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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Dr. Marcia McDowell ~ 2/4/2007 neweaglesforum [majestic created forum]


FLASH! Hello, everybody! What a wonderful day it has been! Wow, how to begin? We had a nice trip into Laughlin, a beautiful drive, and we got to the Aquarius Hotel at about 11:45am. We found our way up to the second floor where the convention was being held and immediately ran into Paola Harris who introduced us around.

We had an immediate change of plans when the interview with Jerry Pippin turned out to be scheduled first, followed by the book signing at Paola's table. Jerry and his producer greeted us and had set up their equipment for a live interview just outside the main meeting room.

So, Dan and I, along with Paola, were seated and were almost immediately brought into the interview process. A crowd began to gather. As the interview progressed, the crowd got larger.

Much to my surprise, when the question about abductions came up, Dan's presentation became far more forceful- much more forceful than I had anticipated.

He paused, darkly, then said that as a previously seated numbered member of the 12, eventhough he had no official authority to do so, he took it upon himself to apologize for the previously established treaty programmed abductions, citing that they were wrong on any account and that as he was a former "number," he had 'some responsibility to speak out in that regard'.

He said he used his short time as a "J" number to press for the removal of the abductions from the treaty process because it was wrong, and that the government (including Majestic in years passed) had been lying to the people of the world when dismissing their claims of abductions or et encounters.

It was a powerful moment. When the question about right and wrong was stated, Dan became angrily passionate that the removal of people from their beds at night could never be justified, and that he said,

'On behalf of Majestic and the Majestic 12, I am sorry, I apologize.' In the 60 years of Majestic, this is the only (or at least one of very few times) anyone from the seated 12 has ever said they were sorry for anything.

Dan said that the 12 would have to stand up "erect" on their own and do the same if they wanted to account appropriately. It was very forceful, and a Dan that most people have never heard before. We touched on a bunch of other topics including the e.b.e. at S4, our histories, and the positive future we all look forward to. Dan made the difference between long standing traditions of cyclic chaotic renewal and catastrophism posited by other people. Dan firmly placed our position with the positive. Paola thanked Dan for making the REAL INFORMATION clear and obvious, putting to rest the question of where he stood with respect to what he learned in 20 years of service to Majestic, the long standing traditions of established cultures, and the "whimsical ideas" of some others.

Dan linked our present position on the galactic plane with the previous time here in the precession: a time the Vedic literature calls the "Golden Age of Light", and the ancient Egyptians, the "Zepi Tepi" or "zero time" where great advancements and renewal were said to have occurred. Concerning long standing traditions versus less credible ones: 'the wheat was separated from the chaff'. Jerry indicated that the interview he had with Paola and us will be available on his website in a few days. Please check with

That's all from us, for this evening. I am going to be asking Dan to take a day off and rest after this. If he's half as tired as I am he is really going to need the rest. I expect he will be returning to this forum and the Think Tank sometime on Monday evening Las Vegas time.Thanks everybody for all your support and encouragement. Marci


SIR BONE-AMI MONGRAAL - [posted next]



You read the headlines right, readers of MNM news! For the first time in history, as reported by Dr. McDowell, a darker toned Dr. Burisch looked at the gathered crowd and said into the microphones, recording for all time, that 'On behalf of the Majestic', he was sorry for the unethical and immoral actions of those who predated him and even those who worked around him during his service!

Cowards [including the 12 as framed in statements by Dr. Burisch], sensationalists, and agenda mongers step up to the same trough and take a deep slurp! The "first string" as we like to call him took the field at approximately noon local time and did what must be done to begin making wrongs right! He said, "I'm sorry" to a very emotionally moved crowd. Before, during, and after the history making interview, senior members of ufology approached Dr. Burisch and offered warm welcomes, which were just as warmly returned by both Drs. Burisch and McDowell.

