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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Caspa 1/14/2008 Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

We received a letter asking about our status, the status of Eagles Disobey and Ufology, due to the pending interview by Mr. Simone.

For the record: No member of the Eagles Team are members of the Ufology community. Dr. Burisch and Dr. McDowell are not now, nor will they be members of the Ufology community and do not seek out the approval of Ufology for any of their activities. Many of the elite in Ufology use Drs. Burisch and McDowell as a resource for accurate information. Many of them, trustable ones, are aware of exactly where and when Drs. Burisch and McDowell will be presenting Lotus. Dr. Burisch was mentioned early this morning on an International Financial Radio Show, speaking about current world events. Those just watching Ufology are missing the events. Those who have a gripe about the wide appeal of the public for what Dr. Burisch has to say, ought to get their own interviews, but find they aren't being invited. Anyone blazing a new trail runs afoul of the stingy dogmatic rhetoric. Stingy dogmatic rhetoric is being recognized by the public for what it is - and we can prove it to everyone.

Since February, 2007, WWW.EAGLESDISOBEY.NET has received the following number of hits from the public:
1,948,421 HITS!
That's almost 2 million hits from the public within the last year, with 192,173 hits in December, and a year total download level from their website of: 122,200,620 Kilobytes !

Congratulations to Dan and Marci, but bigger congratulations to all us people who are seeing where they have been told by others not to look! Professionally checked worldwide contact rates, for information from Eagles Disobey, Inc. (not just the website) is estimated at 28,000,000 per month! With rates like those............ The public on the internet has not been told of all the activities of other divisions of Eagles Disobey, Inc. The stingy dogmatic types are falling prey to 'not being able to fool all the people all the time'! [EDIT BY FORUM CHIEF ADMIN]

Here is a sample of the representative countries and locations from just last December, visiting Eagles Disobey ... [countries edited]

... YET, are hearing Dr. Burisch's words and regularly visiting our site! The letter to us stated about an alleged position of disinterest by Ufology about Dr. Burisch's blog entries. Perhaps they should visit a Ufology site? They may be more interested in reading material from within their community.

Drs. Burisch and McDowell are part of the following communities:

1. a professional research community,
2. an established academic community,
3. the R/D biotechnology community,
4. a geopolitical community,
5. very private metaphysical and religious communities.

They do not feel the need, nor do they have the time to join a new community. [EDIT BY FORUM CHIEF ADMIN] Eagles Disobey's stated position is to remain as a "REBEL" website, "ALLIED TO NO GROUP WHICH WILL TELL IT WHAT IT CAN RESEARCH, PUBLISH, OR SAY!"

Dr. McDowell made it plain why. As soon as Eagles Disobey allows another entity to define it, it can be limited and research can be suppressed. Eagles Disobey is only accountable to two things: truth and the public! Drs. Burisch and McDowell will let neither down, and will stop anyone trying to stop them from doing everything they can to help people in need. Caspa

Caspa 1/14/2008 Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

NEWS BREAK!!!!!!! It has just been learned that Dr. Burisch's 5 year-old little girl, Catherine, was the winner of Sunday's (01/13/08) Nick Jr's "NOGGIN DAILY DOODLE AWARD," judged by the lead character "Moose A. Moose" pictured here on a clock: _

As the winner, she had her artwork featured on COX Digital Cable's Channel 109 (NOGGN) television yesterday morning! She was watching the show when it was announced and said she "wanted to thank all the little people who made this award possible!" []

(She' so cute! Dan is very good with children and his first two children are both very successful; Junior High School straight "A" honor student, and a continuous "Dean's Honor List" Sophomore in College. Soon as an addition to school and what Dan teaches her, Catherine will begin taking Cello and keyboard lessons from Marci! ) - Caspa

[ ]

Caspa 1/20/2008 Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS" Reply #594

