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heartlove ~ neweaglesforum ~ (majestic created forum)

Re: Dan's Notes, Images, and Other Things

Oct. 2006

I kind of promised that I would release something soon from Solfeggio.

The happenings of the last two days have been something else! Just because Dan is off his feet most of the time doesn't mean his brain can't work. He is naturally wired to find patterns as we all know. He found the answer that several have been wondering: why did the Catholic Priest (Monsignor at a University in Spokane WA, who was head of the mediaeval department) hang up on Dr. Puleo when Dr. Puleo asked him about the meaning of the Ut-Queant Laxis?

Puleo: "Can you decipher Mediaeval Latin?'
Monsignor: 'Absolutely!'
Puleo: 'And you know the musical scale and everything?'
Monsignor: 'Absolutely! '
Puleo: 'Well then, could you tell me what 'UT - queant laxis' means?'
Monsignor: 'It's none of your business' Then he hung up."

(from- Leonard Horowitz and Joseph Puleo, "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse," Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1999)


Dan has been resting for two days and in between staring at the Ut-Queant Laxis. I was there when it happened! He yelled "I have it! I see it!" Then he told Marcia and we are working it in to the Solfeggio! It's shocking and we have confirmed it and it will be published in the coming book!

We know the SECRET of why the Catholic Church says "It's none of your business!"

But they are wrong! It's EVERYONE'S business!
~ We will release the answer to the mystery to the researchers involved first, then as part of the Solfeggio book, then free publicly for anyone who can't afford the book (as Dan wishes).

Here two are image that will be published too! Ann You can tell with this image how up close and personal Dan and Marcia are with their research subjects. -(refer to above URL)

{Solfeggio mentioned at Updates Part 10}

heartlove ~ Oct. 2006 ~ neweaglesforum ~ (majestic created forum)

Re: Dan's Notes, Images, and Other Things«

This is why evil bearers are coming out of the woodwork. Dan and Marci's goal for their Light Work is healing. This is why so much resistance is happening.

Dan and Marci are learning from Lotus rather than trying to use it. Those who grab at the fruit get themselves into (in Dan's humble words) "big trouble."

Dan and Marci are able to work with Lotus and learn from it, without grabbing at what's not theirs to own. The goal is learning and healing, not grabbing. When they grab at this fruit Dan and Marci talk about, they slip in over their heads before they know how they got there.

Ann These are the sound forms that look like angels to me. Aren't light beings supposed to be in charge of different parts of us?

This is the change from Uracil in RNA to Thymine in DNA. The real strange videos and higher science can't be shown by me right now.

A quote from the Horowitz/Puleo book, "
Healing codes for the Biological Apocalypse"
HISTORY OF MEDICINE 2000 BC - Here, eat this root.1000 AD - That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.1850 AD - That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.1940 AD - That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.1985 AD - That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic. 2000 AD - That antibiotic doesn't work anymore. Here, eat this root.2010 AD - That root is contaminated. Here, practice energy medicine.

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heartlove 11/7/06 ~ neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

~ "... On October 12, 2005, when Dr. Burisch received his orders to disclose what he knew to the world, he was told to tell it, but not how.
The international operation which carried on from May 2006 to September 2006 was fully funded by Majestic. That portion of the operation was separate from the DVD's that Marcia has been producing. Part of the funded international operation was involved with the unity fliers and acted to counterop Illuminist influences who wanted to prevent a certain percentage of the population from knowing the truth. (The reasons behind that are very complex and not for me to speak about.) Dr. Burisch's debiefing actually began long before his orders were ever cut. He started debriefing at the Gudaitis residence in early June, 2005.

Dr. McDowell originated the idea for the debriefing in the first place! She originally intended, and still does, to have the debriefing for archival purposes, given Dr. Burisch's very poor health and the need to keep his life story for its historic purposes.

Technically, Dr. Burisch fulfilled his orders, once A) the international operation was completed, and B) he gave his testimony to Bill Ryan's and Kerry Cassidy's "Project Camelot" and gave the interviews to Jeff Rense. Both of those interviews are available for free. The call for a very complete and thorough record from Dr. Burisch, to go to the public, has been a request from the public, not from Majestic

The "Tell the World" DVD did not have to be done at all!

"...Dr. Burisch and Dr. McDowell are IN industry right now. Qualified Researchers and Professional Journalists have already been shown concrete evidence about who they are associated with and their backgrounds..."

