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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Dr Dan Burisch 1/27/2007 neweaglesforum (majestic 12 created forum)

MATEO Wrote, ... "I heard u say in a video interview that there was a recent "handing over of rings between two secret societies" or something to that effect, would you mind elaborating on that a little bit?"

Dan: No problem! I recently corresponded with another person on that issue...about the secret we'll start with a partial quote, from me, from that letter... "Actually, a secret society didn't spawn Majestic.

Majestic was created by President Truman, in concert with private negotiations for the National Security Act of 1947.

I have to apologize, as I do know the actual origin of the name "Majestic," but I am under contract with Marcia not to reveal that piece of inside information until she captures it on film or in my biography, which people are hurriedly arranging...the more hurriedly, the sicker I become! ... ... ... ... ...

Majestic then became inculcated within Masonry as a result of President Truman's relationship within the elite of the Reformed Scottish Rite. They, the elite within Masonry (Scottish and York) were aware of the events of 1947 and then came to the realization that the creatures encountered in the early 1940's were actually time travelers, not aliens of non-human origin. Given his position as President, and his being within the "rite within the rites" of Masonry, the Masonic power structure naturally worked with him to pick members who were open, secret, or non-Masonic members of agreeable nature.

At first, it was nearly all the restructuring of the American military was then in full force- post WW2 and moving toward S.E. Asia- and so the management of the ET issue was ensconced within close military circles, while the Masonic elite watched. Soon treaties became involved, and the Masonic elite wasted no time to become the central diplomatic players, as they had many connections (worldwide as well as historic ones in America)." are the salient points, I think, from what RandB suggested from my previous comments, which I think cover the topic:

"3. What is the difference between the Maji and the illuminati?

The difference is found in the ratios of membership. The term Maji more applies to a specific group who were charged with the stewardship of the "e.t.-present human" coverup, as established by President Harry Truman, in 1947. The term Illuminati, as you are probably using it, is actually a misnomer (bastardized) for a group of wealthy (predominantly but not totally) Western Europeans, affiliated as a concretized business, political, familial version of Raubritters. They are dedicated to their own financial supremacy on earth, and many of which are elitist Luciferians.

That said...Since 1947, have there been such Illuminati within the membership of the Maji? Yes. Several, during the time of the Committee of the Majority (1963-2002/ dribbled for while before it died! ). My own (very short) sojourn as a numbered member of the 12 (ahem...MJ9...), came as a result of an Illuminati member (ahem...MJ9...) being exposed, and MJ1 and MJ2 conducting a that MJ2 lost. So, I was "technically elevated" to MJ9, until the naming of a new, permanent member. I am personally aware of at least one other Illuminati member who remained as one of the 12, until their adjournment in 2005. Will I name him? No. That would bode poorly for me...and besides they're adjourned.

During the time from 1947-2005, the core group (MJ12, a subordinate group to the Committee of the Majority, from 1963-2002/3...but the central group from 1947-1963 and from 2002/3 to 2005...)...was run/operated primarily by elitist members of the Scottish Rite . Such, was one of the secret provisions established by Harry Truman...60 years under Scottish Rite...then another 60 under the York Rite...ending with what they called a "Conference of Sacred Decision" (I have no comment about what that may that would bode poorly for me as well...)...on "the 15th of Tishrei, 5828."

The new group has a new is not named Majestic. Do I know what it is named? Yes. Will I tell anyone? No. that would bode poorly for me as well... "Ref stargates and the 'new body':

"What I do know is that the devices are in the hands of people who know when NOT to use them. Further, they are being transferred to the hands of people who have every intention of living long lives and handing their service off to their own children. My service ended, in that knowledge.

I suspect that may not give anyone a warm feeling inside, and it doesn't me either. The stargates are now in the hands of the new body, who will store them until such a time as the transition is completed and I understand until well after. Once done, I would expect they will hold long and hard conferences as to what to do with them. That's all I can really say.

They certainly won't be handed to people who might just want something negative to befall humanity." I would, just for the general purpose of it, also suggest reading "Reply #362 on Dec 20, 2006, 8:45 pm". Let me know if you have followup questions to what I have written. "I give you a heartfelt thanks on behalf of the cosmos on all your work and sacrifice. PEACE" Peace to you, too. God Bless you. "p.s. aliens are awesome" I'll never forget, that's for sure.