" ... Sterling's interest in Dan was for self-promotion and energy issues with Lotus. When Sterling and a "Harry" (the lesser tagalong) failed, then another one with "Harry" took up the same target [the Lotus energy secret] on Dan and Marci, and failed too! arch&plindex=1
[It's as good of a time as any to announce to everyone also-- Dan was asked by "someone" to look into a possible magnetic overunity type device that's posted on the internet and say what sacred geometry symbolism he could find in it. He did. Eagles Disobey website will host a single image [THE NEW NEWS Reply #597] he has allowed out to the public which may lead to a way to improve that device by applying an ancient code. All members of the Eagles Team have been told they cannot comment on the post on the Eagles website except what I am saying now. The post, coming soon will just be called "An Inference." Dan and Marci are not entering a phase where they are working on energy devices, and Dan only looked into this because he has a deep respect for the person who asked. The person who asked will not be identified by the Eagles Team.] Caspa

Owl 1/22/2008 [an] Administrator, neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL"

Here's what Dan just wrote to me:

"If anyone, ANYONE, feels they can delay or derail the efforts by Eagles Disobey to bring helpful products and insightful research to the world, because they deign to use the internet, small microphones, large microphones, the television, radio, the big screen, or even passenger pigeon -- they will find that as time passes they have only blown hot smoke up their own derrieres!

Calling me names, creating smears, applying labels, producing slander and libel, will not stop our efforts! We are working not for us, but for the good people who deserve both better than what they have been getting, and the fruits of research we pray will be helpful. Twice there have been smears against me, and twice I have said, "Still here!" If there is a third or a 60th., you will hear "Still here!" We could have easily just proceeded to the public with Mars anomalies, Solfeggio and Lotus, had we not have been telling the truth with other things.

Why risk numbskulls applying labels? The truth will out! The people deserve to know it, and the estimation by the few with microphones and louder mouths than sense, that the people are stupid, will be proved wrong. We, at Eagles Disobey, are beholden to no one, other than the public, and no thing, other than the truth. If a few don't like it, tell someone who is concerned about the yapping of the few. In the end, the people who are hopefully better served by what we produce, will neither be concerned about those who bear grudges, nor the others who are pledged to falsehood and keeping the people in the dark while selling them science fiction."

Dr. Marcia McDowell, Administrator, 1/27/2008 neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"


Dr. Burisch was a Senior Operative/Scientist, responsible first to the Committee of the Majority and the Majestic 12 (1986-2003), then only to the Majestic 12 (2003-2005), before it was adjourned (October 12, 2005).During the 1991 Gulf War, he was assigned to a Black/Ops Unit, and was deployed into the International Coalition's Zone of Operations, for the purpose of counteracting a rogue military unit's intended application of unauthorized biological warfare agents against the Iraqi Army.

Dr. Burisch's helicopter was hit by enemy fire, killing one occupant, and crashed. Before being evacuated by the accompanying chopper, he was forced to defend himself in close combat. After his return, he was ultimately assigned as a "Microbiologist V" at the Papoose Lake Facility (S4) and operated as a Working Group Leader on Project Aquarius, where his responsibilities included leading a group of scientists in the investigation of a "J-Rod's" (extraterrestrial entity) neuropathy.

Such investigation included his being introduced into a Clean Sphere containment unit and interacting directly with the "J-Rod," then processing, evaluating, and transforming tissue samples for reintroduction into the "J-Rod," with the intent to ameliorate the pathology.

In the late 1990's, Dr. Burisch was formally censured by the Committee of the Majority for his violation of direct orders, but had his academic credentials restored in 2006 by intervention of a very private Religious order, based in France. (His credentials may be verified upon request.)

During 2005, for a short time, Dr. Burisch sat as a pro-tem member of the Majestic 12, as MJ#9, and was finally assigned as H-1-Maj, the designated person to disclose the "extraterrestrial human lineage (time travel) information."

He completed his final orders in September, 2006, and is retired from service.Dr. Burisch continues to conduct and publish research, as Chief Scientist of the "Eagles Disobey Research Consortium" and Corporate Director of Eagles Disobey, Inc., with Dr. Marcia McDowell (President, Eagles Disobey, Inc.). Their publications include the image analysis of Mars anomalies, Acoustic research aimed toward the Healing Arts and Sciences, and an unusual discovery, designated - "Lotus." Dr. Burisch will make an announcement about "Lotus" during his interview by Mr. Simone.