"... Presently, Dr. Burisch and Dr. McDowell are selling DVD's worldwide, following a request from whiners and genuinely interested people to produce them, at their own cost. They aren't doing it because the whiners deserve it. They are doing it because it's a good thing to do. Presently, both Dr. Burisch and Dr. McDowell are in the "red" (money wise) on all their efforts concerning the public. Dr. Burisch has pledged that all monies he receives, once the red turns black that is, because nothing is coming his way at all right now, that all monies to him will go to charity. Dr. McDowell has pledged that "some" of hers will go to charity. She is taking her time, after the request by the public to produce the DVD's, to do them..."

"... Who is paying me for my services to assist Dr. Burisch and Dr. McDowell? Who is paying Owl, or Mongrel or T? No one. We are now on our own. Do I sound like Mother Theresa? If I do I'm not writing right. We care about what they are doing and the kind of people they are (sure she's my sis but) so we are helping in a committed effort to bring their research (Solfeggio, Eagles, Lotus) to the public. Some of their research may have applications in nontraditional medicine. So, we're helping.........for free..."

Dr. Marcia McDowell ~ 11/7/06 ~ neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

"... The truth is, I was told to price it at $19.99. Everybody thought I was nuts to put it out for $15.95. They told me I'd never even break even - given the costs and physical time it took to develop the DVD, the computer hardware and software necessary, the production and editing time, storage and production media, burning the copies on new media, labeling them, jacketing and packaging costs, and don't forget all the copies of the DVD and background materials I've sent out for free to researchers and journalists - all of which still costs to produce and distribute), and then there are the marketing costs and development efforts. You know what - they were right. I was crazy to price it as low as I did. But in my heart I just couldn't put it up any higher- so we are still working to get out of the red. Nobody's helping me with this. The Majestic folks all scattered once Dan accepted his orders, and are too busy looking after their own asse(t)s to spare a thought for any of us in the field. That's the way these things sometimes work..."

Dr. Dan Burisch talks with Mr. Will Uhouse engineer and physics specialist (son of famous Area-51 engineering scientist who worked with a J-Rod who consulted on scientific projects) talk candidly about what it was like to work in secret projects and interact with extraterrestrials.

heartlove ~ 11/13/06 ~ neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

"... Dan is feeling much better and has almost recovered the full use of his left hand. The muscle spasms appear to be stopping and I anticipate he will be near in full service soon. Whether or not the Think Tank will be reopened is up to Marcia. His physical therapy is ending in 2 weeks and I think that Dan will be able to start handling emails to his private address within about 1 month. This bodes well for Laughlin 2007! - Ann

Dan Burisch ~ 11/14/06 ~ neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their well wishes and even those who wished poor things to come of me.

(You read that exactly right! As God knows all, as well as those who wish poor things, the angels still receive the name of the person intended by the negative wisher. They change the negative to positive, by echoing love upward toward the Creator and so it becomes prayer for the intended person. The self defeating nature of such negative acts thus attaches as Karma to the person acting in such a way, and the intended person is blessed.)

The reports of my having suffered a severe seizure are true. My left hand typing (due to some left arm paralysis) is still suffering, but with all the thoughts out there of me, I can't help but become fully restored soon! Team, you continue to do an outstanding job, filling in where I cannot at the moment. I appreciate each of you so much! I expect that you will be needed to complete through the Solfeggio work, then I will take the next Eagles Disobey book under hand with Marcia.

Team, as to the negatives, leave them be, as they are their own worst enemies. Pray for them, positively, not that they will change their unwarranted attitudes toward me, but that their direction in life changes to the positive by seeing the Will of God in their own paths.As I can somewhat function...I will make public comments, when I feel, in the "Dan's Notes" thread. My private area, just for staff members will remain private. I intend on starting to take email on January 1, 2007. My private email address, that former Think Tank members and others have known, remains active. So, Marcia, please return that email to me on 01/01/07. Thank you so much for watching over it. My public email, is no longer active.
Public emails to me should be directed to I will respond to selected/necessary emails, via Marcia, from that address as of 01/01/07.

Specificially to Think Tank members: ...
"...The question always is, and shall be, where I may be able to give the most service to everyone. So, we shall see where I should be. In the mean time (and for all time), continue to love each other. Love, Dan

Dan Burisch 11/20/06 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)

"... Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am okay!

I also received a PM that just asked, "WHERE'S ALL THIS GOING? WHERE'S THE STORY GOING TO END?"

