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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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SPOKESPERSON ~ Administrator ~ 7/20/06 ~ eaglesforum

Today at 12:53pm, texas wind wrote:
[ "
Whether it is or not, the words are important as a reminder of what we are dealing with. Love and Blessings, Gayle Texas Wind ]

That's good Gayle, because for the first time ever, someone from the inside of Majestic has spoken the truth about John Kennedy, and the relationship his assassination had to a secret society.

In his words to the teams in May, 2006, Dr. Burisch minced no words, and spoke plainly, even at the threat of losing his own life because of it.To those getting the first DVD when it comes out, you'll hear those words. - Dorion

SPOKESPERSON ~ Administrator ~ eaglesforum 7/21/06

EAGLES DISOBEY(.net): 92.952 HITS SINCE JULY 1! Well done, Dan and Marcia! You are "getting it done." - Dorion

SPOKESPERSON ~ Administrator 7/25/06 eaglesforum

All agents and allied. I have just received the following image from inside the Eagles Team. The first proof DVD (Disk 1) has been produced by the Eagles Team.

Now comes analysis of the disk, and approval, which will still take some weeks. The surface of the disk is highly encoded.

Dr. Burisch will be offering a special personal prize to anyone able to "break the code."Here is what the first proof DVD looks like. Congratulations Dan and Marci! It looks like you guys are going to "get it done." - Dorion


Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 ~ (public created forum)

Post subject: The Gradual Unveiling ~

Hoi All (as JAn would say);
I've been investigating the various connections between the various 'secret socieites' that are involved with and have embraced Dan's Disclosure, lining up behind (cough cough) him yet still remaining shrouded in darkness.

This includes Majestic, which is only the most immediate interface. I'm doing this as I think it's highly important for the reader and in fact the entire 'interested public' to understand just what that means in terms they can personally relate to.

It comes down to dragging (or escorting, to use the more polite term) the secular, military-industrial-financial 'realtiy' we now see to the spiritual reality that they are struggling with - still. It seems that ultimately it IS the priests, the priest-class, that is the 'keeper of the secrets', just as it supposedly was in Pharoanic Egypt.

To that end I started acting on a ....cough cough......message I received regarding a Fr. Gino Sandri; perhaps I'll have the good fortune to discuss this in detail with Brother Dorion.
In fact, it's Dorion's position as Dan's "spokesman" at the moment that piqued my curiousity in the first place, considering he was a self-admitted Jesuit. Too,

I'd been told that the Jesuits took over as Dan's... umgh 'Protection' following his being tapped for the the Priory. This 'coming together' of the secret societies, freely admitted to and in fact published openly about at SNEDs (Eagles Disobey), (although no particulars, just 'teasers'), shows us that powerful and secretly-organized men who were only recently organized against each other and exploiting the common man's labors for their grand designs must share something quite monumental to unite them so.
(Oh, how could I forget the word 'women' in there! Pun not intended.)

It led me on a strange little side trip, one which helps now to explain why members of Majestic are now inducted into the Priory of Sion (J-1, H-1, MHH-2 PhD, Mrs. H-1, and One From J-1's Staff), what relationship Majestic has to this Priory, what relationship the Priory has with the Jesuits, and what relationship the Jesuits have both to the Holy See and the Priory, not to mention their role with the powerful banking familites that ties them back around to the Masonic orders and its watchdog Majestic.

Shortly after a dive into the Jesuits and the Illuminati, much to my surprise I came almost at once to the piece that I had written last year regarding Dan's infamous visit to Brussels in which he hand-delivered a letter that said "F*ck You" to the assembled Illumes. That was used as some of the first 'evidence' (I cringed; the actual words were used and I'm sorry, but I have no proof of that, just the words of someone whose word had always been good) to prove that satanic rituals took place in the 'Mother of Darkness' castle outside Brussels. I won't decry these accusations as there might just be some truth to it, as I know how far-fetched Dan's entire story seems. Yet, I also know that the writer who goes on to share some of that information may also be an innocent, being used to cast aspersion on good-hearted people. I can't prove the matter either way, so I take all of the commentary with a grain of salt. Still, the supposed tenets of the Jesuit 'oath', if the following is true, would explain quite a bit...

svgrndispctrgen (Nathan) ~ Cryptic Rite 7/30/06 ~ eaglesforum (Majestic created forum)

By my authority, MHH1 and MHH2, this post is to remain here for people to see.

Dorion, yes they are tired. They have just been through 420 days of debriefing, the last 161 days since they were given orders to complete their tasks. They have just short of 143 days to fulfill the basic requirements of their mission.

It was Dan who sent the husband and wife teams to Iran and the missionary to Pakistan. It was Dan who ordered the information about the Luna Ark's location protected, in Texas, U.S.A. You've seen the maproom? Dan knows he gave the orders and sees the 3 Maltese Crosses losses and 1 Collateral Ace loss everyday. He will have to live with that the rest of his life, like he does other items. Because of his Iraq experiences he can't find a way to say "who cares?" He knows that each mark was a person and won't just accept 4 or thousands more versus the T-2 numbers. But he will sleep, because he knows what he is doing is right.

They have 3 books underway, are with a biomed corp, doing the DVD's and managing the mission. In their spare time, they've been known to pass out, head down on their desks from complete exhaustion. Let's not factor in Dan's heart and sezure disorder, and Marcia's heart disorder. Because that would be over the top?