Caspa 2/1/2008 Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, THE NEW NEWS

NOTICE TO ALL ETMs (and the public):

Dr. Burisch has announced that all is well for ETMs to return to normal ops. He is up and around for limited periods in his apartment and is instructing you (ETMs) to return to your activities to build the booklets. He thanks all ETMs for being there with him.The pathology report on Dr. Burisch's surgical material has just been returned: no cancer! He is able to speak normally, and so the operation should not impact his 03/01 interview or presentation a week later! He will remain on very light activity until next Wednesday, due to drainage, swelling and pain. He is expected to return to the TT on Wednesday.

We have received over 300 HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes and they have ALL been read to him by the Mongraal! (He will be 44 on Saturday.) He thanks everyone for their well wishes and prayers, and says he will be back on the ball really soon. Caspa

Caspa 2/5/2008 Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

Feb 4, 2008, murnut wrote:

"I got this from Victor's list. It appears to be an access card. Do the members here think this is a real card or disinfo?"

Caspa wrote That's soooooooooo bad! They weaved up-down up-down from Lazar's badge's mockup. I showed it to Dan and he started laughing! He said the guy needs to get a clasp for his tie then find his lower lip! He said he looks like Herman Munster!

Men were not photgraphed in suits unless they were active military, then they would have been photographed in their daily uniform. Women were dressed formally. In Dan's original photo (H-6196-Maj) he was wearing an Earth Day shirt and blue jeans. His badge was confiscated like ALL Majestic badges were right after Lazar opened his big mouth before it was time.The disinfo number was added to show that it predated Lazar's declared number: LAZAR: E-6722MAJ REC (let me guess, Robert E. C.? (L): E-6689 MAJ They used an "E" between the letters rather than his real "N?"

Truth: he can't make Major, but wants to be Maj? First more C2C bull, now what's next? He was MJ1 too! What Lazar and this idiot don't remember or know is that the "Maj" which was printed on the badges was italicized as "Maj" because "Majestic always leans to a forward posture." All formal communications which can use italics including badges, had the Maj leaning.

The new badge is a fraud. Lesson: Just like politicians, when any member of the FORMER Aviary has their lips moving - they're almost certainly lying. They use up and throw away web email rings like tissue paper. It's sad that those running them don't learn. But they would have never been picked to be used if they were the kind to learn. Caspa

Dr. Dan Burisch 2/8/2008 , neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

Today Dr. Marcia McDowell wrote:

"Hello everybody, I had a wonderful conversation with Rob Simone today. We went over lots of ideas for Dan's interview in Laughlin but I am keeping Dan in the dark about the subjects that Rob plans to discuss, so Dan's responses will be natural and off the cuff. Considering the subjects Rob and I talked about, "off the cuff" could get interesting! I provided him with the link to the "Mongraal's Drop Box." I am now putting together some nice background images which Rob will show as the talk progresses. I am not sharing those with Dan either! This should be fun! Dan and I will also have 5 images prepared, for the Lotus announcement, which should be toward the end of the interview. Talk with everyone soon! Marci

Dr. Burisch replies: Marcia: Whatever! I know you have that "off the cuff" and "spontaneous" penchant about you! Truth be told: I am just grateful to be able to speak with Rob, I really like him. Why? He's real. He goes to the field and gets dusty! He doesn't base his opinions on cyberspace innuendo, but experience in the world.

Whatever he chooses to ask, or you two arrange to choose is fine by me. All I can do is tell the truth, and be as accurate and complete as I can muster. While I will not expose information which may place any issue of National Security (or larger) at risk, I will answer as wholly truthfully as possible. I will not lie, but if we reach an area or areas (NatSec or larger) where I cannot comment, I will plainly say so.

I understand (from Rob's early publication of our interview) that the subject areas may delve into spots where my truthful answers could (in theory) place me in certain kinds of "jeopardy" and that is just the way it goes! I have lived my life, as those who have known me for long periods can attest, as honorably as possible, yet with personal failings like anyone else. I have never requested any kind of lawful immunity over any of my actions, even though certain varieties are said to be blanketing me under the Tau IX-VI, as of 00:00 UT, April 5, 2008. The reports of such a direct request by me, were falsely issued by people who only sought (and still do) publicity for themselves.

In 1986, I swore to the Committee of the Majority, to protect our earth and my country, in that order. In every official action, under that oath, I have conducted myself with that being foremost in my mind and heart. If it is finally determined that any of my official actions place me in any form of "jeopardy," then I will attempt to bear that with the same dignity I have attempted to carry forth my duties.

