neweaglesforum

Fran...Please summon Brian to my office immediately. I do not want a call, I want to see him in person. This is in reference to unauthorized photos of me which were displayed. I am not "coming down" on you about it, I understand your motives, but Owl knows better than to ever issue such srv images.

I was praying in the last sequence. Reference Voynich...This is one of the very few times in my life where I almost wish I had lied about the original images which were stolen from me and made public without my permission. There are few items over which I would rather die to keep secret than expose to the public. I made a serious error (yes I make them just like everybody else - duh, right?) in ever commenting on the images.

It's my fault that I told the truth about it. I know the public will be reading this, and am saying it anyway because it's just the way it must be for "safety." There is a reason why I have a piece of guardian angel artwork positioned above the Voynich folio on my office wall. I opened my mouth and told the truth, before I had seen part of it, and now I would rather be called names about it, knowing certain "things!" It shall be, from this moment forward, and no matter what I am called, the policy of the Eagles Team not to comment on the contents of the Voynich Manuscript.

The Eagles Team is to consider this as hot of a potato as the Lunar issue. Let the few make all the inane noise they want, as no matter what is said or done: it's worth it! Caspa, it contains such dangerous information, going to prison or being executed would be preferable to disclosing it. (I say this so the public understands the depth of the seriousness.) If placed before a court, I will not lie, but I will refuse to (i.e. not) disclose it for any reason.

Place it in the same category as the Moon, and NatSec military issues such as the aircraft and weapons systems at Groom. I don't want to say that people should regard it as a fraudulent document, as that would be disinformation, but I will say that everyone is probably better off believing it is not real, or if someone makes a better case for its lack of validity, so much the better. (I will tell the truth and say the contents I am protecting have NOTHING to do with a Nibiru-like object, as in a "Planet X," an impact event, a likely transition to T2, protection of any of the former 12 or 33 or their societies, me or anyone I know, nor the "end of the world." 'No one knows the day or the hour. It's something else and it has nothing to do with me, personally, as in "during my lifetime.") Please, "No!" When I said to you the annotations to Folio 21 were not dangerous, I meant it in the context of you seeing it. I never intended you to post it. I apologize to you for the miscommunication, and to the public about the cryptic nature of this post. With this, that is the way it must FOREVER stand. I'll be back on Monday. Dan

Caspa, 5/18/2008 Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator

A PM asks very interesting questions. "What is the eagles team composed of and where are the other members of Majestic? Is Dan a saint and is he a conduit for God?" Now those are great (but strange ) questions!

The Eagles Team is composed this way:
Marci: Professional Musician and Vocalist, Business person, and retired Majestic Senior Operative (Diplomatic/Consistory Service).
(Ann's sister) Debbie: Retired Majestic Remote Viewer, former Senior Operative. (married to Dan)
Dan: Retired Government Scientist, and retired Majestic Senior Operative (Scientific/Diplomatic/Consistory Service). (married to Debbie)
Mongraal: Retired Military, Chopper Gunner, and retired Majestic Operative (Security Service). (engaged to Caspa)
Owl: Retired Military, Chopper and fixed wing pilot, and retired Majestic Operative (Security Service/Raven Courier).
Rob: Attorney, former Lead Counsel, and retired Senior Majestic Operative (Diplomatic/Consistory Service).
Ann: Retired Majestic Operative (Diplomatic/Consistory Service). (Marci's sister)
Stan: Clinical Psychologist, and retired Majestic Operative (Medical/Consistory Service).
Marcus: IT Specialist, Retired Majestic Operative (Diplomatic/Consistory Service).
Caspa: IT Specialist, never belonged to Majestic. (engaged to Mongraal)
KEEPER: Nobody knows! Honestly only Marci knows "its" identity.

Dan doesn't even know who "it" is.The rest of the former Majestic Operatives are spread out around the globe. Some joined the new group when it was chartered, others didn't. A few are members of the Eagles Team (above) and a few were but have gone off to live their own lives now. Most don't give a rat's a** about you now, they did their service and they're gone. A few never cared. Most cared and did their service for mankind. A few still care but only participate when something big comes up. Like this last week! 2Op, Gazo, and about 30 others participated in the operation for Asia.The ones who have always cared and still do? They are members of the Eagles Team.

