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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Dan Burisch 12/4/06 neweaglesforum (Majestic created forum)

I HAVE JUST BEEN INFORMED......that the representative of another country, a country which speaks primarily one language (not English), has gone to the extraordinary effort to translate "TELL THE WORLD" into their language and has asked for permission to offer "TELL THE WORLD" for free download in that language. (We will tell everyone what country, soon.) The request has, of course, been the intention behind "TELL THE WORLD" has always been the information, not the price-tag. If any citizen of any country, which speaks a language other than English, wishes to make a like offer...we will accept it.Tell the world...Dan

Marcia and Holiday Toy Drive for Children of Domestic Violence and monetary donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Las Vegas.

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Dondep 12/10/06 (public created forum)

"... I think that on this issue as with others, Dan_B has been given misleading information as to the true nature of these things. I wish I could believe that Majestic was truly doing a good thing for us mere mortals, who look overhead occasionally and wonder from whence the strange cloud-trails. I wish we could see some evidence for the 'good' thing(s) these people were really engaged in, but I have yet to witness anything 'good' that's intended for this time, anyway. These are the same people who lied to Dan_B about the so-called "Butterfly Effect", who lied about the Cabrillo Bay operation (Project Preserve Mother), and who lie about the cause of the future 'catastrophe'.

Who knows; maybe some of them have been so lied to by their treaty partners that they too believe the lies now. It's possible; it would explain how otherwise good people can lower themselves to the basest of human endeavors, justifying it all the while in terms of "saving humanity". Saving us from what?


Shady wrote: I find it humorous to say the least that Dan Burisch supposed microbiologist with Majestic is only familiar with just 2 (possibly three sub species of the Greys* and has only heard rumors of a multi dimensional being*.

{* refer to Part 19 "Oct 24" > }

And I find it scary, Shady. If one keeps in mind that Dan may have been carefully cultivated to know only what his superiors WANTED him to know, then it makes all the more sense.

If he knew of other ET races, then he would have to have something to say about them, too. Remember that he's only supposed to speak about what he knows, first-hand (and even then, a careful tap-dance as to what issues and questions are 'allowable'). Bringing in other races may lead to more pressing questions re the 'OTHER' treaty.

mongrel 12/14/06 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)


Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch will be appearing live in the public at the Laughlin, Nevada UFO Conference at the end of February, 2007.

He will answer questions put to him by the public. Drs. Burisch and McDowell will be at the conference table of Paola Harris, noted Italian, international, journalist. Dr. McDowell will be GIVING AWAY (FREE) approximately 12 copies (first come, first served, only one to a person) of the original printed book Eagles Disobey: the Case for Inca, City, Mars to whomever wishes one! This was the book that started it all! Here's the coups people: Dr. McDowell has asked Dr. Burisch to sign each copy of the book, live in the public, for everyone. He said, "For you, Marcia, Okay." But that's not all: There will be a copy of the Q94 document, with each book.That's still not all:Dr. Burisch has been asked to sign his present name and his old name (DB Crain) just as he signed it on the Q94 document, for the first 12 getting there, inside the book (Eagles Disobey) and under his original signature on the copy of the Q94 document!!!!! Dr. McDowell has also agreed to sign every copy given out with her real name (Marcia A. McDowell) and with her original pseudonym "B.J. Wolf".The exact time of their appearance has not been set, but the public will be given sufficient advanced notice. Now he's been confirmed, so this is your chance to get a piece of history, for free.

Dan Burisch 12/15/06 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)


duckdodgers wrote:

....I have been doing a lot of reading and researching lately and here are my top three questions:

1. What is the message/purpose/reason for Dr. Burisch and Dr. McDowell to risk there lives and go public with what they know?
2. What do they know with 100% certainty that is important above all else for me to know?
3. What is the difference between the Maji and the illuminati?

Thanks, Ducky D.


Dan Burisch wrote: Thank you, Ducky...those sure are some questions! Allow me to humbly give you my take on by one?

1. What is the message/purpose/reason for Dr. Burisch and Dr. McDowell to risk there lives and go public with what they know?

