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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Dr Dan Burisch 12/23/2007 neweaglesforum, "BURISCH'S BLOG"

Blog Entries pending (relating to letters received)-

"1. My status, vis--vis the New Group.

This entry will include a publicly provided statement to the New Group, as to my intentions. "If recent developments were not enough, this entry should pretty well set it straight:

While I will continue to offer the I.S. as a place where in-service personnel (those of the New Group) may discuss their positions with those of us who have "been there," that should not be misinterpreted by the members of the New Group that I have any interest whatsoever in swearing a new oath of allegiance to anyone. Those days are over, period.

I have received a legal briefing from the former Chief Counsel of the Majestic ["J1"]. While the whole contents of that briefing will not be discussed either here, in the public, or in the I.S., I wish to announce to the echelon of the New Group the following: I trust you won't mind my writing this in a manner where other unrelated person's may understand? Good. Don't worry about it...really! The majority reading here aren't concerned with this garbage between you and me, and many others won't preserve it anyway, because of what they have already convinced themselves. They're busy filing FOIA's on Class Level 0's, following people with nonexistent connections, hoping to read just anything into echelon government official's expressions (but like babies - most of the time it's just gas), and trying to poke into anybody's tent, just for a glimpse of their underwear! Relax. least hiding in plain sight still works! all seriousness...Soon after the formal adjournment of the Majestic, on October 12, 2005, the New Group began it's formal operation, and with such began formal meetings in January 2006, and taking complete charge, September, 2006. As you are aware, the New Group's influence began long before both dates In fact, while I was just a 13 year old kid, sitting in the basement of the museum named after this man... - [pic]

...just 4 years after my being forcibly abducted from a Park (forever changing my life)...and while I was being privileged to experience some of the finest minds as my mentors...the new name was being called before the Committee of the Majority, wasn't it? Of course, at that time they were relying on the Majic 8 Ball, as the full capabilities of the back engineered Sumerian traveler technology LG [ Looking Glass] was still undergoing testing.

The intent changed what they were able to when the name of the man who would lead the beginning phases of the next group was called...(and for others reading here, I am not referring to myself)...they didn't realize how far personal intent could sway the information. They didn't understand just how bad of a decision could be made as a result. A few of us who have experienced a J-Rod don't have that problem with respect to the Majic 8 Ball. Life they say...a real b*tch?

Unknown to me, until reasonably recent, the name of the New Group - it's official "code name" (like the preceding name, "Majestic") under which it is intending to operate until at least 2065 - has been deeply imprinted, along with secret authorization account numbers, contract routing agreements, etc. into the bureaucratic framework, including the defense complexes and legislative processes of several governments.

You may be asking yourselves how I could have come about such numbers and other information? I know you know I have the name, but...that? Well...let's just say that a little bird, who recently perched above the Majic 8 Ball, told me. The information has been set to text, and was videotaped, and although I don't wish to bore you- as you probably have already gathered, spread out amongst several persons worldwide. None of my people know where it is, neither do I! Why? Just in case you don't want to be...polite. Are you going to be polite? Good. Remember: if I availed myself to 1 triangle, popping up in the little window of the Majic 8 Ball...think of what I may have been recorded after shaking it several times. Gosh, how did that pesky Majic 8 Ball go missing around mid-May, 2005? I sure wish I knew! If I knew, would I tell you? Let's see...

Hmmm...first I have to unwrap it... Oh, Majic 8 Ball, if I would find out where you are hidden, when would I reveal your location?

( "when hell freezes over" )

Well...there you have it! One can't argue with the decision of the Majic 8 Ball! Now...I have been advised, and a brief is presently enroute your location with the chapter/verse specifics, and together with other...ahem..."polite requests"...that while abrogation of T-IX-VI Level's 3 and 4 statements on the "Protection of Senior Majestic" members would sever certain "ties," Levels 1 and 2 would remain in place.