Dan Burisch a short time later replies :


" ... The NEW team, are they good guys or bad guys?" I haven't met everyone, yet. I found out, very recently (a couple days ago), for sure, that I would be meeting the new group of 12. The ones I have met, so far, are actually spiritually deeper, more reflective, and more introspective individuals than the majority of the former Majestic. (This should not be taken to a general description of any difference between Scots and Yorkies. My statement is applied to the individuals, neither the societies in which those individuals may find their membership, nor the goals of those same societies.)"Are they in effect now? "Mmm...they sure are. "And if so, what is their effect?" They have been having, from what I hear from others, positive effects on the relationship between the secret societies and governments, including bridging many gaps between the religious and basically secular societies.

They have, so far, operated well from the meaning of the three basic Latin statements, of which most Americans are at least familiar: 1. E pluribus unum - One out of many 2. Novus ordo seclorum - New order of the ages 3. Annuit coeptis - He has favored our undertakings From my point of view, I am grateful to have (hopefully) had a small positive effect on the outcomes and present relationships, and insodoing, had an influence (no matter how small) on this Latin ditty: Ad astra per aspera - To the stars through difficulties ...

randb 1/27/07 (same page)

It was this from #362 I found very relevant: "I knew there had to be a reason why the life span of the human being (the biblical 120 years) was set into agreement between the two halves (Scottish and York rites)...for each to share a perfect 60 years (as 60 degrees of a equilateral triangle)...and this was it. Of course, I could have learned that directly, if I had taken the oath...which I refused." Max age (biblical and scientific) immediately hit when I first read the totaled split (120). The geometry connection makes sense, too. B.


" ... The Chinese calendar moves in 60-year cycles, meaning the world will experience in the new year events similar to those that took place in 1947... "

Update July 27, 2010: " ... dan and marci are currently heads of majestic 12."

Mongrel news: 2/2/07


Dan Burisch 2/3/07 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)
[unedited quote]

"Belimawr and everyone: Thank you! I have had a wonderful Birthday, so far...and more presents (the kind that don't come wrapped in paper) than I feel worthy to have received. One of them, which happened yesterday, really humbled me, and made me feel proud of the work I did, over the last 20 years. Here is a secret, just between you and me ( ) about secret societies: you need not feel like a rag doll around them. That appends to them more power than they have. But why? Aren't they so powerful? Here is the pearl: they run nothing...they only influence. That influence can always be legally overturned by the power of the people. How? Numbers speaking in unison and of one accord. Let's take an issue...say...DISCLOSURE. If you were to take a poll inside the so-called "ufo community," and ask a simple question: "Do you know what Disclosure is?" The vast majority (it has been done by the way...years ago...)...the vast majority will tell you "yes!" But...that's where the unison...that's where the speaking in one accord ends. (After I post this...give it a little while...and then if you dare other forums...and you will hear their self proclaimed experts telling you that what I have just said is wrong. Of course, they also believe that sending packages to Washington, DC, that are allowed to arrive, but are then covered with a truthful note of introduction before they are reviewed, is the way to go! ) once...just forget about what disclosure may be for a moment...and think just about that. They have people in their ranks...high ranking people...and lower ranking people...who will tell you that your single voice is worth nothing. Hell...some of them have so little self worth...they even tell you not to pray, or meditate about unity! Well...of course I disagree...but maybe we should redefine the question about that? Should a single voice...or the voice of a few who want something their own way...sway the course of the release of information which may impact everyone? The answer, coming from the Majestic well before they began preparations to adjourn was: no. The answer I came to, when I was given my last set of orders was also "no." The self righteous few...who proclaim this or that...define what disclosure is...whether they are from within "ufology," belong to religious cult, are part of a loose knit band of folks...or whatever...DON'T SPEAK FOR HUMANITY.