Drs. Burisch and McDowell were also seen having long discussions with some of them! The Q94 document? Stick a fork in that too, the author is KNOWN - DR. DAN BURISCH! Dr. Burisch signed his former name "DB Crain" once and forever ending the debate on the original author. Mongraal Instant News will continue to follow this ever raising and ever tightening story. Rumor has it that the hallowed hallways of the former members of Majestic, now occupied by others, are abuzz with snide remarks toward the former group as a result of Dr. Burisch doing what others could not or would not find the backbone to accomplish. Dr. Burisch's only comment to me was, "I learned from the best, to try to lead by example, seek my inner moral compass, and always remember we are all just folks. Everyone is equal. God bless the great people of earth and our golden future. "END MNM REPORT

Dan Burisch 3/5/2007 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

Dan Comments on Laughlin

I too would like to thank everyone for their support and for a wonderful day! Yes, I am extremely tired and will return to normal comments tomorrow, and that will be when I also return to email and the Think Tank. I do want to make a few comments.

First, we were greeted well, by not only by Paola Harris and Jerry Pippin. Many of the names I have come to hear about over the last few years (from the fields of "ufology" and exopolitics) were there. I appreciated the sense of understanding I perceived from each of them that my account is NOT a UFO Story, and that while I am not inclined to be engaged or juried within the milieu of I am not part of Ufology...I am certainly quite able to speak for myself and the account I have been so privileged to thus far to bring to the public ... "
" ... [edit]
" ... Of all of those folks who greeted us, each was kind and very nice ... "
[edit] " ... Jerry [Pippin] treated us with great respect and if he ever again requests an interview I am certainly inclined at this moment to accept. I enjoyed his polished and very professional sense of humor ... "
" ... Many people have had many things to say about that in the past. The claims have ranged from any personal public appearance by me would bring instant discrediting, to saying that I didn't author (actually coauthor) and sign the Q-94-109-A, to that they were being held from seeing me in person. All such claims, yesterday, came to what they were all along: nonsense. ... "
" ... I further advised that private research (Lotus-Isis, etc.) will soon be part of a corporation. (The public will probably hear about that, when it occurs. The reasons behind the creation of such a corporation will become apparent fairly soon...meaning within the next year or so.) ... "
" ... With another PhD I had the great privilege to very briefly described the nexus between my early advanced biological education and the people teaching it,... "
" ... As the conversations were broken and incomplete, I hope to pick them up in we all exchanged cards. I also met one such "doctoral" person from Patra, Greece and received an invitation I may just accept. After the interview, we also received invitations to two places in the United States, a couple from Europe, and one from Asia. Marcia will make such decisions. (Me? What else: research! That's where I want my mind to be.) ... "

" ... The reports of my having offered an apology for the behavior of individuals who programmed "authorized abductions" into treaties is true.

It is also true that I exhibited the passion (and anger) I feel for the I have had things done to me outside of my free will...and what has been done to others is of just as great a value or life-changing experience.

It is also true that "treaty authorized" abductions have ceased.

Does that mean that abductions have ceased? No. ...but does that make the abductions of people any more justified, when they were done in the past, with the powers-that-be's signatures scribbled on them? Hell, no!

The apology I offered was done in good faith as I held a J-number (MJ9) for a very short time. That placed me, for however short a period, in the scope of authority for the deeds done under the name "Majestic." I would have had no right to offer, by using the name Majestic, an apology on behalf of Majestic if I had never held the number, and my apology was meant in no way toward the names of the hundreds of other Majestic field operatives who served during part of her 60 years.

The differences between field operatives and the body of the 12 is legion! Most of the field operatives are folks like you and me...and are not in positions of power, or in this specific case, a position to unethically, immorally, and illegally authorize the removal of human beings, against their will, for experimental purposes. There is no justification for such atrocities and so the only thing I could do was say ( their they seem to not possess the intestinal fortitude...) "I apologize."

Did I have anything to do with such "treaty-authorized abductions" ever being authorized? No. Did I have anything to do with them being stopped? I did my best. The last I knew, they had been removed from the treaty process.