Imagine being them, not trying to just blame your (rhetorically) own personal failures on them, as I see many do, but being in the position with that responsibility? The most hypocritical of them all say they are just blaming them because of Majestic, because they have no clue what Majestic may really be. They pretend they do, to look wise, and shout to get attention.

Yes, he will sleep, so will Marcia. The fmr. MHMJ1 made one mistake: he should have let them work together, like they are now, years ago. Don't sell them short, their working life is like watching two halves of a firebrand. When they meet to make an important decision, it's like watching a crucible in an oven. I've seen them throw things at each other, tea on each other, yell at each other, and become so angry, they stand across the room with arms folded and just stare at each other in silence for minutes at a time. You are new to them. The people who are even more outsiders, have even less understanding..."

"Out from under Majestic: Dan Burisch uncensored"


"Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy

Most students and researchers of the UFO/alien phenomenon need no introduction to Dan Burisch. Articulate, provocative, human, compelling, and as some insist challenging to believe, Dan and his story are integral components of our efforts to understand and come to grips with the bewildering labyrinth that is the mystery of who the aliens are, why they are here, how we interact with them, and what may be at stake.

When Project Camelot was granted an interview with Dan, we traveled to Las Vegas not knowing what to expect. In Dan and his colleague Marci McDowell we found two very human people whom we quickly came to like. We built an excellent relationship with them, and shot over two hours of video which we present here.

Whatever you currently know, believe you know, or don't know about Dan's experiences, we think you will find it of significant interest.
Dan discusses his experience in Area 51, where he befriended a captive J-rod called Chi'el'ah; his complex relationship with Chi'el'ah, extending across decades and timelines; his connection with Majestic-12; the war between Majestic and the Illuminati; the race to close down the Looking Glass technology and secure the man-made stargates leading up to 2012; the calculated chance (19%, or 1 in 5), that 4 billion people will die from natural catastrophes triggered by the activation of the manmade stargates; the twists and turns of the convergent timeline paradox that affect the aliens from the future as much as they do ourselves; and much, much more.

In this unique interview, Dan is entertaining, humorous, serious, emotional, articulate and sincere, as he responds to incisive questions... all the questions we ourselves wanted to ask in order to better understand his experiences. This may be his last interview. This unique testimony will give viewers a long, close-up look at the real Dan Burisch. We hope you enjoy and appreciate your time with him as much as we did."


billrya (Project Camelot) ~ 8/4/06 ~ danburisch.forumup (public created forum)

"... I'm not dumb - i.e. unintelligent - but I certainly don't have all the information, and have not once claimed to - as should be evident.

This drama has been ongoing for years, and as far as I can see has prompted the world's longest thread.
I've not read it all (in fact, only these few pages) - and I do not intend to. Life's too short. I'll wait for Don's summary!

(Note: quick calculation tells me that the Golden Thread, parts 1 and 2, runs to some two million words and 5,000 US letter pages printed in 12 font. No, I won't start reading from the beginning.)...

QUEEN (NEW) Administrator

Re: Volume 2 Reply #165 on Aug 10, 2006, 1:16am

destinydreamer I just received a reply from Marcia. She said the graphic artist, who she won't identify, said the following about the image."The eagle symbolizes Eagles Disobey, the founding website.The Native American theme symbolizes the truth in ancient prophecies.

The olive branch in the upper right symbolizes peace. The arrows in the quiver in the bottom left symbolize the possessed power to succeed.The owls in the bottom right symbolize Dan and Marcia looking out from Majic. The Earth, Moon, and Mars in the upper left symbolize the possibilities for humankind. The light in the upper left symbolizes the Sun.The drawings in the background in the upper left are drawings of the Orion and Reticulum constellations. They sit in the background waiting to receive us, as one, or otherwise. The doves of peace in the bottom center are shadowed by war, but remain alive. "



Above Image Replaced By This Image



OWL ~ eaglesforum

8/31/06 , leemcumiskey wrote:

{ I would like a copy off the DVD is it possible ? > ? why is bush junior! in the order off the candles something higher up maybe ? }

OWL wrote: BO-----N no idea hes like a puppet on papas string. Did you ever plant your face in a bowl off soup on purpose just too get out off a irritating situation i did so did David Brent. Lee Can't talk for the DVD that's up to Marci.

Truman started MJ12. The MJ12 as a Scottish Rite controlled thing closes under GWB. It's turning Yorky Rite. You'll see Dan's candle go out first, then Marci's, then MJ1's, then the new one being lighted. It's just a symbolic thing. BC ~

brent ~ eaglesforum ~ 9/1/06

Message in from Team Eagles:"

The DVD plays fine on computer, but there needs to be an adjustment made so it plays equally fine on televisions. This adjustment will delay Marcia's sending the DVD to the publisher to begin the marketing, by a few days. Additionally, the large amount of digitized tape, which will be provided to researchers and media, as well as Think Tank members, is being audited by one of our people. We are assuring that the same videotape which is included in TELL THE WORLD is also included in the bulk digitized tape. That assurance guarantees that researchers and media, closely evaluating the content, will have at their disposal the context as well. This acts as an insurance policy against possible fallacious, agenda driven, or purely malevolent claims that the testimony content provided in TELL THE WORLD could have been diverted from some other real context and the "best-to-his-memory" account of Dr. Dan Burisch."





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