Neither do I! So...people who come to me and say...we need to do this...or we need to do should speak this way...or you should concentrate that way...with the release of information which may impact the course of history...are simply full of crap! They aren't humanity asking for information...they are just a self righteous few or less...maybe even one or two...demanding their way...their that which rules the discussion. Those launching objections will say: who gave Majestic the right to rule the day...the right to rule the discussion? My answer: no one. Since when have they ruled anything? If Majestic, given its former power, was so determined to be the only voice, as the conspiracy pundits say, then why haven't the voices from the loud mouths who preach daily, and cause political cramps for Maj, been silenced? Was it my experience that Majestic had such a reach and force assets? Yes. Do you think they are afraid of you? How about afraid of me? Not at all. Majestic determined, long ago, that they (Majestic) didn't have the authority to speak for humanity.

The careful decisions on the release of information about the extraterrestrial presence were made well before my birth! How? comes the tough part...telling you something without saying it outright...Recently, I sat with Marcia and two friends and enjoyed an iced tea with them. It was the only nice moment in a very long and arduous day. During our conversation I mentioned that there were some questions that the "best of the best of the best" in ufology...the movers and shakers had either never thought to ask me...or decided to not ask...but in either case...some questions have never been asked of me. A nasty section in one treaty indicates something like (I would have to have it looked up to be precise) that representatives responsible for the information contained in the treaty are requested to answer truthfully, after they have made culturally accepted arrangements for testimony thereto (I suppose this means being subpoenaed and getting a lawyer), to questions posed by an authorized representative of a sovereign government conducting an investigation into the facts of that treaty.

Wow! Meaning...if an authorized (I suppose this means "duly elected" for American purposes) Federal representative was to broker the authority to ask me questions about the "Tau" (T9) and "Omicron Phi" (OF9) treaties and Majestic...I would be responsible to answer them truthfully and without evasion. .

Another section indicated that responsible representatives, in the due course of providing authorized information to the public, in an informal manner, must judge, for the well being of those with whom they speak, how information is presented. How have I taken the second bit of information? When ready, you'll ask. Can I immediately point to areas that have not been 3 YEARS OF QUESTIONS that I've answered? Yes. I will pose a couple, here and now, that have not been asked of me...and given that I am posing them...I feel it is inappropriate (for 'well being') to provide an immediate answer to them. Do I know the answers? Yes. I'll just leave them with you...for consider.

1. On T2, after the future Orion beings leave earth for the Moon, then Mars, then ultimately Orion...then much later after the future J-Rods go from here to Reticulum......who is left behind on Earth, does anyone stay? does that impact the future of humanity on T2?...could a variant of that occur, without T2 happening?

2. Who originally suggested and pressed for the treaty system? Was it Majestic, or someone else? Those questions have been hanging there all this time...yet no one asked them? Because I have NO RIGHT to speak for humanity, and because I was almost required to show you examples...I can only conclude that the people weren't ready because they didn't ask. Please don't say you haven't had the time...because I have answered HUNDREDS OF QUESTIONS put to me. We have them all on record. (This is the cue for the petty princes and princesses to find a near question/answer. Hurry on!) Many have made the leap in logic, showing once again that we feel ourselves (now) so all powerful and so very interesting that it is obviously we who pressed for (or required) a treaty system. True enough...we wanted it... ...once we found out the that really all there is to be said?

Many have heard or read the contents of the speech given to my team, last May...where I said something akin to "we are now quarantined most assuredly as the Soviets were in October of 1962!" substantial questions about the word "quarantine" so...fine...for well being... sets, too. Why? Why wouldn't this all come up from people who know exactly what disclosure is? Why, if they want Disclosure, why haven't they asked? Two reasons:
(1) they have no idea what disclosure is, and
(2) whatever it is they think disclosure is, it is defined by what they think it must be. In other words...if another's version's not good enough for them. They have the spirit in them to want truth- but their own truths. This is why...and please don't miss the real pearl of wisdom here...this is why it has been being done...and will be a way which is sensitive on a cross-cultural...really a planetary...level.

Because the unilateral acceptance of authority has not been bequeathed to us from earlier incarnations of Majestic......(...whether it be the original 12, to the incarnations of the Committee of the Majority, or the later 12, or the final Maj 12...and even now with others...)......set into a sensitive system of dealing with the extraterrestrials of human lineage, whose information goes to the core of the destiny of humanity......NO INDIVIDUAL FROM OR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT OR AUTHORITY TO SPEAK FOR ALL OTHER SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENTS ON EARTH...BY DIRECTING AN OFFICIAL RELEASE OF SUCH INFORMATION....WHICH IMPACTS THE DESTINY OF HUMANKIND.