Answer to part 1 ("WHERE'S ALL THIS GOING?..."):
I have absolutely no idea. I know where I want all this to go...
1. Finish Solfeggio...depending on them restoring power... just before the seizure (but with no relation to it)...we had a little power accident inside my office... (My cat and bird are fine!)
2. Finish the next Eagles Disobey...with Marcia...which should be done sometime next year.
3. Finish the OLP (Original Lotus Protocol) with Deborah at the FMC (Frenchman Mountain Complex), and Project Sea Urchin with Marcia...both should be done by late Spring, 2007.
4. Do the first Lotus DVD next year...which is really an exciting proposition for me.
5. Continue working with Marcia as she cuts new DVD's and sends bulk tape material (as promised) out to researchers and others.
6. Move Lotus to its next stage...electromagnetic/acoustic applications. (We will not allow all the secrets of Lotus to be it cannot be worked as a weapon...but we will use what we learn to apply for human good.)
7. Produce Relaxation/Healing music DVD's with Marcia, utilizing the tones.
8. Write my (humble) magnum opus.
9. Continue with my industrial duties.
10. Go to some "exotic" locations to test Lotus principles. (More on that when the time is right.)
11. Get that TT back going!

Answer to part 2 ("WHERE'S THE STORY GOING TO END?..."): it's not a story, and given that it's not, I wouldn't want it to end. I know, one day, my personal one (as I am now) will end. I am good with that...and I am comfortable with my destiny. My life's account, from the past is "what it is" and has remained unaltered by the pressing deeds of others. Given it's not some story to be judged as fiction genre', it will not be bound and put on the shelves as such. My life goes on, and will continue to do so until the Good Lord calls me to my next.
The secrets of the Lotus? The tones? Have they been handed to someone/anyone (presumed somebody young) who could carry it on, when Marcia and I pass? Yes.
Unfortunately, there is no further information available to public about that issue. It's in fine hands.
Dan P.S. God wiiling and the crick don't rise I will be attending the Laughlin 2007 convention, for the purpose of kibbitzing with a close friend (journalist) whom will have a booth there...and to speak with many fine people. As it stands, and while we have received numerous speaking offers (including one in England and one on the Continent) I do not intend to make any sort of speech at laughlin, 2007. Why would I? Marcia has some ideas as to what she wants to offer folks (read "free" here) who show up there...but...I am to await her making that public before I speak to it.

"Heal The Bay" Cabrillo Beach, California

Dr Dan Burisch11/25/06 neweaglesforum (majestic created forum)


Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D. Directed: J-1, in and for the Majestic 12, Seated in Special Session (J2 {Dick Cheney} by proxy) re: August 29, 2004; Reply to Order, Dated August 14, 2004 Date: 01 SEP 04

Sadly, your hedging toward full retirement has been rejected at this time. You are headed in that direction but not until you SIR have fulfilled your destiny. You can't really expect an out prior, now can you? The politicians, military, and financiers among the members don't care what rubric you employ. The medical personnel are so far away from the basic science, governing at corporate levels for so long, they wouldn't have an idea so let us cut to the kidneys. To cover the monetary movement, we have to make a show.

That show will include continued massive support for the restoration programs already underway with "Heal The Bay". It will also include the assurance that the improvements to waste treatment, as outlined by currently scheduled programs for Los Angeles and Long Beach will occur. The material and arrangements for it will come from different sources, while the people will know none of it, but it WILL get done. In other words, we will not be simply having you clean the bay without having placed supporting technology. Further, we will insure that no other viable attacks to the EPA's ruling for permanent trash removal, for Los Angeles County, find themselves in Federal Court. We will muscle against it. Do what you must, short of the open deployment at first.

Then, your orders remain: do all within your power and give it the ole college try! There are many factors that demand we open areas of Los Angeles Harbor, factors that include our competition against the world, in a time of war.
Yes, we want the oceans clean and yes we have gone too far with them. We need people like you to come forward and give to her the love that is in your heart, to heal her. Use that fire within you to come to the aid of our country and world, please. We expect your reply with 24 hours.


Dr Burisch: "... "May God Bless this process and as we travel near the "angel's gate" may we be ever reminded of our place as caring stewards to the Creator's earth and its living expressions.