As stated before...When the time comes (which is now arriving), many will awaken and laugh and say that they knew it could never have happened! I will awaken and know. Indeed.

The period of 60 years has come to a close for the Scots and Majestic, and now the Yorkies and the New Group carry-on doing whatever it is they must do. These 60 years (24/7/365) have been officially focused on one thing and one thing alone: the preservation of humanity during the time of the Cycle's Cross.

Sure...people do what people do - they play games and do their own "thing" sometimes, but the movement of the machine known as the Majestic has been for just that - the preservation of ONE humanity. Not everyone agrees with that - ONE HUMANITY - and (in my humble opinion) I am glad that those who don't were never allowed into the equation, as I believe in ONE HUMANITY. I hope, I believe, that one day we will grow sufficiently to understand the dignity in that term - ONE HUMANITY. I believe that we will even, one day, grow to understand ONE LIFE, and finally - ONE.

I hope that a subject area, in Laughlin, may be "consciousness" (with a tie to the DCTP) so that I may be granted the opportunity to perhaps speak for a moment or two on what I believe we are, and what I feel all this that we experience, may be. We'll see...and no, Marcia, God knows I am not probing for information!
Caspa/Mongraal: Where is my Blog, Marcia's Blog, and the "Ask the Mongraal" thread? Dan

Dr. Dan Burisch 2/9/2008 neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

" ... The serpent at once refers to "wisdom and knowledge" of our DNA, the great gift of the Lattice from Almighty God, and the access wormholes, not some profane "Pan-look-a-like." That false information was programmed into our culture from worldy powers (I'll leave it at that) trying to keep people subservient. Those worldly powers are still trying to keep people subservient - through a fear of tomorrow ..."
"... The "serpent rope" descending was a prophecy of the times in which we live, the energetic (meaning access to wormholes) space in which we are now moving and the simple prophecy of us living in a time where our humble technological creations would allow us to "see it." We have, here (03/16/06) it is published by NASA right before I was on leave with my team to run an operation to reach a certain number with the simple request to pray for, meditate on, think about unity.

Cosmic 'DNA': Double Helix Spotted in Space
By Bjorn Carey Staff Writer posted: 15 March 2006

"Nobody has ever seen anything like that before in the cosmic realm," said the study's lead author Mark Morris of UCLA. "Most nebulae are either spiral galaxies full of stars or formless amorphous conglomerations of dust and gas-space weather. What we see indicates a high degree of order."

Dan responds: Notice where it is located? The very place, the center of the galaxy from whence the prophecy of "Nine Wind," the spirit of the time of the crossing, shall return. This is the true secret of the numerological significance of the number 9 to the time travelers. That spirit, from Tula (the center) is returning now. It is a Cosmic, acoustic, communication "node" making itself available to every human and other life form on this planet. The problem with a lot of this stuff (videos) is the mating of false information to real information which actually supports the contention that the world powers, behind the scenes, have actively considered and placed economic and military policies in place, which would result in the slow, programmed, death of a large number of people.

Now that such an issue has come to the senses of the masses, and the right people in positions of power - the fight against it is, as they say, "On!" The antichrist? It's here, on earth, so is the Christ! It depends on your choice, for you, as a path of learning and experience. The antichrist is quite simply hatred, the Christ is quite marvelously, Love. The former leads to destruction, the latter to completion with/in God. Choose Love. Love, Dan

Caspa 2/12/2008 Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

It seems that the first ever detailed images of the Looking Glass, stargates, and Orion Cube (THE YELLOW-BOOK), done by Dr. Burisch, have made their premier: at the talk by David Wilcock in Los Angeles at the Conscious Life Expo.

The reports of a great reception are echoing through the internet. The great work and spring-ups of true information are just beginning! Like I said: "Be there or be cubed!" Caspa
P.S. A VERY detailed image of Chi'el'ah's face is said to be readied by Dr. McDowell for Rob Simone in Laughlin. I wonder what else they are going to premier there?

~ : ~ a " yellow book reference" ~ : ~

[An Editorial Note: The metaphysics implied here, maybe of a limited nature.]