"Unless we are to consider what countergroups may have wished...that either being our demise or our being strangled from expressing the truth, as we were ordered, WE DIDN'T RISK OUR LIVES WHATSOEVER! You read right! We were (more properly "I" was) ORDERED to disclose the truth of what I had experienced to the public. Majestic sanctioned my disclosure. Following that order, I was even given a quaint timeline where I was supposed to have completed the aforementioned orders...and during which I was supposed to have exposed a certain number to the information, worldwide. We completed the orders, and I am now fully retired from my service, which lasted (in total) approximately 20 years. Here is what the orders (received and accepted on October 12, 2005) looked like: -> {The document is at the above URL; The affidavit; Comment at "May 15, 2006" in indigo print.}

It would have been rather rude of them, don't you think, to cut me orders then kill me? all seriousness...I am aware that such an unfortunate eventuality may have happened as well. (I am personally aware of such a thing happening in other instances...but that's not stuff that should be discussed here.) Know this...I would have debriefed unless expressly told otherwise, in any eventuality, but it wouldn't have come to the public as it did. If I had been told that for the good of humanity I should say nothing: I would have stood in silence. Truth be said...I was told that at one time...and did stand in the tune of staying in a back room of a couple's house (Alan/Sandy Gudaitis) secluded from the public...for the alleged safety of the public....while Marcia had a party thrown for her in the front of the house. (I found out later that they had a fight between policy decisions...and was released from my {really} self-imposed silence...only to later find that they then wanted me to tell the public. )

The saving grace, personally for me, is that they only ordered me to tell what I personally knew. This prevented numbskulls from tacking their mischief onto my account, as their mischief almost immediately stands off it like a sore thumb. It also provided a safe rubric for me to honestly tell what I knew...insulated from some of the folklore crap that abounds between the honest testimony offered by other individuals. Short of threat, the information is important because it speaks to both the history and destiny of humankind.

2. What do they know with 100% certainty that is important above all else for me to know?

Ducky, I am scientist. 100% certainty? From my best learning, our universe is constructed to express probabilities, that we only perceive, given the filters of our limited brains, as any certainty whatsoever. Given that I do not know what you know or do not know, I am unable to appropriately answer your question with the highest probability of usefulness.I will say this......for me...personally just speaking person to person...and I am not built with certainty I am just a man...the MOST IMPORTANT thing I can advise you at this moment may seem quite simple:

But, you may find that there will be people who will even counsel you not to (from whatever your cultural background) pray, meditate on or think about unity for humanity. Why? No standards have been set? It's however you float your your thing...make your way...find your path...So...why? Because it's positive! You may easily define where people stand in their own lives and so they may even want for your life, rather quickly, when you hear their response to the above. We can all quickly know people's messages, when they volunteer continuous "death, catastrophe, destruction, despair, fleeing, hiding, snide negativity, separation..." versus unity, love, and peace. ...and it's such an easy and good think of such good things (unity, love, peace)...This is not to say It is to say that a dividing line exists in the zeitgeist...some get it...and others don't. I didn't set up the that's not my fault. We stand at a time, Ducky, where people ring their fists at Almighty God, deny that God even exists, even blame the Creator for our own failures, too willingly give themselves to war (as a concept)...and where some even see themselves as the sum total or apex of the universe...those without humility and understanding....and at the same time...we live in a world with such promise...promise on technological and scientific lines...spiritual paths...and the nexus between the two. It is at that nexus, I belive we will find Renaissance for the human species and perhaps all life on this wonderful planet.

CBS news is just now reporting that college students are turning to spirituality, in droves. Science may offer somewhat of a "how?" (and that is very important), but not a "why?" (which I predict is more important) ...they say...just now...(CBS) that nearly 80% of college students now report believing in God, and nearly 70% pray! Many are getting it. I see a Renaissance on the horizon...where science and spirituality work as complements (and compliments) to each other. From my philosophical take (and it is only my own that I can really speak to...and then only estimate my best about others)...that when undertanding (knowledge + intuition) works with wisdom (knowledge + right discernment)...I find (within God) right path...the Creator's Will...for me.

I see the future as such a combination of material understanding and spiritual "Knowing".
But then again...I am told by a few (not that I listen too intensely when I hear it) that I am at fault when I see both male and female in the YHVH (Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey), as Y-HVH (Adam-Eve; Adam-Chavvah)...and willingness to express unity is challenged on other fronts too. That's fine.

You are undoubtedly finding your personal struggles as well. You see, we're all even! Most important? Peace and Love.

3. What is the difference between the Maji and the illuminati?

The difference is found in the ratios of membership. The term Maji more applies to a specific group who were charged with the stewardship of the "e.t.-present human" coverup, as established by President Harry Truman, in 1947.

The term Illuminati, as you are probably using it, is actually a misnomer (bastardized) for a group of wealthy (predominantly but not totally) Western Europeans, affiliated as a concretized business, political, familial version of Raubritters. They are dedicated to their own financial supremacy on earth, and many of which are elitist Luciferians.