What could sever such ties? The name of the New Group! So...Read the brief, and don't you dare touch the messenger. If you do, it would upset me so much I could act precipitously with the information. Could it be that the last time I will ever hear coercion, from you, has already faded into history? I think so. I really think so. I have plans, and long and short term goals. Does this mean that, if you have very serious difficulties, you can't ask? Absolutely not! I'm always available to help out with matters, if they are very serious. Dan

Dr Dan Burisch 12/24/2007 neweaglesforum, Ideas thread3

On behalf of the entire Eagles Team: MAY YOU ALL RECEIVE BLESSINGS OF PEACE AND LOVE FROM THE CREATOR! Love, Marcia, Deborah, Ann, Frances, Amanda, Steven, Brian,

Caspa, 12/27/2007 Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

PERSONAL STATEMENT OF ENDORSEMENT BY DR. MARCIA ANN MCDOWELL, FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: "Changing times demand changing thought. In consideration of all that is at stake, the foes we face, the experience and ability of the candidate, I wish to announce my endorsement for this candidate for "President of the United States of America" -




"In consideration of whom to endorse for the High Office of President of the United States of America, many criteria were analyzed and many conditions considered, not least among which were: 1. .... [continues]
... I am proud to endorse, to become the 44th. President of the United States of America: UNITED STATES SENATOR HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON (DEMOCRAT)....





Caspa, 12/28/2007 Deputy Administrator, neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

Pagemarker. Welcome to the forum. Dr. Burisch speaks highly of you. Just a word, as you are new: The use of gender-offensive terminology such as "thunderbitch" is not permitted on the Eagles Forum. Thank you. Caspa

Caspa, Deputy Administrator, 12/31/2007 neweaglesforum, BURISCH'S BLOG

I have been asked by Marci to complete a list, with approved information that Dan said he would blog on. We have also received a couple questions about Dan's office. I have just been honored with permission to be one of the few people in the world allowed into Dan's office without an escort. I am grateful for the trust given to me. One person asked if Dan's office is decorated for the Holidays? Is it ever! Dan's office is never fully darkened, and a candle is always lit 24 hours a day in his office. One of us always watches the camera where the candle it lit for safety and no cats are ever left unattended in his office. His office is always beautifully lighted, but during the Holidays it takes on a special beauty. I was okayed to take these photographs last night. _

Also, I was asked if Dan still stores the project Lotus information at his private home office? Yes he does. The black and white grainy shots are of the original Poject Lotus documents. They now occupy the ten volumes in the box and the disks in his CD podium. (Maybe people ask, "Should this be showed?" Trust us, no one will get in there without permission! Not and leave on their own! )

Those volumes are the same ones containing sensitive Lotus material that the people who came to steal the secrets never picked up and read - not even after they were told they could! That is what Dan means by angels "gently protecting" Lotus! ) Now to the questions.

2. "Where have you been and what have you been doing? "During Dan's official absence (July 22 to December 14) he participated in 3 major things:
1. Assisting the New Group's unit which watches for "prohibited technologies".
2. Acting as a mediator between several secret societies and the New Group, in an effort to bring a peace, and a focus to defeat those in the Illuminati who are willing to harm the people through their greed. Dan was a main arbiter between several societies representatives which are religious-based. He also shared with them the information from the Looking Glass, obtained before it was dismantled, about T1v83, the timeline we are on.

Plans were created to step in the way of expected wars and the famines and epidemics which follow in their aftermath. Information from the Yellow Disk (Yellow Book / Yellow Cube) was presented. Dan was picked for that job because of his prior relationship with the J-Rod. His relationship with the J-Rod taught him how to remove most of his intention from the Yellow Disk data, to effectively allow it to operate with almost the same validity as the Looking Glass.

3. A military matter. (No information is available or will probably ever be available about this matter.)

4. The South Pole: Dan was asked in an email if the South Pole Telescope was being used to watch "Planet X"? No. The South Pole Telescope is being operated by scientists collaborating from the University of Chicago, University of California at Berkeley, University of Illinois UC, Case Western Reserve University, JPL, the Smithsonian, McGill University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of California at Davis. The telescope is part of a program to try to understand "Dark Energy." Some data from the program will also allow "certain people" to watch "certain aspects" of the energetic space we are now in. 99.9% of the reason why the South Pole Telescope is there is for publicly and privated funded science which will be ultimately peer reviewed and published.

5. The status of Project Lotus, and what is going to be seen next year? Project Lotus is being packaged into an introductory presentation, scheduled to be given in March, 2008. The presentation is scheduled to be held at a major institution on the U.S. west coast, just a little over a week after the March 1, 2008 Laughlin interview by Rob Simone. Dan will announce the date, time, and location of the presentation in Laughlin, during the interview. The introductory presentation (1-1 1/2 hours with Q&A after) will include a history of Project Lotus, a summary of data to date, the proposed "system" of Lotus, and how that system may impact evolutionary theory.