In other words...ladies and gentlemen...if you are waiting for...say the U.S. Government to hold a Grand Disclosure Briefing...whereby all the little "conspiratorial freakies"...can point fingers, wrap the nooses, and light the are waiting for......people who (a) know they haven't the right to do it, and (b) care too much to act like the people who are demanding it. Folks...disclosure is what you want it to be. The information is coming out...from numerous sources. What are you waiting for? Someone to make you the guest of honor at a party? We are all...already the party of life. To those claiming they have the right to declare this or that...that they want this or that information...look around you...where are the numbers and where is the unity of accord? Do you feel so all powerful, so smart, that you have the right to speak for everyone to demand something which everyone owns and hasn't been defined by the larger population? Don't yell to me...I just released the amount of truth I was told to release...and now I'm retired. I'm just one guy. I am sure you feel yourselve's more than just one average guy or lady, but I know what I am not. How are you doing 'speakers for everyone'? - Dan


A Rebuttal by Dondep of the above Dr Burisch Post Starting at:

Posted: Feb 04, 2007
"Dealing With Dan's Diatribes -Part Reflection, Part Rebuttal"

Dan Burisch ~ 2/4/07 responds to belimawr's questions neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

Info on the Treaties really quick.

I testified during my time where I was giving my debreifing to two sets of called the T9 and the other the OF9. These treaties have governed agreements between we and the human lineage extraterrestrials.

The T9 treaties were signed: 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003 (...placed into abeyance until 2004; this is the one with which I was involved.), and one scheduled for 2012.

The OF9 treaties were brokered in 1954, and signed 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2000, and one set for 2009. The OF9 treaties (called Omicron Phi, for their Greek Letters) involve the Present+52,000 years Orion's and J-Rod's (Federals) and us. The T9 treaties (called Tau, for the Greek Letter) involve the parties to the OF9 treaties + the Present+45,000 years J-Rod's. During the 1954 meeting, to broker the OF treaties, the diplomatic channels were initially suggested to be made open with the P+45's.

The treaties govern our relationships with the P+52 Orion's and J-Rods, and the P+45 J-Rods. The treaty system is presently under great scrutiny, as to whether it need continue, once the transition (rise into the rift / galactic plane) is complete. Dan

[Dan continues his response to belimawr]

Wow! A thinker! Finally! That's one that hasn't been asked before! I know the answer as provided to me by Chi'el'ah! The P+52 Orions engaged the P+45 J-Rods in discussion with the P+52 J-Rods. Prior to engagement, the P+45 J-Rods were unaware that the Orions had even survived. To was an "alien" invasion when they were contacted by the P+52 Orions. Initially, hostilities broke out, initiated by the P+45 J-Rods against the P+52 Orions attempting to contact them. This is why the P+52 Orions engaged the P+52's J-Rods, to prove to the P+45's that we were all human. Once done, the P+45 J-Rods only reluctantly agreed to the engagement even with the P+52 J-Rods because after seeing evidence of their society, they felt that their own kind had been...ummm...if you will...watered down.

Given the hostility between the P+45 J-Rods and the P+52 Orions, the P+52 Orions and P+52 J-Rods jointly decided to press the P+45 J-Rods not to contact the P+45 as not to cause another paradox. They (again) reluctantly agreed. This was a source of tension as diplomatic issues bantered back and forth within the P+45 culture included proponents for the eradication of the pre-P+52 Orions. Disputes have occurred...(or depending on how you view the paradox....could occur. ) The P+52 J-Rods have enforced that quarantine against the P+45 J-Rods. Great thinking! Bingo! You asked the right question! ...and to think...this is one of your first questions to me.

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" ... Much to my surprise, when the question about abductions came up, Dan's presentation became far more forceful- much more forceful than I had anticipated.

He paused, darkly, then said that as a previously seated numbered member of the 12, even though he had no official authority to do so, he took it upon himself to apologize for the previously established treaty programmed abductions, citing that they were wrong on any account and that as he was a former "number," he had 'some responsibility to speak out in that regard'.