Anonymous Coward 2/10/2004 12:28 am EST Re: Mystery of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!! Volume 3 ["GLP Forum"] wrote:


As mentioned previously, 4D Zeta/Custodians are sterile. For their lives to continue, they clone, but due to Fail Safe Mechanisms within their genetic code, certain neurological functions degenerate after each cloning transition. The 4D Custodians believe the answer is a hybridization Program.

The genetic race known as Humans is an ideal form for hybridization.

For hybridization to be successful with the human race, the DNA template/frequency of the race wishing to be hybridized must be 'brought in'. This can be obtained two ways:

1: A 4th Density Custodian dies, the soul of this 4th Density Custodian comes in as a Higher Self to a 3rd Density human.

At death, both the Custodian and Human Souls return to the Contemplation Zone in 5th Density.

2: A 4D Custodian goes into a deep form of Meditation/Stasis, the soul departs the Custodian Form and incarnates as a Higher Self to an appointed 3D Human. At death the Custodian Soul returns to its 4D Custodian form and continues its life as a 4D Custodian, whereas the human soul returns to the Contemplation Zone in 5th Density.

The life force of the Human is shared with the 4D Custodian as the 4D Custodian only brings in half its life force.

As a side note: The orientation/frequency of the human soul will bring in the same orientation/frequency of Higher Self. A human with a very strong STS [Service To Self] Frequency will "bring in" a Higher Self of the same frequency band/orientation.

A Higher Self can only be brought into a 3rd Density form.
This means both STS [Service To Self] and STO [Service To Others] souls are brought in as Higher Selves. This is for balance within the Universe.

The soul of the 4D Custodian contains their form's DNA TEMPLATE/frequency, therefore by "coming in" as a Higher Self the 4D Custodian has "brought in" the required DNA TEMPLATE/frequency for the hybridization process in 3D Humans.

The 4D Custodians now have a viable hybridization template for Human/Custodian. These 3D Humans will be the ones used in their hybrid programs.

They contain within their Genetic Matrix the DNA TEMPLATE for the 4D Custodians, which is their Original Genetic Blueprint, that Template contains the Fail Safe Mechanisms. It is the frequency of the DNA Template which is important in the hybridization process.

In these Humans, the 'Human' template is the dominant template (having 100% life force) and the Custodian Template is Recessive (as it is only half a life force).

A "future" event occurs which changes these Humans' DNA Matrix.

The "human template" becomes recessive and the "Custodian template" becomes dominant, they become the grey form Dr Dan Burisch and others refer to as J-Rods.

Their Human Soul is locked into a 3D Custodian form. Unfortunately, their now dominant DNA Template contains the Fail Safe Mechanisms.

The 4D Custodians became aware of the future of these Human/Custodians by procuring an ancient book of timeline probabilities, known as the Yellow Book. The Yellow Book was hidden by 6th Density priests, as was time travel technology. They remained hidden until the 6th Density STS Nordics combined their psychic abilities to "locate" though space/time/ density where this ancient artifact and technology was hidden. The Artifacts and Technology were retrieved and ended up in the hands of the 4D STS Reptilians. They used them as a "bargaining chip" between them and the 4D STS Custodians.

4D STS Reptilian and 4D STS Custodian factions formed an Alliance.

The 4D Custodians would have access to the Yellow Book. They would be able to see into "probable" future events. They 'saw' a future where humans in 3D became 'them' in 3D. This was not what they wanted, nor what the reptilians wanted. Reptilians can only host humanoids in the density below them, if the residual humans become Custodians/J-Rods in the future their hosting abilities are non-existent. Unable to host, their life span is shortened and it will be necessary for them to clone more often. By sharing the life force of the human, the time between cloning transitions is lengthened and as such, the neurological degeneration they are also suffering from is brought to a minimum.

Time Travel technology was utilized by the 4D STS. To the Future J-Rods they sent Time Travel technology and the Yellow Book.

This is how the Future 3D J-Rods became aware of the Yellow Book and its probable timelines.

As with all, there are 3D STO J-Rods, STS J-Rods and Rogue J-RODS.

The 3D J-Rod who Dan Burisch knew and worked with was STO.

However, the Rogue 3D J-Rods (under the direction of 4D STS) signed a treaty with the PTB [Powers That Be] here.