The strange saint and conduit question! I called Dan and told him about the question to get his answer. Here it is, this is what he sent me, and IMHO it's worth reading.

His words: "I am no more a saint than the person asking the question, and probably everyone else reading it. I am no better than any other person. We are all equals on most levels, and equal to each other in our beautiful differences which rainbow this blessed experience, but I have been graced to have met those better than me! I have served with and fought with heroes! I have watched them die in honor.

During this past week, we met both saints and heroes! We met them huddled in alleys, cooking in the back of soup kitchens, and placing their lives on the line to ferry food into a country whose generals refuse in indifference and paranoia to yield even unto the crying and suffering of their great people!

Peace, great strength, and the Blessings of Almighty God unto the GREAT PEOPLE of Burma and all the great peoples of this Earth! When we see the the people of Burma, we see no less than ourselves. We have met the true Saints of God as they were shaking and clutching their mothers, fathers, and siblings while looking for their understanding of the world which had been wiped away in the blink of an eye! THEY ARE THE SAINTS OF GOD! I am no more a conduit of God than anyone else! At BEST, with such things as Lotus and the experiences which have graced me, NEVER the other way around, I AM ONLY A HUMBLE OBSERVER, and not unlike

ANYONE/EVERYONE else! Many of you have read or heard the Beatitudes of the Christ, yet some of you have learned nothing, and ask me, an unworthy and humble servant, this question? You see the conditions of this planet and her wonderful peoples and approach me with such words? The destiny, and in my philosophy the purpose of humanity, is to be a being of sharing and love! We all fail - all of us - at times! But, is this your method of sharing? If so, Peace and Blessings be unto you! I love you! If not, please, please, please, I beg you all as an unworthy servant: go out and help someone, anyone who needs you and for every YOU there are tens of thousands and more in need! Humanity, our world, nothing less than our humanity IS AT STAKE, not by the happenings of nature, but by human hands - the ones refusing to reach out for our brothers and sisters! It will not be saved by useless governments, burrowing, by wishful thinking, by paranoia, nor wild actions, divisions, nor accusations!

Spiritually, in my philosophy, our redemption is a gift of the Christ (the Cosmic Love), and our survival will not be found in the paranoia of bunker mentality - but by holding onto each other - by the contact from human to human and human to the other blessed lifeforms in LOVE IN ACTION - that is what I mean by UNITY! Care as you can for each other, and hold humanity and all life in your spirits in a state of Unity, for God, our wondrous and ineffable God, hears ALL PRAYERS, none of which are wishful thinking, and all are echoes of the TRUTH of LOVE! I love you. Dan"

Like I said before, criticism from those who "can't do," "haven't done," "refuse to do," parrot the orthodox or denounce with the words "believe" or "unbeliever" is both cheap and easy. It does nothing to help anyone, and in the end is so much fluff! Goodnight. Caspa

---------------------- A LATER COMMENT ------------------------

The trip was very tiring but worth the effort. Dan and Marci have placed an almost total public blackout on the specifics because the same humanitarians on the ground over there will be repeating their efforts, so they can't be comprised.

What they want to communicate to everybody and it will be on Eagles website as soon as Marci gives the writing to Brian, is that this aid effort was made possible by ALL OF YOU WHO DONATED BY PURCHASING DVD'S! Not sounding off but just stating the facts. All of the money for the So. Cal effort came directly from DVD sales. (Pies not included! That money comes from Dan's "funds." Dan receives NOTHING (no $) from any of the DVD's.) All of the money for the contributions we gave, hundred's of pounds of food*medicine from Eagles alone, came from the DVD sales from Marci! That means ALL OF YOU gave the gifts and we just delivered them! The entire team gave their time (me included) free of charge to Eagles Disobey, Inc. That included all meals, rooming, etc. getting ready for the operation and after it until we got back. We donated all that for the good deed. And we're going to do it again! Caspa

Dr Dan Burisch 5/26/08 neweaglesforum, "EAGLES TEAM - PUBLIC" DISCUSSIONS

Dan Replying to "kosassy" ..." Second to the given reason provided by you in your question, and only speaking for myself, the foremost factor for my endorsement was Senator Clinton's opting to declare herself a candidate for that High Office, even after being told what she was told. Dan"

"kosassy" What was Senator Clinton told?