He said he used his short time as a "J" number to press for the removal of the abductions from the treaty process because it was wrong, and that the government (including Majestic in years passed) had been lying to the people of the world when dismissing their claims of abductions or et encounters.

It was a powerful moment. When the question about right and wrong was stated, Dan became angrily passionate that the removal of people from their beds at night could never be justified, and that he said,

'On behalf of Majestic and the Majestic 12, I am sorry, I apologize.' In the 60 years of Majestic, this is the only (or at least one of very few times) anyone from the seated 12 has ever said they were sorry for anything.

There have been individual people who have repeatedly asked seems 500 like times..."Uhhh...what's the Illuminati???"...and you hit the "Bingo!" near first try! As for the Ganesh Particle...I have to be very careful here before certain publications and such come out...but I have concluded from reviewing the work of at least 2 others ( I HAVE THEIR MICRO-PHOTOS! ), that the Ganesh Particle (Class "A" 'Particle')...albeit named differently...has been previously discovered!

The Class "B" (virus-like transmission 'particles'), Class "C" ('Selkie's' which act like acoustic crossing guards), and "portals" seem to be (as of today) our sole novel discovery. Give it about a year...and quite a bit will come into focus for everyone. We have things we have to do, which will come to fruition in about a year. Patience. Dan
Addendeum so I am being wholly and completely correct and truthful: One of the images I have may show a Class "C" Selkie (a Platonic cycling form...however I have no comment at this time as to specifically what Platonic Form), but it appears that the scientist producing the photomicrograph did not realize its presence or novelty, as he did not detail it in the description of the objects in the image. So...the realization of the Class "C" 'Particle' existence still seems to sit in our favor. Once more...I am not out to make a discovery...we may have...but I am trying to describe a phenomenon in nature which may act as a direct conduit of natural forces which interplay in evolutionary processes.

If we are the first finders of some of the phenomenon that's great...but it is not of the greatest interest to me...pulling back the veil of nature's secrets is where it's at!

[Dan continues his response to belimawr]

"The Maji...and with a little help from me...have done everything possible to kick the legs out from underneath the Illuminati. There are some matters still to come...some "missiles" (only as a metaphor) which have thus far not I have to be careful with this conversation. Yes, they're afraid...yes...they have reason to be. If anything...that's what I see in many reactions right now...reactions slandering people, defamation of's fear. I'm not afraid...and may just take a little more time out of my life...bring some assets to bring a few more demons into the light before my public time is over for good.

Why...some of it could even be happening...right now. Many of the Illuminati members have been life members...not unlike that of the Maji...but of a differing "ethic." One has to come to an understanding about free will, integrity, etc...before it becomes a real issue...and they try to breed that out of people, through successive generations of subservience. I am a blue collar worker's kid...a Los Angelino from the streets...a mutt of the same tradition as Mongrel...and...whether one is a net game player...a Illuminati...or a former member of the Maji with bad intent...there ain't no training me.

Jerry Pippin's interview is coming at the start of March...I am retired...I have completed my last orders with honor, integrity, and truthfulness...but I am retired...I wonder what I am going to say? hasn't happened's for us to make the best of it. Dan

Dan Burisch 2/6/07 neweaglesforum (majestic initiated forum)

randb Posted: "On those chosen for Maji/Committee placement: to what extent were ETs historically involved in the selection process?"

Originally, they had neither active nor indirect involvement, when the Majestic was first formed in September, 1947. The 12 were military and military scientists.

The issue was first construed, from the early 40's until even 1947 (and the formalizing of the working group), as a military/defense topic. From 1947 until 1953 it basically remained as a military topic. Something happened (and yes it had to do with the 2 living J-Rod's from "Kingman" and Project Aquarius) in 1953...Aquarius...which the new project had become known was moved from USAF/OSI to IC control under Sigma Project diplomats. This is why the NSA side of the opposed to the CIA side...have historically controlled the policies of the Majestic.