That said...Since 1947, have there been such Illuminati within the membership of the Maji? Yes. Several, during the time of the Committee of the Majority (1963-2002/ dribbled for while before it died! ). My own (very short) sojourn as a numbered member of the 12 (ahem...MJ9...), came as a result of an Illuminati member (ahem...MJ9...) being exposed, and MJ1 and MJ2 conducting a that MJ2 lost. So, I was "technically elevated" to MJ9, until the naming of a new, permanent member. I am personally aware of at least one other Illuminati member who remained as one of the 12, until their adjournment in 2005. Will I name him? No. That would bode poorly for me...and besides they're adjourned.

During the time from 1947-2005, the core group (MJ12, a subordinate group to the Committee of the Majority, from 1963-2002/3...but the central group from 1947-1963 and from 2002/3 to 2005...)...was run/operated primarily by elitist members of the Scottish Rite. Such, was one of the secret provisions established by Harry Truman...60 years under Scottish Rite...then another 60 under the York Rite...ending with what they called a "Conference of Sacred Decision" (I have no comment about what that may that would bode poorly for me as well...)...on "the 15th of Tishrei, 5828." The new group has a new is not named Majestic. Do I know what it is named? Yes. Will I tell anyone? No. that would bode poorly for me as well... I hope that gives you a pretty good idea of the reality...and the stench of their "tattered webs," of such I am now shaking I have been lucky enough to live after leaving their company. Did I know when I swore in, in 1986? No. But...then again...we often don't know where our intentions will land or shipwreck we? Ducky, May God richly Bless and Keep you, yours, and we all, Dan


Reference for "majestic 12" and "illuminati":

Dan Burisch 12/19/06 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

enki wrote 12/18/06: "As you have said before (Dan) the deconstruction or total destruction of the Looking Glass technologies will cause the earth to travel through 2012 with the mental evolution of it's people... Will these technologies ever be used again? can they? It seems to me that such technologies would be dangerous in the wrong hands. So... who has the right hands? - En.Ki"

The upgraded technologies, along with the cylinder seals from whence they were originally taken, will undoubtably be used again. The deconstruction of the units, in each case (including the ones taken from governments by force*), was done methodically. The parts were stored.[*For instance: During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Deborah (wife, Remote Viewer) actually supplied the location of one of the stargate units to military (with blackops) entering an area south of Baghdad. The raid was reported by the press as a suspected possible WMD area with a "ring-like device" they thought was a centrifuge. It was no centrifuge. Another ring unit was destroyed by coalition airraids.]

I'm not sure what are the right hands. My personal feeling is that those damned things should have never been built.

What I do know is that the devices are in the hands of people who know when NOT to use them. Further, they are being transferred to the hands of people who have every intention of living long lives and handing their service off to their own children. My service ended, in that knowledge. I suspect that may not give anyone a warm feeling inside, and it doesn't me either.

The stargates are now in the hands of the new body, who will store them until such a time as the transition is completed and I understand until well after.

Once done, I would expect they will hold long and hard conferences as to what to do with them. That's all I can really say.They certainly won't be handed to people who might just want something negative to befall humanity. Dan


From "notes" thread 12/19/06 (majestic created forum)

... I have received a few PM's...most this time aren't for public view...but...and I'm saving the best for last...(1) One person asked if there was any other person who could testify about the Looking Glass? Yes, in fact, DVD #2 will include the eyewitness testimony of Will Uhouse who observed the Looking Glass function in person. Further...there's more...much more...but I cannot comment on that at this time. The public will have to wait..."

Dan Burisch 12/21/06 neweaglesforum (majestic initiated forum)

" ... The subject of this little post is part of the quote taken from the Operational Parameters of Project Preserve Destiny (Operation One People), a treaty authorized operation, not unlike an iceberg...much more immersed within the waters, than is observed above. Those who decided it just couldn't be so, and acted against what must be done, found their destiny both metaphorically and some in with those who fall asleep at the watch in the North Sea.

In just under 5 months...with much prep...we touched an estimated...well...several million souls. (The exact number is the count was precise...but I am not sure I should publish it. The key is the word "touched." The human touch, the human embrace, the true kiss of peace, is still very important. It shows, it bestows, the act of togetherness and the gift of Lovingkindness from God.) For instance, take a look at this wonderful don't need to be a member of know what to do...during this time. Many are getting it.

The numbers we touched with the unity flyer and the wish for unity was quite an accomplishment...not for me...for the ones who did it.