Dan replies "Unfortunately, I must decline to answer that question. Dan"

Dr Dan Burisch 5/30/08 neweaglesforum, "EAGLES TEAM - PUBLIC" DISCUSSIONS

" ... That said...HAARP is believed, by me, to perhaps have the ability to effect a warming of ocean water, at a great distance from the facility. I say that carefully, with due regard to the issue of "correlation" versus "cause and effect."

In our first Cabrillo operation, early 2005, we conservatively added non-augmented brine shrimp (Artemia salina, without alteration) to a bay. We did this to see if we could detect the effects of Lotus by virtue of adding a perturbing factor (the shrimp) and the results of their suspending quartz sand in the upper portion of the water column in a way not normal to the bay. The brine shrimp are nonselective filter feeders and so they temporarily trap a certain small amount of such sand.

We had an advance team on the ground by August 21, 2004. Here you can see one of our team waving to the "watch the water" cam, which is publicly available, and which we were using for our own information/purposes. We monitored the water's physical conditions, chemistry, and biological considerations (bacteria and the like) for months prior to our intervention and months afterward. What's very nice about the first intervention, 2005, and the second one as well, is that we are now able to obtain film of both.

We will soon have a copy of the now infamous POLA Harbor Police "rub" from early 2006, where Marcia and I deployed right under their floodlights...and the public will be able to see it! Further, we have learned that there is a second copy of the 2005 deployment where we deployed with a certain "couple" who helped us, then restricted to the film to cover their own a**es and even tried to claim they weren't there. We are working with the owner of the 2005 film and discussing how we may obtain a copy of it. There are some who say that neither event occurred. (He who laughs last! ) In any case, when it came time for the first intervention, we deployed but noticed something strange with the clouds. It was very rainy, and noticed an almost perfectly timed parting of the clouds about the bay. Subsequent analysis indicated we saw a very small "spike" above the background noise, with certain chemical criteria (two types of iron cations, and phosphate anion), and some bacteria data, indicating we may have tracked out intervention as an "effect." This data was subsequently confirmed with a much less conservative deployment a year later. (2006) One year after that, an intervention without adequate pretest-posttest was done near Corona Del Mar, where the California Purple Sea Urchins were dying in large numbers. While they are now seemingly not in "trouble," I am careful not to ascribe a cause/effect relationship between the deployment and their present state.I should note that the first two interventions were not classified "true experiments" but rather were technically "pseudo-experiments" or so called "pretest-posttest" experiments. See? It's not as easy to assign cause/effect as some would have the public believe.

Much of the data, after the first run (2005) was stolen from Marcia and myself, but we were able to gather enough information to suggest than an outside influence was at play, parallel to what we were doing.
When I attempted to get the real "low down" on it, I was told to mind my own business by some of the power brokers in Majestic - specifically MJ3, at the time.

We were able to determine that the water in the central portion of the bay was anomalously warmed, and in time with our intervention. We were able to watch a higher chlorophyll detection move from the bay and toward one of the large ports. We saw no correlation between the data hits (presumed detections above the noise), any landscaping/utlility/water-power/sewage/community improvement/scientific etc. work at the bay. Likewise no geological correlations (earthquakes).

We did see a correlation between the the operation of HAARP and the warming time and deployment schedule. Since then, I have heard what may have been going on, but nothing I can prove. It is my contention, though, due to the activity of HAARP, that it may have been involved with the warming of the water in the bay. That is the best I can say, relative HAARP and what "relevant" affects it may be able to induce.Thus far, I have seen no good indication that it can cause an earthquake. Dan

[Additional Information:]

WASHINGTON (AP) 6/3/08 - Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, based on an Associated Press tally of convention delegates, becoming the first black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the White House.

Campaigning on an insistent call for change, Obama outlasted former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in a historic race that sparked record turnout in primary after primary, yet exposed deep racial divisions within the party.

Barack Obama Horoscope: A Leo for President 2008?

" ... He has terrific goals and is that great combination of a charismatic leader who is also hard-working with solid values ...

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