This was the real beginning of the group we have come to know as the Maji. Tensions on the diplomatic side of the CIA have wanted higher ET interactions with present humans read into the treaties...the NSA side opposed. (We should be careful not to just read-in "Illuminati" here, though.) Then, a year later, the brokering occurred for the Treaties. From that time, until in the early 1960's, the 12 was a U.S. composed and comprised group.

Then, during the early 60's the U.S. became aware that the P+45 Rogues were operating with the Illuminati elite, via handpicked liaisons. At the same time, our issue with the USSR cropped up, and India became involved in a shuttle diplomacy capacity...but also to their own advantage as they could leverage Looking Glass units due to their access. At the birth of the Committee of the Majority (CotM) 1963-1967...the international nature of Majestic...and the expanded number of total committee members (12 --> 33) enabled greater opportunities for both (a) the people who wanted higher ET interaction in present government and (b) those (Illuminati) who wanted our destruction (population culling catastrophe) via the Rogue's view of self-justification. (An operation as a specific working group of 12 was continued under the CotM, as a political maneuver by the NSA side to keep an active group in the policy stream...should Illuminists succeed in taking control of the CotM.

Of course...many other justifying reasons were given than that! )(Side-bar: I came in during the height of the CotM's power...and my tenure ultimately ended just a few years after the height of the internal struggle between the 12 and the internationalized CotM...with the CotM's dissolution.) At that point...and somewhat until 2002...the ET's had their hands in things. They weren't free at every step, when an Illuminist or Illuminist influenced appointment was added to the CotM and found out...they were removed. The last confirmed Illuminist appointment, was he who was removed from the MJ9 position, which was temporarily sat by me, until a proper non-Illuminist replacement was chosen soon thereafter.

I should be clear that it has always been against the policies of the 12, the CotM, and the later 12...and with the new allow ET's input into the composition of the group. Why? Distance. It doesn't matter how human we regard them...the fact that they are distant from us...our needs...feelings...motivations...that is simple enough to exclude them from the process. (There are other reasons as well.) No ET has ever sat as a member of the 12, the CotM, the later 12...or the new group!

If there was ever a signal of an intention to alter that relationship...the ramifications would bring all old operatives, including myself, to force of arms to prevent it. Lines of communication exist for that purpose, alone. Checks and Balances are a good thing. Historically, therefore, the only influence to appointments, the ET's have ever had, have been one of failed espionage.
"To the point, I'm guessing the link created in '73 was designed in part to secure your influence with the (future) MJ1-and by extension the group-giving the J-Rods a (positive) constant of sorts?"
You may have noticed that the third OF9 was signed in 1973? That was the same year I was abducted from Mae Boyar Park. How about the second one? I was born in 1964! Coincidences. It remains my firm conviction, less evidence showing otherwise, that I was picked up as a random sample...and by the luck of the draw...became associated with those of an extant Majestic family. As Chi'el'ah claimed to have been on board in 1973 (that gives me a paradox head-ache... he also crashed in 1953)...and as I was promoted above others of higher experience, it makes sense to me that the person expected to have been inducted and become the lead scientist so many years later...would have been another person on that same craft. (We should not engage in a further discussion about that specific issue.) Dan

randb replied:

Dan: A very choice reply. Thank you. " extant Majestic family..." OK. So, was he (J) elevated to MJ1 following the incident, or did he already occupy it (in '73)? A short one concerning treaty names. Tau seems appropriate enough: the cosmic cross, the Ankh, sacrifice etc. What's the significance of Omicron Phi? B.

Dan's reply:, no, no...That position became occupied by that person around 2 decades later than that date. The "9" was set for numerological comfort for the J-Rods. Aside from OF standing loosely for "Orion's" and "Federal's"...those labels were basically added like how I understand the name "jeep" was first attached to the vehicle. The OF and T treaties symbolize the protection of Planet Earth. Dan

[images included at above URL]

mongrel ~ 2/8/07 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

Press Release of INTELLIGENCE Committee Rockefeller and Bond Announce Unanimous Committee Approval of McConnell to be the Next DNI ..."

February 7, 2007 WASHINGTON, DC

Today Senators John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-WV), Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and Christopher (Kit) Bond (R-MO), Vice Chairman, announced that the Senate Intelligence Committee unanimously approved the nomination of John Michael McConnell to be the next Director of National Intelligence.