From Dan: "A selection of the "best of the best" highest resolution images, video and data will be presented, the majority of which has never been publicly seen. Marci and I will attempt to trace the connections and functions of each part of the proposed Lotus system. We are not intending to present Lotus as a paradigm breaker, instead we will present what we know to date, and offer it up in front of the assembled audience to request suggestions for further research. It is our job to only present what we know, offer it for consideration, and not be overly focused on the issue of paradigms. Paradigms take care of themselves and it will be difficult enough to accurately interpret our data, so that the assembled minds may be able to clearly consider it. We will also, time permitting, discuss where we plan to go with the research."

Dan and Marci are scheduled to room a couple of nights at the institution where they are scheduled to speak, as invited guests. They both wish to state that "We are extremely grateful to both the institution, the faculty, and especially the member of the faculty, inviting us to speak." Dan and Marci and others will be attending dinner after the presentation. Following dinner, some time will be made available for whoever wishes to continue the conversation with them in depth about Lotus. Much later that night, they have private plans. More information will be presented as we near the date.

6. Solfeggio status. Solfeggio is in the hands of the publisher. Certain adjustments to the book are underway, and that has caused a very short delay in the publication of the manuscript. The manuscript is still in very good shape, and Dan and Marci wish to express "..heartfelt gratitude to Dandelion Books for moving the Emanation of the Solfeggio toward publication."

7. Isis status.The building of "Isis" is expected to be started by the middle of 2008.

8. Plans after Lotus presentation is completed Unless it is already done by then, Dan and Marci will be giving an indepth interview and presentation to certain persons, combining the science and the metaphysics of Lotus. The metaphysics is not the subject of the presentation at the institution.The next thing to be completed by Dan and Marci will be the next edition of the Eagles Disobey(tm) series of books about anomalies of Earth and Mars. It is being titled "Eagles Disobey(tm): The Martian Timeline."

It will have a shocking collection of the anomalies on Mars and will deal with the Convergent Timelines paradox. After that is completed, Dan says he will start to built Isis. Marci will be working on Isis, music items, and further DVD's from Dan's debriefing. In the not too distant future it looks like Dan could have a biography written an he intends to write his "Magnum Opus" about life origins. Dan will also continue with the "Original Lotus Protocol" and do research at geothermal springs and other places in southern Nevada.

9. ARGGO status and current earth changes. Funding is being sought to build the "Atmosphere Reorienting Greenhouse Gas Oscillator." Some funding has been received, but more is needed to get this project off the ground. It is extremely expensive.

10. Geopolitics in a T1 world. Conditions are too "fluid" and dangerous to comment at this time. The item will probably be a part of Dan's Laughlin interview.
*UPDATE: Dan's tribute to the beloved Benazir Bhutto is now posted on Project Camelot. Caspa


"And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly. Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal [must] put on immortality.

So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory." - 1Cr 15:49-54

Caspa, Deputy Administrator, 1/2/2008 neweaglesforum

We have received a request for the public itinerary of Dan and Marcia. Unfortunately, Dan and Marcia have already received threats in their email. That makes any publication of a complete itinerary off limits. No threats will ever cause Dan or Marcia to back off or back down! During their stay in Laughlin, at least 1 male security will remain in Dan's room at all times, and at least 1 female security will remain in Marcia's room at all times. During their sleep time, at least 2 security people will be in each of Dan's and Marcia's rooms.

The security are newly retired professionals, and will blend in seamlessly with the public when Dan and Marcia are not in their room. They are the real security variety of Men and Women in Black! Any attempt to make good on any threat would be foolish. Neither Dan nor Marcia will be meeting with any member of the public at/in their rooms. Dan, Marcia, and Security will all be under "NRG status," which means their room numbers will not be confirmed to anyone under any condition contacting Aquarius PBX or Front Desk. Even if Dan's wife, or Marcia's sister were to call in, they will be told that neither of them are registered at the Hotel. Other communication arrangements have been made. The only portion of their itinerary which the public may know is Dan's Saturday, 3:30pm-5:30pm, interview by Rob Simone, and their probable dining in the Outback Steakhouse afterward. Have a nice day! Caspa
[signed] ("I protect Marci's interests")