"On August 14, 2004, an order was received on the desk of the Science Director, to (in part)
"complete an applied test for ecological restoration, by means of the use of the Lotus the Harbor of Cabrillo Beach, California, April, 2006."
Following interpretations being issued by the representatives of the 12, and an Oversight Unit being assigned by them, a three phase methodology was applied ... " (continued at above URL)

(continuation) "... The entirety of the above was told to people now the public and saying that they didn't know. When will people get as tired of watching their disingenuous circus as I am of hearing about it? As I have said before, I have nothing to "hide." (Note: I won't expose certain data.) Alan, Sandy, Marcia, and myself witnessed the post-test positives and Alan stayed up through the night with me, while I did the pretests. He video and still photographed me through the long night hours and into the 0200 deployment hour. PLAY THE TAPES AND JUST LIKE WITH BOOMERANG, YOU FIND OUT THAT I AM TELLING THE TRUTH. (Furthermore, Marcia maintains audio tapes of discussions about these subjects.) Most of this material has already been exposed to the public, so I didn't mind. - Dan

An antithesis evaluation of the above post from a Dr Burisch forum, which is a continuation of the "golden thread" started (10/2/03)

Dondep 11/28/06 Dan Burisch forum (public created forum)

 Post subject: Kitchen Science at Cabrillo Bay

"... Having had a chance to review the videotape of the kitchen science deployment at Cabrillo Bay in Feb 2005, and re-reading the email I received from COMMAJ17 a few weeks later,
it appears that indeed all parties are agreed: nothing special happened on the beach at Cabrillo Bay that weekend.

Dan, Alan & Sandy, and COMMAJ17 have all said basically the same thing, which is that the shrimp 'deployed' were indeed clean shrimp and were NOT augmented with any crystalline powder or ground silica or any other form of 'crystal'. In fact, much of the first section of the video shows Dan carefully ensuring no "augmentation" had taken place by scrutinizing the shrimp through a microscope.

So why the big deal over throwing a bunch of clean shrimp - maybe a total of 5 lbs., certainly no more than 10 lbs. - into the polluted Cabrillo Bay area south of Los Angeles in the middle of the night? Perhaps COMMAJ17 was correct in his email, posted here, yet that would lead to only more questions.


Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 05:12:32 +0000 (GMT)
From: nobody nobody
To: dondepxxxxxxx
Subject: Dr. Burisch

Once all data is brought out, Dr. Burisch's efforts will be clear, and his being duped will be as equally brought to crystal clarity, I can assure you. Dr. Burisch was advised that the oceans are dying and he was ordered to complete a test for ecological restoration. The data will bear out that he struggled with his working group for months to prevent a trespass onto that which he considers hallowed ground.

In the end, unknown to "Blackbird", Dr. Burisch only allowed the application of clean shrimp to Cabrillo Beach, something of no harm to anyone. His attempt was designed to obtain data on what the shrimp would maintain, naturally, and would put out in the way of his ganesh particles. There was nothing more to it, from his perspective.
He was manipulated right and left of centre, yet didn't move from his convictions.
If he were British I would wish him knighted, and if still Catholic, sanctified! Unknown to Dr. Burisch, the evil plans of those attempting to manipulate him were put into motion ..." (continued at above URL)
"... Dondep: "... So, if my current understanding is correct, what happened basically boiled down to this: Dan was told to prepare some kind of 'test' to deploy the GPs (Ganesh Particles) by Majestic. He then got wind of their intention to 'appropriate' the GPs he was to produce. He then decided to degrade the original concept to include only random crystalline shards, not the specially-shaped ones that would produce certain things relating to the Fruit of the Tree of Life. Still later, he decided to deploy only standard, clean shrimp.....infused only with good will and intentions.

Dr. Dan Burisch 12/02/06 (public initiated forum)

subject: Re: MIRAHORIAN
Tex Littlefield wrote: This may have come up here before...but it's the 1st I've seen of it



Un cercetator american [Daniel Catselas Burisch] a cerut protectie pentru ... (continues in Romanian)...

"... In Romania I have discovered the same thing as Daniel [Catselas] Burisch, PhD., a microbiologist who has worked in the 'black projects' that deal with extraterrestrial races and technologies.

Daniel [Catselas] Burisch, wants to disclose information of his classified activities to the US Congress
AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE MESSAGE OF DAN BURISCH PLEASE ENTER MY SITE and you will discover the same thing with different labels

Thank you, Tex. - Dan





Interviews & Debriefing: "Project Camelot", Rense, "Tell The World", etc.


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