A treaty devised by of one specific faction/alliance of 4D STS Custodians and 4D STS Reptilians. A treaty they will benefit from.


... Uncle John here: While looking for a particular yellow book reference I found the above.

Caspa 2/17/2008 Forum Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL"

Caspa wrote: Here's my metaphysical side: Dr. Burisch is making the final changes to the first ever Lotus presentation right now in his office!If anyone wishes to send him positive energies, now would be a great time! Love, Caspa ..."

" ... Dr. Burisch has just reported on the phone to Dr. McDowell that he has "locked in" the final changes, additions, and deletions to the presentation. Drs. Burisch and McDowell will be presenting 87 separate exhibits (6- statement and title slides - this includes the "thank you" slide for the public; 10- videos; 7- statistical/time analysis and biochemistry slides; and 64 image/evidence slides.) Then, over surveillance, he broke out singing this song and chair dancing:
Thank you to everyone who sent the positive energies! Dan has no idea I asked, but he sure got them! Now, all he has to do is transfer the images to a disk and Marci will set them up for presentation! Yeah!!!!!! Caspa

Caspa 2/18/2008 Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!"

" ... On March 1 Dan will make the announcement. After the team's return from Laughlin, Mongraal will post a great amount of information about what is going on, the date/time/location etc. on the Eagles Forum. There will also be a large posting on Eagles Disobey. Mongraal has a large photospread ready to go to show everyone exactly where Dan and Marci will first present Lotus and how to get there. The Laughlin interview with announcement will become available on DVD through the IUFOC website and will also be on sale on If you purchase it from the IUFOC, the profits go all to them. (We do not control any of that.) If you purchase it from Eagles Disobey, a portion of the profits will go to the IUFOC and a portion to Eagles Disobey. Most profits to Eagles Disobey (the stuff above operating costs) goes to charities. (Like Dan's $400 honorarium is being donated to The Shade Tree Shelter for homeless and abused women and children. Dan takes no profit or monies from anything. He is just "cared for" and will be for the rest of his life.)

Once the Lotus presentation is done, it will likely be made available somehow for educational purposes only. Marci has no intention on selling that video. For a few reasons that will become known soon, it's too important to put a price tag on it. Also, because where it is being held, it would be inappropriate to even try to sell it. A separate interview, going into depth about Lotus, and hooking the science (the upcoming talk is limited to just science) and the metaphysics is on the drawing board. That will become available through Eagles Disobey, and possibly two to three other sources. Caspa

SIR BONE-AMI MON-GRAAL - 2/21/2008 neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL"


Caspa 2/22/2008 Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!"

We've received a question asking 'how many U.S. Military hits we've had this month so far at Eagles Disobey?' Are they concerned about what Dan might say? Out of over 191,000 hits so far this month, 241 have been U.S. Military. 1 of those hits was for routine info gathering purposes we knew about ahead of time, the rest from U.S. military bases around the world, because of interest by those in the military. No, they aren't concerned. Dan and Marci are loyal Americans and the military and government knows it for a fact. Caspa

Source Reveals Secret UFO Meeting at U.N.

by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Posted: February 13, 2007

I received the following email from two trusted colleagues (Clay and Shawn Pickering) regarding a reliable source informing them that a secret meeting occurred yesterday morning (Feb 12) at the New York office of the United Nations concerning the recent spate of UFO sightings. It appears that a number of nation states are concerned about the impact of increased UFO sightings and wish to be briefed about what is happening..."


Confirmation and Update on Secret UN Meeting Discussing UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life

by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Posted: February 20, 2007

Caspa - 2/24/08 neweaglesforum, Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator, "ASK THE MONGRAAL-2!"

We have been asked when Solfeggio will reach the public? Soon. The final "Galley Copy" of Emanation of the Solfeggio, being published by Dandelion Books, is in the hands of Dan and Marci. They are facing a small problem: TIME!

In just 5 days, they will be in Laughlin, preparing to have Dan interviewed by Rob Simone on Saturday, March 1. About 1 week after that, they will be on the West Coast giving a Lotus presentation, showing the present state of the research, at a major academic institution. (That presentatation will be formally announced in Laughlin unless it is found by the public.