Dr Dan Burisch 1/4/2008 neweaglesforum, ASK THE MONGRAAL
[ edited for brevity ]


When it was first discovered, I too had doubts that this was (and hoped it was not) the inundation mechanism observed by the Looking Glass, Cube, and announced by the J-Rods/Orion's......however...since then...I learned otherwise. It appears the attenuations observed are those closest linked to the T2-Catastrophic timeline's information involving not only the asthenosphere/mantle interactions (a geophysical movement) but also resulting liquid volume additions via high pressure venting. Reference your comments concerning the Europe and other numbers, the answer to your question (if I am picking the right discussion - the one in a list of such items where I had his word he would not publish) is in the very text of the conversation you reference.

Furthermore, there are two projections (involving this specific subject) to which I was made privy: T2-2012 and T2-2014. The numbers in that conversation pertain to T2-2014. In that conversation, look for the reference to 'excess numbers for people not residing in the continents', T2's 'post-catastrophe migration,' and the reference to 'corollary deaths. ' Below, is a censored map giving the information you reference, from the conversation. This is how the map arrived to me, minus the red rectangles, and my removal of initials and stamps. I added the rectangles.

Other maps, smaller scale, contained population numbers of higher accuracy. In the conversation, I referenced higher resolution maps, to which I then had access. Those maps contained smaller regional areas, including expected zones to remain above the initial flooding and withdrawing water levels. A couple things I want to advise here: Aside from the clarifications above, and to which population estimates you may be referring, I will not recount and discuss the specific numbers. Why? Just as I have rightly chastized others for betraying confidences, I endeavor to never behave as would a hypocrite. He violated (thus, in my view, destroying) his word of honor by betraying the confidence of a discussion bearing numbers which we now strongly believe and understand will never be.

Such numbers, constantly bantered around, and also the fixation on destruction and catastrophe, betrays an individual's focus. I wouldn't be the one to rightly accuse, then behave as they do. I also undersand that simple interest in, and historical review and preservation of the subject matter - "information provided by the extraterrestrials and that obtained by exotic technologies" - is a legitimate line of inquiry! Thus, I do not pre-judge the motives of anyone (for whom I am not already sure ), and will answer to the best of my ability, short of crossing a line of good behavior or that which would get my "E" (for Emeritus, retired) stripped from me. Concerning the wonderful "R" word (for retired! )

... As of 00:00 December 15, 2007, by my request, my direct channels to the New Group have been severed.

I remain responsible to answer all questions which I prudently discern as triggers under Tau-IX...but...I no longer have a phone access whereby I can ask "What about paragraph...?" While this may be perceived by some as unfortunate, as they want to know more, to me it is FREEDOM! (Those who haven't had their freedom constrained seem hard put to understand. Mine, albeit by my free will when I swore in, was constrained for 20 years!) I can speak from experience when I say that there is a direct, positive, correlation between people wanting to know more about the environs from whence I hail, and their lack of information about its nature.

It has been my experience that once one passes a certain threshold, the more one learns about it, the less one wishes to know about it. [Majestic is a really cool spy-like subject for many, but for some reason after my 20 [years], I seem to have lost all the sense of intrigue? It must have happened somewhere between seeing people die, hearing my bones crunch under a man's foot, watching my blood drip under me after being "beat down," and noticing the camera in my restroom.]

So, for more detailed map information, that information triggered by the Tau-IX, one would need to obtain it from someone with direct connections to it (The New Group). Unfortunately, I can't provide the contact information, short of being called under oath to do so, without jeopardizing the aforementioned "E." Would that matter to me if I thought the T2 was going to happen? Hell, no! But...and excuse the English...BEING IT AIN'T, I AIN'T! - Dan

Dr Dan Burisch, 1/5/2008 Administrator, neweaglesforum, BURISCH'S BLOG

"I am happy to hear of the public report coming from the representative of the wonderful people of Norway. Peace be unto Norway! We will, together as ONE PEOPLE, survive and live to a future of great destiny! The systems for protection of some of the population are in place, and are continuing to be built and fortified. It's the one time where a series of large worldwide expeditures have been made, for an event within probability, believed averted, where I still approve of the outlays at any cost. It's no more, nor less, than a home remedy: it may never help, but it can't hurt.Dan"