[ Editorial: Could it be that Dr Burisch was pivotal in the "authorized abductions" removal from the treaty process !!! ]

( thing constant about the rogues is that they "lie and cheat for their own ends"...even when the abductions were it would not surprise me that the removal of authorization would count less to them than it may mean to others. As I held such a number, I must also indicate that the aforementioned does not constitute indictment for cause under 14-29 as listed in the Tau IX-VI. It is only intended to be judged as my personal perspective.)

I am told that some of the former 12 are extremely upset with me, for making that statement of apology, yesterday. That's fine. We all must account to's just a question of when and how and with what.

They are also now aware that I carried a copy of the pertinent section of "something," with me in my briefcase under diplomatic courier lock, should they have wished to act to stop my privately sent intentions (flashed on March 2) to provide the apology. The people with me (including Marcia) were aware that the "something" was in my possession, but had no idea that I was to make that statement.

Should action have been taken, it was instructed that the "something" would have been provided to someone specific for the evolving of it to the public. (I don't like to lose.) After all was said and done, Marcia and spoke with a member of the media and agreed to offer an interview when it was time, about Lotus. From there, we retired to a private room and a meeting with certain "individuals." The contents of that meeting are not for public perusal... "
" ... I found Gordon to be a delightful guy. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with him again... "
" ... Chat more tomorrow...back in the TT tomorrow as EAGLES DISOBEY RISES!...back to rest. Dan

Dr. Marcia McDowell 3/6/2007 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

Special Announcement

The long awaited interview between Jerry Pippin, Dan Burisch and Marcia McDowell, conducted in front of a live audience is now posted at

The interview was held on Saturday, 3/3/07 at the Aquarius Hotel Resort Convention Center in Laughlin, Nevada. Paola Harris participated in the interview and the pre-interview planning and arrangements. Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot Productions, who had previously interviewed Dan in a video that is posted on our site, were also present during the interview. There was a large and enthusiastic audience present, including many of the conference speakers. Special thanks to Dan and Marcia for agreeing to make the trip to Laughlin and be interviewed by Jerry. Larry Dicken Executive Producer and COO Jerry Pippin Productions

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DR. DAN BURISCH in front of a live audience, 3/3/07

Deputy Dawg reports PHOTOS/ IMAGES ON SITE


In early 2001, Dan and Deborah Burisch began work on a biomarker project, designed to test a panspermia theory, at Frenchman's Mountain, Nevada. On the third trip to the site, Dan recorded, on videotape, an anomaly: a strange flare-like object passing along the surface of a small piece of algae which was attached to a piece of Vishnu Schist.The well planned biomarker project, with the advent of replications of this strange data, descended into near chaos, and was soon abandoned, in favor of pursuing the anomaly itself. This anomaly was later determined to be a facet of what was to be called the Lotus Phenomenon.Project Lotus operated from 2001-2006, the first five years spent almost exclusively defining the physical characteristics of Lotus.

Many people, during this time, pressed to apply Lotus in almost every way imaginable. Others screamed at the later Principal Investigators, Dan and Marcia, that they must be lying about the phenomenon on which they were claiming to be working. Still others just said that they must be misinterpreting their findings. Today, Dan and Marcia are both in contact with investigators from around the world, whom have been working on the same phenomenon, naming its parts differently, and are tracing links to other scientists who had apparently investigated the Lotus, centuries ago.Late in 2006, Dan and Marcia announced that Project Lotus was soon to be renamed: Project Isis, the application phase of Project Lotus.

Some people made accusations against Dan and Marcia, claiming that the Isis project had something to do with biowarfare. This may be due to Dan's past history in projects which have served as a counter-force against 'offensive biological warfare' projects. Make no mistake, people have tried to get Dan to consider projects involving biowarfare, but Dan has flatly refused to participate. So to cast Dan and Marcia's independent project (Project Isis) in that light is utter nonsence. Dan and Marcia continue to seek peace with everyone, and apologize whenever their words are perceived otherwise. And, as we shall see, the words we say may be more important than we have ever before imagined!The Doctors have agreed to make the following limited statement to the public concerning Project Isis, which WILL NOT be followed by further public information directly about the project.Within the next year, Dan and Marcia will be publishing what will be the first DVD, providing a basic full description of Project Lotus, from the time of its inception, to where it may fit in the grand paradigm of evolutionary processes, and ultimately what it may be applied to- Isis!What is this thing, called "Isis"?