In that case it will be announced earlier by Dan and Marci.) The first order of business, once they return to Las Vegas after the Lotus presentation, will be completing the final check of the Galley Copy of Solfeggio. After that, it will be mailed to Dandelion Books and set in final form for purchase. Caspa

Dr. Marcia McDowell - 2/24/08 Administrator, neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL"

We received a request for information about Dan. In 2005, Dan gave a statement of faith. I thought it kind of nice. (This answers the question we received.) I retyped it, just below. Marci

"I am a Christian. I declare the Christ, the Universal and Holy "Love and Peace" as my Savior. Being Christian, to me, means to accept others and their faith just as the faith of the Roman saved his servant. I am of Jewish heritage, and so I am one with the people of Avot - Isaac and Jacob and seek the wise counsel of Abraham; knowing that there is always One Universal Creator. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel, and ALL her children, from ALL heritages!

I study the Holy Torah and the Zohar. I know that upon all ground is Holy Ground, for God is everywhere, and so everywhere I am privileged to stand, I accept that respect to God and honor to all people must first be given. I awe in the 5 and 8 of Islam, Peace be to the people of Islam, and I pray one day that I may be so honored as to be washed in the beauty of those in Hajj at the al-Masjid al-Haram, to be pressed in tawaf and so seek the purity given by the al-Hajar-ul-Aswad! I know that there is 'no God but God' and honor Abu l-Qasim Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, His Prophet, Blessed Be Allah, and the Holy Qur'an. God is One!

I too am a child of Ishmael, and seek his mother's wise countenance in the wilderness. I seek to understand the symbol of sacrifice as taught by Baha'i! I see the organic nature of our wondrous Cosmos in the multiplicity, unity, and harmony of the Hindu beliefs, and so as a Christian, I become Hindu! As Love begets love, and as Love is infinite, I seek the sublime found in the peace of Buddhism, accept the Middle Way, and look to the Dharma of Gautama Buddha, and too seek to set under the Bodhi tree. Even in the impermanence of our perceptions is found beauty. All other positive paths do I seek, to learn. Before all these things do I remain humbled, for I am a Christian. This, to me, is THE WAY. Love, Dan"

Dr. Dan Burisch - 2/26/08 neweaglesforum, "Ideas thread3"

Noddy, I am being told this is a cruel hoax from some nutcase. If it's not real, the only thing we are guilty of is having a heart.

Everyone on the list has been informed: "Disregard last. We are being told that was a cruel hoax from some nutcase on the net. Dan" EDIT:

[ Dan Continues: ] (As I have always said, when I make a mistake, I say it.) Given the history on that list, the above was sent, so I am guaranteed that many of the members of that particular list will probably understand what I wrote. It's clear that another one out there is wandering about, without benefit of psychiatric treatment. I guess this kind of thing is built to test people or drag them away from faith in Love and humanity? It doesn't work.

Noddy, thank you for bringing that simple give of love to this forum and to Marcia's and my life! You made a call and asked people to care! That's a wonderful thing to do. I was told by MJ1, in 2003, that when I was regularly in the real world, that I would encounter such as I have encountered. I was told that all the years of sheltering would have made me naive to a world full of...well...what we see.

MJ1 was wrong. It's not naivete, it's a willingness to first Love...and that is something which I will never sacrifice, nor ever jade my heart, to first "sneer." Don't you let this bother you either! I mean it! Keep that beautiful heart moving forward just like you do! (If you place another - for any reason - I will behave in EXACTLY the same way! The cause was life, the cause was imminent, and so WE (at least you, Marcia, and I) ACTED!

We didn't wait to analyze and play like we cared - WE ACTED! We did it together, and we did it for the right reason! Here are a couple more thoughts: Some know the background of what Marcia and I are readying to do, those who know the history, and what we have been told it will one day mean. Cancer? I see. God just called and told us that we are loved! The Creator will be with us, as the Creator is with us all! We have just prayed.

Everyone who read that post, and felt for a child, just prayed! No prayers go to waste. Even those who are misguided in this life who pray negatively toward others have their prayers turned around in care for them, from God, and positive care for the person of focus!