Project Camelot wrote: Dear All, IMPORTANT Project Camelot has just received a communication from a Norwegian politician about that country's preparations for a future catastrophe - the details of which are known at the highest levels of government. We immediately exchanged further e-mails with this person to verify identity and check facts. What we have published here may be the most extraordinary and potentially important single message we have ever received. * * * *
*Best wishes to all, Bill and Kerry -- Project Camelot SUPPORT FOR RESEARCHERS AND WHISTLEBLOWERS

Dr Dan Burisch 1/5/2008 neweaglesforum, ASK THE MONGRAAL
[ edited for brevity ]

" ... The T1 stuff is kind of a wildcard. While my responsibilities are spelled out clearly in the text of the Tau-IX ref T2 ( 'the rights of human beings to know of impending worldwide disaster' ), the information to which I was exposed about T1 via videotape, reports, talk, and my recent (hopefully last) involvement with the New Group, sits in an area which is much less clear as to the requirements.

I seek the notion of requirements first, as I (like anyone) want to do "what's right." It's not an easy thing to decide, as would be otherwise painted by people who have never been chosen to be exposed to such information. I have met a person from beyond our time, and of what has he now become? I do not know for sure. As his direct line to us may well have expired with the twinkling of an eye, what does that portend about the T1 information?

Now...I confess that I have utilized the T1v83 information to which I have been
1. Specifically warning two individuals of "grave dangers" (...later to find out that both had been previously informed by other sources and had already made their "decisions"...), one of whom is now dead;
2. Informing certain individuals - who have a broad range of contact so could likely better carry a message of peace - about possible international consequences to breaches of the peace, and the best played options now underway;
3. Privately telling 1 individual everything I know about the T1 data. You may be easily able to guess who that person may be. That individual has been in the process of mailing information to herself via specific others and is having it deposited in sealed envelopes in multiple places around the world, for the record.

That individual also now has the complete plans to a FULLY OPERATIONAL Looking Glass Unit, ERB-Access Unit (Stargate), and Transport Pods. (The location of that information is obviously not available.

I have entrusted the operatives moving the data with the life of my kids and their future children - quite literally. The trust is well placed, and they like that 1 trusted person and myself would die to protect it until after the transition is complete. Why not? The alternative is having no presence in the future via the children! I have never been given a better purpose to die, if necessary!

Others are blessed, who believe and have not seen, I have had the privilege of seeing, which is why I have 0 fear of it! My intent? I hope to be around until I am 120! This earth and cosmos is beautiful beyond my words to exclaim - and so are her people! Plus...IT'S FUN! The love I feel for the people of earth is beyond everything, and I will probably never understand why I was picked to protect such important information. I don't deserve the honor, and only hope and pray to God I can live up to it. ); and
4. Utilizing it to hopefully present the right communications with individuals in different parts of the globe, for the furtherance of peace with justice, and the prevention of wars. Truth be told, my likely tack with the information will be, in the near term, to discontinue saying anything about it. Why? I am reaching my limit of while considering my responsibility of having this information, on the large scale, we all deserve a future we create for ourselves, in honesty, and not one obtained by stealing a glimpse under the Lord's quantum "meeting tent" of possibilities.

"If you show someone their future, they have no future. If you take away the mystery, you take away hope." - the movie, "Paycheck," 2003. So why did I transmit the LG [Looking glass] information? I have no idea what the total number of possible "wonderful things" can be produced from the equipment if it is altered! For instance...Our ideas for ARGGO! I am aware that the LG, when it is placed in a certain configuration is capable of sequestering the partial pressure of a specific gas, from a mixture in an atmosphere! What could we be thinking: CO2 of course! With my being able to suggest one alternate use, how many alternate uses can be suggested by many others?

To destroy that possibility would also be wrong, and don't think for one minute that the New Group won't begin using it after 2016! You can bet they will! They were dumb enough the first time, they'll be dumb enough again. What can I do to stop it? Alone, nothing. (There is a message, there...and the responsibility others have whether they want it or not.) Short of other things...the best near term I now see to secrete the information and protect it as a potential source of benefit. What should we expect in the near future? That will depend on what we create! - Dan

Dr. Marcia McDowell 1/8/2008 neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL"

Well, well, well, finally! An interesting letter that I will answer. "What are you and Dr. Burisch registered as Party wise?" Dan and I are both registered: REPUBLICAN - Marci