At the end of 2006, this announcement saw the light of day: After seeing this, one is given to wonder where people could interpret "biowarfare", but one quickly realizes that we live in a world where even such words as "Pray for Unity" are sometimes attacked.

During the time of Project Lotus, Dan and Marcia engaged in a sub-project, called "Emanation of the Solfeggio," where evidence was first described showing that the Solfeggio frequencies are based from nature Herself, described by a beautiful hyperspace tesseract. The discoveries from "Solfeggio" have continued, and are now set for publication as a full book, later this year.

Scale-ciphers and what is being called the Sonic-Cipher of the Ancients will also be included.During Project Lotus, Dan and Marcia realized that some of the forms they were documenting seemed to relate directly to theories involving the ancient healing practices and acoustic principles of Egypt.They also realized that the plans encoded within the ancient structures could correspond with electromagnetic and acoustic domains - including Solfeggio. The transduction between these domains (electromagnetic and acoustic) is known from work done by Peter Gariaev, and others.

Holograms could be produced from acoustics.Then their seminal discovery occurred! During work for Emanation of the Solfeggio, Dan and Marcia discovered that words, when spoken or sung, and when recorded onto a spectrogram, could be presented in such a way as to produce images that match the context of the words themselves!When one sings to an ancient god, for instance, an image of that being appears! When one sings the name of a Seraphim, that too appears! The entire first line of an ancient hymn will be presented in Emanation of the Solfeggio, to show the validity in this contention. Some may say, what's new about this? They would be right! We have known and heard for millennia that words sow peace or other.

Now, for the first time, Dan and Marcia will show with scientific process, that words produce forms which act upon and reflect the universe. Dan and Marcia intend on joining this discovery, with the information from Lotus, to produce a device which will apply 3D-Holographic Sound Projections of Ancient Healing Prayers, in an environment conducive to the propagation of Lotus.

If they succeed, the patented device will be publicly handed to Science for evaluation and be examined for Safety by Federal Authorities, before it ever reaches the public's grasp.

Who knows just how long ago Lotus may have been known? Words - sounds - create! The gift of the universe is love and healing! It is the gift of God!Dan and Marcia are examining ways to use ancient words to heal.What are your words creating?Love,Marcia A. McDowell, Ph.D.International Co-Director, Project IsisDanny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D.International Co-Director, Project Isis


The majestic initiated forum, still resides at >

Dan Burisch 3/27/2007 neweaglesforum (majestic initiated forum)

" ... I was asked a question about the New Body.

It was a great question. Most all of the former members of Majestic have been passing rumors back and forth concerning what the present name of the New Body may be...that is...what is the name of the group which took over after Majestic adjourned.

Many weeks ago, we (I confess to have been part of the rumor mill amongst the retired members ) thought for sure we had it. We had scrutinized the posts which occurred early-middle last year, during the "Maj v New Body" open house we held for new operatives as well as Upper Echelon for both the Yorkies and the Scots. We took special time on the Yorkies Upper Stratum, passing notes back and forth via IM. Right around the same time as the Open House, a third party passed a message to me that the name of the New Body was "YORK." This party had never been wrong before, and he is (in fact) one of the people who was present so many years ago when I was recruited in the laboratory at UNLV.

So...once the scrutiny occurred, and we noticed that the presumed (but not confirmed) new Lead Seated Member used the term Y1, we figured for sure we had it. At that point, I made the decision that (in the spirit of honesty) I would confirm that I knew the name, but would not reveal it. The reasons I applied for not revealing it, have to do with the responsibilities of the New Group - that being monitoring (and taking action where necessary) as we finish through our time with the Solstice Sun on the Galactic Plane...a period ending after 2016...with greatest danger between 1992 - 2012. (If I were to learn of it, for certain now, I would not reveal it publicly. In other words, my same position stands.)