I was just its strategist and figurehead. We lost our own during it as well. Some were lost by accident, others by virtue of spreading information in countries where such activities are forbidden. I have visited with each family, and when I came there (to them) with a broken spirit and heart...they surprised me...the dignity...the beauty in them was overwhelming. I came to say...well...I don't know for sure what I was going to say...I suppose "thank you," and that is how they greeted me. (My let's move on... Indeed when that time passes, many will awaken and laugh and say they knew it would never happen, others will awaken and lament that it didn't, and I will awaken and "know." As a good friend of mine just wrote me, from Europe..."...the public is asleep.") Let's look at what was written, and ask ourselves whether there is academic basis, or whether it was written off the top of someone's head...I did the same, but long before the time of the October 16th affidavit.

{ -------------------------

Dr Dan Burisch Oct. 16, 2006 AFFIDAVIT

--------------------------- }

When the affidavit was actually being put together I was not well, due to a very bad seizure. I ran across the statement, during treaty negotiations for the Tau-IX:

"During the time of the Cycles' Cross (a time to begin within a two year period before or after 1982 AD, with a middle danger point within a two year period before or after the Summer Solstice of 1992 AD, and ending within a two year period before or after the Winter Solstice of 2012AD), that the efforts of the militaries of the aligned nations, of the world, sealed by their representatives in the Tau-IX treaty, with the Future Potential Extraterrestrial Intelligences, would require that assistance deemed necessary by the ruling organizational body (Majestic 12) to avoid the time of the determined cyclic catastrophe."

What does this refer to? (The few who continue to sadly wish for disaster, while preaching care, haven't done their homework...and it shows.) Let's look at the meanings...

(1) "During the time of the Cycles' Cross" This is the period of the erection the Holy Cross...where we stand at the intersection of the Galactic Plane. The period we are now in...the one spoken about by the Maya. Here are two nice examples, I would humbly suggest to be carefully examined. #Construction of the Cross
(2) "...(a time to begin within a two year period before or after 1982 AD, with a middle danger point within a two year period before or after the Summer Solstice of 1992 AD, and ending within a two year period before or after the Winter Solstice of 2012 AD)..."Where did they come up with that? The secret is found at the Cross of Hendaye, and the revealing information from a man sought even by the Nazi's...but was never adept...Fulcanelli...a geometrician, and an initiate of a Holy Order, some call it an Order of Knighthood...who was handed the secrets leading to this time...and in turn had them handed down to selected individuals, even now alive...for passage to the "awakened."

Let's look at some of Vincent Bridges' work, about the Djed Pillar, Fulcanelli, and the Cross of Hendaye. This is another link I would strongly recommend all read. To those who can't, for whatever reason, and who are it to them, translate it, however.
A passage..."All we had that first night back in '97 was a simple ephemeris calculated for midnight Greenwich universal time. From that, we could determine that Fulcanelli's interpretation of the monument's symbolism pointed to a twenty year or so span from the summer solstice of 1992, in which the sun and Venus were conjunct at the galactic antipodes, the cusp of Taurus/Gemini, to the winter solstice of 2012, when the sun is conjunct the center of the galaxy, the cusp of Scorpio/Sagittarius.

This "season" was clearly marked by its mid point, the fall equinox of 2002. (See star charts A, B, and C.)"As I said before...some haven't done their homework...and that's not about you just want to learn. It's about a few others...the ones who speak the loudest. I am proud to be associated with people (like you) who just want to learn. You know why? I just want to learn too. I want to understand not only the "how's" but the "why's" and that can only be found in a synarchy of sorts between science, philosophies, and faiths. Bridges continues...

"Fulcanelli insisted that the cross, the Greek khi (x), has here the shape of an S, the snake, "and takes over its esoteric meaning." This Fulcanelli explains as "the heliocoidal track of sun having arrived at the zenith of its curve across space, at the time of the cyclic catastrophe."

Heliocodial simply means "the sun's curving track," and can refer to both the ecliptic path of the solar year, and the Great Year of Precession's backward motion along the same track. From the monument itself we could determine that the "season" of the catastrophe was the 20+ year span from summer solstice 1992 to winter solstice 2012. If this arc of the sun's curving path was, as Fulcanelli said, the season of catastrophe, then the zenith of the heliocodial track, the time of the "catastrophe" itself, or the most critical moment, could only be the fall equinox of 2002, the mid-point/zenith of the solstice-to-solstice arc."

We learned a little more with the Looking Glass...that the period of greatest danger (physically) wobbled forward just a 2006 and just beyond.