The challenge, while knowing the person who may have done that is likely a seriously deranged person, and while ascribing the label appropriately, it now becomes my (as I only speak for me) responsibility to pray for the person who wrote it! The prayers we have sent, as a result of seeing, feeling, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - ACTING for a "child" in distress, haven't gone to waste, whatsoever! How can I be sure? That child exists. That boy, that girl, is dying, somewhere, as I write. It has always been so, since anyone has had the capacity to write. Most likely, he or she isn't the person who wrote the poem, but they are definitely there! My first thought: helping the child, and using a tool which has wronged people, for the right use!

What MJ1 called naivete, I now sit back and ask myself what kind of a person would I be if I wasn't the kind to act, as I did, under that circumstance? I wouldn't be the person I am, nor would I want to be the person I would have become, should I have not used my heart first, in that instance. (We have told people, before, that Love comes first. It always will. ) No, this was for a higher purpose! We recently had a phone call with someone we have had an association, then temporarily terminated it (for many reasons), then subsequently reassociated. In that call, speaking about what's coming I said something akin to: "So I heard what would happen, in 2001, and have just blundered forward, the happy fool, ever since."

The person on the phone joked, "You may be happy, but no fool!" I responded, "Well, maybe a fool for God!" I have a small frame, right in front of my desk, on the wall. I just scanned it in...It says: THE HAPPY MORON" Oh look at the happy moron, he doesn't give a damn, I wish I were a moron, My and perhaps I am!" - Anonymous (Image: 1/1 by K.C. Stickney)

It reminds me to always care, no matter what! To always act on matters of the heart, no matter what! To always give of myself, no matter what! Are we morons? Nope! I don't think so, as we dare to continue caring for those around us. But...if we are...then I am in really good company, with such a heartfilled and loving person, named Noddy.

It's coming close to time for me to rest, and before I go to sleep, with my regular prayers, I will thank that deranged person for giving me the opportunity to break away from a lot of other things - to stop for a moment, to return to center, to care, and to extend love to others.

While we prepare what we know of Lotus, for that purpose, thank you Noddy and so many others, thank you that person who wrote that, thank God for nudging me again, telling me that I am loved, and that what we are doing is for the right reasons. It has been a long, hard, haul...just being that "fool" who does things for what I see as the right reasons, and staying on the straight and narrow as best I can. But, I wouldn't change a bit of it. Nothing. Because what humility I feel now, before God and everyone else, that humility and Love is what I see as reality.

We sat here, over the better part of the last year, and slowly put a still incomplete picture together, for two real purposes and two real purpose only:

(1) to communicate what we know, in the right way, given such a gracious offer from such a gracious person from an institution I consider second to none, and
(2) as the baton in a long relay - a relay which will extend far beyond our lifespans. Do I know it will happen in 83 years? In my head, no, but in my heart, yes! This has re-awakened my heart again, and has refocused me on the efforts at hand. We do for no expectancy of return, and we do anyway, ONLY BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! God Bless you, Noddy, for reminding me about those children. God Bless you, whomever created that hoax, for allowing me to be reminded by a child of God, and God the Creator, that we act in the name of Love! Love, and chat after Laughlin, Dan

Dr. Marcia McDowell - 2/28/08 Administrator, neweaglesforum, "Marci's Blog"

Director to all safety units: I DECLARE YOU OPERATIONAL.PROCEED.

Caspa - 2/29/08 Eagles Forum Deputy Administrator, "A MESSAGE FROM TEAM EAGLES"

As the Deputy Eagles Forum Administrator, I am the representative of Team Eagles. The following posting comes as a matter of deep pride we have for what Dan and Marci have been through, what they do, what they will do, who they are, and what they mean to us! While this posting has been okayed by them to be posted, it is from Team Eagles and not them.

The message at the end of the video is a message they wish to send to the good people who have always supported them and their cause for doing the right thing for the right reasons. But, the context and the video is our creation and we alone are responsible for it.

Ok. I received 1 reply asking to change their position on Dan, and that email has been destroyed and that name will be whispered in Dan's ear by me Saturday night. To that person: you have chosen wisely. To the rest. Time's up!¤t=TIMESUP.flv
This post, and all comments about those who have faded to black will disappear on Sunday night, with the posting by Rob of the announcement at Laughlin. The posting will be in a new thread, which I will set up called "A New Day." This forum will undergo temporary lockdown in 1 hour. Love, Caspa






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