Since that time, I have had the pleasure of seeing and speaking directly with the former MJ1. I came right out and confronted that individual about the name "YORK." He called the individual to whom I earlier referred (recruiter at UNLV lab) into his office and confronted him about the information. The name, at that time was "The Honourable Representation of the Cryptic York Rite" which was added 1 +1 by him, also seeing the name designator "Y1" and from that he was sure it was "YORK." Mongrel, as well as the rest of us, also believed it was "YORK."

Frankly, it made the most sense to me, because there were serious rubs against each other, and I felt that the Yorkies named it YORK to one up the Scots, who operated under Majestic. I heard from the former MJ1 that we were wrong. When the keys (so to speak) were handed over, the former MJ1 was the only former seated Majestic member to be told the name of the new group. That day, he did not see fit to tell me. There have also been rumors, fed by at least one active counter intelligence professional, directly created and fed in reaction to certain nonsense about the nonexistent Priory of Sion that was being bantered about on the internet, that the new name is "SION." It is my view that the rumor is being fed so that people will look that direction, rather than another...whatever it may be. In other words, it's disinformation.

On one hand I understand their reasoning: we have had the microphone and the press, so the earlier incorrect link between Marcia and myself and the nonexistent Priory of Sion, was an easy feed for whomever would eagerly buy anything, and that would be linked to the Majestic via us, because we are the ones out there fighting the fight, and using the name Majestic. On the other hand, while I would not directly tell the public the real name, I am also not going to play the disinformation game when asked directly: so I tell you in all honesty, I thought I knew but I was wrong, and it is neither YORK, nor SION...but the two of them (my recruiter and the former MJ1) could have been lying to me...and so the name could conceivably be YORK, SION, or anything else. As it this moment...I have not been able to confirm the name of the New Body. Dan

-=- NOTE: -=-

REFER TO a rather descriptive backround of this epic turn-over. UPDATES PART 23

Dan Burisch 3/31/2007 neweaglesforum (majestic initiated forum)

How God moves in my life

...A little while ago I was angry. I was angry at anyone who may call names at other people, make false accusations against them, remove items from context from people's words, and use buzz words to hurt others. While sitting here, at my desk, feeling angry at such evil, a little girl wandered into my office. She's 4. She put her hand on my left arm, from behind my chair, causing me to become a little bit startled.

She said "Why are you mad?" She could see the expression of utter disgust on my face, while she was standing on the left side of my chair. I gave her a brief reason. She said, "Come here." I rose from my chair, and she kept hold of my left hand and led me out of the office, down the hallway, through the livingroom and toward the 18 year-old's room...where I could hear music being played.

She opened the door and brought me into the room, where popcorn and soda were being passed around, and Doris (Mother-in-Law) said, "She just got up all of a sudden and got you?" The little one smiled at me, and said "Watch the movie!" Soon, I was drinking soda and in popcorn battles with the 3 kids and Mother-in-Law, and was enjoying every second of the movie "Happy Feet.

"The message was the movie...A little different penguin was born...he danced out of place. He (Mumbles) told a simple truth...but was accused of being different. When that wasn't enough, they accused him of lying...and providing propaganda...they, the decrepit, power-hungry, know-nothings...who had never "been there" and by others who were willing to follow the status quo of the corrupt. They falsely accused him because they were afraid...afraid to lose power...afraid to lose followers...afraid to be found out as not knowing what others believed them to know......they were afraid to be shown for what they were: frauds.

In the end...the out-of-place penguin won the day because he never gave up on himself, on goodness and truth, and that simple "song" he had within him. He danced! Mumbles danced! was all there.

That's a little glimpse of how God moves in my life. God moves my anger to saddened understanding, and teaches me wisdom. Love, Dan

(Continued at Updates Part 26)





Interviews & Debriefing: "Project Camelot", Rense, "Tell The World", etc.

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