------------------------[ ]------------------------

Now the questions in email are getting almost too good! "Did Dr. Burisch see in the Looking Glass who he would endorse for the election? If so, who? " Yes. He was showed data about the start of this year. It showed him advocating the election of:
Due to the nature of the questions and the serious other things happening right now, no further questions will be taken by Team Eagles about the endorsements for the 2008 Election. - Marci

Dr Dan Burisch 1/10/2007 neweaglesforum, "ASK THE MONGRAAL"

You're flighty today! Calm down! Don't forget: the only true "in service" purpose we have had is T1 vs T2 and we (all of us) appear to have satisfactorily done our job. Until we reach the real time though, and after, may I just remind you to keep the appropriate frame of mind: UNITY! Concerning T1v83, our Third Rail hopes, may I also remind you (and the others in the know) about Deborah's ankle. The developments are possibly very good - definitely bad for Edwards ( ) - but more often than not the same events occur with variations. So...we keep praying and making efforts to do the right matter what! Ref T1 vs. T2,

I'll just say that things are looking mighty good that Marcia and I will be somwhere down there on a certain December 21 [2012?], kicking a yellow-orange ball around on a certain ballcourt!

It will be printed with the names of every Majestic and "New Group" operative to have ever served and we are informed that she and I have the honor to kick it around a court at that moment! A very deep honor, one dedicated to-
(a) all the operatives who have served and sometimes have given their lives for the higher purpose of humanity [ ],
(b) all the people who have prayed for, meditated on, thought of UNITY FOR HUMANITY AND ALL LIFE DURING THE TIME OF THE CYCLES' CROSS, (c) all those who have lived their lives in the service of humanity,
(d) humanity itself as we strive to lift ourselves to achieve our great potential, and
(e) All Life, Love, and Truth!

Marcia tells me that we already have all the arrangements done. The ball is being printed. I do not deserve the honor to kick the ball, but hope I may live up to it. (There exists a possibility I may not be exactly "walking" by then...but I'll figure it out how to give it a kick anyway! Being alive is what matters! ) Be there or be square my great friend!

Not until then...and we realize about the t+4yr (2016) issue...but we figure at that moment we would have succeeded in this great fight for the right! (For those "just needing" a conspiracy... ...well...the New Group is operating! For those "just needing" the possibility of a looming'll have more years to fulfill your needs to ponder with fear the next "tomorrow" or "corner" to be turned! Boo! )

For us...on that 21st...And after...we will always have work to do for others. I have been asked if I will be remaining on the internet after 2012? I suppose if God grants me the years (and even if not), there exists the possibility that Marcia may keep a web presence (THE "Eagles" will continue) and update the public about our continued research, together with continuing to publish debriefing DVD's, etc!

Once the date has come and gone I wouldn't think anyone would even be interested in hearing anything from me. Rather...if still privileged to be enjoying my present life, the products we will be producing should be helping. That's what we are all about: helping and trying to improve the lives of others. But...very direction must, will, be focused on just research and those applications.

You know...I just sat in a company meeting with 7 others and during the conversations I heard a person refer to another (not present) with whom we had "close interaction." The comments directly referred to a person's present health status and a situation of massive improvement after our (Marcia's and my) "intervention." (Unfortunately, due to privacy and business reasons, I can be no more forthcoming....but...) I am humbled that we have been beneficial in that regard and in that effort can see the renaissance coming...the thing which is really (as opposed to the boogeyman) just around the corner...the thing for which we are struggling.

Such a report gives new life, new spirit, to our work! ...and that isn't even about Lotus! attentions turn to Isis, and Marcia's to the "tones" and music - what a future we all have before us! Love, Dan

Dr Dan Burisch 1/11/2008 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, neweaglesforum, "THE NEW NEWS"

I have been asked in a number of emails whether I would be willing to chat in the Eagles Chatroom with others, during times other than what Marcia has set up (January 29). The answer is "yes." If anyone wishes to do so, drop me a line at and we can arrange a time, or just suggest it publicly in the "Ask the Mongraal" thread and we'll set a time.

I am never too busy to speak to, during this period, speak with the public. The subject matter doesn't have to be "important" or "breaking news." If anyone wishes to chat, just let me know. Unlike so many others who feel themselves so self important and present themselves as so busy that they can't just "chat" with the public, I realize that I am just one of you...and that is quite good enough for me.If the need or want arises, just let me know directly. Dan

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