"Admiral McConnell is the right person for the job," said Rockefeller. "He knows how important intelligence is and he understands the threats facing our country. He is a serious intelligence expert, and I'm confident that he possesses the right amount of experience and dedication necessary to be an effective DNI. I think the country is fortunate that he is willing to take on this enormous responsibility." Vice Chairman Bond said, "Admiral McConnell is an outstanding professional whose experience will be extremely valuable to our country. His testimony before the Intelligence Committee gave all of us great confidence in his understanding of the challenges ahead, his leadership ability and his willingness to work with the Committee in the future." Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee held an open hearing on the nomination of Vice Admiral McConnell to be the next DNI. The confirmation of McConnell is expected to come before the full Senate as soon as possible.
Transcript: Senate Hearing, Nomination of Mr. Mike McConnell as Director of National Intelligence 37 pages; PDF.The hearing took place in Washington D.C. on February 1, 2007. Source: Office of the Director of National Intelligence Comments are closed.

Marcia McDowell 2/10/07 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum) ~

"Sweetness" the Dulce Facility

Hi, everybody! We have received an unusually high number of requests for information about the facility Dan visited in 2002 in New Mexico, called "Sweetness." Many feel this was the Dulce Facility, and I cannot comment on that.

Dan would normally comment but he is unavailable until after we visit Laughlin on March 3. Most of the questions are about the numbers and signs he saw and a few are about J-Rods. I will do my best to answer the questions all at once. Dan never saw a J-Rod at Sweetness. It is believed that a J-Rod was taken to the Los Alamos National Laboratory area, after the 1953 Kingman crash which also carried the J-Rod he later met at S4 (near Papoose Lake, in the Nevada Test Site). The craft carried 3 occupants: 1 P52 J-Rod (Chi'el'ah) and 2 P45 J-Rod "Rogues". One P45 J-Rod (Rogue) died at the scene of the crash.

The remaining occupants were taken to secure facilities: one to S4 and the other to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LNL). It is currently thought that the J-Rod Bill Uhouse met was the P45 which had been taken to Los Alamos. Dan only ventured two floors down, in Sweetness, and under close guard. He did not roam free at the facility, like he somewhat could at S4, later in his career. He never saw an extraterrestrial at Sweetness. Dan never saw a Clean Sphere at Sweetness, only at S4.

Dan was asked to work on a virus at Sweetness, to combine an unknown virus fragment with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Dan noticed that the label for the unknown fragment contained a "K" number which meant to him that the virus had originated from S4 as part of Project Aquarius. Knowing it was an ET virus fragment and believing the combined virus would be used for biowarfare, Dan refused to help them. (Dan was the only one who refused at that time. It is unknown if other men carried out the request to combine the viruses.) He was arrested at the facility by being locked in a room, then was evicted from the facility under armed guard by men dressed as United States Marines.The R4 sign Dan saw, on the way in to LNL, has been confirmed as Route 4. (See the maps below.) The FM1 sign Dan saw on the door entrance to Sweetness has been confirmed and deciphered by Bill Hamilton, from an insider contact. It means "FACILITIES MAINTENANCE 1". They are using a "Facilities Maintenance" sign to mislead anyone about the door's importance.

This is a common technique used by blackops. Dan and I have located the exact locations for the entrance to Sweetness and where the T9-6 conference occurred at Bandelier National Monument (BNM), on Google Images. Being that LNL remains a National Defense Facility and the site in Bandelier may be reused, we have both declined to show the public that information. You may notice that R4 not only leads to where Dan entered Sweetness, but also the BNM entrance. I hope everyone is having a great day! Marci

ADDITION: Dan Burisch 2/8/07 ~ J-Rod names?

"Note to the public: I have had an email about the J-Rods, and an interesting thing came up in it...We discussed their names...I explained to the person writing that they DON'T call themselves...Zetas or Zetans...they designate by number, number location, and social group number. Their Planet is also designated by a number...and NO it isn't called Serpo! That's a reptile park in the netherlands. (Don't believe me? )...They call their home world number and sound desigator, as established by the Sigma Unit: 4-18-20. Meaning-Planet 4, R-T (Planet 4, "Ert," Alt. Earth) Dan





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