So...we mounted an effort of efforts...other efforts continue...but with the new body...I knew there had to be a reason why the life span of the human being (the biblical 120 years) was set into agreement between the two halves (Scottish and York rites)...for each to share a perfect 60 years (as 60 degrees of a equilateral triangle)...and this was it. Of course, I could have learned that directly, if I had taken the oath...which I refused. Oaths...especially after the one I took in 1986...were thence forth taken...well...only rarely by me... ... and I ascribe to the teachings of the Master who said of new laws..."...lest you become bound by them." The time we live's all about SPIRIT, yet all about Physics...memorialized in ancient teachings...misunderstood by most, just as Adam and Eve are seen in the mind's eye running naked in a garden...or a giant rock playing hide and seek with the minds of men who demand knowledge, yet shun wisdom.

The only thing I say to quite simple...and really asks nothing more...Pray for, think about, meditate on...however you do it...UNITY FOR HUMANITY.

It's quite simple...and contains all that I it is about Love that the universe knows...for God is UNITY, so is love for each other and God.Have fun! Dan


Reference for "2012">

Dan Burisch 12/28/06 neweaglesforum (majestic initiated forum)

Okay...I have had to stop here...for a moment. Since Marcia's post I have been inundated with emails about the Ganesh Particle. (Thanks, Marcia! )... STOP! (To the person who asked me if I forgot how to shave? No. ) What Marcia wrote in her post is the absolute truth.

The facts behind that "truth," certainly enough to establish it as such, will be presented in the Lotus DVD, in 2007. (We will take great care with how the information is there are many scientists...worldwide...who are concerned with the possibility of being treated as we have been treated.

Having been witness to the antics of some, we maintain great empathy with such concerns. We will apply great care. We know how to proceed with most items and are in consultation with others, as to their work.)

Those who have been following our studies and history, those presenting themselves honestly, will admit that when we say something...we follow through (in every case where it is possible to do so) with what we've said. There will be no difference here.

The question with all such things is: how best to present it? Marcia and I are making decisions about that, right now. There's no debate (to me) that I have never deserved the beauty which I have been privileged to behold, since 2001. Yet...for some reason...we have beheld that beauty and I have tried, at every turn, to properly respect it. Have I failed in that respect? Have I failed to appropriately respect humanity while we have been observing it (Lotus)...and now while we are making decisions with respect to it? I don't know. I am doing my best with regard to Lotus. I am not able to make declarations as to how history will ultimately present the effort. Further...while I have rightly (and honestly) claimed to have discovered, in our research, a fascinating phenomenon which was termed "Lotus" by an act of my previous "Maj superiors," I have never once claimed to have been the ONLY person to have discovered it. Previous and parallel discoveries, apparently, may now be the actual case.

I think it's wonderful! With respect to my previous statements, I have made it clear that I believed the electromagnetic bundles we called "Ganesh Particles or Class "A" Particles," "Pearls of Brahma or Class "B" Particles," and "Selkies or Class "C" Particles" were probably at least associated with the ancient Hindu Pavitrakas. I can honestly say that I am certain that I will be the first one to embrace postive claims of replication, previous discoveries, etc.

Until recently, I was totally unaware of such claims, save two which I was told about, but not as yet confirmed: one by an interviewer during the debriefing and another by a friend and associate. (Before anyone asks...the debriefing interviewer was not Marcia, Deborah, Ron, Alan, Sandy, Bill H., Bill R., Kerry, Will, Teri, Winston, Don, or Toni. The interviewer, about whom I speak, has been neither named by me nor Marcia, publicly. The friend/associate will not be named by me, publicly.) While I believe that the statement (from Marcia) is accurate, now comes the necessity to proceed with great care, in the evaluation of the information to which we are now privy.

There are two basic kinds of errors, in these situations: false negatives (a false exclusion or negation) and false positives (false inclusion or verification). Many of us have been witness to the former...with people tripping all over themselves and revealing various motives. If it would be not so serious to the destiny of their credibility, I would find much of it almost humorous. I am now charged, as the Founding Principle Investigator to Project Lotus, with preventing the latter variety of error (a false positive). I will carefully and accurately follow through, in that regard.

Concerning Project Isis or the subproject under Lotus (Tiamat)...I have no comment, at this time, save to reiterate that Marcia's statement is accurate. Dan
P.S. I'll be back on Friday to answer pending PM's and make comments.





Interviews & Debriefing: "Project Camelot", Rense, "Tell The World", etc.

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